Sum of All Tears Series Book Tour & Giveaway

Eastfall Sum Of All Tears Book 3 by Kim Cresswell Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Thriller

A destroyed world. A discovery that will reveal the dark truth. In the third exciting installment of the Sum of all Tears series, the last of humanity needs a hero as chaos rises to dangerous levels inside Liberty, threatening the future of civilization. Fans of The Day after Tomorrow, Mad Max, Divergent, and The Hunger Games will enjoy this enthralling post-apocalyptic dystopian series with a paranormal twist. Join the epic life-and-death battle for survival today! **On Sale for only $2.99!!**Goodreads * AmazonSeries book trailer

Liberty Sum Of All Tears Book 2

In the second exciting installment of the Sum of all Tears series, a new enemy rises. Surviving the cold is only the beginning. Weeks after a failed climate change experiment triggers a new Ice Age, a dangerous resistance is growing at Liberty, the Mars prototype biodome settlement in Rhode Island after Graysen Marx is removed from power. Trying to cope with the reality of the icy new world, August and a group of survivors are forced to make a perilous journey to Boston in search of biofuel but the lawless landscape and killing cold are more than just a breeding ground for deadly scavengers foraging for food. When August discovers additional information about her father’s climate change experiment and Graysen Marx’s involvement, she learns that a young survivor who can predict the future may hold the key to the future of civilization. And August and her friend’s paranormal abilities may not be enough to save what’s left of humanity from what is about to come. Fans of The Day after Tomorrow, Mad Max, Divergent, and The Hunger Games will enjoy this enthralling post-apocalyptic dystopian series with a paranormal twist. Join the epic life-and-death battle for survival today! **On Sale for only $2.99!!**Goodreads * Amazon

Icehaven Sum Of All Tears Book 1

They said it wouldn’t happen. Everything would be better. They were wrong. After a climate change experiment goes terribly wrong, August Madison, finds herself resurrected in a frozen wasteland. With most of the world’s population and food sources annihilated, depraved nomadic gangs patrol the lawless landscape as outlasters claw for survival. Amid the chaos, Graysen Marx, iron-fisted leader of the domed settlement Liberty, emerges from the catastrophic event with his own agenda. When August crosses his path, he sees an opportunity he must exploit. She sees an evil she must destroy. Fans of The Day after Tomorrow, The Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Max, and The Hunger Games are sure to enjoy this enthralling post-apocalyptic dystopian adventure with a paranormal twist. **On Sale for only $2.99!!**Goodreads * Amazon

Kim Cresswell resides in London, Ontario, Canada and is the bestselling and award-winning author of the action-packed WHITNEY STEEL series. Kim recently signed a 3-book German translation deal with LUZIFER Verlag for the first three books in the series: Reflection, Retribution and Resurrect. The popular series will be published in German beginning in 2018. Her debut romantic suspense, REFLECTION (A Whitney Steel Novel – Book One), has won numerous awards: RomCon®’s 2014 Readers’ Crown Finalist (Romantic Suspense), InD’tale Magazine 2014 Rone Award Finalist (Suspense/Thriller), UP Authors Fiction Challenge Winner (2013), Silicon Valley’s Romance Writers of America (RWA) “Gotcha!” Romantic Suspense Winner (2004), Honourable Mention in Calgary’s (RWA) The Writer’s Voice Contest (2006). LETHAL JOURNEY won RomCon®’s 2014 Readers’ Crown (Thriller) and was a finalist in From the Heart Romance Writers (FTHRW) Golden Gate Contest (2003). She also published two Kindle Worlds novellas (Jet: Oblivion and Jet: Duplicity) featuring characters from her Whitney Steel series and JET from Russell Blake’s New York Times bestselling JET action thriller series. You can read Russell Blake’s interview with Kim at cresswell-does-jet-kindle-worlds/. Kim recently signed with Joel Eisenberg at Council Tree Productions, a feature film and TV development company located in Los Angeles, California. The ASSASSIN CHRONICLES TV series is based on her upcoming 4-book paranormal/supernatural thriller series: Deadly Shadow, Assassin’s Prophecy, Invisible Truth, and Vision of Fire. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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FREE Doormat After Cash Back!

I don’t usually put to much thought into a doormat. I mean, I want it to look nice but it serves a functional purpose too. I end up replacing doormats every couple years. The wear and tear on them make them look kinda funky after a while.

I feel like I should put a little more thought into it than I do. I mean, it’s one of the first things people see when they approach your door (other than the door itself). A doormat can be simple or it can show your personality. It can be plain, simply say “welcome” or maybe show a little bit of your attitude.

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Why Join AARP Before Age 50? Here’s Why

There’s been a number of times when signing up for a service, buying tickets, or other times where I was asked if I was an AARP member. I kind of scoffed and said no. I’ll be honest I thought AARP was only for those 50+ yrs of age. I mean, at those times I was late 30s then 40. I couldn’t join AARP right? And, even if I did what would the benefit be to me? Turns out, I was wrong, I can join before I’m 50 and yes there are benefits to joining AARP before 50.

When did I really take a look at it. Well I’d say it was about April of this year. We were switching our cell phone carrier over to Consumer Cellular. They asked me if I was an AARP member. I said no. She said I only ask because we give a 5% discount off your monthly service for AARP members. I thought, she has my information. She can see that I’m not 50 yet right? So I go onto the AARP website and do a little more research and find out that yes I can join and yes I can get the 5% discount on my mobile bill. We already saved BIG by switching to Consumer Cellular (which is in another post I wrote) but an etra 5%? Why not? It was only $16/yr for AARP the cell phone saving alone would still save us $60/yr even after the membership was deducted. It pretty much paid for itself!

As I explored the site more I found they also have a rewards program. As you read articles on the site, complete exercises, link up my fitbit, and more I can earn reward points that can be cashed in for things like discount gift cards, enter sweepstakes, health assessments, and more.

You can also get local discounts. While they have national discounts like Consumer Cellular you can also search your local area code for discounts. I found 63 in my little area!

The articles on the site are very informative. I can honestly say I’ve learned a few things from reading the articles. There are also recipe and exercise videos that I enjoy trying. I’ve done several of the yoga videos.

Now not ALL benefits are available to people under 50 years of age. Certain benefits that apply to medicare or are strictly for senior citizens do not apply. I attempted to get a quote through the link on their site for life insurance but it said it was only available for those 50+ yrs of age.

Honestly though its so affordable at $16/yr. My cell plan savings made it worth it alone but I’ve gotten so much more out of it. You can even link your Exxon Mobil rewards to earn points. 20% discount on Allstate Roadside insurance, WW (formerly Weight Watchers) discounts, and so much more.

Ready to sign up? It’s easy to sign up. Join AARP here.

This post does contain affiliate links. I will get a small commission from registrations through my link. This does NOT affect the cost to you.

Dreams of Winter Book Tour & Giveaway

Dreams of Winter A Forgotten Gods Tale #1 by Christian Warren Freed Genre: Epic SciFi Fantasy

It is a troubled time, for the old gods are returning and they want the universe back… Under the rigid guidance of the Conclave, the seven hundred known worlds carve out a new empire with the compassion and wisdom the gods once offered. But a terrible secret, known only to the most powerful, threatens to undo three millennia of progress. The gods are not dead at all. They merely sleep. And they are being hunted. Senior Inquisitor Tolde Breed is sent to the planet Crimeat to investigate the escape of one of the deadliest beings in the history of the universe: Amongeratix, one of the fabled THREE, sons of the god-king. Tolde arrives on a world where heresy breeds insurrection and war is only a matter of time. Aided by Sister Abigail of the Order of Blood Witches, and a company of Prekhauten Guards, Tolde hurries to find Amongeratix and return him to Conclave custody before he can restart his reign of terror. What he doesn’t know is that the Three are already operating on Crimeat. Read Dreams of Winter now and begin your journey into the realm of the Forgotten Gods. Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo * Books2Read

Christian W. Freed was born in Buffalo, N.Y. more years ago than he would like to remember. After spending more than 20 years in the active duty US Army he has turned his talents to writing. Since retiring, he has gone on to publish 17 military fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as his memoirs from his time in Iraq and Afghanistan. His first published book (Hammers in the Wind) has been the #1 free book on Kindle 4 times and he holds a fancy certificate from the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. Passionate about history, he combines his knowledge of the past with modern military tactics to create an engaging, quasi-realistic world for the readers. He graduated from Campbell University with a degree in history and is pursuing a Masters of Arts degree in Military History from Norwich University. He currently lives outside of Raleigh, N.C. and devotes his time to writing, his family, and their two Bernese Mountain Dogs. If you drive by you might just find him on the porch with a cigar in one hand and a pen in the other. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

Autumn’s bite was crisp this year. Sharp winds blew in from the northern sea, forcing people
inside. Whole fields of crops were lost to the pre-winter freeze that gripped the land. It should have been a
time for celebration, a time to pay tribute to the gods for their generosity bestowed. As winter drew closer
the people prepared for the worst. Not everyone chose to hide in the safety and warmth. Two friends sat
on a porch, staring off into the surrounding fields. Light mist clung to ground, curling up the porch and
around their ankles. Frost kissed the few leaves that had not yet fallen.
“I cannot stay here much longer,” Mollock Bolle whispered.
An angry wind blew his stringy gray hair across his face, forcing him to push it aside with a
frown. Deep lines creased his face; the bags beneath his eyes were dark and haunting. He’d lost much
weight over the past year. Sleep did not come easily anymore. Perhaps it was a sign of things to come,
though Mollock did not believe in premonition or any such devilry.
Fenrin shook his head. “What are you talking about? You just arrived a few days ago.”
“Doesn’t matter,” Mollock distractedly replied. His dark brown eyes focused on the night. A glint
of fear danced around the corners of his eyes.
The wind howled; the cry of a thousand wolves. Fenrin shivered. His small plot of land on one of
the surrounding hilltops overlooking the small farming village of Parnus was one of the larger vineyards
in the region. Fields of grape vines filled the gentle slope off his back porch. Frost covered those vines
now, frost and the first hints of winter. A half-moon hung high in the early night sky, shying behind the
stratus clouds.
“Something is going on, tell me,” Fenrin persisted. “This doesn’t sound like you.”
Mollock eyed his friend. They’d known each other for almost four decades; childhood friends in a
way that no amount of time could threaten. This made Mollock more uneasy. He didn’t know how to tell
Fenrin something he himself couldn’t explain.
“It is a feeling. Perhaps just a dream,” he shook his head. “I don’t know.”
Fenrin narrowed his eyes. His curiosity peaked. “What do you dream of?”
“Do you have nightmares, Fenrin?”
He wasn’t sure he liked the direction of conversation; the menace behind Mollock’s tone. “No,
not really.”
Mollock rose and went and stood at the rail of the porch. His eyes scanned the nearby tree line,
watching for things that his mind screamed couldn’t exist. Every shadow haunted him, threatened his life
in a special way known only to the lords of darkness.
“I do.”
Fenrin rocked uneasily in his chair. The strained squeak echoed in the empty night. Dried leaves
scrapped across the porch.
“If I didn’t know you better I would say that you are starting to frighten me, old friend.”
Mollock grimaced. Not even his long years of military service prepared him for this. “You should
be frightened. I am.”
His heart skipped. Fenrin felt his mouth water. Hands shaking, he reached into a pouch and drew
out a long stem pipe. He packed in the tobacco and lit it, drawing deep on the soothing smoke. Fenrin
wasn’t scared. If anything he was confused.
“Mollock, I never heard you speak like this. We’ve been through wars together. How many times
have we stood against the enemy and come out alive?” He exhaled a thick plume of bluish smoke. “None

of what you are saying is making any sense. Come back over here and have a seat. I have some wine
inside. It will ease your mind some.”
Mollock Bolle smiled softly. “You have been a good friend to me, Fenrin and I have wronged
you. I shouldn’t have come here. I cannot say why, but I feel that every moment I stay here threatens you
with danger. I must leave soon.”
“You still haven’t told me why.”
Mollock stared at his friend, his face drawn and severe. “They are coming for me.”
Fenrin’s face paled. He leaned forward. “Who?”
“I don’t know.”
The darkness erupted. A flock of birds fled from the nearby stand of pine trees. Fenrin opened his
mouth in shock, the pipe spilling embers on the old wooden porch. Mollock spun and drew his sword. His
breath came quickly. They watched as a monstrous shadow crashed through the trees, coming closer to
the house. There was no subtlety, no stealth. The creature was unafraid.
Mollock fought the urge to piss on himself. He closed his eyes tight. Not again. The beast roared;
a dreadful wail that withered every tree and plant around it. Its massive bulk easily batted aside trees that
had grown for over a hundred years. Their thickness meant nothing to the raw power exhibited. His
mighty head rose higher than the tallest tree. The air grew rank, fetid. The beast was death, and nothing
on the face of the world could withstand its awesome power.
“What in the name of the gods is that?” Fenrin stammered. His words were pregnant with slowly
realized fear.
Mollock shook his head in denial. He couldn’t believe he had been found so easily. He quickly
regained composure. There would be time enough for chastisement in the future, hopefully. Mollock
sheathed his sword. The weapon would be of no use against a creature of shadow.
“Get back inside and lock your door. Douse the lanterns. This thing won’t bother with you once I
am gone. It is me it’s after.” His voice was hurried, urgent.
Fenrin rose, hand scrambling for his sword as the beast drew closer.
“Damn it man, if you ever listened to me do it now. You cannot fight this. I must run,” Mollock
insisted. The harsh tone of his words broke the beast’s grip on Fenrin. “Gods willing, I will be able to
come back and explain what is happening.”
“And if you don’t?” Fenrin asked.
Mollock grimaced. “Then I am dead.”
Gathering up his back and walking stick, Mollock Bolle moved to the edge of the stairs. He
turned and looked back at his friend. There was much to be said, but he had not the words for it. Instead
he gave a haphazard smile and said, “Winter.”
Fenrin was confused. “What does that mean?
“You asked me what I dream of. I have dreams of winter.”
And with that he was gone, just another shadow in the growing darkness. Fenrin thought to call
after him, to demand an explanation. The beast in the forest cautioned otherwise. Instead Fenrin ran inside
and bolted the door. Every footstep of the beast shook dust from the rafters and threatened to bring the
house down around his head. He hurried to extinguish all the lanterns and candles, silently thankful he
hadn’t built a fire yet. The beast stalked closer. The ground trembled. The air became fetid and rank with
the odors of death. Fenrin vomited in his chamber pot. His heart raced. His hands became sweaty.
And then it too was gone. The nightmare creature of shadow was gone. Fenrin struggled to his
feet and, on shaky legs, ran outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the terror. Rather than finding the beast
he saw a wide swath of destruction from the forest through his vine yards. The world had turned to death
and decay. Fenrin murmured a quick prayer to Aris, goddess of protection and wisdom, for his friend. He
knew Mollock Bolle was a dead man without the help of the gods.

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Steps To Take When Looking for Scholarships for College

I have 4 kids. My oldest of which is heading to college in the fall. It’s been a whirlwind experience trying to navigate the whole application process for college and for scholarships. Even though he’s already been accepted and we put money down already we’re still having to take more steps that need completed before he actually starts. Guys he has new student orientation on the 19th! He still has to do some kinds of counseling session in regard to his student loans he qualified for. The whole pandemic thing made this process a little weirder too.

When I thought of the whole scholarship process I thought of it as filling out scholarship application after scholarship application hoping to get just one. Don’t get me wrong, there still plenty you can apply for on your own but the one he got was already applied for when we filled out the FAFSA. Let me explain.

Every year before starting college until college is finished you need to fill out the FAFSA. It’s important to fill it out completely and honestly. This helps schools make decisions on awarding scholarships and financial aid (among other things).

My son actually got a decent yearly scholarship from his college thanks to the FAFSA. As long as he keeps his GPA decent he’ll have the scholarship all 4 years.

My son’s high school also had their own form to fill out for scholarships specific to his school and the area. Colleges will sometimes offers scholarship awards to high school graduates for specific majors too. This was one form to fill out to determine scholarships for many.

In both of these scenarios only one form was needed to throw his name in the hat for many scholarship opportunities. These are the two major things to do . But, it doesn’t have to stop there. You can seek out and apply for individual scholarships as well. There are scholarship specific to majors, hobbies, religion, heritage, geographic area and more.

The David Ebrahimzadeh scholarship, for example, is a scholarship to recognize students seeking a degree in real estate! They’re accepting applications now. So don’t discount your career path in regard to scholarship opportunities.

Also local businesses, clubs, and even your own workplace may offer scholarships. My son applied for a scholarship through my husband’s place of work.

This post is sponsored by Diamond Links. Any opinions expressed are my own.