Welcome Your Guests with Welcome-A-Cure Doormats This Holiday Season

I received the below mentioned product at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

It’s mid-November.  That means a few things in my little spot in Pennsylvania.

  1. Thanksgiving is next week!  eek! So much to do!
  2. I’ve already got a good chunk of Christmas shopping done (I start in September)
  3. The weather is getting colder which means the family and guests will soon be tracking in snow, mud, salt, and gravel.

I keep welcome mats by each entry door of the house.  I don’t want anyone sliding on the tile or linoleum floors as they come in the house with wet boots. I also want to minimize the amount of muck that comes in the house.  I realized that my welcome mats had seen their better days.  A nice welcoming entrance always helps to invite guests in for the holidays.

Carpet One has a way to make your entrance more inviting AND give back for the holidays with their Welcome-A-Cure mats.


Carpet One offers a variety of designs in the Welcome-A-Cure collection. 25% of the purchase price of each Welcome-a-Cure mat will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  So far this campaign has raised nearly 1 million dollars for a variety of Breast Cancer charities.

Everyone knows October is breast cancer awareness month, but many know that breast cancer awareness is all year.  There are those fighting, there are survivors, there are those doing the right thing by scheduling their mammograms.

We all know someone who has been touch by breast cancer in some way.  My mother and maternal grandmother both had breast cancer.  I had my first mammogram at 38 because of it.

Not only do these Welcome-a-Cure mats from Carpet One give back but they look great too.  These plush and rugged doormats are as welcoming as they are durable.

We’ve been using ours at the front entrance. I love how well it stays in place. The old mat I had just wanted to slide everywhere on the tile. I also love the quality plush look of the mat.  I chose the evergreen trees design because I thought it was so Pennsylvania and maybe a little bit Christmas lol.

Check out all the Welcome-A-Cure mat designs on Carpet One’s website and find out where you can get your own.


1 US Luv Saving Money reader will win

their choice of 1 Welcome-A-Cure mats from a giveaway selection


Carpet One Welcome-A-Cure Mat

Ritter Sport Chocolate Party for Veterans Day

I received a free party kit from Ritter Sport Chocolate through Tryazon.

We had the opportunity to do a Ritter Sport chocolate party as part of our Veteran’s Day activities through Tryazon.  My husband is a US army veteran having served during the Iraq War and Kosovo. I have other family members that are currently party of the military too including my brother who currently serves with the US Navy.

One of the things that appealed to me with the Ritter Sport chocolate party was recalling a story my husband once told me about his time in the military which I’ll share in a minute.

We received lots of Ritter Sport chocolates to complete activities like chocolate tastings, chocolate builds, and plenty to send home with my guests as party favors.

Id didn’t realize there were so many different flavors of Ritter Sport chocolate.  We didn’t even get all of them, there are still more flavors we need to try!

It was supposed to be a blind taste test but since we had a guest with food allergies we decided to just let everyone sample whatever they wanted.

We got a generous amount of Ritter Sport chocolate minis.  I told me guests to make creations with the chocolate bar. To keep with the Veteran’s day theme I asked them to create something either patriotic, military related, or that reminded them of the US.  I saw my niece stacking chocolates into two towers. I thought she was just trying to see how high she could make them but she was actually trying to make the twin towers.


After the build I had my husband share with them his story from the military.  He said he was stationed in Germany at the time. He and one of his army buddies each had a back of chocolate pieces in their pocket.  There were some German kids that would wave to them or try to talk to them. Him and his buddy decided to share the chocolate pieces with the kids. He said the kids swarmed them and were so happy to get even a couple little chocolate pieces.  Sometimes we take for granted the luxuries we have in our country.  I think it all helped us enjoy the Ritter Sport chocolate that much more.

After that we went back to sampling more chocolates.


You can join Tryazon too and apply for chances to host fun parties!


Kalamata’s Kitchen Event at Lorelei’s Restaurant in Pittsburgh

Kalamata’s Kitchen is a fun children’s book that encourages children to explore foods. With my youngest 2 children they can sometimes get pretty picky when it comes to food.  We’ve always had a rule in our house though, you’re not allowed to say you don’t like unless you’ve at least tasted it.

The Kalamata’s Kitchen book event and tasting we attended was at Lorelei restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA.  Located at 124 S Highland Ave in Pittsburgh a cocktail bar and beer hall with food inspired from Germany.  The restaurant itself was very airy with lots of natural light and plants.  Located in East Liberty it’s not far from lots of shopping areas, Children’s hospital, and many health clubs.

We ended up being a tad bit late but I was so excited we still had plenty of time to participate in everything.  When we arrived the kids got a VIP pass, a Kalamata’s Kitchen food passport, and an official Taste Bud card.  If the kids at least tried each of the foods they were able to get a stamp on their food passport.

They had interesting and tasty options such as carrot pierogies (which was actually one of my faves), salted caramel mousse, rose-water malaibi with candied kataifi, Frico, and more. Other participating Pittsburgh restaurants included Bar Marco, Casbah, Pie for Breakfast, Cafe Carnegie, and of course, Lorelei.

We also had an opportunity to meet and hear from the team that created Kalamata’s Kitchen including author Sarah Thomas.  Sarah had a book reading with those that participated in the event.  She was so kind and took the time to sign books for those that asked.

We really have some wonderful places in Pittsburgh. I’m so happy that we were invited to the Kalamata’s Kitchen event.  As I sampled with my kids I realized what a wonderful place Lorelei would be for a date or to just slow down in Pittsburgh for a little bit.  I’d love to just sit at the window like my kids did while nibbling on chef’s delightful creations, maybe a glass of wine and just people watch.  I could spend a couple hours there.

My kids have walked away from a new experience.  They got to send their tastebuds on an adventure.  I think they learned a little bit about the work that goes into a book. They did a great job at setting up to really pull kids into the book with the characters and Kalamata’s Kitchen set up.


My kids also came home with Kalamata’s Kitchen book and an apron which my kids just love.  My daughter is now talking about wanting to have a restaurant one day lol.


For more info on Kalatmata’s Kitchen an events:

Website: https://www.kalamataskitchen.com

Facebook: facebook.com/kalamataskitchen

Instagram: instagram.com/kalamataskitchen

Just Add Color Mega Pak Review

I received this kit at no cost in order to complete this post via the US Family Guide. Any opinions expressed are my own.


Just Add Color Mega Pak is something truly unique to add to your next outdoor get-together.  We received a Just Ad Color pack to review that included:

Just Add Color Mega Pack Includes: Total Value: $180
a.) Ryan’s Ultimate Color Party Guide
b.) 5 Lbs Of Purple
c.) 5 Lbs Of Pink
d.) 5 Lbs Of Blue
e.) 3 Powder Paintbrushes
f.) 6 Color Bonkers
g.) Bonus 2 Two Free Color Blasters


Some people might think of the color runs when they see this. That powdery color they throw during the races.  Some people might see this and think it would be fun to have a big color battle.  And it totally is, but Ryan’s Ultimate Color Party Guide comes with lots of fun ideas to do.

One of the fave activities of the little ones was making unicorn poop.

The older kids and adults just seemed to want to get  messy.  But who can blame them, this stuff is fun.  The unicorn poop the kids made ended up becoming snowballs of sorts.

We played capture the flag with the 2 color blaster we received in the kit. We had a yellow and a pink color blaster. Teams each took turns hiding their perspective “flag”. We kind of made up our own rules but when someone found the opposing teams “flag” they had to announce it and spray it.  You’ll see this in the very beginning of the the video below.

We saved the color battle for last because I knew it would be the messiest. Everyone looked forward to this part.  Several times throughout the party different guests commented on the fact that they thought it was more fun than what we were expecting.

It’s not too late to get your own Color Party Kit. I told my kids I bet this would be really cool to do when it snows! We could add new activities like snow man decorating and snow art.

Just Add Color to your next Party! Your Next Outdoor Party Will Be 10x More Fun With Color! The Just Add Color Mega Pak includes everything you need to add colorful powder games, color dances, color crafts, color photos and color experiences to your next party.

Every party is more fun with color…birthday parties, half-birthday parties, church parties, team banquets, surprise parties, graduation parties, gender reveal parties to name a few.

Simply put, The Just Add Color Mega Pak gives you color, tools and a how-to guide to make your next party 10 Times More Fun.

Get One-Time-Only Discount, Two Color Blasters (For FREE), Money Back Guarantee and Shipping (For FREE) When You Purchase Your Just Add Color Mega Pak Right Now!
Was $150 Just $75!

For More Information and to Get the Party Started: https://www.justaddcolor.com/order

Hen in a Hurry for the Busy Mom with Busy Kids – Coupon Too!

I received the below mentioned products at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own. 

You’ve probably seen the meme floating around social media that says something like “Everyone has practice so we can either have dinner at 4:30 or 9:00”  That is my life, especially in the fall.  My two oldest boys play high school football.  Anyone that has a kid play high school football knows that football is a year round sport.  When they’re not practicing or playing a game they’re lifting, conditioning, heat acclimatization, camp, etc etc. Then my oldest will also be starting archery team and rifle team.  He had his mandatory meetings for rifle team already. The poor kid literally went to school, went to football practice then went straight from football practice to the rifle team meetings.

My middle son plays football.  My youngest son plays soccer in the spring.  Normally he does winter soccer also but this year he decided to do something called the ninja kids program (think ninja warrior for kids) and my daughter just started gymnastics a few weeks ago.  I work mornings and blog whenever I have time. My husband works night shift.  I try to have a decent meal ready for afterschool but before practices but it doesn’t always work out.

We always seem to be busiest in the fall.  I usually have to recruit my ex or my dad to help with all the running. Seems like there’s certain days of the week where two or three kids have to be 2 or 3 different places all around the same time.  With work, school, bus schedules, practice schedules, game schedules, and other events sometime it’s hard to squeeze a good home-cooked meal in.

I had the opportunity to try Hen in a Hurry.  Made-from-scratch meals using ethically sources, organic, and locally grown ingredients.  You have plenty of choices for both meals and plan options.  Then ship the meals right to your door.

So the one night we were particularly busy and I figured it would be a good time to try out one of the Hen in a Hurry meals.  I pulled it out and thought, dang it I probably need to thaw it first.  Well I was wrong. I was able to throw it in the microwave FROZEN and still have a decent dinner on the table in 15 min.

This was the slow cooked beef burgundy with roasted asparagus.  EVERYONE said how good the beef burgundy was.  Seriously it was very tender  and flavorful.  I’m usually not a big asparagus person but my husband loves asparagus.  The kids tried it for the first time too.

That’s another nice thing about this. We get to try things I might not normally try to make like Zucchini stuffed chicken for instance.  You can choose bulk meals with Hen in a Hurry for families. You can choose 4 serving or 8 serving bulk meals. They even have a way to create your own plan.

No Waste. No Prep. No Preservatives. Just heat and enjoy!

Hen in a Hurry was hatched in the small kitchen of the popular Greensboro, North Carolina eatery, Iron Hen Cafe. Spurred by a flock of requests from loyal patrons this idea came to fruition, delivering sustainable, ethically-sourced, prepared meals to you – at work or home.

We favor organic and locally grown, but make exceptions in order to highlight other farmers and producers, who use time-honored methods and deliver very good products.

Our Mission is to connect the food we serve…to the farm it came from…to the people we love.

We pride ourselves in being responsible both, locally and globally, and proudly bring these offerings to you from our 10,000 square foot commissary kitchen located in Downtown Greensboro’s Morehead Foundry.

All subscriptions are no commitment – pause or cancel at any time.

Details, call us at (888) 963-9856 or email us at info@heninahurry.com
Chef Prepared Meal Subscription up to 45% OFF – Hen in a Hurry does Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Home or Office

What You’ll Get:
Select from One of our Offers:

* (30) Individual Meals – Subscription for a month – Regular Price: $315.00 – Deal: 45% off ($141.75 off) 1st months subscription **Code: 45offFamilyGuide

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How to Redeem:
Visit www.heninahurry.com and pick one of the advertised subscriptions. During checkout set up your account and then enter in the promo code associated with the deal you choose.

Hen in a Hurry


So if you’re a busy momma like me I’m sure you’ll also appreciate the easy to prepare and serve, Chef prepared meal subscriptions made with clean, sustainably sourced, responsibly raised ingredients from our trusted farmers and purveyors.

With the holidays coming up you’ll need more time for wrapping, shopping, holiday events, etc.  Help yourself out and plan ahead.  You won’t have to  make that last minute fast food run!