Wireless Bluetooth Headphones That Are Waterproof and Less than $30 Yes!

I received the below mentioned product at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

Best wireless headphones under $30

I was using a pair of ear buds with a cord that physically plugged into my iPhone to do my workouts.  It wasn’t terrible but the cord got to be annoying when running/walking on my treadmill.  They were cheap and didn’t last long.  One of the earbuds stopped working so I had music only in one ear.  I decided to try to find a pair of wireless headphones that were sweatproof/waterproof, had good reviews, and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  It seemed the ones with glowing reviews were all $150+ Sure I could get some cheaper but they either didn’t have the best reviews or I had to give up something and usually that was the wireless idea.

When Tenergy asked me to review their T20 Bluetooth headphones I looked at them on Amazon.  Wireless, sweatproof/waterproof, up to 8 hour battery life, noise canceling, and 2 year warranty if you register them.  Then I saw the price was only $29.95.   But what really peaked my interest is the number of 5 and 4 star reviews.  In fact, at the time of this post, there are no reviews less than 3 stars which is pretty good for an electronic product on Amazon without a big name.

So I get them in the mail. My kids are always curious about the boxes that come through.  As soon as I told my 15 yr old son what they were he wanted to test them out.  Opening the box, this company does not skimp on anything.  The Tenergy T20 bluetooth headphones come with a storage case, extra ear buds, usb charging cord, and a bonus arm band to keep your phone/ipod in.

Out of the box the headphones needed to be charged. This only took about an hour.  My son was able to use them within a minute of being charged.  He was home all week last week due to having surgery and used these a lot to play his games on his phone and listen to music.

If my 15 year old likes them then I had to try them out.  Teenagers can be picky!  So I tried linking them to my phone which took all of a couple seconds and I was good to go.  Listening to Spotify with my headphones on while doing some blog work.  The sound was good.  Affordable wireless headphones with good sound, who knew?

My only complaint about these headphones is that the soft flexible ear hooks that go over the ear aren’t bendable.  The fit my son well but I have tiny ears.  I kind of wish I could bend them to hug my ears a little better.  Other than that I think these are a great buy.  Throw in the 2 year warranty when you register them and it’s really one of the best deals I’ve seen for wireless bluetooth headphones of this quality.


I Tried Lipsense Here’s What I Think

I received a sample of the below mentioned products at no cost in order to complete a review. Any opinions expressed are my own. 

You may have seen facebook friends sharing posts about Lipsense.  You might have a friend or family member that sells Lipsense.  I ignored the info for a while.  Lipstick is lipstick right?  Then a friend of mine who had been going on and on about it had a party and I joined in. I  happened to have some spending money so I bought myself a starter kit.  That’s when I changed my mind.  Not all lipsticks are created equal.

The first color I ever tried was called Brick a medium red that I used strictly for date nights.  I got the clear Glossy gloss and the remover.  Yes it took a little longer to apply the lipstick than regular lipstick because you apply in layers and let it dry.  But it lasts so much longer.  Lipsense doesn’t dry out your lips but rather can help restore lip moisture when used properly.

After I had my starter set I started trying more colors.  The most recent Lipsense color I got from Red Gate Beauty, is called Bella  It’s a beautiful everyday color.  Something I feel comfortable wearing to work.  The below picture is Bella without the Opal gloss on it yet.

Lipsense color Bella

Wearing Lipsense color Bella without gloss on yet

I decided to try a new gloss too. I chose Opal and oh do I love it!  I find myself using it with my other Lipsense lip colors a lot because it really adds a pretty iridescent look to my lips.  It definitely helped moisturize and give a plumped look to my lips too.

Lipsense Opal Gloss

Lipsense Bella with Opal Gloss


Red Gate Beauty has 40 colors available and 11 different glosses. Some colors, like Bella, are in high demand and often Lipsense distributers have a hard time keeping it in stock.  Red Gate Beauty also offers free shipping!

If you’re just starting out with Lipsense I highly recommend getting the starter kit.  You get a color, a gloss, and a remover.  You really need the gloss to lock in and protect the lips.  Once you have that starter kit you can go crazy buying more colors if you like.


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Grow Your Own Avocado Tree at Home with AvoSeedo! Coupon Available!

I will be receiving a product sample in exchange for this post. No other compensation has been received.

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AvoSeedo from Daniel Kalliontzis on Vimeo.

Need a Halloween Costume? Oriental Trading has a Nice Selection!

I received the below mentioned products at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

We have been getting out costumes from Oriental Trading for a few years now.  The selection is nice, the price is right, the customers service is friendly, and they have costumes for everyone in the family.

My youngest son thought he knew what he wanted to be for Halloween until he saw all the choices Oriental Trading had in our budget.  It took a while for him to decided but he finally decided on the boys S.W.A.T costume.

This boys’ costume came with the vest and fingerless gloves. All we have to add is black pants and a black shirt!

My daughter knew she wanted to be the pink power ranger.  They had a cute deluxe pink power ranger costume that she knew she wanted immediately.  They were both so happy with their costumes from Oriental Trading.  They had so many choices for girls’ costumes too!

The kids love their costumes. They even got into character and struck some poses for me!  Making these great costumes to keep around for dress up play.

Beat the Halloween rush and get your costumes now!  You know how it goes, closer to Halloween costumes sell out and you have to wait for shipping.  Don’t get stuck!