Hosting a Board Game Night At Your Bar

Hosting a board game night at your bar can be a fun way to draw in a crowd, particularly if you have nights that are typically slow business nights. If your game nights are special events, be sure to advertise them well so people know to come. Here are a few other tips for using board games to boost your bar business.

Choose Great Games

When you offer games for your bar patrons to play, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. First, choose games that can be completed fairly quickly. Monopoly is probably not a game people would choose to play when going out for the evening. Second, choose a wide variety of games. Some people like classic games like cribbage or backgammon. Others are into fantasy or strategy games. Having plenty of choices means everyone is likely to find something they can enjoy. Also, be sure to have some games that can be played by only two players, and some that can be enjoyed by a large group.

Offer Special Drinks

Once your bar has its liquor license Houston TX in place, you can start planning fun drink offerings. Creating a specialty, game-themed drink for the evening can get everyone in the board game mood. If one of your games is Clue, why not offer a bloody mary, or a specialty cocktail featuring blood orange? A rousing game of Apples to Apples would certainly be improved by an appletini or two. Offering special drink pricing at the beginning of the evening can encourage patrons to arrive early and get settled in.

Host a Competition

Some board games work quite well for a bracket-style tournament. You can plan a quick, one-night competition, or a multi-week series of tournament game nights, culminating in a final victory round. Think of games such as Scrabble or Parcheesi that can be learned easily by most people and require some amount of strategy, rather than just luck. Offering prizes is a sure way to bring in more competitors. Some venues choose to charge an entry fee, and others just count on increased sales for the evening. You can also choose to have teams register in advance, or let people join in at the last minute. Offering team-matching services can help include patrons who don’t already have a team to play with.

Offering your bar customers an evening of board game fun is a great way to increase patronage on an otherwise slow business night. A good selection of games and drinks will keep people coming back for more of both.

Angela Wei of Milk Agency Talks About “Snackable” Content and More

Just today, I was talking with some people on social media, trying to get their feedback on my blog. The one thing I keep saying is, I know I need more content, content is king. It’s an easy-enough statement. Saying I need more content and doing can be two different things. Do my readers want Tips? Organizing Ideas? Budgeting Ideas? A glimpse into parenting life with 4 kids? Maybe all of it but when I think about that, it’s a little overwhelming. As a blogger I can be considered an entrepreneur but finding my grip in a saturated market sometimes seems impossible.

Angela Wei Milk Agency had a recent podcast interview on Content is Your Business. The one term used that stood out to me was “Snackable” content. I can’t say I’d really heard that before.

I think about how many times I’ve been sitting waiting for my kids’ dentist appointments to be done or waiting in my car for my kids to get out of practice. What do I do? I scroll through my phone. I comment and like facebook posts, Retweet things on twitter. I share an old post or enter some sweepstakes on instagram. If a piece of content catches my eye I’ll read it. Sometimes it’s a recipes I’ll save for later, sometimes it’s a cool organizing tip. That’s the idea of snackable content. It’s content that is easy to read, understand, and share. I’m probably not going to read a blog post that doesn’t catch my eye or that I have to keep scrolling until I get the point. Content isn’t just for blogs but for business websites too. Good content can help your potential client hang out on your website longer, learn a little more about your expertise.

Sometimes I’m uninspired. Other times I can come up with 2 or 3 ideas at once that I’m excited about. I did just sign up for the free monthly calendar challenge offered to see if that helps me think and do better. So what are some other sources for content ideas?

Content Idea Inspiration

  • Every day conversations. Just yesterday I was having a convo with a friend about organizing my closet we swapped tips and like some of my idea. I liked hers as well. That inspired me to write a closet organization post.
  • Inspired by other content. So sometimes I read content. In my head I’m thinking “yea but that’s so expensive” or “Things to do around Huntsville, Tx” Hmm maybe people want to know about things to do in my area”
  • Writing challenges or daily prompt challenge. This one I like and don’t like. I mean I try to fit idea into the theme of my blog but sometime writing about travel without having traveled for a while leave me a little stumped.
  • Did you know tomorrow is national coffee day? Yea so people with be scarfing up content about coffee tomorrow. Do you have a recipe, a favorite cafe, or story that involves coffee? Well there you go.
  • Sometimes we take for granted that something we do, a place we go, a recipe we make is common. Everyone know about it. I live in Pennsylvania but I lived in South Carolina for a few years. I found out in South Carolina they don’t know about a lot of the food I grew up on like perogies, halupki, gnocchi, and chicken paprikas. I was surprised to learn a lot of the common recipes there like collard greens, pig roasts, and clam bakes.

Where do you find inspiration for writing? What content would you like to see more of here on

This post is sponsored by Diamond Links. Any opinions expressed are my own.

How to Buy and Flip Pallets of Walmart Merch

If you’re interested in starting your own business as an entrepreneur, buying and flipping merchandise from big box retailers is an excellent option. If you’ve always liked the idea of flipping houses but don’t have the capital to cashflow such an enterprise, buying merchandise and reselling it online is an equally good option with a much lower ceiling of access.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to access return pallets as well as overstock merchandise. In many cases, you can actually bid on pallets of items, allowing you to stick to a budget that works for you. Walmart overstock is a great option with a wide variety of product categories to source inventory from, including popular niches such as home goods, electronics, and clothing. If you’re truly serious about getting into the flipping game, here’s what you need to know about getting started.

Choose a niche.

The first thing you should do when starting any new business venture is to pick a niche. Without knowing who your target demographic is and what you’re selling, you’ll be hard-pressed to make any concrete business decisions. Thankfully, sourcing your goods from a major retailer like Walmart can help you find high-quality items to sell online that fit the niche you choose, regardless of what sort of niche you’re interested in capitalizing on. It’s best to do a little research on a website like Direct Liquidation ahead of time to understand your options.

Build out your online storefront.

Once you’ve chosen your target niche, it is time to set up an online storefront to advertise and sell your wares. Some people choose to operate their storefront through a web platform like Squarespace or Wix, both of which are easy-to-use tools for building a website. You could pursue selling things on eBay or Amazon, too, since both of these online marketplaces are popular for a variety of retail purchases. You may also want to advertise on social media to drive more traffic to your business, regardless of which platform you’re using to make sales.

Stick to your budget.

As is the case in any business, having a budget will ensure that you have a solid financial ground to stand on. When you’re buying pallets online, particularly in an auction format, it’s crucial that you keep your costs low in order to maximize your profit margins. Keep in mind that unlike other online shopping experiences you may have had, shipping will be a major cost for having large pallets shipped to you. As a result, it’s a good idea to factor in some contingency money into your budget for getting your inventory without cutting into your profits.

Prioritize customer service from the get-go.

One major distinction between your company and other third-party sellers is being able to prioritize customer service. If someone receives a damaged good or needs to make a return, be sure that you’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assist them with kindness. This will help boost positive word-of-mouth about your fledgling business.

In order to maintain positive customer service, you may want to invest in call center quality assurance software. A Bright Pattern platform can help you perform these sorts of tasks more efficiently with features that make it easier to interact with customers through a variety of communication channels, including SMS messaging, email, social media, and phone calls. Plus, with artificial intelligence and text-to-speech analysis at the heart of some of this service’s most powerful tools, you’ll be able to manage your business’ growth as it scales up without having to put any ten-hour days replying to customer requests.