HourGlass Angel Review & Coupon Link

I received a review sample at no cost in order to complete this review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

I’m a Dealspotr Influencer and I’ve founds some awesome coupons on Dealspotr including one for HourGlass Angel which I’m going to talk to you about.

Corsets and waist trainers seem to be making a big comeback.  You’re seeing celebs like Kim Kardashian and and Snooki trying it out.  You see corsets as a fashion statement or accessory from people like Nikki Minaj and Christina Aguilera.  And man, there are some stylish corsets out there.

I honestly only wanted a simple one. I wanted something that was comfortable that I could wear under a dress or shirt to help hide my belly for special occasions.   Hourglass Angel has all types of corsets and waist trainers from simple to highly fashionable.

The below pictures is me in a more form fitting shirt I own. Unfortunately you can see some of my lumps and bumps and not the ones I’d like to show off.


I put on my corset which at first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get on.  It had a lot of hooks like bra hooks but mine had some stretch to it and once I got a few done, the rest were easy.

You can see in this pictures my belly looks more taught. The “love handles” aren’t as obvious”  I tried it on over top of shirts so you can see how this particular corset looks.

As you can see mine is plain and is not meant to be showing.  Mine allows me to move more which I need with having 4 kids and a healthcare job.  I do think it helps to enhance my bust area too.  Hourglass Angel has tons of different options, colors, and styles.  You’re sure to find what you want.

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Starting Personal Trainer Food

I have the great opportunity of trying Personal Trainer Food at no cost as part of the Tryazon Tryabox program. Any opinions expressed are my own. I’m not required to do a blog post. I just decided to post for anyone that might be thinking about Personal Trainer Food.

So I had to buy bigger pants for the fall. I’m definitely not proud of that. The bad part is I got 5 pairs of jeans I ordered from an online consignment site. 5 pairs all the same size, different companies. 3 of them fit, one I got on but was kind of snug, the 5th one I couldn’t even pull up over my butt.  It was the first time in my life that I actually wanted to cry when trying on clothes.  I’ve had to buy a size bigger pants and shorts the last two years. I don’t want to continue this trend.

I tried a popular program about 2 years ago. I did it for 4 months following it pretty strictly.  Following the diet (but I was always hungry) doing the daily exercises (but I never progressed far with certain ones because they bothered my joints). I lost 12 lbs in 4 months.  Then I injured my back at work.  within 2 months I had gained it all back and then some.  I’m not good at meal prepping.

Well after the “pants incident” I knew I needed to do something I just didn’t know what.  Then Tryazon sent me an email that peaked my interest.  Apply for the Personal Trainer Food Challenge.  I read about it and said, you know what this just might work for me. I applied and they chose me.  I even get to bring my brother Derek from the blog Help Me I’m a Father along for the ride. We’re teammates now whether he likes it or not lol.

I got to choose my food and I was excited about the choices I had.  No meal prepping! When my box was delivered it was absolutely stuffed with food and their sweet butter garlic sauce.


I got to choose from things like: teriyaki chicken, chicken tenders, angus burgers, sausage, meatballs, and more. Y’all I can have bacon!   The top thing that really appealed to me was NO MEAL PREP.  I just go in my freezer, choose what I want to eat, heat it up, enjoy!  I’m on my 3rd day so far.  The meals are filling I DON’T FEEL HUNGRY! This is the first eating plan I’ve been on where I didn’t feel hungry. Sometimes I don’t even know if I can finish my whole meal. I can eat unlimited amounts of meat, veggies, eggs, and even diet soda if I want.  So what’s the down side?  No sugar, no carbs, like …at all.  But honestly, the meals are so filling I don’t even miss it so far.

So this is my photo before I started the PTF Challenge.  What do I hope to accomplish in 28 days?  I would love to see a reduction in my midsection, thighs, and butt.  I’m not asking for miracles just for my current pants to be a little more loose.  I’d like to break bad habits. I’d like to have a little more energy. I’d like to see my face less round.  I’d like to see a few pounds down.  If I’m dreaming I’d like to lose 20 lbs but I’d be happy with even 5 or 10 when it’s over.

There is no strenuous or non-joint friendly exercises. Walk 20 minutes per day is what they want.  I love walking.  I actually did a 33 minute walk today according to my fitbit.  Lots of places to go for support. The Personal Trainer Food Support facebook group lets you ask questions and find encouragement. I opted into the Personal Trainer Food text message support which sends friendly reminders, encouragement, and achievable challenges.

I also signed up for The Biggest Loser Challenge at my workplace with some great coworkers who jumped on board.  Accountability, goals, good food. That’s going to go a long way.

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Oh The Places You’ll Go Hop: My La La Leggings

Have you ever heard of My La La Leggings? Well I’m a My La La Leggings affiliate.  The name doesn’t really describe all they have to offer.  My La La Leggings offer capris, activewear, shirts, dresses, shorts, joggers, cardigans, and mommy & me sets.

Mommy and me football leggings

The first time I bought My La La Leggings I bought a shirt and shorts because I needed a new outfit for the summer (this was about 2 years ago). I was so impressed with the combination of quality, comfort, and pricing that I ended up buying a few more pieces.  Then I heard about how I could become a My La La Leggings affiliate for FREE and get a 25% off discount.  No selling requirements, no monthly fees. So I signed up just to get the discount.  Then I started sharing pictures of the products here and there and I’ve sold more items with this business than any other I’ve tried.  It’s really stress-free.  They offer bigger discounts now and then for affiliates and even offer discounts to customers from time to time.

Limited Additions just added!

For customers you get great products, great prices, and FREE shipping in the US.  The clothes are super comfy and you won’t break the bank.  There’s also a big selection of products. If you’re not a leggings fan, no problem.  Shirts, shorts, joggers, capris, dresses, cardigans, and activewear are also available.  And yes most of the dresses have pockets! My La La Leggings offers sizes from kids to extra curvy.




9/13 – 9/14 you can sign up as a My La La Leggings affiliate for FREE.  Yes FREE.  That’s how I did it.  I initially signed up just to get the 25% off discount but I got so many compliments on my My La La Leggings items I decided to share my link to see if I could sell them.  And guess what, I did sell some.  But even if I don’t, there’s no fees, no minimums so I can still just get my 25% off discount. It’s so worth it.
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My La La Leggings Fall

Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark Adds New Attraction

My kids and I have visited Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark on several occasions. Each time we’ve gone they’ve added more features. This newest feature is so exciting for the kids.  You can check out our review from our last visit to Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark HERE.

Not valid with other coupons or offers.

Fun Slides Carpet s Skatepark & Party Center www.funslidespark.com is under new ownership – this entertainment facility known for our unique brand of blacklight sliding family fun, excellence in providing awesome birthday party experiences for our customers ages four through teen and skate staff that love to teach people how to carpet skate and do cool tricks.

What is Carpet Skating you may ask? From the makers of EZ Moves Furniture Slides, this unique and cool type of fun is so easy to learn. Skate instructors strap plastic skates on the bottom of your athletic shoes, give a demonstration and then teach you to slide in minutes. Kids and parents alike love to carpet skate because as our motto says…”You Were Born to Slide!”

Now you can have even more fun at Fun Slides with our Xtra Activities. Plus when you add one or more of these attractions to your skate time we add an XTRA HOUR of skating automatically (time permitting).

Xtra Activities include:

Super Ninja Challenge- How fast can you go through this super cool obstacle course of speed and agility? Remember to #Tweetyourtime (for skaters 185lbs or less)

Dodgeball- Kids get your team together and have a blast or parents take on some kids and show them who rules. (for skaters and non skating parents)

Bounce House Area- Two giant inflatables, a glowing bounce house and slide make up our new Bounce ‘N Slide area. Combine it with our Butt Slide area for toddlers or special kids to sit and slide for an awesome time of indoor fun!

And now our all new Carpet Hockey!

Hours vary during the year so check the calendar on the website for details. Open most days when school is closed.

Be sure to check out …Special Kids Nights, Birthday Parties and Field Trips
Fun Slides owners and staff are in the process of completing training from Autism Village, an organization that helps businesses become Autism Friendly. It is our goal to support families with children with Autism by becoming aware of their needs and making accommodations to our business to meet those needs. When a family with special needs children is looking for a good place to go which is safe and makes them and their children feel comfortable, they will know they can choose Fun Slides Park which is staffed by understanding and helpful people.


Save $35 off birthday parties and $5 all open skate + attraction through the US Family Guide coupon

We Had a Kid K’nex Tryazon Party and a 70% OFF COUPON CODE!

I received free products thanks to Tryazon in order to host a Tryazon party.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

I had the opportunity to get in on my first ever Tryazon Party and we had so much fun! My party was for the Kid K’nex sets that are geared for ages 3 – 5.

We received an amazing party kit with several Kid K’nex sets:

Before the party started I decided to break open the 100 piece tub and try my hand and building a few things.  I was impressed with the colors, the easy of connecting the pieces, and the size for little hands.

I wanted to have a small variety of snacks and drinks for my first Tryazon party.  Unfortunately one family could not make it due to change of plans. But once everyone was there that was coming I had to get a group pictures.  I’m glad we had such a fun group!

We broke open the large tub. I showed the kids the idea page that comes with the large tub but told them, of course, they didn’t have to build something on there, they could build whatever they felt like.  It was so nice to see this bunch of kids playing so nice together and so engrossed in what they were doing without having a screen in front of them.


After they each made a creation they couldn’t wait to show it off. So we got a few fun pictures of their creations.

You can get 70% off the Kid K’nex Budding Builders set that contains 100 pieces from K’nex. Just use code: TRYAZONKK and go here: https://www.knex.com/kid-knex-budding-builders-building-set