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Disclosure – Luv Saving Money


Please Share and it’s subdomain: uses banner ads and text ads  in side bars, individual  posts, social media, and occasionally emails from affiliate companies for the purpose of income.    Banners from affiliate are controlled by me and I will only post legitimate offers from trusted sites.  Google Adsense is also used on the site.  These are crawling banners that change with each view and are geared towards individual readers.  These banners are controlled by Google and I do not personally choose the banners that appear from Google adsense though I can block certain ones from showing up on the site at reader requests when possible.

Luv Saving Money also does product review where products are received at no cost in order to complete a review from companies.  Regardless I only write honest reviews and my opinions are my own.  Each review  includes individual disclaimers letting you know a product was received for free as per FCC guidelines.

Luv Saving Money does occasionally accept sponsored posts in which a client will commission to have a write up done about their product, website, etc for a one time fee.  These posts are also labeled as “sponsored posts” on the individual post.  Luv Saving Money follow Google guidelines for sponsored post and will only accept “no follow” links

If you have questions in regard to disclosure or if you are a company looking to advertise on please contact Angie: Registered & Protected

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2 thoughts on “Disclosure”

  1. Take me off of your records. I did not join and my bank will not pay you. REPEAT: I DID NOT JOIN. REMOVE ME IMMEDIATELY FROM YOUR RECORDS!!

    1. I’m sorry you’re having issues but I’ve gotten enough emails to research and find it’s a company called Luv Saving LLC from Miami Florida that seems to be causing the issues. This is just a blog. I don’t sell anything and my blog is Luv Saving Money. So unfortunately it seems my blog shows up in searches for the offending company.

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