5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Insurance

This Sunday, June 28, is National Insurance Awareness Day. Given data indicating that about 13 percent of drivers in the US do not have insurance and that a staggering 50 percent of residents may not have adequate homeowners insurance coverage, Financial Partners Credit Union – a California-based credit union with over 84,000 members and their own in-house insurance agency – is sharing important tips to “ensure” that you aren’t vulnerable when an accident or damage happens and it’s time to file a claim.

“Many times, we see drivers and homeowners opting for the lowest cost option when it comes to insurance,” says Mario Osorio, President of Partnership Insurance Agency, a wholly owned subsidiary of Financial Partners Credit Union. “While we all want to save money, it’s important to ensure that you have adequate coverage and that your deductible is appropriate. In the event of an accident or damage to your home, you could end up spending much more without proper coverage.”

Here are some basics to keep in mind when purchasing and maintaining insurance – whether homeowners, renters, or auto – the same rules of thumb apply. 

Rule #1: Shop Smart! Price is an important factor for your budget; however, your monthly payment or annual cost should not be the determining factor when it comes to insurance. First, look at what your lender requires as your baseline. For example: what is the maximum allowable deductible? What are the minimum coverages? Then, assess how you may want to add-on to those requirements based on your personal needs. Working with an insurance agent can help you ensure you have the proper coverages.

Rule #2: Avoid Monthly Payments if Possible: While it’s certainly budget-friendly to take the monthly payment option when it comes to premium payments, you can save when you pay quarterly, every six months or annually if you’re able. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your coverage is secure, and you can save a few hundred dollars or even more in the process.

Rule #3: Look for Deductions: With auto, renters and homeowners insurance, you can qualify for deductions based on some “hacks” like having a surveillance system installed in your home, having a tracking device on your car or other tactics that can save you money and provide added security. Also, if you keep your car in a garage at night instead of parking on the street – you can save! There are many little hacks to save money that a qualified professional can help you determine.

Rule #4: Never Let Coverage Lapse: If money is tight – as it may be considering the current economic climate – it’s important NOT to let your insurance coverage lapse. If your policy falls behind, the insurance company may cancel your coverage which not only puts you at risk but also could mean a higher premium when you re-apply. Additionally, many lenders will “buy insurance coverage on your behalf,” which gets added to your auto or home loan. “If you’re having trouble making insurance payments, it’s important to reach out to your insurance agent right away to discuss ways to avoid cancellation,” Osorio says. “We’re here to assist and often can help determine strategies to help you maintain coverage.”

Rule #5: Re-Evaluate Your Insurance Annually: Circumstances change so it’s important to look at your insurance coverage regularly to make sure it still meets your needs and that you are getting the best coverage for the money. Additionally, an annual review helps you plan for potential issues. For example, if you know you will be adding a teen to your auto policy, you may want to talk to your insurance agent in advance to determine the best policy adjustments.

“One of the many benefits of a credit union over other financial institutions is that we are member-owned and not for profit. This means as a member, you are part owner. So we are always looking for added benefits like insurance services, to help our members save money,” says Osorio. “We want to help our members stay financially fit – which includes looking at their coverage to make sure members aren’t caught off guard or worse, uninsured and that they aren’t overpaying for their coverage. Basically, at Financial Partners Credit Union, we’re committed to helping our members build their best financial lives.”

Habitly Has Your New Favorite Fitness Classes Online

Even prior to all this pandemic/isolation stuff I was trying to lose weight. I had started in a gym around September, not sure if I should have spent the money on a gym membership. I ended up loving it. The main reason was to lose weight but that goal became secondary and eventually pushed further down the list because the gym was helping with my depression and anxiety. It was helping me with my confidence. It was helping me to socialize a little more. Of course I was happy when the scale would move, even just a pound, but it became more about my mental health. I had more energy, I smiled more, the negative thoughts were becoming fewer. It was my me time.

I then got the confidence to sign up for a POUND fitness class at my local community building once a week. It was so much fun. Again, socializing more and kicking up my cardio a little. Sometimes I had to miss a class or two just because I didn’t have anyone to watch the kids or I didn’t want to ask anyone to so I just would not go. Then all this coronavirus stuff happened.

I struggled trying to find a routine for fitness at home. I still had to work but now I also needed to guide my kids through e-learning. I didn’t want to lose the progress I had made through the gym and fitness classes though. My husband got us a new treadmill with one of those e-training apps which helped BUT ultimately you’re either walking or running. I missed the classes and didn’t think I could strength train without my gym equipment.

Then Habitlyfit.com came into my feed the one day. I decided to give it a try.

I was impressed by the amount and variety of classes offered on their site. The ease of registering for a class. The ability to cancel if life got in the way. Specifically I had wanted to get back into yoga. They have a variety of yoga classes so there is something for all levels. But they also have Zumba, Pilates, Barre, Cardio HIIT, strength training, meditation, and so much more. I just found out they added BollyX classes which I can’t wait to try!

Habitly classes are affordable, (It’s in Canadian dollars but no worries, US residents are encouraged to take the classes, in fact they’d love it) . You can pay per class or get a class package when you realize how much you love the it! Classes run throughout the day. Just pick the class you want that’s available at the time you want and get ready to work. They send you reminder emails so you don’t forget about your class. You can even get packages to save even more with 10 class packages for only $35 or monthly unlimited packages for $80. That’s huge savings! But I can do even better for you.

Habitly is offering LuvSavingMoney readers 20% off 10 class packages or unlimited packages with code: 20ANG4

Plus Habitly is now offering a 7 day free trial so you get to try out the classes before you buy if you’d like.

Not sure what classes to take? They have class descriptions on the site so it’s easy to figure out what interests you. And with the 7 day free trial you’ll have opportunities to try a lot of classes.

Since I’ve been doing the classes at home, even my kids have take an interest in trying to move along with it.

I never thought I’d like online classes as much as I do. If anythings it’s more convenient. With lots of classes and times/days to select, no worrying about finding a sitter, no leaving the house, It’s awesome!

Give Habityfit.com a try. With the 7 day free trial you have nothing to lose. And when you love it (and I know you will) don’t forget to use code: 20Ang4 to save 20% off a 10 class package or unlimited monthly package!

HealthSapiens Offers Telemed Services For Counseling and Medical Advice

COVID-19 has made businesses get creative with how they can keep going in these trying times. Social distancing and stay-at-home orders are making people ask themselves “Do I really need to go out? Do I really need this right now?” Unfortunately, it can also make people hesitate on getting evaluated by a medical professional.

Social distancing and the temporary closing of some facilities has also been in the news for people with depression, anxiety, and loneliness having trouble coping with everything going on. I’m a part of a group for the gym I’m a member of. Many people used the gym as a way to help with depression, anxiety, addiction behavior, and more. I see frequently in the group, people that just don’t know how to cope and are losing motivation.

So what can you do? Many health facilities are offering by appointment only and only if it’s medically necessary. My daughter’s well check up and my son’s wisdom teeth removal were canceled with rescheduling when able. Some facilities have telemed services set up but not all. If you’re really struggling mentally, it can be hard to leave the house anyway.

HealthSapiens is a solution. HealthSapiens offering Telemed services for both medical advice and counseling.

HealthSapiens offers an affordable subscription plan for individuals and families. The family plan will cover unlimited visits for up to 7 people! There are no copays, available 24/7, and they can even send any prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice.

There is no waiting in lines, no sitting in a waiting room with sick people, no sitting in an exam room for 30 minutes until a doctor can get to you. Honestly this sounds amazing to me. I have ulcerative colitis and IBS so sitting for 45 minutes in a waiting room then another 30 minutes in an exam room can mean several bathroom trips for me. I’d feel much more comfortable at home.

I’ve also considered getting counseling for my anxiety and depression. My insurance doesn’t cover it and it’s something like $100+ per hour so I never did. This is a much more affordable solution. I don’t have to let my bank account decide if I can get help or not.

Health Sapiens: Sign-up for Affordable & Easily Accessible Counseling Today!

Don’t let current events or copay worries hold you back from getting the care you and your family need. Sign up today and start feeling better.

Health Sapiens: Affordable & Easily Accessible Healthcare starting at $19.95/Month. Sign-up Today!

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Don’t Be Fooled By Influx of Coronavirus Scams

The National Consumer League (NCL) is warning consumers of an expected rise in Coronavirus related scams. Scammers are looking to take advantage of fearful customers by offering fake products, spoof calls/emails, and more.

“When news captures the public’s attention – think major hurricanes, terrorist attacks, and economic slowdowns – scammers come out of the woodwork to take advantage of legitimate fears and concerns,” said NCL Executive Director Sally Greenberg. “With coronavirus dominating the news globally, there is an unprecedented opportunity for criminals to use the public’s fears about the virus and the resulting economic downturn to defraud consumers.”

The NCL is working to educate customers before they fall for one of these scams.

Coronavirus-related robocalls

Robocalls are, at the very least, a major annoyance for most consumers. However, as the coronavirus has upended daily life, robocall operators have quickly shifted to blasting out spam phone calls offering all manner of coronavirus-related products and services. YouMail, a cloud-based telecommunications provider that tracks robocall volumes, estimates that at least one million robocalls per day are inundating Americans’ cell phones. Fraudulent robocallers are offering air duct sanitation services, work-from-home opportunities, cut-rate health insurance, and immune-system boosting nutritional supplements. Other robocalls have reportedly offered free insulin kits to diabetics, along with free coronavirus testing kits.

“At best, consumers who respond to these calls are setting themselves up to lose money for a non-existent product or service,” said John Breyault, director of NCL’s Fraud.org campaign. “At worst, delaying needed emergency treatments on the belief that a fake coronavirus treatment will save your life could be deadly to you and those you come into contact with.”

NCL’s advice to consumers is simple:

  1. If you receive a call from a number you don’t recognize, the safest course of action is simply to ignore the call.
  2. If you answer a call and suspect it’s a robocall, simply hang up. Don’t press any of the numbers the message tells you to.
  3. Never give any personal information, such as financial account number, Social Security number, full name, or mailing address to someone who contacts you via an unsolicited phone call or text message.
  4. Do not click on any links sent to you via text message from someone you don’t know. They could lead you to malware or phishing websites.
  5. If you’re being inundated by robocalls, your cellular provider may offer services that will increase the likelihood that the calls will be blocked.

Stimulus check scams

Last week, President Trump signed the biggest stimulus bill in U.S. history into law. Most American adults will receive a stimulus of $1,200 or more in the coming weeks thanks to the legislation. Crooks are already using these promised payments as a way to defraud consumers. Scams that have been reported involve crooks promising to expedite payment in exchange for a fee, impersonating a government official, and requesting sensitive personal information in order to process a check. Inaccurate social media posts have also circulated suggesting that consumers need to fill out the 2020 Census before they can receive a stimulus check.

“Stimulus checks will help millions of American households weather the coming economic downturn,” said Breyault. “Unfortunately, the phrase ‘free money from the government’ is magic to scammers’ ears. Consumers should be on the lookout for fraudsters who will try to use the coming stimulus checks to steal their money.”

Consumers can protect themselves from these scams by learning to spot these red flags:

  • The stimulus checks will be deposited automatically by direct deposit into consumers’ bank accounts for the vast majority of citizens who filed their taxes last year. Consumers without a bank account on record with the IRS will receive a paper check, but it may take several weeks longer to arrive than those who have bank accounts.
  • Anyone who emails, texts, messages, or calls you claiming to be able to expedite your stimulus check is a scammer.
  • Anyone who contacts you requesting sensitive information like PayPal account details, bank account information, or credit card numbers is trying to scam you.
  • Your answers to the Census, and whether you’ve completed it, have no impact on your eligibility for a stimulus check.

NCL asks consumers to share their stories by filing a complaint at Fraud.org via its secure online complaint form. Complaints are shared with NCL’s network of nearly 200 law enforcement and consumer protection agency partners who can and do put fraudsters behind bars.

About the National Consumers League

The National Consumers League, founded in 1899, is America’s pioneering consumer organization. Our mission is to protect and promote social and economic justice for consumers and workers in the United States and abroad. For more information, visit www.nclnet.org.

Get Food From Your Favorite Restaurant Delivered with Door Dash

Many restaurants in my area are only offering drive-thru or take out service if they are able. Some restaurants just can’t offer that and had to close temporarily. One way to support your favorite restaurants at this time, help people not able to work their regular jobs, and get your food delivered right to you is with Door Dash.

You’d be surprised at what restaurants actually partner with Door Dash. In fact, one of our local mom & pop pizzerias just announced that they’ve partnered with Door Dash now so we can still get their food delivered!

Restaurants, especially small business/family owned, are struggling at this time. We’ve been trying to support these small businesses as much as possible.

Door Dash is offering $0 delivery fee on your first order right now:

So how does that help people that can’t work their normal jobs right now? Well, some are turning to doing things like driving for Door Dash to try to make some extra money. My brother drives for Door Dash in my area normally, just to try to make a little extra cash.

I’ll be honest I haven’t used Door Dash before but we’re planning to this weekend from one of our fave small business restaurants in our area, The Orchard. They have amazing wings. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the creamy garlic wings.

What is your favorite local restaurant that you like to support?

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