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Angela Wei of Milk Agency Talks About “Snackable” Content and More

Just today, I was talking with some people on social media, trying to get their feedback on my blog. The one thing I keep saying is, I know I need more content, content is king. It’s an easy-enough statement. Saying I need more content and doing can be two different things. Do my readers want Tips? Organizing Ideas? Budgeting Ideas? A glimpse into parenting life with 4 kids? Maybe all of it but when I think about that, it’s a little overwhelming. As a blogger I can be considered an entrepreneur but finding my grip in a saturated market sometimes seems impossible.

Angela Wei Milk Agency had a recent podcast interview on Content is Your Business. The one term used that stood out to me was “Snackable” content. I can’t say I’d really heard that before.

I think about how many times I’ve been sitting waiting for my kids’ dentist appointments to be done or waiting in my car for my kids to get out of practice. What do I do? I scroll through my phone. I comment and like facebook posts, Retweet things on twitter. I share an old post or enter some sweepstakes on instagram. If a piece of content catches my eye I’ll read it. Sometimes it’s a recipes I’ll save for later, sometimes it’s a cool organizing tip. That’s the idea of snackable content. It’s content that is easy to read, understand, and share. I’m probably not going to read a blog post that doesn’t catch my eye or that I have to keep scrolling until I get the point. Content isn’t just for blogs but for business websites too. Good content can help your potential client hang out on your website longer, learn a little more about your expertise.

Sometimes I’m uninspired. Other times I can come up with 2 or 3 ideas at once that I’m excited about. I did just sign up for the free monthly calendar challenge offered to see if that helps me think and do better. So what are some other sources for content ideas?

Content Idea Inspiration

  • Every day conversations. Just yesterday I was having a convo with a friend about organizing my closet we swapped tips and like some of my idea. I liked hers as well. That inspired me to write a closet organization post.
  • Inspired by other content. So sometimes I read content. In my head I’m thinking “yea but that’s so expensive” or “Things to do around Huntsville, Tx” Hmm maybe people want to know about things to do in my area”
  • Writing challenges or daily prompt challenge. This one I like and don’t like. I mean I try to fit idea into the theme of my blog but sometime writing about travel without having traveled for a while leave me a little stumped.
  • Did you know tomorrow is national coffee day? Yea so people with be scarfing up content about coffee tomorrow. Do you have a recipe, a favorite cafe, or story that involves coffee? Well there you go.
  • Sometimes we take for granted that something we do, a place we go, a recipe we make is common. Everyone know about it. I live in Pennsylvania but I lived in South Carolina for a few years. I found out in South Carolina they don’t know about a lot of the food I grew up on like perogies, halupki, gnocchi, and chicken paprikas. I was surprised to learn a lot of the common recipes there like collard greens, pig roasts, and clam bakes.

Where do you find inspiration for writing? What content would you like to see more of here on

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Create Images For Your Needs with DesignCap

As a blogger and social media influencer, I used design websites and software fairly often. There is one in particular I had been using for years which will remain nameless. One day I decided to cute expenses and got rid of that website. Then I realized how much I used it. When I decided to sign up again they raised the prices. I felt like I had no choice though. Having no graphic design knowledge, I needed simple. Then I came across DesignCap.

DesignCap is very affordable even offering a free option. The top tier account is DesignCap Plus and it’s still more affordable than that other site I was using.

Design cap is not just for header images and social media headers though. They offer templates for infographics, business cards, invitations, reports, brochures, and more! Making this a great tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to use too. Create images for your needs. Pull from DesignCaps stock photos or your own.

Here is just one example of the eye-catching templates on DesignCap:

Brochure template front
brochure template back

DesignCap is easy to use and requires no graphic design experience. You can use one of the templates or create your own designs. Add in your own business pictures, change words, fonts, sizes, whatever you want.

DesignCap is localized to 7 different languages including: English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Chinese.

The site was so easy to use. They offered more options for images, icons, colors, and fonts than the old site I was using. I created the header images for this post in a matter of minutes. It was so easy, no stress or frustration. I encourage you to try it out today.

Visit to create an account.

I was gifted the DesignCap Plus account to try it out all the features for this post. No other compensation has been received.

ShopHer Media Make Influencer Marketing Easy

This post is brought to you by ShopHer Media. Any opinions expressed are my own.

We’re getting closer to the holidays.  Who couldn’t use a little extra money?  ShopHer Media can  help you earn in a lot of different ways. Depending on what works for you.

One of my favorite things is the CPC links they email several times a week with your affiliate ID already incorporated. All you have to do is copy the link and share.  You get 5 cents per click for sharing great deals, coupons, sweepstakes, and more.  You can even create link to the pages on My Savings that you know would be of interest to YOUR readership.

Besides CPC links ShopHer Media has affiliate banners for different partners, sponsored posts (like this one) and more!  ShopHer Media make Influencer Marketing super easy!  If you’re a business looking to get noticed by a whole network of bloggers and website owners, the make Influencer Marketing easy for you too!

You can share on your blog, social media channels, and emails where allowed but each campaigns lets you know what you can do. Bloggers and website owners can sign up for ShopHer Media HERE

Businesses, you can have a whole network of bloggers advertising for you through ShopHer Media too!


Women Entrepreneurs Inspire Me As a Blogger

This post is sponsored by Diamond Links.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

I’ve told a few people in my life that I’ve always wanted to create something with my own hands and turn it into a way to provide for my family. I never really knew what that was until I started blogging.  I do make a little side income from my blog but nothing to quit my day job over.

There are opportunities I’ve been offered in the past that I really wish I would have been able to take advantage of.  At one point I was asked to sit on a women’s panel in Pittsburgh, PA for a women’s entrepreneur event. As much as I would have loved to I just couldn’t make it happen with having small children and my hubby working 2nd shifts.  I think it would have got my name out there and added something to put on my blogging resume.  On a side note, I do have a fear of public speaking.

It’s amazing that I do have these offers and opportunities though.  I’ve had experiences I never thought I’d have when I started this blog.  I’ve learned so much and have met some awesome people.  It’s totally worth the work, criticism, and deadlines.  I’ve been able to add to our income for a family of 6. When you have 4 kids extra income is always good.

I look at women entrepreneurs like Chrissy Weems, founder of Origami Owl.  The story of how she started her business could be any mother’s story.  When I read stories like hers as a mother of 4 it gives me a renewed sense of motivation. Though we never know the full story behind everyone’s success. All the trials and errors, all the late nights, maybe they had money to be able to start a business, etc.  I have an Origami Owl piece. When I bought it, I never really knew how or why the company started.  With popular companies I have a tendency of thinking of a guy in a suit in some big office building somewhere making plans to mass produce a product.  But a lot of businesses start off small.  Now every time I wear my Origami Owl pendant I’ll think of Chrissy Weems story.  I may even keep that story in the back of my head for my kids.

One thing that’s for sure, no matter what kind of business a person decides to start there’s never any guarantees. It will take hard work and there will be ups and downs.  I have to keep reminding myself of that. Not every day can be a successful day. I also need to stop comparing myself to others and just do my thing.

If you are a small business owner I’d love to hear your stories of how you started your business.  How did you decide what business was right for you?  What resources did you use to help you get started?



Trying to Grow My Blog in an Ever-Changing Technological World

This post is sponsored by Diamond Links. Any opinions expressed are my own

I’ve been blogging for many years now.  When I first started blogging I really didn’t know much of anything in regard to starting a blog. Everything I learned, I learned from blogger groups, youtube videos, and trial and error.  I still have a lot to learn. With digital media constantly changing, I feel like there is no way to know everything.  Just when I feel like I’ve mastered one social media channel a new one pops up or they add new features or new rules.

With that being said, over the years I still am continually trying to grow this little blog.  I aspire to be like some of the other big blogs and vlogs that can make a living income from their blogs.  But when I think about that I think of the increased need for things like hiring people on, higher security and master data management.

I truly hope someday that I have to think about these things more seriously.  It’s amazing what one can truly do with the right content, the right marketing, the right knowledge, and the will power to do so.  We have beauty vloggers making 100s of 1000s of dollars every year. We have gamers getting paid to play video games. The possibilities are endless.

I’ve met some great blogger friends during my blogging journey. I’ve found out who is willing to help you and who is not. Plug-ins and youtube have become my go-to sources when I get stuck.  Even my youngest son says right now he wants to be a “You-Tuber” when he grows up. That wasn’t even a thing when I was his age.  Maybe some day he’ll be able to help his old mom when she needs some advice.