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Angela Wei of Milk Agency Talks About “Snackable” Content and More – Luv Saving Money

Angela Wei of Milk Agency Talks About “Snackable” Content and More

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Just today, I was talking with some people on social media, trying to get their feedback on my blog. The one thing I keep saying is, I know I need more content, content is king. It’s an easy-enough statement. Saying I need more content and doing can be two different things. Do my readers want Tips? Organizing Ideas? Budgeting Ideas? A glimpse into parenting life with 4 kids? Maybe all of it but when I think about that, it’s a little overwhelming. As a blogger I can be considered an entrepreneur but finding my grip in a saturated market sometimes seems impossible.

Angela Wei Milk Agency had a recent podcast interview on Content is Your Business. The one term used that stood out to me was “Snackable” content. I can’t say I’d really heard that before.

I think about how many times I’ve been sitting waiting for my kids’ dentist appointments to be done or waiting in my car for my kids to get out of practice. What do I do? I scroll through my phone. I comment and like facebook posts, Retweet things on twitter. I share an old post or enter some sweepstakes on instagram. If a piece of content catches my eye I’ll read it. Sometimes it’s a recipes I’ll save for later, sometimes it’s a cool organizing tip. That’s the idea of snackable content. It’s content that is easy to read, understand, and share. I’m probably not going to read a blog post that doesn’t catch my eye or that I have to keep scrolling until I get the point. Content isn’t just for blogs but for business websites too. Good content can help your potential client hang out on your website longer, learn a little more about your expertise.

Sometimes I’m uninspired. Other times I can come up with 2 or 3 ideas at once that I’m excited about. I did just sign up for the free monthly calendar challenge offered to see if that helps me think and do better. So what are some other sources for content ideas?

Content Idea Inspiration

  • Every day conversations. Just yesterday I was having a convo with a friend about organizing my closet we swapped tips and like some of my idea. I liked hers as well. That inspired me to write a closet organization post.
  • Inspired by other content. So sometimes I read content. In my head I’m thinking “yea but that’s so expensive” or “Things to do around Huntsville, Tx” Hmm maybe people want to know about things to do in my area”
  • Writing challenges or daily prompt challenge. This one I like and don’t like. I mean I try to fit idea into the theme of my blog but sometime writing about travel without having traveled for a while leave me a little stumped.
  • Did you know tomorrow is national coffee day? Yea so people with be scarfing up content about coffee tomorrow. Do you have a recipe, a favorite cafe, or story that involves coffee? Well there you go.
  • Sometimes we take for granted that something we do, a place we go, a recipe we make is common. Everyone know about it. I live in Pennsylvania but I lived in South Carolina for a few years. I found out in South Carolina they don’t know about a lot of the food I grew up on like perogies, halupki, gnocchi, and chicken paprikas. I was surprised to learn a lot of the common recipes there like collard greens, pig roasts, and clam bakes.

Where do you find inspiration for writing? What content would you like to see more of here on

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