Petmate Cat Grab Box Unboxing

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I’ve been sharing info on social media about the Petmate cat grab boxes  and dog grab boxes for only $10 + s & h.  It said each box had 10 items in it.  So it breaks down to $1 an item plus shipping which was $5-$6 dollars.  So still $16 for 10 pet items is good right?  Well I decided to buy one just to see what was actually in one of these pet grab boxes. This is NOT a subscription, just a mystery box you can buy.   And I did an unboxing video for you!

If you’re ready to try a Petmate pet grab box for yourself, here’s the links:

Petmate Dog grab box

Petmate Cat grab box

It was a nice size box that was full of cat items. The items were nice and my cat enjoyed them. I would definitely think about getting another one in the future.

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Gift Idea for the Tea Drinker: Libre Tea Glasses

I love love love my coffee and love love love my loose leaf tea. Honestly when it comes to tea I have a hard time using tea bags anymore.  Something about the beautiful scent, colors, and textures of the loose leaf tea that makes it so appealing.  Libre Tea glasses are a convenient, easy-to-use, stylish way to take your loose leaf tea with you on the go.  They’re also great for water infusion, protein shakes, and green tea as well.


I have a couple different size Libre tea glasses and use them frequently for so many of my healthy drinks. I take my tea with me to work and always get comments on my tea glass.  I’ve had people ask me to show them how it works too.

When I found out Libre had green tea glasses they call MatchaGo, well I just had to try that one too!

Libre tea infusers are 100% BPA free. They have a glass interior and a durable Poly exterior to help prevent breakage. The removable tea filter allows you to brew and drew your loose leaf tea several different ways.  I like that I can pour my hot water right into the glass, add my tea, and go if I want to.  For my green teas I like to add a little raw honey as well.

The removable filter makes it easy to strain your tea or brew it right in the Libre tea infuser glass with the twist on cap.  The nice design fits into cup holders or in your purse or backpack.  With different sizes and colors, Libre tea infusers make the perfect gift for the healthy lifestyle or tea lover.



1 winner will win a Libre Tea Infuser MatchaGo just like mine!

US only

Super Stocking Stuffer Hop: Libre Tea Infuser

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Grow Your Own Avocado Tree With Avoseedo

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Ever wanted to try to grow your own Avocado tree but wasn’t sure where to start?  Know a gardener who would love to grow their own?  Know someone who LOVES their avocados?  Avoseedo makes it easy to do just that!

All you need is an avocado, the Avoseedo, some water and a container. Simple to follow instructions make it easy to start an avocado tree right in your own home.  It’s easy to use for all ages.  Great for educational and homeschool purposes as well.

The Avoseedo works by keeping the avocado seed immersed in just the right about of water and holding the seed in place.


Avoseedo comes in different colors.  GROW YOUR OWN AVOCADO TREE AT HOME!
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It does take 2 – 3 months for the seed to germinate so you will need to continue to monitor your seed to make sure the water doesn’t evaporate.  They give you flag markers so you can remember when you started the seed which is helpful.

Unique Kids Gift Idea: GLEE Candy Making Kits

I received the below mentioned product at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

Looking for a gift for the kids who has everything?  How about a different family gift that is fun, educational, and tasty?  GLEE Make Your Own Candy Kits are an awesome idea.


Why GLEE Make Your Own Candy Kits?  Here are just a few reasons:

  1.  Comes with all the ingredients and directions
  2.   All natural, no artificial colors or flavors
  3.   Educational, comes with information about the candy, where the ingredients come from in a fun, easy to read way
  4.   Fun to do, fun for all ages
  5.  Affordable
  6.  3 different kits to choose from, or get all 3!

We decided to give the Make Your Own Gummies Kit.  In this one you learn about seaweed and how seaweed comes from, how it’s farmed, etc.  My son had a friend over and I thought it would be a fun activity to do while he was here.

Contents of a Make Your Own Gummies Kit

My 4 yr old, my 8 yr old, and his 9 yr old friend all participated.  I let each of them take turns adding ingredients, stirring, and helping form the gummies.

After forming the gummies we had to let it refrigerate for a short while.  Then roll it in the sour sugar if you like.  We like sour stuff so we definitely did.  The gummies were pretty tasty when they were done.  They had a delicious smell too.

If gummy candies aren’t your thing, they also have Make your Own Chocolate kit and Make Your Own Gum kit.  I can tell you I have tried all three kits some of them a couple times and my kids always enjoy them.  These are great rainy day activities.   After the fun of making them and learning about the candy they also get to taste the fruits of their labor. A rewarding kit all around.   You can also by a package that has all 3 kits in it if you can’t decide!

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including the candy kits!


Evgie Wall Decals Holiday Guide 2017

I have received product/monetary compensation for this post. Regardless, any opinions expressed are my own.
EvgieNev team design Large Wall Decals themes and creates educational and fun wall stories full of adventure feeling and whimsical illustrative characters to fit any home room or area, classroom, childcare, doctors office, libraries, playrooms, church and many more. Our vinyl product have been delivered in more than 30 countries around the globe with warm and extremely positive feedback and we made thousands children and their parents happy by helping them to decorate house space with educational or entertainment setup! Easy to install and apply our decals can but customized if required by adjusting sizes, elements, colors, landscapes.
Our talent and creative team suggest stunning range of illustrations or rather journeys to imagination and joy highlighting Animals of Africa and South America, Mixed Jungle and Rain-forest Themes, Adventurous Outer Space and Underwater Sea Worlds, Canada Wilderness and First Nation themes, Polar and Arctic Friends, Cats Scuba Diving, Space Monkeys and many-many more of all kinds and for all ages and tastes. Check it out!
Evgie is a a fun way to dress up a bedroom, playroom, nursery, or family room.  Imagine the excitement of your child walking into their room with space monkey or an underwater world.   Keep the decals up for years or change them with the seasons, it’s up to you!  Be on the look out for an upcoming review during the Luv Saving Money Holiday Guide 2017.