10-in-1 Tool That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Everyone knows that multi-tools can be so handy. Some of them are bulky, Some of them you have to search through your backpack, purse, or tool box for. But what if you have a multi-tool that was compact, light-weight, clipped right onto whatever you’re wearing and had TEN different uses? That’s what PockeTool brings to the table…or the campsite..or bike ride or whatever.

So what exactly can the PockeTool do?

  • It’s a carabiner
  • It’s a flathead screwdriver
  • It’s a phillips head screwdriver
  • It’s a bottle opener/letter opener/staple puller
  • It’s a bicycle spoke key
  • combine the tip with magnesium for a fire starter
  • It’s a wire bender
  • It’s a wire cutter
  • It’s a scraper/lid popper
  • It’s a 6 point wrench 10 cm, 8 cm, 7 cm, 5.5 cm

You’ll find though, the more you use it the more things you realize you can use it for. Use it as a keychain so you have it everywhere you take your keys, Use it to scratch your lottery tickets, use it to help separate, so much stuff.

It’s compact and fits right in the palm of your hand. Easily clips onto a purse, backpack, pant loop. Or small enough to fit in a pocket, wallet, purse, or change pouch. Keep it in your car for emergency like quick car fixes.

Don’t worry about it bending or breaking when trying to pop that paint can lid off or tightening a screw it’s made for 420 grade stainless steel. Check this video out to see the Pocketool in action:

You can pre-order PockeTool Now! Plus if you pre-order right now, it’s only $15! Great stocking stuffer or under $20 gift!

PockeTool is part of this year’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019 here on LuvSavingMoney.com so watch for that!

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Challenger International Soccer Camp 2019

For the 2nd year in a row my kids participated in the Challenger International Soccer Camp. My son is 10 and my daughter is 6. They both ended up being in the same 1/2 day camp.

Our group was very small. Only about 5 kids. I thought this was amazing though because the kids got so much attention. I was a little worried about my daughter only being 6 in with kids several years older than her and being the only girl. The other boys were very kind to her and the coach was very encouraging.

We had a couple days of rain so the camp was done in the school’s gym.

My kids really enjoy the Challenger International Soccer Camps. They learn new skills, they make it fun, and they get to meet other kids from around the area. They are sincerely interested in learning. As a mother it’s great to see how well the coach worked with the kids. I liked that they were given homework each night of camp to learn more about international soccer and other counties.

At the end of camp the coach hand wrote feed back for each kid both positive and brought each kids up to talk about their critique. I really feel like the kids get a lot out of the camp.

If you register for a camp at least 30 days in advance you get more for you money by getting a soccer ball, camp T-shirt, 2 jerseys, and access to the app that allows you to practice skills.

Register now for Challenger’s International Soccer camp and get a free international ball, t-shirt, poster, skills evaluation and new downloadable coaching app & 20 skills videos! Register 30 days before camp and qualify for a free International Game Jersey! https://www.challengersports.com/international_soccer

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6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Grocery Budget brought to you by Brice Capital

The monthly grocery budget can be a big number, especially for families. Groceries can cost 100s or over a thousand dollars a month depending on dietary needs, family size, and preferences. Here are some ways to help give you some wiggle room in your grocery budget. Thanks to Brice Capital I’m here to give you a few of my tips. As a family of 6 our grocery budget could get out of hand fast if I didn’t budget and find ways to save!


Couponing isn’t all cutting coupons out of the paper. Stores like Market Basket, Giant Eagle, Family dollar and more offer eCoupons on their apps. Cash back apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Saving Star give you cash back . There are even coupon clipping service that let you buy only the coupons you want in greater quantities. So let’s say you know you are going to be buying Pampers diapers, you can order 5 Pampers diapers coupons.

The key to really saving money is to line the coupons up with sales. There’s tons of couponing groups out there now. Google the name of your favorite grocery or drugstore and with the phrase “couponing” after it and you’re sure to find one. I love to shop Giant Eagle for couponing because they double coupons. Ladysavings.com is awesome for Giant Eagle, Walmart, and Kroger and a few others but, in my opinion, best for Giant Eagle.

Some Ideas for Sources for coupons

  • coupons.com
  • klip2save.com
  • Ibotta
  • Checkout51
  • newspapers
  • manufacturer websites
  • Kellogg’s Rewards (for Kellogg’s products)

Clearance Sections

Oh do I love my clearance sections. Find discontinued products, overstock products, scratch and dent, and more. The deals get even better if you have coupons that match up. As an example, my local Giant Eagle is no longer offering Seattle’s Best brand coffee. They had k-cups and bags for only $3.00 each plus I had a coupon for $2 off if I bought two making it only $2 per box of k-cups! Giant Eagle, Walmart, Rite Aid, and many other stores have a regular clearance area.

Bulk Buys

This one you have to compare. If you’re normally buying Brand X body wash for $3 a bottle but you can get a bulk 3 pack for $7 it’s obviously a better deal. I’ve found that club stores don’t always have the best price for bulk prices though. So you really have to know what you normally spend on your fave products.

Additionally there are number of places that let you buy cases of meats such as chicken breasts, bacon, hamburger etc and a discounted rate. There are several places near me that have these case deals periodically like Market Basket and Fisher Country Store.

What About Produce?

Glad you asked. There’s lots of ways to save on produce. When of my favorite ways I just discovered is Misfit Market box. They offer misfit produce at discounted prices and shipped right to your door.

Farm co-ops are another great way to get lots of fresh produce direct from the source for less.

Additionally, cash back apps like Saving Star and Ibotta frequently offer cash back on product purchases.

Rewards Programs

A lot of grocery and drugstores have their own rewards programs: RiteAid, Giant Eagle, Food Lion, CVS, Kroger…actually it might be harder to find one that doesn’t. These rewards programs can offer anything from lower prices, extra discounts after so much spent, special deals for rewards members and more.

Brice Capital Highlight Tip: Stockpiling

This works great with the coupons. So let’s say you have a coupon for shaving cream for $1 off one can. They have this particular shaving cream on sale for $2. If you use the coupon you can get it for $1. Pretty good deal considering this shaving cream is regularly $3.50 a can. So you get a coupon from the paper and you printed a coupon from coupons.com Now you can get two cans for $1 each. If you have more coupons you can get more (as long as the store and coupon limits allow) In this way you could get 7 cans of shave cream for the price of 2 regularly. Then you store them and don’t have to buy shave cream for a year…or however long it lasts you. You do this with multiple items as you see deals throughout the year then you start to really see the savings. Eventually, once you have a good stockpile going, you’re basically shopping your own stockpile.

Re-evaluating your grocery list can help too. Consider buying store brand instead of name brand if you don’t have coupons. Look for budget friendly meal recipes and plan your grocery list accordingly. Consider cutting back on junk food. It’s ok to have a favorite brand but being flexible can really help save money.

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Greek Gods Yogurt Available at Giant, Get Your Coupon Here!

If you love Greek Gods yogurt then I have the perfect coupon for you. You can print a $1 off any 24 or 32 oz Greek Gods yogurt product. The coupon doesn’t expires until 9/10/19 and can be printed up to 3 times per user so you can stock up on your favorite yogurt at Giant Food stores.

You can also look for the $1 off Greek Gods yogurt coupon in Valpak envelopes being delivered to some area of MD, PA, and DC that you can use at Giant Food stores. So look for this coupon in the mail:

I personally love plain greek yogurt because it can be used for so many things. I use mine as a substitute for sour cream. I also like to use some of my favorite flavored liquid stevia to make my own flavors guilt free.

Print your coupon here:

Do you have a favorite greek yogurt flavor? How do you like to use your greek yogurt?

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My Rules For Buying Refurbished Electronics

Listen, I’ve been disappointed by refurbished products before. I remember one time I bought a “refurbished” GPS navigator on ebay. The price was amazing (like too good to be true amazing) so I thought, well I need a GPS I’ll give it a go. I got my device. I charged it and it turned on immediately. I thought, great, I really did get a deal. But it would never pick up my location. When I tried to contact the seller I got the run around and eventually nothing in the end. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me from the sounds of it I bought a defective product. I was never able to actually use it.

Finding the right refurbished electronics

Another time I decided to buy 2nd hand Nintendo DSs for my boys for Christmas (I couldn’t afford to buy them both brand new ones at the time) It still wasn’t that cheap but much cheaper than buying them new. I bought them at a popular store known for video games. Well I decided when I got home I was going to check them out make sure they were in good working order before I wrapped them to give them to my kids as their “big Christmas gift”. I was so glad I did. The one system wouldn’t even turn on after charging. The other had some kind of orange gunk all over it including in the crevices. It looked like someone was eating Cheetos and never washed their hands. I was so upset, but also thankful, I had the foresight to check it before wrapping them and my kids opening the Christmas morning only to be disappointed. I took them right back to the store and told them how disappointed I was. They took them back and I ended up buying brand new ones for my boys anyway because I didn’t trust to buy used ones from them anymore.

It was years before I was willing to roll the dice on another 2nd hand or refurbished electronic item. That is until I started following these rules for buying electronics that aren’t new:

  • Does the store or site offer some type of return policy? If they don’t offer one at all I don’t buy. If they offer one but only under weird circumstances or an unreasonably short period of time, I don’t buy.
  • Does the store or site offer a warranty on refurbished, open box, or used items? In my opinion, if a site is confident in their skills to refurbish an electronic item, or is confident in the sellers on their site they’ll offer some type of warranty. Anything: 14 days, 30 days, 90 days, give me something!
  • Buy from trusted sites and sellers: I will no longer buy refurbished electronic from Joe Schmo on ebay UNLESS this Joe Schmo has credentials, high positive feedback and lots of sales to back it up. I’m more confident in buying from places that specialize in electronics like Best Buy, DealScoop, Staples, etc.
  • If it sounds too good too be true it probably is
  • What is their definition of “refurbished”? Do they actually check it? Look at it? Fix it? Or do they just throw it in a box and say “sold as-is”. If it has some issues are they forward about it?

Why DealScoop?

I mentioned DealScoop. Some of you might be thinking “I’ve never heard of DealScoop. Why should I trust them?” That was my thought. I investigated their site before I ever agreed to work with them. They follow my rules for buying refurb products. They had a lot of positive reviews on the site. DealScoop has a grading system for their refurbished products so you can choose the best product for your needs. “A grade” means it’s a new product. The box has been open but the product has never been used. “B grade” is refurbished but like-new. There may be some minor cosmetic flaws but should work like new. 90% of DealScoop’s products are B grade. C grade products will have more noticeable flaws or scratches but should still work like new, according to the DealScoop site. If for some reason a product is missing a part, flawed, etc they will state this in the description.

I received a refurbished HP Envy Photo 7855 printer. Which is perfect because my older boys got laptops for Christmas for school work and we needed a printer for their laptops. The item arrived quickly. It was packaged well and had all the parts to it including printer ink! I honestly thought I’d have to buy printer ink for a refurb printer.

My 15 year old son was able to set it up and start using it immediately. As you can see, the test print went well. I showed him how to use the copier on the top. The touch screen was very responsive. It made a perfect copy as well.

We examined the scanner top and it looked like brand new. No noticeable flaws or cracks anywhere on the printer. This printer has wifi capability too. Perfect for both my boys to be able to print from both of their laptops. The wifi works, we tested that too.

I would absolutely consider DealScoop the next time I need a new electronic item. I could not have asked the is printer to be any better. If they would have told me it was brand new (which they didn’t) I would have totally believed them.

DealScoop wants to offer Luv Saving Money readers 10% off your purchase at DealScoop.com with code: LUVSAVINGMONEY or you can go through my Dealspotr Influencer link: https://dealspotr.com/getcode/WwJ8B

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