Adagio Tea Advent Calendar and 12 Days of Christmas Teas

I love advent calendars. They’re so fun to countdown the days until Christmas. You can find an advent calendar for just about any interest. I you or someone you know is a tea lover, the Adagio Tea Advent Calendar 2020 is perfect for you! OR gift someone a 12 days of Christmas tea gift set.

First let me say that I LOVE Adagio tea. They have TONS of teas to choose from loose leaf teas, to tea bags, to iced tea you can find what you like. I used their teas when I tried my hand at making boba. This particular one was a strawberry boba that used real strawberry bits and the Adagio Libra blend which has bits of strawberry and chocolate notes in it. But they have several strawberry teas on their site. So you can make it to your taste.

Back to the Adagio Tea Advent Calendar though. 24 days of a tea taste adventure. I’m always leary about revealing too much when it comes to things like advent calendars. I figure people want to know what they might expect in it but want the excitement of wondering what flavor will be next.

So what I did was I just popped open day 1 so you can see about what size the packets are. These are loose leaf teas. I personally popped open two other days too just to get a feel of what to expect. I can tell you, based on my snooping, that there are different flavors of loose leaf tea for each day. Some holiday flavors, some “enjoy anytime” flavors.

Day 1 revealed

My mouth is watering thinking of the couple flavors I unveiled. But, I’m gonna make myself wait to try them until the proper day. I mean, i gotta have something to look forward to on those days that I sneaked a peak on right?

At a price point of only $29, you don’t have to feel guilty about getting yourself a little something for the holidays. Hey it’s practical too!

The Adagio Tea Advent Calendar would make a great gift but so does the Adagio 12 Days of Christmas gift tea set.

Adagio 12 Days of Christmas tea set

So this little set include 12 tins of different holiday flavored teas such as Candy Cane. But that’s not all. Each tin is decorated festively and can double as an ornament!

Adagio 12 Days of Christmas teas

So many amazing teas in this little gift set. Perfect for the tea lover. Or keep this around when you need a festive cup of cheer while decorating or baking cookies.

At a price of only $19, this is a great “under $20 gift” and they get some fun ornaments out of of it too.

I highly encourage you to check out the other items on Adagio’s site too. I have their travel loose leaf tea glass and I use it all the time. They also have tea pots, infuser, a tea of the month club, rock sugar crystals for tea, and more. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for the tea lover. Or treat yourself. Their prices are amazing but the tea is so good.

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I received the above mentioned samples to complete this post. any opinions expressed are my own.

Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Review

I’m not new to using robotic vacuums but I am new to using a Bissell brand robotic vacuum. I had also never tried a robotic vacuum that also mops. Every floor in the downstairs of my home is some sort of hard floors. I have tile in the kitchen and bathroom, linoleum in the laundry room and mudroom, and hardwood floors in the living room. But I also have a combination of hardwood, laminate, vinyl flooring, and carpet upstairs. So Is it going to work on all of them?

My Experience with My OLD robotic vaccuum

Last year for Christmas I asked my husband for a popular name brand robotic vacuum. We’ll just call it Brand X. It was NOT a Bissell. The more I used it I realized it is not the solution I had hoped for. This particular model has this little knob that sticks out of the top. When cleaning along my cupboards in the kitchen that knob would get stuck under the rim of the dishwasher and if I didn’t moved the fatigue mat from in front of the sink it would get stuck under the lip of the cupboard in that area too. After a while it had trouble getting over the small area rug we had in the mudroom. It would occasionally get hung up on the hardwood threshholds into the bathroom or kitchen. While it was ok for light daily cleaning it didn’t pick up things like pieces of popcorn, small chunks of food particles on the kitchen floor, a small piece of gravel in the mudroom, etc. It was basically good for just every day dirt and some pet hair.

With having 4 kids, they’re constantly leaving stuff out like legos on the floor, a dirty sock, a tissue, etc. I would have to make sure I picked up everything before I could run this robot vacuum. If not and it would happen to suck one of these things up it would become clogged.

In short, I could never ever run it while not at home like some of the commercials claim. I felt like I was constantly having to unclog it or move it then restart it to get it to work. Plus I’d have to pull out the regular vacuum or broom and dust pan for the things it wouldn’t pick up.

Also Brand X robotic vacuum was very noisy. My husband would complain if I ran it while he was trying to watch tv. The kids would complain if I ran it while playing video games. I’d have to pause it if I wanted to talk on the phone or go to another floor of the house. I was not impressed with Brand X.

My Experience with my Bissell Spinwave Wet and Dry Robotic vacuum

The Bissell Spinwave Wet and Dry Robotic vacuum is much quieter than my Brand X robot vacuum. While we can still hear it, it isn’t “turn up the tv because you can’t hear it over the vacuum” loud.

The Bissell Spinwave doesn’t get hung up or caught as much as my Brand X vacuum. Because it doesn’t have that annoying little knob on the top like my old robotic vacuum does, it doesn’t get caught under my dishwasher or cupboards.

Both vacuums were easy to clean out and empty. And both vacuums held about the same amount of debris. So I can’t really say one is better than the other on that aspect.

The Bissell spinwave, of course, also has the mop function that my old robotic vacuum didn’t. In my opinion, the mop function is good for light daily cleaning. I definitely do this. Having tile floors in my kitchen and downstairs bathroom though, I still feel the needs to scrub them good because the mop function does not get into all the little divots, and bumps in the tiles. The mop feature is helpful for light spills, dirt tracks, etc so I definitely like to use it.

They highly recommend the Bissell floor cleaning solution for the mop well. The instructions say it’s specially formulated for use with this vacuum and using a different cleaning solution, such as Pinesol for instance, could void the warranty.

I feel like with any robotic vacuum you still have to make sure your floors are picked up well even from small pieces. I could never run my robotic vacuum while not home. With 4 kids and 3 cats, there’s forever something on the floor.

Final Thoughts On The Bissell Spinwave

I definitely prefer this one over my old robotic vacuum. The fact that it can vacuum and mop give it more value to me. Since it is quieter, it is less annoying to me. I feel like I can still carry on with life. Since it doesn’t get hung up as often as my old robotic vacuum I feel like i can get more done and I’m not babysitting the vacuum cleaner.

Bonus Feature

When you purchase this particular product, a portion of the sale goes to the Bissell Pet Foundation and it’s mission to save homeless pets.

I received this product at no cost from BzzAgent. Any opinion expressed is my own.

The Rituals of Karma Review

Last year I had my first experience with Rituals products when I got to review The Rituals of Advent Calendar. I was delighted to try the products. I feel like I had been missing something in the bath and body world before then.

Rituals products are high quality and beautifully packaged. If you’re wondering, yes I have bought several Rituals products since reviewing that advent calendar last year. I still have a bunch more on my wish list.

This year I got to try the new The Rituals of Karma products.

I received the gorgeous products pictured about to review from Rituals and Tryazon. I received a full size The Rituals of Karma shower gel, The Rituals of Karma body cream, and The Rituals of Karma body scrub.

Let’s start with the body cream. You receive a generous amount of body cream in your beautiful container. A little goes along way. In my opinion, it’s the perfect consistency. It’s not too thin or too thick. It’s felt immediately soothing to my skin and quenched my dry legs.

The Rituals of Karma scent is my favorite scent I’ve tried to date. It is a light, fresh, clean scent using lotus and white tea. Each of the three products I received had the same fragrance the fragrance was consistent between products.

Now let’s talk about the body scrub..

Again beautifully packaged same gorgeous scent. I’m a fan of body scrubs. I find myself using body scrubs more in the winter when my skin get dry and itchy from the dry heat and in the summer to keep that glow. If I had any complaints about this particular product though it would just be that it’s almost too oily for my liking. The scrub itself on my skin is amazing. But it left an oil film in my tub for a couple days.

Now onto the shower gel…

As I’ve mentioned earlier I love Rituals products. If I was placed inside a Rituals store and they told me I could pick 1 item in any scent I choose, I would pick this product. No joke. I love the shower gels already. It’s a shower gel but it foams a little so I love the consistency of it. The Rituals of Karma is my favorite scent so far. I also love the pump on their shower gels.

Fun fact, this is my birthday month so I needed to redeem my Sephora birthday gift. So when I picked my birthday gift I also bought another can of The Rituals of Karma shower gel because I loved it that much and I don’t want to run out.

Which brings me to another point. You can find The Rituals of Karma products at Sephora and There are also gift sets available that would make an awesome gift. Rituals products are more affordable than you might assume too. I’m also eyeing up their fragrances. I might have to treat myself to one of those.

I received these products at no cost from Rituals and Tryazon. Any opinions expressed are my own.

Era Organic Complete – This Has Been A Skin Saver

I’m a healthcare worker in a local hospital. I work part time so I only work 4 hours a day (right now). But in that 4 hours if I’m not using hand sanitizer and washing my hands at least 20 times in my 4 hours there then it’s probably more. My hands are drying out. I’m wearing a mask while at work, believe it or not it’s drying my face out. Normal every day moisturizers just aren’t cutting it. I’m taking hot showers when I get home and that’s drying out my skin.

Era Organic Complete has been such a treat for my body.

Era Organics complete moisturizes, protects, soothes, and quenches dry skin. It uses natural ingredients like manuka honey, aloe vera, hemp seed oil, and MSM among other ingredients.

Right off the bad, opening the container offers a sweet aroma that smells something like honey and coconut. You can see the thick creamy moisturizer but feeling it is when you know it’s gonna work. The cool, thick and creamy consistency allows you to get a lot of moisturizer done with a small amount.

I’ve applied this to my face, hands, and body. It’s instant relief for my dry skin and even my cracked skin on my hands. The moisturizing feeling lasts for hours. The fragrant scent last a while too. I like to put this on after my shower. Then I’ll some times apply more to my face and hands before work.

The description on Era Organics website states it’s for eczema as well. My little ones had eczema as babies and I could totally see how this would work for that. Manuka honey, in and of itself, is set to ease some of the discomfort and eczema.

I was blessed to receive this sample from Era Organics to review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

KiwiCo Box Review: Tinker Crate for Ages 9 – 16+

KiwiCo has been around for a while. I remember subscribing to Kiwicrate when my oldest boys were pretty young. They were great to do on rainy or cold days. It was also a nice option to have when we had unplug time. I am not the mom that comes up with all these creative ideas. I’m the mom that searches Pinterest for ideas with materials I have.

KiwiCo subscription boxes come with the instructions and materials you need for each project. KiwiCo has grown quite a bit and has so much to offer now. When I got it for my older boys it was just craft. Craft boxes are still available but so are: Atlas Crates for Geography and Culture, Eureka Crates for Engineering and Design, Koala Crates for Play and Learn, Tinker Crates for Science and Engineering and more.

I let my youngest son (10 yrs old) handle this review. He chose the Tinker Crate for ages 9 – 16+. He was so excited when it came in, he couldn’t wait to get cracking on it. This particular box gave him the opportunity to build a moving robot!

He started taking everything out of his KiwiCo Tinkercrate methodically. Once he found the directions he started there (I knew he was smart). He sorted through and found each pack of pieces and spread them out on the table. Once he was sure everything was there he begun his project.

He worked so diligently putting his robot together. He carefully punched out pieces, connected wires, realized when he made a mistake and fixed it. It was enjoyable watching him work.

What I liked about it is it seemed to take just the right amount of time. It was challenging enough that he had to figure out how the parts went. But it was not above his level that he was getting frustrated. I waited for him to ask me for help but he didn’t. There was one part where he wasn’t sure about something. Instead of telling him how to fix it I asked him a question “Do you think you have that facing the right direction?” It was then that he realized he didn’t and was able to correct it.

I know I talked a lot about my thoughts here so I want to share some of my son’s thoughts. He told me he really liked the Tinker Crate and said “I wouldn’t mind subscribing to that”. I asked him “So you must have liked it then huh?” He said “yep!” He was so proud of his creation that he made by himself.

There are KiwiCo crates available for all ages and interests. There’s a box for 0 – 24 months called Panda Crate all about Explore and Discover. They go all the way up to Eureka Crate for Engineering and Design and Maker Crate for Art & Design for ages 14 – 104 so yea mom and dad, you could even get one. I love the variety and the quality of the projects. Choosing an age appropriate crate is the key. Some age levels have multiple interests to choose from.

Order your KiwiCo Crate HERE

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