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Succulents Delivered Monthly with Succulents Box + Coupon Code

Up until about maybe 10 years ago I didn’t really even know what a succulent was . Then I learned they were a type of plant. Then I learned that there are a variety of different kinds of succulents. Did you know that a cactus is a succulent? Cacti are a subgroup of the far-reaching category of succulents.

Even after learning about succulents I didn’t really understand why they were getting more and more popular. Then I started seeing crafts, decor, and other diy projects using succulents. I began to understand why.

I received 4 healthy succulents in a subscription box simply called Succulents box They came wrapped with care. Each had their own identification card so I could learn what type of succulents I had received.

It would be easy to create some natural-look centerpieces for a shower or garden party.

I have a friend that loves to create fairy gardens in different types of pots in her yard. She has this relaxing succulent zen garden that I just love.

Photo – Penny Bearer

She also made this whimsical fairy garden in what looks to be an old wooden trough. I’ve seen people make fairy gardens out of old stumps, regular flower pots, broken flower pots, and just about any other container that will hold some dirts.

Photo – Penny Bearer

There are so many beautiful and adorable succulent planter on the market too. Even if you don’t have the counter space, there are options for you. Check out this heart-shaped vertical succulent planter from Home Depot.

heart shaped vertical succulent planter from Home Depot

If you just can’t choose you don’t really have to. Succulents box sends you fresh succulents each month for all your plans and projects. A single succulent on a desk or a whimsical fairy garden can really brighten up any space.

Use code: LUVSAVINGMONEY to save $5 off your first Succulents box.

I received a sample for review. Any opinions expressed are my own. This post does contain some affiliate links. I will get a small commission from purchases made through those links

Getting My Gardens Ready for Spring

When we moved into our home about 4 years ago, we had some beautiful perennial gardens that were already started. I was excited to have some gardens to work with, more land to plant trees, and for the kids to run and play. Keeping up on the maintenance of 3 large perennial gardens definitely keep me busy but it’s so work it to drive up to my house and see the beautiful colors.

I’ve acquired a collection of gardening tools to help me with weeding, pruning, and prepping. One of the things I MUST have is a good pair of gardening gloves. A good fitting pair of gloves with latex grip protection has saved my hands more than once. Between these aweful prickly weeds to protection against bug bites, garden gloves are essential for me. I like Kaygo because they are flexible, puncture resistant, durable, breathable, and affordable.

I have no idea what this tool in my hand is actually called but it’s works the best for these prickle plants and dandelions. I just plunge it into the dirt at the root and then pull up with my gloved hands and these bad boys come right out. Kaygo makes an awesome and affordable pair of gardening gloves with rubber grips. And if you use code: LUVSAVING you can save 20% off too.

So after weeding I decided to lay down weed block this year to hopefully cut down on the amount of weeding I’ll have to do this year. It’s a bit of a pain to lay out when my gardens are as oddly shaped as they are and as big as they are but I know in the end it’s going to end up savings me some work. Work I won’t want to be doing when it’s 90 degree is 80% humidity outside.

Then we got mulch. We found it’s more affordable to just get the mulch by the scoop and use my father-in-law’s truck than to buy it by the bag or have it delivered. Plus, my father-in-law’s truck we could drive the truck to each garden and unload it.

I think the gardens turned out great. We still need to get a couple bags of mulch for touch up and I have a little pruning to do but it looks so much better than it did.


We’re also working on fixing the steps up into the yard this year. I can’t wait to see how those turn out too. We’re adding a handrail to make it easier for our older relatives to get up into the yard for picnics and parties.

We also planted a cherry tree this year. I just love gardening!

Tools I used on my gardens:

Kaygo gardening gloves – save 20% off with code: LUVSAVING

Weed block fabric

Weeding tool

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National Arbor Day: My Obsession with Trees

I’ve always loved trees. They do so much for us. Helping to provide oxygen, providing a shady place to cool down, a fun place to climb or hang a swing, tree forts, privacy, bird homes, curb appeal, etc.

I remember growing up my grandparents had a huge apple tree in their yard. I was so upset when they cut it down. Why? It was so big and provided so many apples. My dad told me it was because my grandfather got tired of picking up apples when he had to cut the grass.

Then my dad had a sour cherry tree in his yard. Some years he’d get a huge bounty. Other years the birds would get to them before we ever did. Nothing like a homemade cherry pie with cherries you picked yourself.

I have always been obsessed with Weeping Cherry trees. Beautiful pink flowers with the look of a weeping willow. I planted one at our first house. It started getting big and we had to move. I told my husband I needed one for our current house. I finally got one last year. It didn’t do much last year. I was sure I killed it. Then I started seeing pink buds popping up this year and I was so happy.

I also planted a Wisteria tree last year. It’s just starting to get little buds on it. It basically looks like a giant stick in the ground at this point but I can’t wait to see what it becomes. I only found it on one site last year. No nurseries around here sold them that I could find. Now I see that Home Depot has Wisteria trees.

We have pine trees and oak trees in the back that help give us some privacy from the highway that runs behind out house. We have some type of pink trees that line our driveway that the previous owners had put in.

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Our trees are in bloom

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I can’t wait until some of these trees grow and bloom up front to make our home eye catching from the road. I’ve taken Arbor Day quite seriously the last few years planting at least one new tree each year. This year I’m trying to decide if I want to plant a sour cherry tree or a weeping redbud. I want all the trees!! My dad also had a Magnolia tree in his yard. I told him I need to grab a clipping and try to grow one from the clipping.

This post does contain some affiliate links. I will get a small commission from sales made through those links.