Taken By The Night Book Tour & Giveaway

Taken By the Night
by Breanna Hayse
Genre: Paranormal Romance
What would you do if you were forced to come face-to-face with the secret part of your soul you’ve kept hidden your entire life? Would you expose that secret if it meant the possibility of living your greatest fantasy?
Hospice nurse Courtney Wells expected to encounter a commanding personality when she agreed to provide care for an old friend of the Romanian aristocrat, Baron Marcas Kalnovky. Confident, self-controlled, and independent- very few things could rattle her, that is until she meets the handsome and mysterious man with silver-gray eyes and old world charm. The moment she hears his deep rolling accent, her body quivers with a desire she can’t deny no matter how hard she tries.
From the beginning, Marcas demands something the young American woman’s not willing to give- submission. His desire for her takes him on a journey that
forces him to face himself in a way neither he, nor Courtney, anticipate.
What the pretty little nurse doesn’t know is that the baron’s voracious appetite for ancient erotic art resulted in the unleashing of a dark curse. Not only does he nearly lose his sight, but his soul is literally split in two.
By day, he’s the same man he always was- controlled, calm, and commanding; but at sunset, he tears in half and his two opposite sides war against one another. The only thing they have in common is the beautiful, feisty woman who’s turned their life around. Both sides not only want her, but they also need her… all of her, in every way she can be taken… Together at night- which means they have to find a way to get along.
When Marcas finally confesses the truth, Courtney’s both terrified and intrigued. When she’s bound naked and helpless at the mercy of all of his desires, she’s shocked to find that she’s soon begging for both of him in every manner imaginable.
When she discovers the pain Marcas endures to be with her; she’s determined to find a way to help him. Little does she know that there’s more to curse than his being forced to face himself every night—it wants a sacrifice. A terrifying sacrifice that would cost Courtney’s life she’s compelled to come to terms with her own hidden darkness.
Will her love be enough to break the curse and heal his wounded soul? What about the cost? Would he ever forgive her if she succeeds in setting him free?
BDSM/AP lifestyler Breanna Hayse strives to give her readers truth and reality of the BDSM/Age-Play/Total Power and Erotic Exchange lifestyle.
Who am I?
I’m a native Californian gone ‘wild’, and had the opportunity to travel the globe and discover the world through the eyes of both a Marine Intelligence specialist and a BDSM lifestyler. I left the service to go into hospice nursing and grief counseling, eventually working as a marriage and family therapist for those involved in alternative lifestyle development. This experience has allowed me to gain unique
inspiration for my books and offer realistic plots and relatable characters.
In 2004, my husband, John, and I joined forces to work with both submissives and dominants- teaching, training, listening and loving. Our goal was to take the mystery and fear out of the lifestyle and mentor people in safe, consensual and healthy relationships.
My first book, The Game Plan, was published in 2012 and opened the door to the now-booming world of Age-Play literature. Since that time, I’ve devoted my ‘spare’ time to writing, researching, community involvement, and private and group pro bono counseling in deviant behavior, alternative lifestyle, and addiction recovery.
I was formally ‘dungeon trained’ as a Domme before discovering my submissive side when I joined the service. My scenarios are pulled primarily from either personal experience or observation, including spending time in BDSM clubs as the safety/medical officer. My multi-faceted background allows me to glean from many avenues and give a unique and intelligent literary experience through elements of fantasy and fiction. I also discuss the questions and psychology of the lifestyle in a manner that is fun and informative, and based on ‘the real deal.’
I live with my husband, musician, and fellow-author, John Hayse, and two border collies in southern California. We practice a 24/7 D&S relationship with speckles of AP (and many trips to Build-A-Bear), and happily spend every moment together that we can. My hobbies include my puppies, hiding my vanilla salt-water taffy where John can’t find it, exotic art, collecting inspirational trinkets, and developing my own paddle line. You can also see me as a featured author/instructor in professional conference settings and as a Sexpert for kinkyliterature.com.
Woman with tied hands sitting in bedroom
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Hot Lap Book Tour & Giveaway

Hot Lap
Arkadia Fast #2
by Leslie Scott
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: March 6, 2019
Starting a new life isn’t easy when the skeletons locked in her closet are the notorious town drunk for a father and a haunted past. But, Hadley Morgan isn’t one to shy away from second chances or giving them either.
When a young, single father wrapped up in an octane fueled package takes particular interest in her, she begins to dream. But well-known drag racer Aiden Casey is also her boss, making her hesitate to grab at her chance at happiness.
Will her secrets shatter their chance at love or will his past come
back to destroy both of them?
Leslie spends most days attempting to wrangle the voices in her head and often wishes she could clone herself so that their stories get told faster. She loves words, romance, and characters that feel like family and spends almost all of her free time with her own family; including a boisterous eleven year old that she homeschools and an assorted cast of rescue pets. She lives her own happily ever after with her soul mate and best friend in the northern part of Alabama and hopes you enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

Before anyone could question Aiden’s sudden appearance, he grinned at Jordan. I jogged
behind Breanna as she edged closer. “So, how about a hot lap, Slater?”
Jordan’s brow furrowed beneath the brim of his dark ball-cap. The affable excitement of
the moment replaced by an almost suffocating tension.
I leaned to whisper in Breanna’s ear. “What’s a hot lap?”
“Turning the car around, making another run right now without a real cool down period
on the engine.” She chomped hard on the candy in her mouth, it gave with an audible crack.
“In what?” The answering engine rumble fired behind me. My head swiveled in time to
see Hunter inside the Camaro, rolling off the back of the trailer.
Chills skittered across my skin.
“Aiden—” The happiness and color had drained from Raelynn’s face.
Her brother’s rebellious lift of his shoulders spoke volumes.
“You didn’t tell me it was ready.” Jordan hitched his chin at the car then leveled a hard
stare at Aiden.
Everyone there would have flinched, but he smiled brighter in dimple winking challenge.
“If ya scared, say ya scared, Slater.”
Jordan’s upper lip curled, and he took one step away from Raelynn and closer to Aiden.
“Boy,” he drawled out the one word. “When have I ever been scared of you?”
Breanna and I were members of the small circle that seemed to surround them now. No
one outside heard Aiden’s quiet reply. “You need this as much as I do, brother.”
“Let’s do it.” Jordan never looked away as he pulled his and Raelynn’s joined hands to
his lips and kissed her knuckles.
The crowd dispersed like a colony of disturbed ants. Everyone shooting off in different
“Isaac,” Vic shouted and tossed the flashlight to his little brother. “You flag it, this one I
gotta roll with my boy.”
When Vic jogged over to the Malibu, Aiden clutched at his chest as if he was wounded.
He turned and looked at me for the first time that night. “Which lane are you riding with,

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The Crystal Keeper Series Book Tour & Giveaway

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Exile The Crystal Keeper Book 1 by Laurisa White Reyes Genre: Epic Fantasy

Exiled for loving a human, Jayson is sworn to protect the Seer’s crystal from those who would use it to obtain power. Unbeknownst to him, his wife Ivanore searches for him, hoping to save him from the terrible fate she has seen in her visions. When she is captured, Jayson must make an impossible choice–should he save Ivanore or save the crystal?
**Get it FREE!!**Goodreads * Amazon

Betrayal The Crystal Keeper Book 2

With the help of Teak, a local farm hand, Ivanore flees from the Vatéz into the forest. While recuperating from her injuries, she becomes an apprentice to an elderly enchantress who teaches her how to control her abilities. Unaware that Ivanore is in Hestoria, Jayson commits to working off the cost of Brommel’s passage to Dokur, where he hopes he and his young son will be safe. Though Jayson vows to avenge the death of Brommel’s wife and daughter, despair and guilt threaten to extinguish what little hope he has left of begin reunited with Ivanore.
Goodreads * Amazon

Vengeance The Crystal Keeper Book 3

In the third book in The Crystal Keeper series, Ivanore sets off to rescue Jayson from the Vatez but soon finds herself their captive instead. Once Jayson learns that Ivanore is in Hestoria, he must choose between saving her and saving the Seer’s crystal.
Goodreads * Amazon

Hidden The Crystal Keeper Book 4

For four years, Jayson and the Guardians of the Seer have been hiding on a remote farm, but Arik, Minister of Hestoria, refuses to give up hunting for them. As his hatred for Jayson grows, Arik and the Vatez begin attacking local villages in hopes of flushing out him out. But when his efforts fail, Arik uses Ivanore, the Seer and Jayson’s true love, to betray him.
Goodreads * Amazon

Defiant The Crystal Keeper Book 5

Defiant is the 5th installment in The Crystal Keeper series.
Lady Ivanore the Seer escapes Auseret and goes in search of Jayson and the Guilde, but Arik, leader of the Vatez, is determined to use her to lead him to the crystal.

Goodreads * Amazon

Fallen The Crystal Keeper Book 6

Fallen is the 6th installment in The Crystal Keeper series.
Arik, Minister of the Vatéz, wreaks vengeance on the Guilde, escalating the violence against Hestoria’s villages. Meanwhile, though Jayson’s wounds begin to heal, his memories of the Vatéz’s attack — and of Ivanore — are missing.

Goodreads * Amazon

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The Crystal Keeper: Books 1-3Goodreads * Amazon

The Crystal Keeper: Books 4-6Goodreads * Amazon

***There is a special Kindle Fire 7 giveaway open to anybody who reviews the series!!**http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/79201e79186/?

Laurisa White Reyes is the author of the 2016 Spark Award winning novel The Storytellers, as well as The Celestine Chronicles and The Crystal Keeper series. She lives in Southern California where she teaches English at College of the Canyons.
Website * Blog * Facebook * Twitter * Amazon * Goodreads

Twelve-year-old Bastien awoke with a start, his heart already thumping in his chest. He held his
breath for a moment, listening. Yes, he was sure of it now. The Vatéz had finally come. Though the elders
of the village had reassured them time and time again that their little village would be overlooked, the
Vatéz had come to exact vengeance.
Bastien threw his covers aside and leapt from his bed, his night shirt clinging to his bare legs. “Papa!”
he shouted “Papa, they’re here!”
But his father was already awake, his short sword in one hand, an empty grain sack in the other.
Huddled together, crying in the corner of the cottage were Tara and Tim, Bastien’s five-year-old sister
and brother.
“Take this,” said his father, handing him the bag. “Fill it up. There’s a round of cheese and some
bread on the shelf. Grab their cloaks. Quickly!”
Bastien snatched the two small cloaks from the peg on the back of the door and wrapped one around
each child. Then he slipped into his own pair of trousers, not bothering with his tunic. He threw his boots
and those of his siblings into the sack along with the food. There was no time to sit and lace them.
“Out the back!” ordered his father. “With luck, the soldiers won’t reach the cottages for several
minutes. May the Gods lead you to safety before they do.”
Bastien helped his siblings to their feet and started for the back door when he realized his father was
not following. “Papa?” he started to ask, but then he understood. His father would not abandon their
people. They had all heard about the Vatéz’s lust for blood, how they accused and punished without need
for evidence. When the Vatéz came, everyone knew what the outcome would be. To flee the village now
would be nothing short of cowardice.

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The Donet Trilogy Book Tour & Giveaway

To Tame the Wind
The Donet Trilogy Book 1
by Regan Walker
Genre: Historical Romance
A sea adventure like no other, a riveting romance!”
– SHIRLEE BUSBEE, NY Times Bestselling author
All Claire Donet knew was the world inside the convent walls in Saint-Denis. She had no idea her beloved papa was a pirate. But when he seized Simon Powell’s schooner, the English privateer decided to take the thing his enemy held most dear…her.
The waters between France and England roil with the clashes of Claire’s father and her captor as the last year of the American Revolution rages on the sea, spies lurk in Paris and Claire’s passion for the English captain rises.
Echo in the Wind
The Donet Trilogy Book 2
“Regan Walker sweeps you away to a time and place you’ll NEVER want to leave!” ~ Danelle Harmon, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
England and France 1784
Cast out by his noble father for marrying the woman he loved, Jean Donet took to the sea, becoming a smuggler, delivering French brandy and tea to the south coast of England. When his young wife died, he nearly lost his sanity. In time, he became a pirate and then a privateer, vowing to never again risk his heart.
As Donet’s wealth grew, so grew his fame as a daring ship’s captain, the terror of the English Channel in the American War. When his father and older brother die in a carriage accident in France, Jean becomes the comte de Saintonge, a title he never wanted.
Lady Joanna West cares little for London Society, which considers her its darling. Marriage in the ton is either dull or disastrous. She wants no part of it. To help the poor in Sussex, she joins in their smuggling. Now she is the master of the beach, risking her reputation and her life. One night off the coast of Bognor, Joanna encounters the menacing captain of a smuggling ship, never realizing he is the mysterious comte de Saintonge.
Can Donet resist the English vixen who entices him as no other woman? Will Lady Joanna risk all for an uncertain chance at love in the arms of the dashing Jean Donet?
A Fierce Wind
The Donet Trilogy Book 3
“Simply Magnificent!” – Stew Ross, author of Where Did They Put the Guillotine?
France 1794.
Zoé Ariane Donet was in love with love until she met the young commander of the royalist army fighting the revolutionaries tearing apart France. When the dashing young general is killed, she joins the royalist cause, rescuing émigrés fleeing Robespierre’s Reign of Terror.
One man watches over her: Frederick West, the brother of an English earl, who has known Zoé since she was a precocious ten-year-old child. At sixteen, she promised great beauty, the flower of French womanhood about to bloom. Now, four years later, as the Terror seizes France by the throat, Zoé has become a beautiful temptress Freddie vows to protect with his life.
But English spies don’t live long in Revolutionary France.
Regan Walker is an award-winning, #1 Amazon bestselling author of Regency, Georgian and Medieval romances. She writes historically authentic novels with real historical figures along with her fictional characters. Among the awards she has won are the International Book Award for Romance Fiction, the San Diego Book Award for Best Historical Romance, the RONE Award for her medievals and the Gold Medal Illumination Award.

The skiff shoved off, disappearing into the fog that had settled in wisps on the
dark waters of Granville Harbor. Zoé and her uncle began to walk down the wharf toward
the quay when a small boat carrying three men emerged out of the fog and pulled up
alongside them. She recognized the two men at the oars as crew from la Reine Noire.
Behind them in the stern knelt Freddie, beckoning to her.
“’Tis Freddie!” she said, her spirits lifting at the sight of her friend.
“Get in!” he implored.
“Be quick,” said her uncle, directing her to the wooden steps built into the side of
the wharf that ran down to the water.
She climbed down to the rowing boat and her uncle followed. He was nearly to
the end of the steps when shouts from the wharf drew their attention.
“Vous, là! Halt in the name of the Republic!” The musket-bearing soldier strode
toward them, his boots loud on the wooden planks. A short distance away, a half-dozen
soldiers hurried to join him.
Her uncle ascended the stairs, pulling a pistol from his coat, and fired. The soldier
stumbled and fell to the wharf.
Racing down the stairs, her uncle leapt into the boat. “Vite, away!”
The two crewmen pulled hard at the oars.
Freddie drew his pistol.
The cluster of republican soldiers knelt at the edge of the wharf, took aim and
commenced spewing shot toward their small boat. Zoé crouched low as the balls whizzed
over her head and the loud crack of pistols and musket fire exploded around her.
Freddie and her uncle returned fire.
The crew pressed into the oars and the boat slipped into the fog. Her uncle
subsided onto the bench in the bow, stuffing his pistols into his coat pockets.
Zoé cast a long look toward the lights on the receding quay. The sound of muskets
still firing echoed in the mist.
One of the soldiers shouted, “I told you he was the one! That was le porc who cut
Her uncle shook his head. “I should have killed him when I had the chance.”
Zoé turned her gaze away from the shore. Finally, the shots died, leaving only the
rhythmic sound of the oars pulling through the water. “Dieu merci, at least ’tis over.”
“Oui, for now,” said her uncle. “We have West to thank for our lives.”
One of the crew pulling at the oars glanced over his shoulder. “The Englishman
has been shot, I think.”
Zoé looked behind the seamen. In the darkness, it was difficult to see but she
could just make out Freddie’s form slumped in the stern. “Freddie!”
A FIERCE WIND, Copyright © 2018 Regan Walker

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