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Holiday Guide 2018 – Page 16 – Luv Saving Money

Kohls Toy Book Holiday Ad Scan Digital Copy Here

Luv Saving Money is trying to get you access to some of the holiday toy book, black friday and cyber monday deals as soon as possible. This year I have access to several ad scans and will posting one a day as they come through.  Today I have Kohls Toy Book for you.

Early access help you to better plan your holiday shopping, get items before they sell out, beat the rush, and hopefully help with a little of the holiday stress.  You can access my holiday guide tab at the top of the website to get a linked list of all the available holiday ads that are already live on Luv Saving Money.


This post does contain some affiliate links. I will get a small percentage from sale made through this post at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this little blog going.

Dollar General Toy Book for the Holidays Available Now! Digital Copy HERE!

As promised, a new day a new holiday catalog to pre-plan your 2018 holiday shopping.  Today’s ad scan is the Dollar General Toy book.  Trying to get these to you early so you can plan out your shopping and buy before the big rush.

Tomorrow’s Ad scan will be the Target Toy Book!    Did you see the Big Lots Holiday Catalog I posted yesterday?

Big Lots Holiday Catalog Available Now View it Digitally HERE!

Saving money for the holidays (or any time for that matter) isn’t just about finding the best deal it’s comparing and contrasting, pre-planning, and buying early.  I’ll be posting new Holiday Ads and catalogs digitally as they come in. This way  you can plan out your holiday shopping strategy and buy for it’s sold out!

As always, the Luv Saving Money Holiday Guide isn’t just about reviews and products but about savings for the holidays!

This post does contain affiliate links. I will earn a small percentage from sales made through this post at no extra cost to you. This is one way we keep this little blog running.

Smile Brilliant cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Review

I received a product sample in order to complete this post. Any opinions expressed are my own.

Years ago I used a rechargeable electric toothbrush from another brand.  It worked fine but one of the reasons I stopped using it was the big recharging base took up space and the replacement toothbrush heads were ridiculously expensive.  When Smile Brilliant offered for me to try their cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric toothbrush I wanted to check out their website first.



The charging base looks small but is it really? 

When I looked at the website it looked like the charging base was quite small. We’re a family of 6, space is at a premium in our house so that was important to me.  The base actually is quite small, approximately 2 inches wide.  You don’t have to leave the base out all the time though because the charge last a long time.

How long does the charge last?

Charging is easy. You just plug the base into an outlet and set your toothbrush on the base.  The charge light will glow red while charging until fully charged when it will turn green.  If you’re in a hurry you only need to charge your brush for a few minutes to brush your teeth. When it’s fully charged however the charge lasts for up to 30 days with twice a day brushing.

What are the features of the cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush? 

The cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush has 5 different settings: clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive.  I have sensitive teeth but wanted to try all the settings.  I found, for me, I liked the clean setting and gum care setting the best. The sensitive setting had a “tickle” feeling to me.

The cariPRO is also waterproof so no worries if it gets wet or even if you want to brush your teeth in the shower.  Hey I’m not judging.

The brush runs for 2 minutes with a pause every 30 seconds to change areas in your mouth.

The cariPRO has smooth, almost satin-like feel making it comfortable to hold it in your hand.

60 day trial – you get to try it in your home for 60 days, if you don’t like it, ship it back and get your money back.  There is also a 2 year warranty!

The brush heads also have a tongue scraper on the back.

How much does it cost?

A valid question.  There are 3 different packages available for the cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush on the Smile Brilliant site.

  1. Individual package – this is what I got to review.  I received the cariPRO, one charging base, and 2 brush heads.  This package runs $119.  Shipping is free.
  2. Deluxe package – you get one cariPRO, one charging base and 4 brush heads. If you change your brush heads every 6 months that works out to 2 years worth of brush heads.  This package is $129 with free shipping.
  3. Couples package – this one is definitely the best deal when you compare the prices to the other packages.  You get 2 yes TWO cariPRO electric toothbrushes, 2 charging bases, and 4 brush heads.  that breaks down to each person getting a toothbrush, 2 brush heads and a charging base for only $99.50 each since the couples package is $199 with free shipping.

All packages have a 60 day trial and 2 year warranty along with free shipping

Yea but how much are the Smile Brilliant replacement electric toothbrush heads

This is where I was really impressed.

  • You can get 2 replacement toothbrush heads for $13 and free shipping.  That’s $6.50 per toothbrush head
  • A better deal, get 4 replacement toothbrush heads for $23. That breaks down to $5.75 per toothbrush heads.
  • Best deal, get 8 replacement toothbrush heads for $43 that’s $5.38 per brush head.

Why should I use an electric toothbrush over a regular toothbrush?

I asked the same question.  You can check the Smile Brilliant FAQ Here.  The short of it is, it’s 7X more effective at removing plaque than a manual toothbrush.  For me, another benefit is the fact that it runs for 2 minutes.  Admittedly, I don’t always brush my teeth for two minutes with a manual. The cariPRO electric toothbrush runs for 2 minutes so it makes it easy to do that.  The cariPRO can also help improve gum health.   In my personal opinion, I also like the feel of the cariPRO electric toothbrush on my gums. It’s sort of like a masseuse for my mouth.

This is me first thing in the morning legitimately using the toothbrush. No make up, bed head, baggy eyes and all lol

What is it missing?

This is a matter of opinion. Because it runs for 2 minutes and only gives a brief, second pause to change quadrants in the mouth, I’d like to see a couple second break after 1 minute to spit.  I know that’s gross but I have a sensitive gag reflex.  I either have to try to spit with it running in my mouth or take it out of my mouth to spit and have it splatter on the mirror.  I’ve tried to hold off until it was done running but I end up gagging lol.

Where can I get one? 

Go to the Smile Brilliant website and use code: angiewith2-20 to get 20% off your very own cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush!



Smile Brilliant has set up a giveaway for a $119 Smile Brilliant credit to be used for anything on the site

Enter to win a $119 Smile Brilliant credit


Rumored Hot Holiday Toys for 2018

This post does contain affiliate links.  I will receive a small percentage from sales made from this post at no extra cost to you. 

Last year I had friends begging to find a JoJo Sewa My Life doll, Nintendo NES Classic, Unicorn Fingerlings, and the Step2 My First Christmas Tree.  All of these kept selling out when listed. And you know what happens when that happens?  People buy them up when they get a chance and sell them for double or triple price on ebay and Amazon.  Retailers raise prices and limit the number you can get.

While there is no sure fire way for the average person to know what the “hot” toys will be there are a few indicators.  Such as:

  1.  You’re seeing a lot of press on the toy with a release date close to the holiday season.
  2.  You’re starting to see talk about it through blogs, Youtube, facebook feeds, and in-person conversations.
  3.  You’re kids or other kids are starting to talk about it.
  4.  You’re already seeing articles talking about them being a possible hot toy for the holiday season.
  5.   It’s different, it’s interactive, and appealing to kids.
  6.  New toys put out by historically popular brands at holidays

Understand the toys I’m about to post here follow that pattern BUT I’m not telling you they ARE going to be the hot holidays toys.  But they have the potential to be.  With Toys R Us not around for the holidays this year, I imagine the fight for holiday toys will be even more fierce this year.

Twisty Petz – Bubblegum Bunny is a wearable bracelet or twist into a pet
  1.  Twisty Petz – What is Twisty Petz? Ok from what I can gather they are wearable jewelry that can be twisted into different animal shapes that kids can then play with.  There are sets and there are individual ones.  They are also from the popular SpinMaster brand, you know the ones that brought us Fingerlings, Hatchimals, and few other hot toys. One more indicator, they’ve been selling out on all platforms.   I already bought a set to put away for my daughter for the holidays and bought a different set for my nieces birthday.  The good news is most set are less than $20, some less than $10.   Currently you can find them at:

Twisty Petz on Amazon                           Twisty Petz at Walmart


2.  Pomsies – Pomsies are an interactive and cuddly toy you can wrap around your arm.  50 different interactions to tell you if they’re hungry, sad, happy, etc.  There’s even a freeze dance mode.  They come in a bunch of different colors too!

Pomsies on Amazon                Pomsies at Target            Pomsies at Walmart


3. Grumblies – perhaps appealing more to the boys, Grumblies have multiple interactions. Made by the same company making the Pomsies.  These have different colors connecting to an element.  There are 40 reactions.  No nurturing these guys.  Rough them up and try to make them have a meltdown.  Each Grumblies has a different personality.   Ain’t gonna lie, I already have one of these stashed away for my youngest son.

Grumblies on Amazon               Grumblies at Target               Grumblies at Walmart


4.  LOL Surpise! Bigger Surprise – yes, last year the LOL Surprise Big Surprise kept selling out with people looking for it.  This year it’s the LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise with 60+ surprises. Guys this does not even get released until September 25. They had a Pre-order available for it on Amazon about a week ago and you can’t even pre-order it right now.  Places are already trying to sell it for $100+ or more. They will restock it’s just a matter of when.  If you want this make sure you follow my facebook page and I’ll be trying to post when hot toys are back in stock.   At the time of this post LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise is available for pre-order on Walmart.   Release date is 9/25/18 but you can pre-order at Walmart and Amazon

LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise on Amazon       LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise at Walmart

LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise at Target (not yet available for pre-order)



5. Step2 My First Gingerbread House and Step2 My First Snowman –  Last year Step2’s My First Christmas tree was a big hit and stores had a hard time keeping it in stock.  Even now I’ve been watching the the gingerbread house and also Step2 My First Snowman and drifting in and out of availability.  Again, if these are toys you’re interested in, Follow the Luv Saving Money Facebook page for faster alerts when these toys are in stock!

Step2 My First Gingerbread House on Amazon                      Step2 My First Snowman on Amazon


6.  Poopsies – Yea I know I don’t get it either but they sure know how to market. Capitalizing on the slime making craze combined with unicorn everything craze and you have a winner!  From Surprise packs to the pre-order available Poopsie Pooey Puitton Collectable, Multicolor an $80 (only $50 at Target) set that will get your slime, unicorn poop obsessed kid a lot to do.  Hey at least it gets them away from the electronics right? 

Poopsies available on Amazon           Poopsies at Walmart           Poopsies at Target


7.  LOL Suprise! House – Well if you’re going to get 60+ LOL suprises with the Bigger Surprise you may as well get them a house to play in right?  While easily the most expensive item on the list, it hasn’t stopped this item from being in and out of stock online.  Includes working elevator, lights, sounds, and pool!


LOL Surpise! House on Amazon        LOL Surprise! House at Walmart      LOL Surprise! House at Target

8.  LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle – Ok this one is cool.  If you have a LEGO fan challenge them with the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle set. With 962 pieces of spacial relation, mechanical reasoning, and directions following heaven.  This is a really cool looking room display when they’re done too!  This one is great for the older kids and kids at heart.


LEGO Ship in a Bottle on Amazon      LEGO Ship in a Bottle at Walmart       LEGO Ship in a Bottle at Target