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Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Curious George Exhibit and Upcoming Review.

My family and I are not going on a “vacation” this year. We’re saving money to get a practical family car next month. I really wanted to do something fun and different as a family though. What would be exciting and not cost an arm and a leg? I started thinking of Pittsburgh, PA. So much to offer but we don’t take advantage of the opportunities as much as I’d like to. My main thought was “Well, we haven’t been to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh yet”.  Since I’ve never been there I went to the website to see what they have to offer my family.

The options and activities that the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh   offer are almost overwhelming.  I had no idea it would be so exciting.  The exhibits sound like so much fun.  I’m going to try to contain myself here and not let my inner child get out of hand…BUT…

1. They have a Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood exhibit.  You can swing on his porch swing, you can try on a sweater and sneakers when you go in just like Mr. Roger’s did, climb aboard the neighborhood trolley, visit the castle and put on a puppet show, and lots, lots more. See for yourself here: More info on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Exhibit 

2.  The Nursery—This exhibit is for the babies and toddlers in your family.  Like “baby play”  for non-mobile infants and children like tummy time activites, and creeping and crawling activities.  Then there’s the “Art bridge and Texture path” for sensory development (the Occupational Therapy Assistant in me says “yay Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh!) and more activies in The Nursery: The Nursery Exhibit

More exhibits like the Garage and Workshop, Waterplay, and more:  Even more exhibits

Then there’s the current Temporary Exhibit:  Curious George: Let’s Get Curious that includes things like:
1.  Apartment Building:  where you can use pulleys to move Curious George throughout the apartment building
2. Construction Site: where you…I mean your kids… can design a building in the construction trailer then get to work building it
3.  Sidewalk Produce Sale: where kids can be the customer or salesperson and weigh, sort and count produce.

There are even more activities including Meet Curious George LIVE every Wed. at 11:30 am and every Sat. at 2 pm until October 2, 2010.

To see more activities and for even more information on the Curious George: Let’s Get Curious exhibit visit this site: you can sign up for emails here to get special offers, tips, and discounts.

  Text “GEORGE” to 77007 to receive special offers and discounts via text message


While the exhibits sound like a full day of fun already, there’s even more at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh also offers classes for kids like: Tot Time for children ages 18 mo to 3 yrs with hands on activities, songs, and more using Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. There’s also Woodworking Classes, Prototype day and more in this category as well.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh also offers workshops and camp ins, Birthday parties, Games, and more.

I contacted the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  My family and I will be visiting Aug. 14 with a pass they are providing to see the museum for ourselves and provide a review for you…my readers!  So be on the look out for my review in August

eos-evolution of smooth Review and Giveaway–CLOSED

About 2 years ago, I was fortunate enough to come across a sample of eos smooth spheres lip balm. Since then eos lip balm has been my choice when buying lip balm.  It goes on smooth, last a long time, and has been the only lip balm that actually seems to help my constantly dry lips.  The cute sphere shaped packaging is also smooth.  eos balms are 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Each  eos lip balm contains shea butter and vitamin E and smooths on clear.  eos smooth spheres lip balm comes in Sweet Mint, Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and new Lemon Drop with spf 15.

About eos lip balms and available flavors

eos is evolution of smooth.  I recently saw that eos was now offering shave creams.  I thought, “if their shaving creams work even half as well as their lip balms, I’ll be buying a new shave cream.:

eos was kind enough to send me a full size bottle of their shave cream to try and review on my blog.  It’s really neat how they keep true to the “evolution of smooth” Even their packaging is smooth.  This includes the eos shave cream bottles.  I chose to review the Lavender Jasmine scented shave cream.  After noticing the smoothness of the bottle the second thing I noticed was the pump.  It is made something like a hand soap pump.

I was also excited to see that you can use this cream wet or dry!  Ladies you now how great that can be when you need to shave in a hurry.  I pumped a little onto my leg.  The shaving cream was so smooth.  It reminded me of the consistency of a whipped body butter.  My razor slid over my legs with ease.  The light scent of the Lavender Jasmine was so relaxing and pretty.

I tried eos shaving cream both wet and dry.  It worked well both ways.  My legs felt quenched after shaving.  Almost like I had applied lotion.  That may be because it contains aloe and shea butter as well.  It also worked well for other areas like under arms, etc.

eos shave creams are available in Pomegranate Raspberry, Lavendar Jasmine, Island Blue, Cucumber Melon, Vanilla Bliss, and Sensitive (fragrance free). All contain vitamins E and C.

The shave cream bottles are recyclable.  Read more about eos shave creams here: More about eos shave cream

You can purchase eos products at many retailers or you can purchase online:

Eos Organic Lip Balm Multi-Pack - 4 Flavors


eos also sent a bottle of eos shave cream and the NEW Lemon Drop lip balm with spf 15 to giveaway to one of my reader!

One my readers will receive a 7 fl oz (full size) bottle of eos Vanilla Bliss Shave Cream and a sphere of the NEW Lemon Drop lip balm with spf 15

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Must be completed before any other entries count.
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*Please be sure I have a way to contact you.  Giveaway ends July 2 at 10pm. US/CAN only  Winner will be chosen using *

***I received eos products for free to review and some to giveaway on my blog.  I was not paid to complete this post.  I was not under any obligation to give a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.***

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Review of Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Gold Label

I received a generous sample of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.  I had heard of it and wondered what it was really like to cook with.  I wanted to try it because it was organic (according to the jar all aspects of the production of Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil is certified organic including the packaging), I wondered if it left a little coconut flavor in your food, and small family businesses produce the coconut oil.

Tropical Traditions is full of interesting and informative information on benefits and processes of their company.   For instance, here is a quote from the website: ” Laboratory tests show that this Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is a very high quality coconut oil, with very high antioxidant levels.”

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil is FREE OF trans fats. Trans fats also called unsaturated fats pose health risks such as coronary artery disease (CAD) and raise “bad” cholesterol levels (LDL’s)
The fact that Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil is Free of trans fats makes it a healthier cooking oil choice.

When I got my jar of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil I couldn’t wait to open it.  I was interested to see a solidified oil with a some what pulpy looking texture.

My concern, and this is me, I love the flavor of coconut but not the texture.  I was a little concerned at first but my concern quickly went away as I saw the coconut oil melt like butter in the frying pan.

So excited to try the oil.  My initial trial was simply, scrambled eggs for the kids.  The oil worked just as well as any oil I’ve used.  One note however was the pleasant, faint coconut aroma as the oil heated. The scrambled eggs had only a kiss of coconut flavor.  My kids didn’t seem to notice but I did.  I asked my husband if he tasted anything different.  He said “there’s something but I can’t put my finger on it”

Happy with my initial trial I started thinking what I wanted to use the Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil for next. I thought the coconut hint would be lovely in a chicken stir fry.  I fried up my chicken and added my veggies and such to the pan:

There are many recipes for Tropical Traditions product on their website.  And I mean many.  Here is a direct link to the recipes:

My simple chicken stir fry was delicious.  I added pineapple also to my stir fry and it was a nice contrast with the hint of coconut oil flavor:

Tropical Traditions doesn’t just have coconut oil though.  There are many interesting products like: Organic Coconut Peanut Butter (which sounds heavenly to me), Coconut Oil Bar Soap, All-Purpose non-toxic household cleaner, organic raw pet food and many more products.

If you would like to order the Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil that I received you can find it here:
To Order Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil

If you do order I would appreciate it if you would use my user id when you purchase.  When you go to purchase a product it will as if you were referred by anyone.  My user is:  6162177
You can also use the referral program after you make your first purchase to earn free products. 

What would you use the coconut oil for?

****Disclaimer****  I received  a sample of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut oil at no cost.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  I was under no obligation to provide a positive review.  All information in this post is my opinion. *****

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