Lonely Road of Faith Book Tour & Giveaway

Lonely Road of Faith by Merideth Deeds Genre: Nonfiction Drama, Romance

Anna Lynn finds herself barefoot and pregnant when she is forced to move back to her hometown of Sulfer Springs. While all hope seems lost, she begins to rebuild her life and her faith as she perseveres through many trials and tribulations that life throws at her. On one fateful December night, Anna runs into Billy Denham, an old flame, who had stolen a piece of her innocent heart as a young teenager. Unaware of the demons that he faces, she allows him into her and baby Johnny’s life. Anna, nor Billy, have any idea what is in store for them after their paths cross yet again. ** Only .99 cents!!**Goodreads * Amazon

I am a native of Texas, born and raised in a small town. I graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree and from Tarleton State University in 2019 with a Master’s in English and Curriculum. I currently am a full time teacher, mother, and wife. God has put writing on my heart in order to inspire and encourage others that are currently or have experienced similar tribulations in life. My hope is that my stories will give others hope and comfort through the trials they face throughout their lives. My first story, Lonely Road of Faith, is inspired by real-life events and me and my husband’s broken paths that eventually led back to each other and to God. Facebook * Twitter * Amazon * Goodreads

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The Simulation Theory of Consciousness Book Tour & Giveaway

The Simulation Theory of Consciousness (or Your Autonomous Car is Sentient) by Donald Firesmith Genre: Speculative Non-Fiction

Have you ever wondered what our robots might be thinking? What do our cars experience as they use their sensors to observe the world around them and increasingly take over our driving duties? When we play computer games, are we the only ones who experience the simulated virtual worlds they create? More generally, are our computer-driven creations sentient with their own internal, subjective streams of conscious? Named a distinguished engineer by the Association of Computing Machinery, Donald Firesmith uses his 40 years of experience developing complex, software-intensive systems to argue that the answer is yes. The many functional analogies between humans and cyber- physical systems produce a strong argument that every software-reliant physical system that creates a real-time simulation of itself and its environment is consciously aware of that simulation. Just as neuroscientists study consciousness in terms of the neural correlates of consciousness (NCC), software and system engineers will study artificial consciousness in terms of the corresponding cyber correlates of consciousness (CCC). The consciousness of our creations is not just an issue for engineers and academics. As our cyber-physical systems become more intelligent and pervasive, it is time for all of us to consider the social, ethical, and legal ramifications of their intelligence. To do less could have dire consequences. Add to GoodreadsAmazon * B&N * Kobo

A geek by day, Donald Firesmith works as a system and software engineer helping the US Government acquire large, complex software-intensive systems. In this guise, he has authored seven technical books, written numerous software- and system-related articles and papers, and spoken at more conferences than he can possibly remember. He’s also proud to have been named a Distinguished Engineer by the Association of Computing Machinery, although his pride is tempered somewhat by his fear that the term “distinguished” makes him sound like a graybeard academic rather than an active engineer whose beard is still slightly more red than gray. By night and on weekends, his alter ego writes modern paranormal fantasy, apocalyptic science fiction, action and adventure novels and relaxes by handcrafting magic wands from various magical woods and mystical gemstones. His first foray into fiction is the book Magical Wands: A Cornucopia of Wand Lore written under the pen name Wolfrick Ignatius Feuerschmied. He lives in Crafton, Pennsylvania with his wife Becky, and his son Dane, and varying numbers of dogs, cats, and birds. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Sherry Roseberry’s Romances Book Tour & Giveaway

Deadly Double-Cross by Sherry Roseberry Genre: Romantic Suspense

Crystal James operates Gemstone, a skiing resort her father owns, settled at the base of the Grand Tetons. She can survive in the wilds of the jagged range even if they are covered in snow. Lukas Guarrad, a Los Angeles detective, knows his way around the big city but is at a loss in the mountains. Especially when he’s afraid of heights. He’s trailing a cat burglar named Panther, who uses Gemstone to fence his stolen goods, because the thief murdered Luke’s partner. Crystal witnesses a homicide meant to look like a heart attack. Later she inadvertently hears a death warrant taken out on her life. All other avenues blocked, she strikes out for the Tetons and stumbles across Luke who has sprained his ankle. Is he the assassin? If not, his life is in danger as well. Plus in his condition he’s no match for the elements. She is forced to haul him along. There is a growing attraction between them. But can she trust him? Luke tries to protect Crystal from Panther, but in the end will she be able to overcome her paralyzing fear of guns to pick one up and save them both? Goodreads * Amazon

Love Only Once by Sherry Roseberry Genre: Historical Romance

Does love come again? Granger Hawks firmly believes he can love only once. Not wanting a wife, but needing a woman who could educate and be a mother figure for his daughter, he answers an ad for a mail-ordered bride, requesting someone plain and unassuming, someone he wouldn’t become emotionally involved with. Without love, emotions fade, leaving festering sores. Tired of living off charity, Falisha Harrington travels to New Mexico in answer to Mr. Hawks’s petition. Positive he doesn’t need a wife, but a governess for his daughter, she’s determined to convince him of that fact. The woman with large slate-blue eyes and platinum-blond hair is not what Granger had expected, and he’s dead set on sending the beautiful Miss Harrington back to St Lewis. But a deserter kidnaps Falisha for the money she’ll bring South of the border. It’s one thing for Granger to rescue Falisha from white slavery. It’s another for him to admit he can find love more than once. Goodreads * Amazon

Tender Deceptions by Sherry Roseberry Genre: Romantic Suspense

For all outward purposes, Michelle Grant is a sophisticated, San Francisco, society girl. But beneath her exotic beauty lies a daring spirit that leads her into the dark, perilous streets of Chinatown. Masked as a Chinese man, but named Mei Hwa, she’s part of a secret alliance that rescues innocent young girls from the brothel cribs. Dirk Andrews is out for revenge. His younger brother died at the hands of Celeste Grant, and he means to make her pay. He’s found that the woman has made her fortune on coolie trade, opium, and brothel slavery. Going undercover, he works his way into Celeste’s confidence. From the first time Dirk met her, Mei Hwa intrigued him. Why her deception? Why walk the streets at night dressed as a Chinese man? And why was she so intent on rescuing girls from the brothel cribs? It was dangerous work, and not fit for a woman. As Mei Hwa and Dirk work together fighting the slave girl trade, their feelings for each other grow. And he professes his love. One morning Michelle hears a familiar laugh. With trepidation she glances into the drawing room to find her Aunt Celeste with her arms around Dirk. How could he? How could he hold that woman? Had she surrendered her heart to a traitor? Goodreads * Amazon

Sherry Roseberry was born and raised in a small town in Idaho. There were two things she wanted to be when she grew up, a mother and an actress. From middle school to college her focus was drama. While in a seventh-grade class her English teacher said that if they ever wanted to write for magazines like The Readers Digest the articles had to be perfect in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. She admonished the students to take English classes seriously Roseberry remembers thinking that advice didn’t pertain to her because she wasn’t going to be a writer. She was going to be an actress. Little did she know she would end up being an award-winning author. Her drama training hasn’t been wasted, though. She’s been in several community productions and written, acted in, and sold four plays to Eldridge Play Company. Three are still in print. She has adapted the acting methods she’s learned to accentuate her writing, and she’s given numerous workshops teaching others the same techniques. But, she still remembers her seventh grade English teacher. She wishes she’d paid more attention. Website * Facebook * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

Los Angeles
Who would have thought Lucas Guarrad, of all people, would be looking forward to a toddler’s birthday party? Not anyone
down at LAPD headquarters, that’s for sure.
With a blue tank engine secured under one arm, a yellow stuffed bear pressed against his chest, and a grin edging his
mouth, Luke stepped from his black sixty‐seven Thunderbird onto the curbed lawn. He would have spent more on little
Nicky, but he’d been asked correction … ordered, to keep the cost in a reasonable range.
Well, so much for seats on the fifty‐yard line at the Super Bowl.
Luke glanced up and, through the picture window of his partner’s enormous fixer-upper, he spied the birthday boy as the
two-year-old popped above the high‐backed couch. It took only a moment before Nicky spotted him. A luminous smile
spread across the child’s cherubic face.
The excited toddler made a trampoline of the cushions and waved his chubby arms. Luke could almost hear the tyke give
his usual greeting, “Unka Ouke. Unka Ouke!” Then the little guy jumped down from the sofa.
Chuckling, Luke’s grin widened. It felt good to be wanted. Real good. He loved the boy and his five‐year‐old sister,
Rachael, as if they were his own. They made him, a professed bachelor, think about the possibility that a cop could have it
all … career, spouse, and children.
A real family life.
Somehow, against all odds, his partner, Detective Nicholas McCammon, made it work. A feat Luke swore a policeman
could never do.
The outside light flicked on, and Nick stepped onto the porch. He smiled. “You’re late.”
“Only by thirty‐seven minutes and….” Pushing the car door shut with the heel of his Wellington boot, he made a great
production of raising his arm to look at his watch. “Fifteen seconds. I couldn’t decide on the tank engine, or … the stuffed
toy.” He nodded to each in turn.
“So, you got both.”
Luke shrugged. “What can I say?”
McCammon shook his head. “Party’s out in the gazebo. Justine’s setting it….”
Glancing at his feet, he paused and picked up what appeared to be a small piece of paper. Brow puckered, he held it up to
the light. All at once he staggered back a step and jerked his attention to the opened garage. A wrapped, glossy blue present
sat on his gas heater. A visible shudder passed through his now rigid body.
Just as he turned his horror‐stricken expression to Luke, an abrupt explosion reverberated through the air. The blast
torpedoed Nick off the stoop as if his body were made of so many goose feathers.
Stunned, Luke froze in place. His heart stopped. His mind blanked out, and his blood turned to ice.
In shocked disbelief, he took a stumbling gait forward, a cry escaping his constricted throat. The bomb ignited the living
room curtains, growing, consuming.
Justine. Rachael. Little Nicholas.
Did they make it to the gazebo? Or were they still inside?
With a guttural scream, Luke dropped the presents and bolted toward the house. He refused to admit it was already too late.
The gas pipes detonated. In the next instant, subsequent explosions worked their way through the home. Like deadly
dominoes, a wave of air pressure crumpled the ranch‐style structure as if it were fashioned from graham crackers.
Glass splintered from window frames. Smoke billowed from the foundation. Fire spurted into the pewter sky. Blinding light
chased away shadows hovering around the tops of nearby palm trees. Resembling a colony of ravenous termites, flames ate
at the wood frame. The roaring noises had to be there.
But Luke couldn’t hear them. Instead, a deafening quiet rang in his ears.
Jetted debris knocked him flat on his back. The impact punched the air from his lungs. Fighting for oxygen, he covered his
face with his arms and rolled onto his stomach. He knew shrapnel struck him, although, like the thunderous clamor, shock
sedated any pain.
Warm blood ran from his brow and trickled down the side of his nose. It dripped onto his eyelid, and he scrubbed his face
against his shirt sleeve.
He scanned the yard for Nick, barely making out the man’s inert form among the rubble. Digging his fingernails into the
sandy earth, he dragged himself over to his friend and managed to pull himself to his knees.
“Nick? Nick, can you hear me?”
No answer.
Luke placed the pads of two fingers at the side of the man’s burned neck, trying to find a heartbeat. It was faint, but there.
He positioned an ear to his mouth and a hand on his chest.
With his pulse throbbing in his temples, he tilted Nick’s chin, pinched the man’s nose and, with his mouth over Nick’s,
administered two slow breaths. He watched his chest rise and fall. Again, he checked for any sign of breathing.
Still nothing.
“McCammon, don’t cut out on me now.”
Over and over Luke gently blew air into Nick’s lungs, while silently vowing to never give up. He rechecked for a heartbeat
and drew strength in finding a steady thump.

Yet the man would not breathe on his own.
“Come on … come on! You can’t….” He choked on the words.
For the third sequence, he breathed for his friend. All of a sudden, Nick gasped. He drew in a shuddering breath … then
Relief washed over Luke. Salty tears stung the gashes on his face. Grasping his partner’s lacerated hand, he found the paper
Nick had been examining moments before the first explosion.
Luke didn’t have to look at it to know what it was. Shaking, he withdrew the business card and stared transfixed at a glossy
In gradual succession, he became conscious of shouts from somewhere down the street, a siren howling in the distance, and
a relay of barking dogs. Pain crawled into his being, consumed his mind. But it failed to match the burning ache in his
heart. A gathering blackness tunneled his vision.
As he caught the flash of the blue engine and the yellow bear heaped by the bumper of his car, he slumped over Nick’s
body; the card clenched in his fist.

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Amazon Chronicles Book Tour & Giveaway

Jungle Heat Amazon Chronicles Book 1 by Sarah Makela Genre: Paranormal Romance

An Amazon Princess and a weretiger must find love enough to heal their peoples’ painful history. The Amazon Rainforest still contains a few secrets. One of these secrets is a hidden village of women whose history is filled with the horror of conquering men. Adara Rukan, princess of the Amazons, ventures away from her village to find something waiting for her. Andrei “Rei” Makarov is a weretiger and a biologist on assignment. Can Rei and Adara find love enough to bridge their two separate worlds? Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo

Jungle Fire Amazon Chronicles Book 2

The leader of a Pride of werepumas must win his lady’s love, or she could be taken from him forever. In the Amazon Rainforest, traditions are important. They’ve long led to survival for the Amazon warrior women. Kyle Reynolds, ruler of the werepumas, is ready to fly in the face of those treasured customs for the love of Rubia Costa, who will soon be out of his grasp if he can’t win her affection before allies of the Amazons steal her away from him forever. Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo

Jungle Blaze Amazon Chronicles Book 3

An Amazon and a werepuma cause a battle between races, but will they find love together in time? Sol has seen others around her find their mates, and she’s determined to find her own, except the man who has caught her eye is standoffish and has no intention of getting into a relationship. Eduardo, the second-in-command of the werepumas, has no interest in the mating going on around him, but his stern attitude is about to change when he finds what he didn’t know he was looking for—Sol. Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo

Jungle Burn Amazon Chronicles Book 4

In the series finale, Sabina Rukan is ready to find her mate. She must choose between her close friend, Tiago, who lusts after her, and the object of her desire, Rafael. When the three of them come together, Rafael discovers the feelings between him and Sabina are mutual, and he’ll stop at nothing to make her his mate. Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Sarah Mäkelä loves her fiction dark, magical, and passionate. She is a paranormal romance author, but she’s written all over the romance spectrum with cyberpunk, sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy… even a sweet contemporary romance! A life-long paranormal fan, she still sleeps with a night light. In her spare time, she reads sexy books, watches scary movies, and plays computer games with her husband. When she gets the chance, she loves traveling the world too. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

Excerpt from Book 1, Jungle Heat:

Chapter One

Adara raced over the dense forest floor, trying to escape the shadow closing on her heels. Fear pumped
adrenaline through her body as she ran toward her village through the darkness. Panic tangled with the
sheer need to survive. If only she’d listened. What was I thinking coming out alone?
She shot a glance over her shoulder. Her foot smacked against a tree root in the moment of distraction,
pitching her body forward. The fall came in slow motion.
Cursing under her breath, she rolled onto her back. Dry leaves clung to her blonde hair. The subtle,
musty scent of slow rot rose from the rich soil, mixed with something primal and wild behind her. The
dark shadow loomed. Her gaze rose to take in her pursuer, wondering if the beast would be her doom.
The tall, broad-shouldered creature towered over her. Watching. It wasn’t human or animal. The
village wise woman had warned her of beings like this, but they’d seemed like fables. How could
something so fantastical be real?
Even as she trembled with fear, this creature captivated her. The black and orange stripes covering his
shoulders and arms evoked a distant memory, yet the design was uncommon in the Amazon.
His hair hung in straight, black strands like a human’s, but his face had the nose, mouth, and eyes of a
feline. His muscular, naked body reflected a splendid combination of both species. Sweat-shiny skin
glistened through the inch-long fur that covered him.
His white chest intrigued her, all the way to the patch of fur barely covering his groin.
Leaves and branches framed his face with a lush green background. He crouched over her. His
piercing golden eyes focused solely on her. His stare reminded her of a cat from her village staring at a
small rodent before pouncing.
As he leaned down, she grabbed her kris from the garter on her thigh and pushed it against his
stomach. She didn’t want today being the day she died. Her people needed her. She wouldn’t let this beast
deny them their princess.
The animal cocked his head at her. He brushed his lips over her throat, whiskers tickling her chin.
Her body stiffened. What is he doing? Bewilderment spread through her as his feline lips touched her
neck. Instead of biting her, his canines grazed lightly, gently, from just below her ear down to her
shoulder, almost as if exploring her flesh, instead of seeking to rip open her throat.
She tensed. Even with her weapon pressed against the beast’s stomach, she still feared for her life. As
an Amazon princess, she wasn’t easily scared. But this feline made her heart pound. If only she’d brought
Rubia with her, she might not be in this situation, and they would’ve stood a better chance against this
Why does he persist in toying with me? Adara swallowed as a low burn warmed the pit of her stomach.
These feelings confused her.
A soft sniffing sounded in her ear right before his tongue scraped rough caresses on her skin. Other
jungle cats marked their territory. Did this animal believe she was his? She didn’t want to find out.
Without waiting for the feline’s next move, Adara drove the kris deep into his stomach, meeting
resistance as the blade plunged through flesh and muscle. She forced it further as his blood flowed onto
her hands, making the hilt of the kris slick and her grip weaker.
He roared and leapt back with her blade still embedded in his abdomen.
She scrambled to her feet. Her ears rang from him screaming so close to the side of her face. Bringing
up a hand to her ear, Adara felt a trail of his wet blood drip along her cheek.
He straightened his spine and strode back to her, her kris still buried in him. It seemed as if the dagger
was nothing more than a minor annoyance to him. She clenched her hands into fists and dropped them to
her sides.
The reality of what she saw struck her, and she froze. How could he act so unaffected? He shouldn’t be
able to move around so casually. It wasn’t possible. How can I outrun something like that? This can’t be
Her mother had always warned her to be careful when traveling through the forest. Why hadn’t she
listened? And how could she feel so drawn to this animal when he intimidated her?
“Who are you?” Gritting her teeth, she forced her voice to resonate with the commanding tones of an
Amazon huntress, and fervently hoped it didn’t betray the panic racing through her veins. Her people’s
beliefs restricted them from showing fear in front of strangers. Not that they saw many. But her
tribeswomen were survivors in dangerous times. Their history brimmed with reminders.
The feline bared pointed white teeth. “Call me Rei.” His husky voice reverberated like a deep growl.
He launched into the air and, before she could react, flattened her to the ground. Air whooshed from
her lungs. Was he getting his revenge? Would she die now? Her eyes widened and locked onto his.

He pinned her arms next to her head and pressed his feline lips to hers. His tongue scraped across her
lower lip, causing nips of pain to cut through the alluring sensation.
She shook her head hard, breaking the kiss. Her breath rushed out short and quick. Never before had
she kissed anyone. His mouth on hers created fiery stirrings within her body that felt almost too good. Her
racing pulse only spread the warmth through her body that much faster.
Twice a year, her tribeswomen associated with Indian men. The younger girls were forced to stay in a
hut during those visits, although Adara had snuck out once with Rubia in a fit of rebellion. She’d spotted
one of her kin pressing her mouth against an Indian male’s. Could this be what happens?
But men weren’t to be trusted. Her kin had learned that the hard way many, many years ago.
Her mind flashed to the tales she’d heard from the Wise Woman. Horrible reminders assaulted her,
memories of the men from long ago, enslaving her kind, killing them ruthlessly with diseases and swords.
She could imagine the cruelty of the conquering, pillaging men as vividly as if she’d been there
herself, so strongly had the Wise Woman spoken. It had taken weeks for her to sleep soundly after
listening to those tales.
As the princess of her people, it was important for her to not let history repeat. Men couldn’t be
allowed to slaughter them again.
Sudden panic swept away the lust that burned inside her. This creature could do the same. He’s chased
me, after all.
“What do you want from me?” Adara asked, trying to sound forceful, but instead her voice came out
husky. She cleared her throat and returned his gaze.
Talking with an animal! Rubia would be jealous. Her tribeswomen would never believe this story…if
she survived the encounter.
Rei smiled, warmth emanating from him. “You.” His chest rumbled, and the word rolled off his
tongue like an exotic purr.

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Margaret of Wessex Book Tour & Giveaway

Margaret of Wessex  The Legendary Women of World History Book 10  by Laurel A. Rockefeller  Genre: Historical Fiction 

The 11th century was a dangerous time to be of the line unbroken of King Æthelred II Unread and his first queen, Æfgifu of York. Born in Hungary after King Canute III’s failed attempt to murder her father, Edward the Exile, Margaret found her life turned upside down by King Edward the Confessor’s discovery of her father’s survival — and the resulting recall of her family to England.
Now a political hostage only kept alive for as long as it served powerful men’s interests, Margaret and her family found King Máel Coluim mac Donnchadh Ceann Mhor (Malcolm III Canmore)’s invitation to his court in Dunfermline in Alba the long-awaited answer to her prayers.
Scotland would never be the same again.
Includes two family tree charts, an expansive timeline covering over three thousand years of Pictish and medieval history, plus Roman Catholic prayers, and a bibliography so you can keep learning. 
Add to GoodreadsAmazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo

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or on my website at https://bit.ly/LARtextbooks
Sale ends June 30th!

Born, raised, and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska USA Laurel A. Rockefeller is author of over twenty-five books published and self-published since August, 2012 with editions spanning across ten languages and counting. A dedicated scholar and biographical historian, Ms. Rockefeller is passionate about education and improving history literacy worldwide.
With her lyrical writing style, Laurel’s books are as beautiful to read as they are informative.
In her spare time, Laurel enjoys spending time with her cockatiels, travelling to historic places, and watching classic motion pictures and classic television series. Favorites: Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Babylon 5.
Laurel proudly supports Health in Harmony, The Arbor Day Foundation, and other charities working to protect and re- plant forests globally. 
Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest * YouTube * Amazon * Goodreads

Spring came to England, Margaret’s very first. After enjoying a sunny day for Easter
mass with the king and queen, Margaret found herself surprised by the constantly changing
weather that seemed to move effortlessly between rain, sleet, and the occasional light snow
flurries. Taking breakfast with her parents, brother, and sister, Margaret looked to God for help
adapting to her new surroundings. As beautiful as Winchester was, it still did not yet feel like
home. For one, the city streets were all laid out on a grid, a residual from when the English
capital was a Roman city. Though Winchester fell in disrepair after the Romans left, House
Wessex restored it to make it one of the finest towns in the south. At just 15 miles north of
Southampton, the location was well suited to travel by both land and sea—without the marshy
bogs of the Thames to deal with out east.

“Margaret, come quick!” yelled Cristina as Margaret knelt at the altar in her room to
“What’s wrong?” asked Margaret as she crossed herself and rose from her kneeling
“Something’s wrong with father,” cried Cristina.
Margaret took her sister’s hand and followed her to the garden outside. Earl Harold
Godwinson of Wessex stood over the figure of what seemed to be a man. Reaching them,
Margaret looked down to see her father’s face, “What happened?”
Earl Harold met Margaret’s eyes, “We were talking about his responsibilities as the
Ætheling when suddenly he fell down dead.”
Margaret crouched down and touched her father’s cooling face. Touching his neck she
felt no pulse, “He’s gone! Just like that!” Margaret rose to her feet, shock and half disbelief
filling her. “What do we do now?”
“I will send for some servants to lay him out properly. A priest will come and pray for
him. Then we will arrange for his funeral and burial. In a few days the king will make the official
declaration making your brother Edgar his new heir, though in truth the Witan has the final say
in who assumes the throne. Should the king die this year, it is doubtful the Witan would give the
throne to Edgar. He’s too young to even hold a sword, let alone lead our armies against a
foreign invasion,” explained Harold.
“Who then will the Witan choose if my brother is too young to rule?” asked Margaret

“That I think only God knows, Margaret. Perhaps you should ask him?” suggested the
earl deceitfully.
“That I shall do,” agreed Margaret as she turned and left, her sister Cristina almost
running to catch up with her as she returned to her room.
Closing the door, Cristina eyed her coolly, “Our father dies and all you can think of is
the succession? What’s wrong with you, Margaret?”
Margaret paced her bedroom pensively, “What’s wrong with me? Did you at all look at
the man? He wants to be king, Cristina. I could hear it in his voice. He is absolutely confident
Edgar will never rule England as king. I’m betting if the worst were to happen, this Harold
Godwinson would be able to persuade the Witan into choosing him. At least that is what he is
preparing to do. Harold is gathering his resources so that no matter what our great uncle wants
for the future, he will be in charge. It’s what his father Godwin did. You really think our pious
great-uncle handled the day to day administration of his realm? You would have to be either
ignorant or stupid or both to believe that.”
“And Queen Edith?” asked Cristina.
“She is the earl’s brother, a daughter of Godwin of Wessex. We must expect her alliance
to be stronger with her family than with ours.”
“I hope you are wrong, Margaret. I hope people are kinder and more generous than you
give them credit for. I do not think I could live in the world you choose to see. Politics is not for
Margaret hugged her sister, “A sign of what God wants for your life, Cristina. But for
mine, I expect affairs of state to continue to be front and centre in my daily life. As much as I
think I would like the peace and quiet of a convent, I do not think that is God’s calling for me.”

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