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I Often Wonder What Happened To Holly

I lived in Elgin, SC years ago.  I think it would have been around 2004 when we moved into our home. We had just built a new house in a little subdivision called Tall Pines.  My 2nd son was just a baby. In fact, we celebrated his 1st birthday in that house.  Our life wasn’t what I had hoped though. My youngest son was in and out of the hospital, we were having money problems, and marital problems.

We had  neighbors across the cul-de-sac,  The Mullins.  My first real meeting with Holly Mullins was when my oldest son (about 2 yrs old at the time) fell off my bed. He had bumped his head on something and was bleeding.  I was trying desperately to get a hold of my husband of the time because he had the car seats in his truck.  I needed to get our son to the urgent care center. Holly comes running over, told me she was a nurse and asked if she could help. She came into our house, cleaned him up. She old me she worked at the urgent care center and told me to bring him down. He ended up only needing some medical glue not stitches. We became fast friends after that.

She was one of the most genuine people I had met in a long time.  As we talked I found out that she had two boys about the same age as my two boys.  I also found out that she was dealing with a lot of the same problems I was.  We talked often and sort of leaned on each other. Neither one of us had any other family in the area.  Eventually Holly found out she was pregnant again, with another boy. But her situation was different from mine but it’s not my business to post it here.

As my marriage and financial situation deteriorated more my soon-to-be ex and I separated. All our family was in PA so we all moved back to PA for family support. Holly and I kept in touch for a while after. The last time I remember talking to her, I was in my car and got a call from a strange number on my cell phone. It was Holly.  She told me she had also separated from her husband and got herself and her boys an apartment.  She gave me her new number. I found out after that, coverage with my cell phone from SC was, at best, spotty in Pennsylvania. I ended up switching phone companies and phones and lost almost all my contacts, including Holly’s.

I’ve often regretted losing touch with Holly.  I feel like she was the first true friend I’d had in a long time. I felt like we had a connection.  Sometimes I wonder if she wasn’t put there to be my neighbor on purpose.

I’ve tried searching for her on Facebook but I don’t even know what her last name might be now or where she may even live.  I knew she was originally from Missouri, somewhere near St. Louis.  I knew her two oldest boys names were Ethan and Evan.  I feel bad I can’t remember what the baby’s name was. I feel like it might be something like Braden.

I guess I’m writing this post in the hopes that some day she searches her names online, for fun just to see what pops up.  I hope she sees my post and remembers me too.  I hope she knows that I still think about her and what a great friend she was.  She helped me through a very hard time in my life and I hope I helped her in some way.

***UPDATE**** I FOUND HER!!!! I’d looked pretty earnestly a number of times and was never able to find her.  I searched everything I new about her and nothing. After writing this post I found a link with a break.  A name linked to the other names I searched. I ended up finding her on facebook!! We had a nice chat over PM and are not friends on facebook. It made me so happy to find her and see that she was doing ok!