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Getting Help With My Blog When I’m Not So Technical

This post is sponsored by DiamondLinks. Any opinions expressed are my own.


When I started blogging a number of years ago I thought I would just be sharing deals with people. I’d put it on the internet and people would just find it through searches or social media.  LOL yea I was naive.

I’m not very technically minded and I don’t make much money off my blog so when something needs to be done I have to try to learn to do it myself or crowd source from bloggers that are willing to help. As I learned there was more to the “If you write it they will come” idea I also learned a few things along the way.

Plug Ins are a life saver for me

When I’m not sure how to do something I can usually find a plug in for that. Like setting up Google analytics, or having social share bars on blog posts.   I’ve also found that there are Plug ins to make my time posting deals more efficient like Amazon deal generator, for instance.  Did you know there is actually a plug in to help share old posts to twitter? Actually there is more than just one.

There are Websites to help

There are plenty of websites to help with your blog. Some are free like Google Analytics while others are a paid service like Jaaxy which helps with keywords.  Just search for things like “help with keywords” or whatever you need help with and you’re bound to fall onto something.  Asking around on blogger websites help too.

When in doubt, YouTube

If a plug in isn’t the answer YouTube has saved me on a few occasions. I’m a visual person and it helps so much for me to see someone do it.  You’d be surprised at how many tutorials there are on Youtube for blogging, problem solving, etc.

If you can afford it, you can always pay someone

There’s plenty of webs professionals out there: web designers, SEO experts, hosting companies, etc that can help for a few. Sometimes for me, it just gives me piece of mind to have an expert do something.  I don’t want to break my blog!  I’ve used GoDaddy for my hosting for years and they’ve recently added a security product too which gets rid of, and scans for things like malware and viruses.  It’s actually pretty reasonably priced too.

When you get into bigger blogs and website and I starts seeing terms like ad-hoc reporting and scary stuff like malware detected, it’s time to call in the experts!

Blog Conferences

I’ve only been able to attend 2 blog conferences so far.  1 was completely online while the other was the Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point in Ohio.  I have a blog post about both I believe.  So helpful and it was nice to be able to talk with other bloggers.  I got great info on SEO, media kits, social media, and more.  Bloggy Con is actually one of the more affordable conferences out there too depending on where you live.


Getting Started With Blogging

This post is sponsored by Behrman Communications. Any opinions expressed are my own.

I’ve been asked by a number of people throughout the years about how to start blogging.  There’s not really one straight answer.  I often recommend a platform and tell people that you can’t expect to write one blog post every two months and make money.   Being active on social media is another key to getting your blog out there and connecting with brands and PR companies.

Blog about something you’re passionate about. Something you can keep writing about whether it be parenting, shopping, beauty, crafts, sports, whatever you feel is you. There are plenty of groups on facebook and websites for bloggers to connect, ask questions, and connect with companies that want to work with bloggers.  Inspiring stories like Nancy Behrman and her PR company can be great motivation. It gives you an idea of how connections can help your business.  After all, if you’re serious about blogging, it is a business.

Follow companies you’re truly interested in on social media.  Don’t be afraid to put your name out there. I’ve even contacted companies in the past as well.  Be prepared to hear no.  For every 10 pitches you send out, you might get one reply.  Sometimes a brand will contact you because your blog fits with the audience they’re trying to resonate with.  It might be from a PR contact.  So it’s not unusual for a big brand to use a company like Behrman Communications for their blogger recruitment or point of contact.

It’s important to stay active on your blog once you get started.  Frequent, relevant contact is key.  Social media like Twitter, facebook, and YouTube can help add to or amplify your posts.  When you do start getting jobs for your blog, make sure to complete the job on time.  Establishing a good relationship with the company or PR firm you’re working with can lead to a long business relationship and more opportunities down the road.  I’ve had opportunities I never thought I’d have.

Be prepared to work hard.  Writing and rewriting posts, educating yourself on different techniques, creating better content and videos, working on getting the right pictures,  and hitting deadlines are just some of the things you’ll need to work on to be successful.  If you can do this, blogging as a source of income can also be a lot of fun.

Dealspotr is looking for Verified Influencers, Wanna Earn Money?

I’m a Verified Influencer for Dealspotr.  In a nutshell, Dealspotr is a place to find and share deals, coupon codes, coupon matchups, and more and earn rewards for it.  Anyone can join Dealspotr and get points to earn FREE Amazon gift cards.  Verified Influencers earn Amazon gift cards or cash for posting. Other benefits of being a Verified Influencer for Dealspotr include: bonuses for referrals, featured on the site, chance to write blog posts for payment, opportunities to work with Dealspotr in other ways such as giveaways, sponsored posts, etc.  I was also given the opportunity to curate the gifts and gift ideas category.  Being a Verified Influencer for Dealspotr has given me a lot of opportunities, another source of income for my blog, and recognition in the frugal community online.

Dealspotr registration page

If you want to become a Verified Influencer for Dealspotr, it’s very easy.  There are two different links available.

If you ARE already a member of Dealspotr but want to be come a verified influencer use this link:

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I also have one time use codes that you can use when you sign up to start off with $5 in your account. Just email me: or tweet me on twitter @LuvSavingMoney and I’ll be happy to give you a one time use code.

Once you’ve joined I have a break down of the Basics of Dealspotr that can help you get started.



Social network for deal lovers

Attention Bloggers: New Review Site Launches October 1

If you’re a blogger and you want to be one of the first ones to try out the new site you can register now. officially launches October 1 but they are taking registrations until then.  They are also looking for Amazon sellers that want to work with bloggers.

They want help in getting the words out.  They have a number of different prizes and drawings for those that help spread the word.  Just by glancing over the site it seems to be strictly for Amazon businesses.  I know not everyone is into the whole Amazon review thing but I’m putting this out there for those that are.


So if you want to register visit

Tea Collection is Looking for Affiliates Here’s Why You Should Join

This post contains affiliate links. Regardless I only post legitimate offers from trusted sites

Are you a blogger or a website owner? Tea Collection is looking for affiliates to team up with to help promote their site and sales. I an affiliate with a number of companies but Tea Collection is one of my favorite. Not only do you earn money from sales you make through your affiliate links and banners but they also have lots of additional incentives throughout the year.

The often add extra incentives like set payments for posting about sales, payments for social shares, and more. In fact, the reason I’m writing this post is because they are offering their affiliate a specified cash amount for referring more affiliates. See I told you they were cool! Beside the fact that their affiliates are treated well you get to help promote beautiful quality children’s clothing. My kids own several pieces from their site. They are made well and hold up for a long time. When they have sales they let you know ahead of time so if you want to promote it you can plan ahead. Are you ready to sign up as an affiliate? It’s free and you’ll earn doing it! Just click my affiliate link below so sign up. The affiliate link just lets them know I referred you:

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