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100% Recyclable Shoes – Casual Comfort with Zebra Oasis

Shoes are great. Most of us have at least a couple pair. But did you know most shoes can’t be recycled? Most of our worn out shoes end up being burned in landfills because the materials can’t be easily separated for proper recycling. So they either hang out in landfills or are burned which aren’t ideal for the environment either.

So what can we do? Most of us needs shoes right?

Zebra Oasis

Zebra Oasis seems to have it figured out. Every step considered to make their shoes better for the environment. Here are some ways Zebra Oasis is keeping the environmental impact in the forefront of their shoes:

  • 100% Truly recyclable with their patented “R-ring” design to easily separate materials when it’s time to retire your shoes
  • Recycled CO-2 injected soles – TPU foam makes their foam fully recyclable without using extra chemicals typically used in the foaming process
  • Hemp upper part – the upper part of the shoes is made from hemp. Making these shoes: breathable, comfortable, sustainable, and comforable
  • NO DYES! – Zebra Oasis is committed to using natural materials. No dyes are used. Which also means when you wash your shoes they maintain their color

You can watch how the R-ring works to recycle your shoes here:

But Are They Going To Wear?

Zebra Oasis shoes perform well in temps ranging from -10 to 60 degrees Celsius. The shoes are very flexible . Zebra Oasis shoes also come with a 1 year warranty. Comfortable enough to wear all day but durable enough to keep up with you.

My Thoughts After A Month of Wear

When I read about them before I received them I was wondering about the whole “R-ring” thing. Would I feel it in the soul of the shoe? If I do too much walking, dancing around, etc in my shoes could I accidently start pulling it? The answer to those questions is NO. I wore these while out running errands, to the grocery store, to the warehouse store while hubby and I were dishwasher shopping, and more. I didn’t even think about the R-Ring. It’s more of a strong thread so you can’t feel it at all.

These shoes are so comfortable. Honestly, these might be one of the most comfortable shoes I have for casual wear. And I’m a tennis shoe girl. The casual design make them great to wear with just about anything: jeans, shorts, capris, skorts, whatever. The soft hemp uppers made these shoes instantly wearable. There’s no break-in period or “getting used to them”. You can take them right out of the box and head out the door.

I have a feeling these will be my daily pair for the spring and summer. The light, breathability of the shoe will be nice. Though I was wearing them February and March in Pennsylvania too so…

I love that these shoes are machine washable. I rarely can keep white shoes white. (They actually refer to this color as beige but I can’t keep beige shoes beige either) It will be so much easier for me to just be able to throw them in the washer when they start looking dingy.

A Little More About Zebra Oasis

Zebra Oasis is a premium lifestyle brand dedicated to sustainability. I think they hit the mark with these shoes. They have a goal to provide high quality foot wear with low environmental impact. I love that!

These shoes will be available in whole sizes. I typically wear a US 7.5 so to be safe I requested a US 8 to review. After wearing them for a few days I probably could have gone either way. There was definitely some wiggle room in the 8s for me but I typically like to wear socks of some type with my tennis shoes that that was good for me.

These shoes are expected to be available to purchase in April. I think it’s no coincidence that April happens to be Earth Month. So when you’re considering making your earth friendly changes, think about your shoes and consider these super comfortable Zebra Oasis shoes.

These shoe will also be available in gray.

You can find and purchase Zebra Oasis shoes on Outdoor Masters website.

I received a product sample in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed are my own. No other compensation was received.

I Bought it, I Tried it: Gelo Hand Soap

This year, I bought a few different products that I kept seeing ads for. I’ll be honest, most of them I was pleasantly surprised with. All of these products I bought with my own money (they are not comped products). I figured if I kept seeing the ad on Facebook and Instagram then maybe other people have been curious too.

The first product I wanted to feature, was one of the first products I bought this year via a facebook ad. I kept seeing the ad, I liked the idea, when I saw the price I thought, what the heck I’ll give it a try. It also came at a time where we had just gotten through having a hard time finding hand soap during the pandemic. Not knowing if it would happen again and always needing a supply of hand soap on hand, I thought this might be a good way to stock up.

Gelo is hand soap with a unique approach. Biodegradable pods you can use to refill your hand soap bottles (or one of theirs) using just water. The scent choices were choices I liked. I also released I was spending anywhere between $1-$3 on bottles of soap at the store and throwing them away when they were done. Yo! I keep hand soap in the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, upstairs bathroom, and the laundry room!

Gelo products reduce the amount of waste of regular disposable hand soaps. If you have a reusable soap pump at home, you can even use the one year already have.

I did an instagram reel so you can get an idea of how it works:

The Gelo refill pods are made with plant based materials: shea, oat, and essential oils. Their pods are completely made up of biodegradable materials including the pod film. There are no sulfates, parabens, or fillers. When you order the refill bag it has enough for 4 refills. So I can literally refill all the soap dispensers I used in my house with one bag. Instead of throwing out 4 soap dispensers I’m only throwing out one bag.

They offer foaming hand soap or gel hand soap options for your preference or for the type of soap dispenser you already have at home. So one of my fave parts? It’s super affordable. I ordered two starter kits for our bathrooms a couple months ago and I’m just now getting to where I needed to order refills. So I ordered a starter kit for our kitchen and 2 more refill bags. $21 shipped and I have enough to refill 12 times. Even with shipping that breaks down to only $1.75/bottle!

Now I’m not an affiliate, ambassador, or anything else with them but I do have a referral link (that anyone can get when you order). It will save you $2 off your first order and give me 10% off my next order. Just go through my Gelo referral link here.

If you like this post let me know if you’d like to see more of them in the comments.

Earth Day Feature: NOVICA

I’ve been a fan of NOVICA for a long time. They find true artisans, skilled in their crafts to hand make products and purchase them at fair trade. If you use my search bar on the upper right side of my page and search the term NOVICA you’ll find other posts. There’s a reason I keep agreeing to work with NOVICA and have made several purchase from them on my own.

NOVICA seeks out artists from around the world. They are skilled artisans often using natural materials. There are artists from all over the world such as Mexico, Thailand, India, Argentina, West Africa, etc. Finding jewelry makers, glass blowers, wood carvers, and more.

Each piece is unique. I’m absolutely in love with the NOVICA glassware that Javier and Efron create in Mexico. Each and every piece is just a little different, even if you buy a set. You can see the tiny bubble marks that are almost a hallmark of hand blown glass.

These glasses are a thick smooth glass. I has a beautiful turquoise color. When you pick it up you can feel that it has just a little more weight than a juice glass you’d buy in a store.

I have 2 other sets of glasses from NOVICA. When people come to visit and we use them I usually get compliments on them.

Another thing I like about NOVICA is that the artisans hand craft these items, NOVICA does not mass produce products in factories so it cuts down on the environmental impact.

I encourage you to check out and see all the beautiful and unique handmade pieces there are. Jewelry, baskets, decor, clean beauty, and more.

I’d love to know one piece that catches your eye on

I did received these glasses to review at no cost from Novica in order to complete this post. Any opinions expressed are my own.

2021 April Showers Giveaway

Did you know April is Earth Month? It’s true. Earth day is Thursday April 22 this year. There are so many things we can do to do better for our planet.

Some simple things to try:

  • picking up litter when we see it
  • choosing reusable over one-time use when possible
  • choosing more eco-friendly options as a for instance, sometimes it’s a lot less work or more feasible to use disposable utensils but there are tons of options for biodegradable options such as bamboo, avocado pit, and even cornstarch.
  • Getting plastic bowls for the kids is understandable but after time they get worn out or grow out of them. One option I love is Coconut Bowls. Save some money with my coupon code: 7E85E4E1
  • Shop from companies that use sustainable practices, offer eco-friendly packaging, or are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Need some ideas?

Coconut Bowls – Use coupon code: ANGELA-COCO-953 to save money

Girlfriend Collective – an eco-friendly and sustainable activewear brand offering things like legging made from recycled fishing nets, 100% recycled and recyclable shipping, tees made from cupro which is waste that the cotton industry leaves behind, and more. They’re also a body positive company features models of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

Simply Earth – essential oil recipe box teaching you to make your own toxin free cleaning products, beauty products, and more. They’re oils are sourced from small ethical farms. 13% of their profits also goes to charities in the fight to end human trafficking. Use code: ANGELABEECHANFREE to get a free big box when you do the recipe box subscription.

That’s just a few ideas. I’d love to know some of your simple acts to be more earth friendly.

I’m also excited to be a Coconut Bowls ambassador. Check out my instagram from April 13 – April 22 I’ll be sharing earth friendly tips, letting you know about giveaways from Coconut Bowls, and hosting my own giveaway for your chance to win some earth friendly stuff!

coconut bowl and spoon is biodegradable and earth friendly

In the meantime, I’d love to give one person either $20 Amazon gift card to replace one thing with an eco-friendly suggestion or $20 paypal to shop locally.


April Giveaway Hop

Check out these other participating blogs for a chance to win more prizes:

This post does contain affiliate links. I will earn a small commission from sales made through my links.

Sustainable, Ethically Made, and Inclusive Activewear Brand

If you follow my instagram page, you’ll see that I’ve been trying to change to a healthier lifestyle. I made a decision last September that I was tired of starting to put on weight every year and buying bigger clothes. I was tired of feeling tired all the time. My confidence was low and I had some self loathing. When I started working out my main goal was to lose weight. I joined a gym started finding sources that worked for me to help educate myself about nutrition. I’m still learning and still trying. What I found though was my purpose is no longer just about losing weight. In fact, that purpose has become secondary. It’s helped me so much with my energy levels, my anxiety and depression, and my confidence.

What I noticed is when I started posting about my fitness and health and wellness journey I start getting pitches from activewear brands I never heard of to be an affiliate with them. I check them out but everyone of them were the same. In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw the same pieces and designs on about 6 different websites. And when you’re looking at these site and following fitness influencers it seems almost every one is lean and muscular, C cups or bigger, wearing skimpy clothing, and well..that’s just not me and every model in the ads looks the same.

Then I was pitched Girlfriend Collective. Honestly I wasn’t going to check it out. I was so tired of affiliate pitches for “ambassadors” that were really affiliate programs. But as soon as I hit the Girlfriend Collectives page I knew it was different.

First of all when you hit the page you find out that they are a sustainable and ethically made activewear company. If you check out the Girlfriend Collective about page they break it down what each piece and line of clothing is made from. Everything from recycled fishnets, to plastic bottles, cotton industry waste, and more.

To take it a step further, Girlfriend Collective’s packing is also 100% recycled and recyclable. They are made in a facility that is SA8000 certified, guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and no forced or child labor.

Ok now let’s talk about when you actually start browsing the site. You see REAL women. Women of different size, different body types, different colors, with birthmarks, stretch marks, not air-brushed, not photoshopped. They have activewear from sizes XXS to 6XL which you just don’t see in the activewear industry very often. They even have a maternity line! It’s beautiful, it’s real, and it’s what we need to see more of in the women’s clothing industry.

photo credit: Girlfriend Collective website

I could go on and on about this company but the about page on their site has a wealth of information. All about their practices, their facilities, why they use the methods they use, etc. It’s refreshing, it’s transparent, and it’s responsible.

Girlfriend Collective prices fall right in line with other popular companies but still less than some of the more luxe brands out there. When you think about the effort and benefits overall of this company it’s an easy choice. You can feel good knowing that you’re supporting a company that is trying to do better for customers and for the environment.

Photo credit: Girlfriend Collective website

Shop Girlfriend Collective HERE

They also have a rewards program to help you save more. Sign up for their emails for a $10 off $95 purchase coupon for your first purchase. Sign up for the Girlfriend Collective rewards to start saving on future purchases and even earn free leggings!

This post does contain affiliate links. I will get a commission from sales made through my links.