Dancing & Life: Positive Thought To Start Your Week

It’s wonderful that you’re taking steps to keep on track the year! Congratulations!
Getting past limiting beliefs is so important to moving forward!
When you don’t hold back, you can really take advantage of what the world has to offer.
How are you making sure you break through limiting beliefs this year?

I know I have my own goals and things I know I can do better with. I need to learn to be more positive, I’m working on my overall health, and more.

Try this positive action for today:

Share a picture or video of yourself making a virtual ski run with a victory dance. Celebrate your win! #dancingthroughcrisis

Then check out Dancing & Life to learn how to increase positivity, reach your goals, and how movement can help. They have a free 7 day challenge to try as well as a 30 Day Dancing through Crisis program you can purchase.

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Dancing & Life: Positive Quote For Your Weekend

It’s amazing that you are so willing to do something a little uncomfortable to help yourself grow and become happier and more successful in life!
Positivity keeps the world going strong. I’m so glad you’re keeping it upbeat.
What an awesome message, my friend! Tell us if anyone responded.

After the year we all had with 2020 I feel like everyone could use a little positivity and encouragement. That’s one of the reasons I was interested in this Dancing & Life campaign. If you’re enjoying the positivity in your feed or on your screen, I encourage you to check out the free 7 day challenge from Dancing & Life or the Dancing through Crisis 30 day program.

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Dancing & Life: Positive Quote for Today

Whatever affected you the most last year — your health, your job, where you live, whatever — you can use it to change for the better.
Thanks for sharing what you’re going to be doing this year. Can you share how you felt when you were making that decision?

As a healthcare worker, I have to see people that are dealing with the pandemic. Seeing how sick people can get. I made changes at home from creating a changing are for my husband and I, stocking up on hand soap and hand sanitizer, being more diligent with cleaning, and putting more effort into my health in hopes of strengthening mine and my kids immune systems. I will continue this not just because of the pandemic but for our health.

What was hard for you this last year? What will you do to help yourself with the issue?

Check out Dancing & Life for more positive ways to deal with stressors and positive ways to help improve.

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Dancing & Life: Food for Thought to Start you Week

Healing is essential to our continuing happiness. Even after a terrible year, it’s important to learn to move on and take care of yourself.
When you take care of yourself, you can get closer to keeping your intentions.
If you don’t heal, how can you grow? How do you feel now?
How are you helping the people around you heal?

Losses aren’t just about those who pass. You can feel a sense of loss from an ended relationship, loss of job, longing to get back to normal, and more.

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Dancing & Life: Positive Quote For The Day

I love it when I see people really achieve their intentions.
The secret to creating resolutions that will last is creating plans with intention.
You succeed when your plans are aligned with your big-picture goals.
Tell us what your goals are for the year, and how they align with your resolutions.
How do you plan to put your intention for this year into action?

For me, I did so good with my health and fitness journey last year. When I say so good, I mean I was able to be pretty consistent with my workout programs, I learned how to calculate macros and became more aware of what i was eating. I even lost 10 lb. Though, over the holidays I slacked off and gained some weight back. But I’m back at it. For me, it wasn’t about waiting until Jan 1st or trying to fit into a certain article of clothing this time. I realized how much working out and eating better has helped with my depression, anxiety, and overall health. That is my intention. Sure I still have some weight loss goals and clothing size goals but that isn’t my driving force anymore.

So what will you set your intentions toward this year?

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