Free Summer Reading Program With Prizes for Kids + a Great Deal Offer

Club Eimmie is offering a free summer reading program for kids called Club Eimmie’s Imagination Vacation. They can win some amazing prizes if they do! Some of the prizes include a water slide, 1 year club Eimmie subscription, doll accessories, and more. Just log your child’s reading time each day that they read, like Club Eimmie on facebook, and watch for the live drawings on facebook each Wednesday at 12 pm EST to see that weeks winners!

My kids love to read and rewarding them for reading is ok in my book.

Club Eimmie is an affordable way to get clothes and other accessories or your child’s or grandchild’s 18 inch dolls. I discovered it after buying an 18 inch doll for my daughter and realizing just how expensive the clothes and accessories were for the dolls. Club Eimmie let’s your child get new clothes and accessories for their doll each month for only $20 and you can cancel any time.

They still have the deal going that I took advantage of. Get your first month of Club Eimmie for FREE just pay $5. That’s $5 for 2 doll outfits and accessories. This is what we got! You just can’t beat that price on new 18 inch doll clothes!

Club Eimmie is still an awesome deal even after your free month. For just $20 a month you’ll get packages like this for your child’s 18 inch doll. If you want to know the truth I got the 18 inch doll to put away for my daughter for Christmas. I plan on giving her all the outfits we get the club for Christmas too.

Plus Club Eimmie members have access to the Club Members only section with activity sheets, coloring pages and other activities.

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2019 Pittsburgh Children’s International Film Festival

Discover the odd, colorful, and delightful world of children’s cinema this summer at the 2019 Pittsburgh Children’s International Film Festival. Join us July 26 – August 1 for week-long line up of children’s films that range from blockbuster hits to fun and quirky international flicks.

The festival will feature several Pittsburgh premiers, as well as the best short films from the 2019 New York International Children’s Film Festival. Complimentary special events, guest appearances, and hands-on activities are planned throughout the week.

The festival will be hosted at Row House Cinema in Lawrenceville, which will play movies at a lower volume to protect young ears and provide kid friendly snacks at select screenings. In the spirit of the festival, children are welcome to move around the theater, chat, and just be kids.

SAVE THE DATE July 26-August 1 – International Children’s Festival – Save the Date!! Discover the odd, colorful, and delightful world of children’s cinema this summer at the 2019 Pittsburgh Children’s International Film Festival.

Teaching Driving Responsibility To Your Teen

You might be thinking, I don’t have to worry about this yet, my kids aren’t old enough to drive. The truth is they’re watching you now. Are you using your phone when you’re driving? Do you always where your seat belt in the car? Do you always keep your eyes on the road? No one is perfect but trying to set an example will help for the future.

If your teen just got their permit or drivers license there is even more you can do. Check out my post on Three Rivers car dealership about Teen Driver Responsibility.

New Teen Driver? How To Save On Car Insurance

When my oldest son got his permit we started talking to our insurance agent about how much it was going to cost when it was time to add him to our insurance. Our insurance was already pretty high and when they told us it would double, well we started looking around for ways to save.

We talked to two different insurance brokers who told us the insurance company we’ve had for years is one of the most expensive ones out there if not the most expensive one. So we got a few quotes through the broker and did some on our own and found out that almost any one we went with was going to be cheaper. But there were a few that gave better rates for new drivers.

By just doing that we were able to save $1000 when adding our oldest son to our policy. We’re now paying as much with my 16 year old son added to our policy as we were with my my husband and I with the old company!

Find out what else you can do to save money on insurance with a new teen driver in the post I wrote for Quigley car dealership: New Teen Driver Insurance

5 Car Features You Might Not Know About

I remember on more than one occasions riding in the car with someone. They say “I can’t remember which side of the car the gas tank is on” When I showed them that there car tells them which side it’s on they were surprised. I honestly thought everyone knew that but apparently not.

A few years ago, I went to put air in my tires. I honestly didn’t know how much to put in the tires. I was looking on the tire itself, the thumbed through my manual, I couldn’t find it. A nice man saw me struggling and showed me exactly where to find that info and it was very convenient.

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