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How to Buy and Flip Pallets of Walmart Merch

If you’re interested in starting your own business as an entrepreneur, buying and flipping merchandise from big box retailers is an excellent option. If you’ve always liked the idea of flipping houses but don’t have the capital to cashflow such an enterprise, buying merchandise and reselling it online is an equally good option with a much lower ceiling of access.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to access return pallets as well as overstock merchandise. In many cases, you can actually bid on pallets of items, allowing you to stick to a budget that works for you. Walmart overstock is a great option with a wide variety of product categories to source inventory from, including popular niches such as home goods, electronics, and clothing. If you’re truly serious about getting into the flipping game, here’s what you need to know about getting started.

Choose a niche.

The first thing you should do when starting any new business venture is to pick a niche. Without knowing who your target demographic is and what you’re selling, you’ll be hard-pressed to make any concrete business decisions. Thankfully, sourcing your goods from a major retailer like Walmart can help you find high-quality items to sell online that fit the niche you choose, regardless of what sort of niche you’re interested in capitalizing on. It’s best to do a little research on a website like Direct Liquidation ahead of time to understand your options.

Build out your online storefront.

Once you’ve chosen your target niche, it is time to set up an online storefront to advertise and sell your wares. Some people choose to operate their storefront through a web platform like Squarespace or Wix, both of which are easy-to-use tools for building a website. You could pursue selling things on eBay or Amazon, too, since both of these online marketplaces are popular for a variety of retail purchases. You may also want to advertise on social media to drive more traffic to your business, regardless of which platform you’re using to make sales.

Stick to your budget.

As is the case in any business, having a budget will ensure that you have a solid financial ground to stand on. When you’re buying pallets online, particularly in an auction format, it’s crucial that you keep your costs low in order to maximize your profit margins. Keep in mind that unlike other online shopping experiences you may have had, shipping will be a major cost for having large pallets shipped to you. As a result, it’s a good idea to factor in some contingency money into your budget for getting your inventory without cutting into your profits.

Prioritize customer service from the get-go.

One major distinction between your company and other third-party sellers is being able to prioritize customer service. If someone receives a damaged good or needs to make a return, be sure that you’re willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assist them with kindness. This will help boost positive word-of-mouth about your fledgling business.

In order to maintain positive customer service, you may want to invest in call center quality assurance software. A Bright Pattern platform can help you perform these sorts of tasks more efficiently with features that make it easier to interact with customers through a variety of communication channels, including SMS messaging, email, social media, and phone calls. Plus, with artificial intelligence and text-to-speech analysis at the heart of some of this service’s most powerful tools, you’ll be able to manage your business’ growth as it scales up without having to put any ten-hour days replying to customer requests.

Grand Opening of My Zindigo Fashion Shop, You Can Open One FREE

This post does contain referral links and affiliate links. Regardless I only post legitimate offers from trusted sites.

I had a representative contact me from Zindigo a number of times. Zindigo is bringing new and up and coming fashion designers to people in a new way.  You can buy fashions from the designers online.  BUT right now they are letting people like me and you open your own Zindigo shop online for FREE!!

Right now they are in their beta version. If you open your own shop now it’s free for life too.  The best part, it costs you nothing but you earn 40% of your sales. You can even earn money on things you buy for yourself! No kidding.

4_1_zindigo_logo_320x320_black (1)


They give you all the tools you need to have a professional looking facebook page for your business (if you like, you don’t have to).  You can check out my Zindigo facebook page here.  Of course I’d love some likes on my brand new business page as well :-).    Another tool us bloggers can use is to embed your personal shop on your blog, like this:

Oh, and if you see something you like, come subscribe to my Zindigo Fashion Shop first, You’ll get $70 off your purchase, you can use on your purchase AND you’ll be entered to win $2000.  It’s a win-win! With the $70 off and the discounts codes I’ll be sharing on my Zindigo facebook page, you’ll definitely be able to grab some deals on the things you like! Zindigo gives me all these tools to use.  Your shop is also mobile friendly making it easier for your customers to shop on-the-go!

If you have friends that have been looking for some extra income or wanting to become an entrepreneur, share it with them.  Not only will you earn 40% on your sales but you’ll also earn 3% of your referrals sales for 5 years!

Don’t wait to long to open your own Zindigo shop.  The free for life offer is only available to those that get in in beta.


Even if you’re not interested in opening your own shop.  I’d love for you to stop by my Zindigo Fashion with Angie facebook page. I’ll be sharing fashion tips and articles from the writers at Zindigo, sharing discounts, you’ll be the first to know about special sales, and more! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Zindigo shop for a free $70 gift card and entry to win $2000 as well!


Start You Career Now for Extra $$ for the Holidays

**I will be receiving a credit to for this post.  No other compensation has been received**

I know, it’s only August.  I’m a prepper definitely.  I start buying for the holidays about this month or next.  I budget and save things in lists for gift ideas for others and myself.  Though it would be nice to have some extra money around the holidays right?  Maybe some new jewelry to accessories with?

Paparazzi Jewelry is a great options for extra money, fall and holiday accessories, and affordable gift ideas.  Having your own business with Paparazzi Jewelry let’s you make your own hours selling affordable jewelry.  When I say affordable I mean that each item is $5 or less!  No kidding.

If you start now on Deb’s team: you’ll certainly know your products and be in the swing of things by the holidays.  Have jewelry parties, sell at holiday events, or whatever you want to do.  You can look over the details on the site and see if this opportunity is right for you.

I own a number of pieces of Paparazzi Jewelry.  I love that you can search the site by color or category.  The jewelry is affordable to buy and wear for every day or maybe when you’re looking for a piece of jewelry to go with your Halloween costume this year and don’t want to spend a lot of money.  I like to choose pieces in different colors with Paparazzi.  I might have one yellow shirt that I really wanted a yellow necklace to go with it but before maybe I would spend the money because I figure I’d only wear i once in a while.  With Paparazzi I can get the necklace, earring, and bracelet if I wanted to and not feel guilty if I only wear it a few times a year.

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Paparazzi Jewelry: Affordable Jewelry, Great Career opp

***I will be receiving Paparazzi Jewelry for this post.  No other compensation has been received***

I love jewelry.  The right piece of jewelry can really make an outfit. I love having a variety of colors and metals so I have something to match just about anything I put on. The problem is my budget is not always jewelry friendly.

Another issues I run into with my jewelry is my job.  I like to look nice and professional. I work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at a local hospital.  I work face to face with people every day and like to make a nice impression.  I’ve lost some of my favorite more expensive jewelry that way.  I had a sterling silver necklace with a hoops design on it.  I Loved it because it matched a lot of outfits.  But the one day I bent over to help one of my patients with the socks, my necklace caught on the corner of the bed and broke.   Another time I had an opal ring, I was dealing with an aggressive patient without giving too many details for confidentiality reasons, my opal broke right in half!  So I no longer like to wear my fine jewelry to work.

Paparazzi Jewelry is a great alternative.  They offer necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and hair accessories all of which are $5 each or less in some cases. You can check out the what Paparazzi Jewelry has to offer by visiting Debbie Parkins site who is an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Jewelry:   I have one necklace from Paparazzi jewelry and every time I wear it I get at least one compliment.

Speaking of Independent Consultants, if you’re looking for a career opportunity you could become a Paparazzi Independent Consultant too.  Sure there are other companies out there you can work through but the price points and selection of the Paparazzi Accessories would definitely be appealing to just about anyone.  As a consultant you get 45% commission on your sales from the start.  You also have access to a number of help resources when you join Deb’s Dazzling Divas including a facebook group and access to your leader and Deb herself.

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