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Angie Beechan is a 30 something married  Pennsylvania mom of 4, (3 boys and 1 baby girl). She has an Associates degree in Occupational Therapy and is currently working part-time in a Level I trauma hospital. Past financial mistakes made her learn her lesson the hard way. She continues to learn everything she can to ensure a better financial future. Now with a family of 6 budgeting is a necessity. Angie Loves the thrill of finding the best deals and sharing them with her readership. On a fun note, Angie enjoys discovering things to do on a a budget in Pennsylvania. Something some people don’t know: Angie also has a bar tending certificate with T.I.P.S training and showcase bar tending, just for fun.

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You can contact me via email: angwith4@gmail.com  You can view my Google Drive media kit here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1LEIAAZ7cTouM57GJ64DPDRVOgUoi83cwABfgHVXlrOU/edit?usp=sharing

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