Burlington Black Friday Ad 2020

Burlington Black Friday Ad 2020 is here. Burlington is known for their great prices anyway. I can’t wait to see this one.

Gaming accessories starting at $9.99, gift for the fur babies starting at $2.99, fragrance gift sets for $14.99. Yep that budget shopping right there, and I love it.

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Ace Hardware Black Friday Ad 2020

More Black Friday Ads rolling in. We have the 2020 Ace Black Friday Ad here today

I’m excited because they put an Ace Hardware in my local Giant Eagle store so I’m hoping I can get some of these deals there.

This post contains affiliate links. I will get a small commission from sales made through my links

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Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Review

I’m not new to using robotic vacuums but I am new to using a Bissell brand robotic vacuum. I had also never tried a robotic vacuum that also mops. Every floor in the downstairs of my home is some sort of hard floors. I have tile in the kitchen and bathroom, linoleum in the laundry room and mudroom, and hardwood floors in the living room. But I also have a combination of hardwood, laminate, vinyl flooring, and carpet upstairs. So Is it going to work on all of them?

My Experience with My OLD robotic vaccuum

Last year for Christmas I asked my husband for a popular name brand robotic vacuum. We’ll just call it Brand X. It was NOT a Bissell. The more I used it I realized it is not the solution I had hoped for. This particular model has this little knob that sticks out of the top. When cleaning along my cupboards in the kitchen that knob would get stuck under the rim of the dishwasher and if I didn’t moved the fatigue mat from in front of the sink it would get stuck under the lip of the cupboard in that area too. After a while it had trouble getting over the small area rug we had in the mudroom. It would occasionally get hung up on the hardwood threshholds into the bathroom or kitchen. While it was ok for light daily cleaning it didn’t pick up things like pieces of popcorn, small chunks of food particles on the kitchen floor, a small piece of gravel in the mudroom, etc. It was basically good for just every day dirt and some pet hair.

With having 4 kids, they’re constantly leaving stuff out like legos on the floor, a dirty sock, a tissue, etc. I would have to make sure I picked up everything before I could run this robot vacuum. If not and it would happen to suck one of these things up it would become clogged.

In short, I could never ever run it while not at home like some of the commercials claim. I felt like I was constantly having to unclog it or move it then restart it to get it to work. Plus I’d have to pull out the regular vacuum or broom and dust pan for the things it wouldn’t pick up.

Also Brand X robotic vacuum was very noisy. My husband would complain if I ran it while he was trying to watch tv. The kids would complain if I ran it while playing video games. I’d have to pause it if I wanted to talk on the phone or go to another floor of the house. I was not impressed with Brand X.

My Experience with my Bissell Spinwave Wet and Dry Robotic vacuum

The Bissell Spinwave Wet and Dry Robotic vacuum is much quieter than my Brand X robot vacuum. While we can still hear it, it isn’t “turn up the tv because you can’t hear it over the vacuum” loud.

The Bissell Spinwave doesn’t get hung up or caught as much as my Brand X vacuum. Because it doesn’t have that annoying little knob on the top like my old robotic vacuum does, it doesn’t get caught under my dishwasher or cupboards.

Both vacuums were easy to clean out and empty. And both vacuums held about the same amount of debris. So I can’t really say one is better than the other on that aspect.

The Bissell spinwave, of course, also has the mop function that my old robotic vacuum didn’t. In my opinion, the mop function is good for light daily cleaning. I definitely do this. Having tile floors in my kitchen and downstairs bathroom though, I still feel the needs to scrub them good because the mop function does not get into all the little divots, and bumps in the tiles. The mop feature is helpful for light spills, dirt tracks, etc so I definitely like to use it.

They highly recommend the Bissell floor cleaning solution for the mop well. The instructions say it’s specially formulated for use with this vacuum and using a different cleaning solution, such as Pinesol for instance, could void the warranty.

I feel like with any robotic vacuum you still have to make sure your floors are picked up well even from small pieces. I could never run my robotic vacuum while not home. With 4 kids and 3 cats, there’s forever something on the floor.

Final Thoughts On The Bissell Spinwave

I definitely prefer this one over my old robotic vacuum. The fact that it can vacuum and mop give it more value to me. Since it is quieter, it is less annoying to me. I feel like I can still carry on with life. Since it doesn’t get hung up as often as my old robotic vacuum I feel like i can get more done and I’m not babysitting the vacuum cleaner.

Bonus Feature

When you purchase this particular product, a portion of the sale goes to the Bissell Pet Foundation and it’s mission to save homeless pets.

I received this product at no cost from BzzAgent. Any opinion expressed is my own.

Military Charity Book Event + Giveaway

Book Sales to Benefit Mighty Oaks Military Charity Every year at this time, in honor of Veteran’s Day and all our soldiers and their families, Tracey Cramer-Kelly chooses a veteran-focused charity to which she donates a percentage of all of her book sales (usually more) during the month of November. This applies to all of her books (although if you are a military romance fan, you may especially enjoy TRUE SURRENDER or the ARMY RANGER SERIES). This year she’s pleased to again support the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, a faith-based organization that teaches combat veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress how to get beyond combat trauma and live their lives in the manner God intended. As a former Army combat medic (and current EMT), soldiers and their families are near and dear to her heart; this is just one way she can help. When you purchase any of her books throughout November, you not only get a great story, but you help veterans , too! So check out her books on Amazon or her web site and get started! Website* Amazon

Many experiences influence Tracey’s writing, and she has been known to undertake unusual endeavors (such as firefighter training and learning to fly a helicopter) just for the sake of the experience. Being an Army-trained combat medic and a “biker chick” for over 30 years has had significant influence in her books, but even “ordinary” events have struck a chord or inspired a character or plot idea. Tracey lives in small-town Minnesota with her husband, two kids, and two cats. They are a true “soccer family” (she even worked as a referee for two years). She enjoys downhill skiing and spending time at the family lake place. She has also owned and operated an MC business, Leader Motorcycle, for 17 years http://www.leadermotorcycle.com/Website * Facebook* Instagram* Pinterest* Bookbub* Amazon* Goodreads* YouTube

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