Dawn of the Hunters Book Tour & Giveaway

Dawn of the Hunters Hunters of Infinity #3 by Ryan Wieser Genre: Space Opera, SciFi Pub Date: 5/7/19

Even the Hunters of Infinity are splintered when faced with the greatest battle in the Daharian galaxy’s history . . . Jessop has proven herself to be an unstoppable force from Aranthol to Azgul, inarguably the fiercest warrior the Hunters have ever seen. And her abilities only seem to strengthen as her rage grows. With the two men she holds dear by her side—one good-souled, one with a treacherous past, and both deadly with a sword—she prepares to enter the most important fight of her life, with the most personal stakes yet . . . Armies are divided and reforged, and battle lines are drawn. Blind loyalty drives some while others are sworn to protect the galaxy at all costs. Bonds will be tested. Lives will be lost. Consequences will be devastating. “This thrilling, action-packed debut ties together strong characters with a building story line that will have readers clamoring for the next volume in this new series.” —Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW, on The Glass BladeAdd to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo

The Shadow City Hunters of Infinity #2

The Hunters of Infinity have guarded the Daharian galaxy for ages, but when betrayed, they can become a vicious enemy . . . Jessop, the first woman to join the Hunters, has finally been reunited with those who mean the most to her. In her quest for vengeance, she has left many embittered and betrayed, chief among them Kohl O’Hanlon, the Hunter who once loved her. Now, as the feared Falco Bane leads his forces into the Hunters’ territory, Kohl attempts to retaliate, flooding their infamous Shadow City with his own followers. Jessop must fight a war on two fronts, testing her commitment to the ones she loves and challenging her abilities as the most elite warrior among the Hunters. With the future of Daharia’s leadership at stake, Jessop is determined to protect those closest to her at all costs . But when allies turn into adversaries, the real threat comes from a place least expected . . . Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo

The Glass Blade Hunters of Infinity #1

The Hunters of Infinity have been protecting the Daharian galaxy for years, but there has never been a female Hunter—until now. In a seedy bar in the shadowy corners of Daharia, Jessop comes to the rescue of young Hunter Kohl O’Hanlon. Impressed by her remarkable sword-wielding skills, the Hunters invite her to their training facility, the Glass Blade, though not all are pleased with the intrusion. But they soon discover that Jessop learned to fight from the rogue leader of the Shadow City of Aranthol—and escaped. Now they want to use her intimate knowledge of their enemy to destroy him. As Jessop grows closer to this elite brotherhood, their leader succumbs to a mysterious ailment, and Kohl learns that Jessop is hiding dark secrets, raising suspicions about the enigmatic woman who saved his life. Has the Hunters’ security been breached—or do they have a traitor in their ranks? Allegiances will be questioned. Loyalties will be betrayed. Vengeance will be brutal. “This thrilling, action-packed debut ties together a strong characters with a building story line that will have readers clamoring for the next volume in this new series.” —Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW, on The Glass Blade **Only .99 cents!!**Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo

Ryan Wieser completedher B.A. in Sociology and Socio-Legal Studies before going on to complete her MSc. in Experimental Psychology. Having been raised in Africa and educated across multiple countries, Ryan has a passion for travel and an interest in diverse cultures. She currently resides in Wyoming with her husband, where she is writing her next book. Website * Goodreads

Chapter 1
The Soar-Craft jerked violently, sending crates and weapons along with bedding and provisions flying
about. Jessop and Falco gripped one another tighter. There was a deafening sound of wind blowing
through the vessel. They were under attack.
“Falco—we’re crashing!”
They fell faster and faster, and all she could think of was their son. They couldn’t die in a Soar-Craft
crash, not when they still needed to rescue Jeco from Hanson Knell and Hydo Jesuin. Jessop looked
around the vessel, her eyes darting over panicked faces. She knew what she needed to do. “I need you
to let go, Falco!”
Jessop gripped Falco tightly. “Do you trust me?”
The way he looked at her, amidst chaos, was with a perfect stillness. “Of course.”
She kissed him, deeply, with all of her love. As their kiss ended he rested his forehead against hers. She
slowly pulled away. “Then let go.”
Falco stared at her with his concerned gray eyes, ignoring the surrounding panic, and finally let her go.
She nearly fell, but her superior balance helped her regain her footing quickly. She turned, facing the
control panel at the front of the Soar-Craft. She crouched low down in the aisle, and allowed for the
force of the fall to move her down the vessel. She used her Sentio to throw items and falling men out of
her path. She braced herself as she fell against the control seat. The vessel was falling nose-first. With a
quick tumble, she leapt over the seat and fell against the glass window.
She could not deny that the sight of the desert ground, nearing so quickly, didn’t concern her. She
already disliked flying. She couldn’t focus on the danger, though. She took a deep breath and laid both
her hands against the glass, closing her eyes, and focusing with all her might. She knew they fell still. She
breathed more deeply, and thought of Urdo and all he had shown her during their siege on Aranthol.
She envisioned her abilities like a wave of light, traveling through her body, out her fingertips. She
imagined the light clearly, and this time, it was a crimson red. It trailed from her hands, through the
vessel, snaking around the Soar-Craft.
She thought perhaps the vessel was slowing, when the sensation of blood trickling from her nose
distracted her. It wasn’t working. She pushed the light further from her, focusing with all her might on
catching the falling ship, yet it still fell. She didn’t have much longer. She tried to regain her focus when
his face appeared in her mind: Jeco. A perfect son, the exact image of his father with the same dark hair
and gray eyes. He needed her. He needed her more than ever.

And if she were going to save him from Hanson and Hydo, she would need to survive this crash. She
would need help.
Instantly, she felt him at her side. He tumbled over the control seat and, realizing her plan, thrust his
hands against the glass. “Urdo—push the plan to the others!” He shouted over his shoulder. Jessop
couldn’t think about the two other Soar-Craft traveling alongside them—crashing alongside them. She
couldn’t think about Urdo using Sentio to tell the Hunters on board the other vessels to attempt to copy
her plan, to use their abilities to slow the vessels to a safe landing.
She couldn’t think about anything other than—crash!
Jessop didn’t need to open her eyes to know what had happened. The explosion, the instant smell of
smoke. One vessel had already hit the ground. Suddenly, she felt Falco’s fingers lock around hers. He
held her hand and she could see his face when they were children, she could feel his kiss when they
were youth, she could hear his vows the day they married, and with an unexplainable, violent jolt, their
vessel froze in the air. The sound of men falling, yelling, boxes breaking, and weapons clashing into the
metal walls in a cacophony of noise surrounded her. And then everything was silent.

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Run for your Life Book Tour & Giveaway

Race With Danger Run for Your Life Trilogy Book 1 by Pamela Beason Genre: YA Suspense, Action, Adventure

Champion runner Tanzania Grey, 17, has to win the Verde Island Endurance Race’s million-dollar prize to save the life of her friend Bailey. The treacherous five-day race traverses a remote volcanic island that’s home to beasts that slither, fly, swim, and slink through the jungle. But the wildlife turns out to be the least of Tana’s problems when she draws the name of Sebastian Callendro as her partner. Sebastian’s personal life has put him in the national spotlight, and his nosy followers are the kind Tana can’t afford. Her name isn’t really Tanzania, and everything else in her biography is invented, too. She’s been running for three years─from the men who murdered her parents. If her cover is blown, she could be next. **Only .99 cents!!**Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo

Race to Truth Run For Your Life Trilogy Book 2

Champion endurance racer Tanzania Grey, now 18, is haunted by disturbing email messages from the mysterious P.A. Patterson, who seems to suspect her real identity as Amelia Robinson. Four years earlier, she was the only one to escape when the Robinson family was professionally “eradicated” in Bellingham, Washington. When Tana receives an invitation to compete in an extreme version of the Ski to Sea relay in her home town, she decides to use the race as a cover to gather information about who killed her mother and father, and what became of her then-nine-year-old brother. Tana soon discovers clues that hint of something terribly wrong in the company her mother helped to create, Quarrel Tayson Laboratories. Worse, her sleuthing attracts the attention of a very frightening man in Bellingham, who knew both her parents. It now seems more a matter of “when” than “if” she will be the next to be killed. Can she turn the tables and reveal who was behind the death of her parents before she becomes their next victim? Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo

Race For Justice Run For Your Life Trilogy Book 3

When champion runner Tanzania “Tana” Grey receives a mysterious invitation to the Extreme Africa Endurance Challenge, she fears it might be a trap. The multi-day race is in Zimbabwe, the violence-prone homeland of her brilliant biochemist mother, who was murdered along with Tana’s father. The killers, never apprehended, seem to suspect that Tanzania Grey is actually Amelia Robinson, the girl who escaped their deadly grasp. But when Tana sees a Mom Lookalike in the promotional video for the race, she can’t say no. She doesn’t know whether to be alarmed or delighted when her former race partner Bash Callendro, the “love child” of the U.S. President, arranges to run with her. Tana’s determined to find any remaining family in Africa, and expose the secrets that led to her parents’ deaths. As the clues pile up, Tana realizes that her quest for the truth could destroy not only her and Bash, but will also endanger the lives of everyone she cares about back home. Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo

Pamela Beason, a former private investigator, lives in the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not hard at work on another book, she explores the natural world on foot, on cross-country skis or snowshoes, in her kayak, or underwater scuba diving. Pam is the author of eleven full-length fiction works: RACE WITH DANGER, RACE TO TRUTH, and RACE FOR JUSTICE in the Run for Your Life YA suspense trilogy, THE ONLY WITNESS, THE ONLY CLUE, and THE ONLY ONE LEFT in the Neema mysteries, ENDANGERED, BEAR BAIT, UNDERCURRENTS, and BACKCOUNTRY in the Summer “Sam” Westin series, and the romantic suspense novel SHAKEN. She’s also the author of the romantic adventure novella CALL OF THE JAGUAR, and nonfiction titles SAVE YOUR MONEY, YOUR SANITY, AND OUR PLANET and SO YOU WANT TO BE A PI? She is currently working on a sequel to SHAKEN and the next Sam Westin novel. As an avid nature and animal lover, Pam challenges the human assumption that we are the superior species. Each of her titles takes readers on an adventure while reminding us that drifting through life is not enough; you have to live it. Pam writes and tweets about writing, animals of all sorts, outdoor adventures, and the value of being present in the moment. She looks forward to connecting with readers on her website, Twitter, or BookBub. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads


The email message includes a link to a website. When I click and go there, I am bombarded
with advertising about wonderful accommodations for racers and media and fans—exotic game
lodges and luxury hotels. There’s even a video. I click the play button and watch a trio of lean
dark-skinned runners lope along an exotic course. Zebras graze in the distance. As the runners
pass a checkpoint, the camera zooms in on the smiles of enthusiastic fans clustered together
behind a barrier tape. Among them is a woman photographer with curly chestnut hair pulled up
into a ponytail. With her eye pressed to a camera, she turns with the crowd, tracking the racers.
The crowd then disperses, leaving the photographer, who lowers her camera and looks directly at
whoever is filming this vid. It feels like she’s staring into my eyes.
My heart stops. My whole body throbs with a sudden longing to throw myself into that
woman’s arms. I play the vid over and over again, stopping it every few frames to stare at her
straight nose, her curly brown hair. When she looks up, she’s smiling, just a little with her lips
closed, like my mother did when she had a secret.
Could it be? I found my brother last year, after four years of believing he was most likely
murdered along with my mom and dad.
I saw my parents’ bodies lying in a pool of blood on our living room floor. Could it be
possible that my mother didn’t die that night? Could she really be alive?
The woman turns away, following the crowd, and I’m not sure. Her hair is longer and
several shades lighter than my mother’s. She’s wearing a khaki uniform that implies she’s
working there.
I know it’s too much to hope for. Maybe I no longer remember what Mom looked like. The
only picture I have is small and grainy, a photo of her with her colleagues at work.
Videos can be altered. If my enemies suspect I’m Amelia Robinson, then they know I have a
personal connection to Africa. This P.A. Patterson could be luring me to Zimbabwe, where I’ll
be eaten by a lion or ambushed by armed thugs, and die an easily explained death. This might be
a setup by the black-clad ninja invaders I escaped from four years ago.
I know this might be a trap designed especially for me.
But I also know that my next race will be in Zimbabwe.

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Dunskey Castle Series Book Tour & Giveaway

Tavish Dunskey Castle Book 1 by Jane Stain Genre: Scottish Time Travel Romance

Tavish was the best boyfriend Kelsey ever had, but seven years ago he disappeared from her life. She coped with her heartbreak by finishing her doctorate in Celtic Artifacts, and now her career is taking off. But Tavish is back, acting like a stranger who knows more about Celtic artifacts than she does. He’s been on staff at every one of her job sites in Scotland, wearing that stupid sexy kilt. Goodreads * Amazon

Seumas Dunskey Castle Book 2

Sasha just got her dream job in the highlands of Scotland. Where her friends ply her with celebratory champagne, throw a plaid cloak over her business suit, and take her to the 14th century to do original research on the dig site. She meets gorgeous highlander Seumas (“Shaymus”) there, and — wait, is this a good idea? Goodreads * Amazon

Tomas Dunskey Castle Book 3

Tomas was on top of the world. He had a hot girlfriend. She knew about time travel, so he didn’t have to keep secrets around her. So why did the sight of his old friends Amber and Kelsey make him uncomfortable? His girlfriend kept telling him to forget about them. But he couldn’t. He wished he knew why. Goodreads * Amazon

Time of the Celts Dunskey Castle Book 4

Jaelle dons a Roman helmet left among her ex’s things and is transferred to the Pictish Celt side of Hadrian’s wall — flat on the ground and tripped over by Breth. The naked woad-painted warrior is being chased by Romans who caught him scouting their fort. She earns his trust by grabbing an injured Roman’s sword, fighting beside Breth, and saving his life. He takes her to his clan, where she sees druids in their sacred grove imparting magical protection by painting the warriors’ nudity with muscle-activated woad pictures. Goodreads * Amazon

Time of the Picts Dunskey Castle Book 5

Ignoring phone calls from Kelsey, Jaelle thinks her first time travel adventure was a dream, but a new museum display shows a stick figure she remembers drawing with her fingernail file on the top stone of Hadrian’s Wall. Whoa, that means her time travel and meeting of the dazzling warrior Breth and their fight with the barbarians at the Roman fort really took place! She needs to get back to Breth! Goodreads * Amazon

Time of the Druids Dunskey Castle Book 6

Deirdre’s first time travel assignment was challenging. Sure, she had her magic dagger, but he wasn’t cooperating. Talorac felt anxious about this meeting. A summons to the sacred grove had always meant the druids would perform their woad magic to prepare him for battle. So he was in no way prepared to make the acquaintance of the woman he found there with them. Deirdre was beautiful, and a warrior, and from the way she was flitting around the grove, she was the most powerful druid he had ever heard of in his life. Goodreads * Amazon

Leif Dunskey Castle Book 7

Jessica’s friend tricks her into time traveling to 15th century Scotland. A gorgeous highlander Jessica is sure is out of her league invites them to stay at his manor house. Leif knows he should keep his mind on training the militia for the battle that is sure to come soon. And after all, Jessica is just passing through his town. But she is so compassionate he feels his heart melting. Goodreads * Amazon

Taran Dunskey Castle Book 8

Lauren has a magic dagger that gives her orders and sometimes stifles her speech. It wants her to find some artifact here in 1400s Scotland and give it to some druid friends. She wants to get to know Taran. But the dagger whispers that Taran is in the way. Taran’s life in a small town in Scotland was disrupted six months ago with the arrival of Lauren and the other two lasses. Lauren knew the way mechanical things worked in a way most astonishing. He never tired of hearing her explain. But to find out she has a magick dagger that she is in danger of losing her self control to? That shocks him. Goodreads * Amazon

Luag Dunskey Castle Book 9

Luag and Katherine are two bullheaded people trying to “out stubborn” each other. They’ve been verbally sparring in Medieval Scotland for the past year. He’s never met a headstrong woman before, and he is such a stubborn male! When chance throws them forward to Katherine’s time, he is the fish out of water. Understanding blooms, as does love. Goodreads * Amazon

Meehall Dunskey Castle Book 10

Sarah’s boss at Celtic University plonks an iron bracer on her desk. It brings up one of Kelsey’s magic druid dreams. In it, Sarah’s ex, Michael (Meehall in Gaelic), used this bracer as a time travel object. And was a kilted highlander in 1700s Scotland. At lunch, Sarah’s friends say they’re calling in sick tomorrow to attend a local fair. They want her to call in sick too. Sarah isn’t keen on giving the bracer back. She wants revenge on Meehall for breaking up with her and decides to use the bracer to have a bit of fun. She tells her friends they don’t have to call in sick. She’s taking them back in time. “Good one!” they tell her, laughing. Goodreads * Amazon

Ciaran Dunskey Castle Book 11

Ciaran arrives in the 21st Century with Eoin (John) in the darkness of the Celtic University night. Ciaran is delighted to run into Nadia and wants to stay and visit, but Eoin drags him away from her. Eoin is extra grumpy, saying the Murrays need an edge because the Cameron Clan is planning something big. Eoin sneaks the two of them into a storage basement and seems inordinately glad to find a particular halberd there. Nadia remembers the kilted warrior Ciaran from her experience in 1706 Scotland and secretly has a crush on him. Wherever he and Eoin are going, she bets it will inspire her story for Celtic University’s historical society paper, especially if they are time traveling. She sneaks into the back of the cart Ciaran and Eoin are driving and hides under a blanket. Goodreads * Amazon

Baltair Dunskey Castle Book 12

Ellie was captured during her last time travel adventure. But her friend’s husband’s life hangs in the balance. And this ring she found is giving her courage. Probably too much courage for a modern woman in 1706 to have. Baltair is glad to see Ellie again. Her friend married his cousin and stayed, when Ellie went back to their time. But he keeps his distance. Many will die in the upcoming battle, maybe including him. Goodreads * Amazon

Time of the Fae Dunskey Castle Book 13

Suellen and her friends ride a whirlwind onto a seacliff and panic. What happened? The area is crawling with Highlanders who say they’re fighting the Romans. That guy. The one they met at the Renaissance faire. They need to find him. Goodreads * Amazon

Druids or Faeries Dunskey Castle Book 14

Marybeth frowned. “Dinna ye think it wrong, tae grab the faerie axe by force?” Ashley batted the air as if what Marybeth had said was dismissible. “The faeries gave it tae Ciaran, who gave it tae John. Kelsey stole it from John. ‘Tis na wrong for John tae steal it back from her.” Connell stuck his chest out and his chin up in a show of bravado. “Kelsey’s gotten full o’ herself, syne she went off tae Celtic University. That, or she has been brainwashed by all those Druids. We used tae be friends, but now she’s gone tae far. We wull be taking that axe back from her sae we can save Donnan. End o’ discussion.” Goodreads * Amazon

Time for the Clan Dunskey Castle Book 15

Ashley worries the faeries are about to kill her. She has to escape and warn Connell. His Highland clan could be separated by time forever. Can they make the druid curse help them? Goodreads * Amazon

Jane worked at the Renaissance Pleasure Faires at Paramount Ranch Agoura, Devore, and Black Point Forest from 1987 to 1993. She started as a peasant, then auditioned and made it into the Washerwomen, and then was a sea dog. She also hawked for Belle Star’s perfume wagon and The Dye Spot clothing booth. Jane Stain is a pen name. She is in her fifties and has been influenced by the writing of Diana Gabaldon, Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, Harry Harrison, Jane Auel, Ray Bradbury, Ursula K LeGuin, Robert Jordan, Stephenie Meyer, Terry Goodkind, and many more great authors. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

From Book 1, Tavish
“You know me,” she reminded him. “Which way would I find more interesting?”
He pointedly looked at her Celtic University ring.
“I’m not really sure I do know you well anymore, but the Kelsey I remember, the
adventurous one, she would have insisted on checking out the passage down to the
secret doors.”
“I’ll make you a deal,” she said to him.
Wow. He gave her a soft look that she never thought she’d see again. It made her
want to hug him…
“I’m listening,” he said.
Right. They were just talking. What was she saying, again? Oh yeah. The deal.
“I’ll be the Kelsey you remember, if you’ll be the Tavish I remember.”
Oops. What had made her say that?
The soft look left his eyes, replaced by wariness.
“You know what—” he started.
But she cut him off.
“Not for always, Tavish, just for this tour of the passageways, okay?”
He sighed heavily, and sadness filled his face while his posture relaxed as if he’d
been ready for a big something and then just given up.
“Okay, but Kelsey, when this tour is done, promise me you’ll go into Mr. Blair’s
trailer and stay in there until the sun comes up. Please, promise me.”
Taken aback by just how desperately worried for her he seemed, she agreed to his
terms without any negotiation.
“I promise.”
He visibly relaxed.
“Thanks, Kelsey.”
And then his eyes were looking far away, and he started to reach out to her, and
then let his hands drop.
She stomped her foot to get his attention, to make him look her in the eye. Okay,
and maybe she was trying to get him to laugh a little, too. She’d always found foot
stomping ridiculous.
“What’s wrong, Tavish?”
But it didn’t work. He looked away.
“I can’t tell you.”

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Game of Revenge Book Tour & Giveaway

Game of Revenge Francis Scott-Wren Series Book 2 by Charlotte Larsen Genre: Crime Thriller

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves” — Confucius

Heart crushing international thriller from a bestselling Scandinavian author. In 1944 a snitch denounced a couple and their eldest son for resistance activities. The mother was separated from her husband and son and sent to Bergen-Belsen. The husband and son sent to Dachau. None of them returned. Years later, their grandson, James takes on a revenging role towards the affluent descendants of the snitch. One by one he takes them down. But along the way, Francis Scott-Wren picks up the scent and sends in his agent Jo Vermeer to stop the destructive rampage of James. However, the relationship between her and her target brings her a dilemma of loyalty, that unstable her significantly. As we travel with the characters through Copenhagen, Marrakesh and into a jungle monastery in Sri Lanka, we must ask ourselves: What are our true values? And how far will we go to defend them? Game of Revenge is a nail biting standalone crime thriller and a gripping exploration of human nature. If you like a passionate heroine, spine-chilling suspense, and a fight for what is right, then you’ll love Charlotte Larsen’s fast-paced thriller. Buy Game of Revenge to be captured in a brave fight against evil today!Goodreads * Amazon

Charlotte Larsen is a bestselling Scandinavian author of more than twelve books, including the bestselling crime thriller GAME OF GREED, and a series of management books. A graduate of Aarhus University and University of New South Wales, Charlotte is highly recognized as a specialist in managerial issues. Besides working on her next novel, she serves as a high-end management consultant for high performing industries such as the legal profession, finance, and defense. Charlotte keeps a blog on creativity, writes for a Danish broadsheet, and is generally an opinion maker in the Danish business community. She lives and writes in the Danish countryside and keeps a closet full of business suits in a flat in Copenhagen. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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