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Family picnics in the summer have always been a tradition in our family. 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day we try to do something for them all and mix in a few birthdays too while we’re at it.  Right now we’re planning the 4th of July event.

There’s always a range of ages from babies to the elders of the family.  One thing I always worry about is the baby’s and toddler around fireworks.  The kids love fireworks and even the little ones want to take part.  The patriotic fiber optic light up wands are a fun and safe alternative for toddlers to run around with without fear of them getting burned or accidently poking someone else.


These patriotic pails could have so many uses for your patriotic summer holidays.  Place them on table filled with candies, chips, pretzels, or whatever other treats you can think of.  Create your own centerpiece with these pails.

They even have you covered with patriotic apparel and accessories. Patriotic shirts, sunglasses, hats, hair accessories and so much more.  They have glow jewelry and accessories to help little ones be seen at local fireworks displays.  But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like glow in the dark jewelry?

What I’ve talked about here is only the tip of the iceberg. You need to check out to see everything they have to offer!


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Splash Into Summer Book Giveaway Hop: The Caged Graves

In the spring, there is an annual children’s book festival held at the Bottleworks in Johnstown, PA.   I take my children to it just about every year. They really enjoy it, they get excited about reading, and it’s a free event.

It was at this festival that I had the pleasure of meeting Dianne K. Salerni author of The Caged Graves as well as a few other titles.  I was immediately drawn to the cover. She explained to me that her book is an historical fiction.  The setting is Catawissa, PA and is loosely based on real caged graves that exist in that area.  She even so kindly signed my book copy I purchased.

Don’t let the title fool you. It’s not all morbid and creepy.  It’s a YA with historical events, and descriptions of how things would have been in that time period.  The main character is a strong young woman named Verity.  There are so many elements to her background that you are eager to find out more about her and her family as you read the book.

The Caged graves contain elements of history, romance, and suspense.  When I read the first chapter I was a little worried it wouldn’t be a book for me but the 1st chapter really sets up some of the storyline.  I love the way the characters were introduced and described.  I found myself rooting for one character over another.

You can find The Caged Graves by Dianne K Salerni on Amazon:

And you can find Dianne on Goodreads: 

Dianne K Salerni was so kind to offer a paperback copy of The Caged Graves for this giveaway hop!


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Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop: The Caged Graves

May I Suggest Book Giveaway Hop: One of a Kindness by Helen Hipp

I received a digital copy of this book for review purposes. Giveaway is sponsored by Social Minded Media Group. Any opinions expressed are my own.


April was National Autism Awareness Month.  A book was placed in front of me for consideration.  A book called One of a Kindness by Helen Hipp.  Helen has an M.A. in counseling and started her career as a Psychotherapist to help people with their life problems. She also parents a child with special needs.   She is also a special need consultant for Fox44 News in Burlington, Vermont.  It is with that knowledge and experience that she wrote One of a Kindness.

One of a Kindness is a part of  “Rosie The Hippo” books using likable safari animals to tell the story.   They present an idea of having trouble dealing with a situation and how others can help.  I read One of a Kindness to my 2 youngest children.  It’s a story my younger children found entertaining but also gets the message across about being ok to be different and how being kind to others can  help.

At the end of the book it posed a question I never thought to ask my younger children.  I wasn’t really sure how they would answer or even IF they could answer. It was interesting to hear their thoughts. A good conversation starter for a tough subject.

I think this book would make a great addition to any kids library.  I’m thinking of getting a copy to donate to my children’s classroom libraries as well.

You can find Rosie The Hippo Books, including One of a Kindness, on Amazon

Check out for more places to find, One of a Kindness,  and other Rosie The Hippo books.

One of a Kindness book

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Eternal Victim Book Tour & Giveaway 4/26 – 5/26

Eternal Victim
by Dexter Morgenstern
Genre: Paranormal Horror
From the
author of “The Slender Man” comes a fast-paced,
terrifying tale, filled with gruesome murderers, ghostly
abominations, and a dark puzzle that connects them all to the Witness.
Follow the Witness as she travels through a perpetual series of
haunted by a mixture of pernicious serial killers and their
imprisoned, undead victims, known as preta. As she wanders through
time and memories shared by the killers and their victims, she fights
to solve the puzzle of their connection to each other and to herself.
Her only hope of salvation lies in connecting key victims to the
souls who can rescue them, thus waking her from the nightmare, but
one killer follows the next, bringing forth a new set of victims, a
new score of preta, and immediately landing her in a new terror.


Dexter is a Southern-born Seattle author
and model. Homeschooled after a
diagnosis of mild Asperger’s, he learned to play to his strengths
as an energetic, creative artist. He began writing at the age of
fifteen, and published his first novel two years later. Outside of
art, Dexter spends his time gaming, studying, and socializing with
other ambitious minds. As an army brat, he attained a pragmatic sense
of discipline that he uses to balance his artistic endeavors with his
academic ones. Dexter’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the
subjugation of humanity by artificial intelligence.

I gasp, pulling my head out of a metal tub, and slip down the side, landing in a heap on the dirty floor. I cough,
spit-ting up the fetid water I’ve swallowed, then gasp again, finally heaving some stale oxygen into my lungs.
What nightmare is this? I rub the water from the eyes, shivering beneath the icy droplets and frosty air. I just
drowned… in someone else’s body. I stay like that for several minutes, staring at the rusted tub and trying to
force myself to comprehend what just happened. How am I alive? Am I even alive? I finally turn over to see
another sink across from me, a mirror looming above it.
I let out an exasperated breath that seems to fog up the entire room before managing to pull myself upright. I
stand and hobble over to the sink. In the mirror, there is still no reflection. I look back at the bathroom
doorway. The door itself seems to have fallen apart, and a dark passageway stretches into black.
I look back into the mirror. For a moment there is nothing; and then I fall, that silhouette appearing once more.
This time, it doesn’t send the world spinning. I crawl back, all the way to the wall, clutching a hand to my
mouth, though there is no voice, no scream to suppress.
A head emerges from the mirror, then shoulders. Two pallid hands reach out and grab the sink. I close my
eyes, hoping the monster will go away, but when I open them, it—she—stands directly over me. I flinch again,
but when I look back, nothing but a hand is offered.
“Come with me,” she softly instructs.
Hesitantly, I take the hand. As she pulls me to my feet, the light in the room flickers back on, illuminating us
both. Before me is a brown-skinned, black-haired young woman.
Like Ada, Christiana, and me, the bruises and scars along her skin tell the tale of what I can only assume was a
brutal and bloody murder. The dimness in her once-brown eyes betrays no emotion.
“You don’t have a lot left in you. You have to move,” she says.
I take a few breaths, trying initially to respond, but she shakes her head. She knows I am without a voice. I
look toward the doorway and then back to her. She nods.
“You don’t have time to wait here and panic. The killer gets closer with every breath. The closer it is to
finding you, the more the balance is in its favor.”
She flickers, her widening eyes finally betraying the fear within her.
“You can’t let him hurt you again. Not here, not when the balance is this close to darkness,” she explains.
“Witness and learn, and the balance will return to you. Then you can escape.”
The balance? Witness? What?


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The Guardians Book Tour & Giveaway 4/25 – 5/25

The Guardians
The Tempest Isle Series Book 1
by S.C. Storm and Rena Marin
Genre: YA Fantasy

Hidden in the beauty of a cluster of islands, unbeknownst to humans, a
supernatural war rages. The Guardians, protectors of the Nexxus and
the Goddess Selena, fight daily to ensure the survival of all races.
Hidden agendas, supernatural politics, and sins of the past threaten
to endanger the very world they all strive to protect. Led by two
families who must embrace their destinies, the Guardians of Tempest
must now step up to lead their races to victory.

Rena Marin
is afantasy/paranormal/horror author as well as reviewer. In 2017,
she and her co-author S.C. Storm introduced the world to The Tempest
Isle Series, with “The Guardians,” which was published by
Zombie Cupcake Press. At the end of 2017, she and her co-author also
penned the short, “My Sister’s Keeper,” which was featured
in the Zombie Cupcake Press Anthology, Madame Scarlet’s Carnival.
A writer of fantasy/paranormal/horror, Rena finds herself a lover of
the written word and hoping to branch out to multiple genres.
Rena is happily married to her soul mate, Daniel. The two of them reside
in the beautiful mountain town of Newport, Tn. with their two
children Cody and Amber.

S.C. Storm
was born in
Austin, Texas. She wrote poems as a hobby when she was in
school but motherhood took over and she stopped. Many years later,
she met her bestie Rena Marin online. After some time, Tempest was born.
Married to the love of her life, Willie, for
28 years, between them, they
have six children and ten grandchildren.
Recently widowed, she lives in Kyle, Texas spending her
time helping their youngest daughter continue her dads business,
taking care of her youngest son and her four cats, babysitting
grandkids and writing.

“I wish I could stay with you always, my dear. I do,” Arthur told her, dropping
his head. “One thing I must do, however, is explain some things to you. I have
never told you the history of our race. You know what the guardians are, and
the Ascension is held, but I think it is time you knew what it stands for, why it
“I have wanted to know since I found out what I was. Living in the human
world for so long kept me in the dark about so much.” She smiled,
her life with her parents.
Catching her thoughts, Arthur smiled. “It is time you knew,” he told her as he
began. “The supernatural came into existence ages ago. Goddess Selena
the first supernatural being before humans ever walked the earth. Even today,
only she knows what all her creations are. Our race, however, is no mystery.
Seeing the creation of humans, the goddess immediately wanted to mold them
into something of her own. Thus, the first vampire was created. Knowing how
the humans fought to find enough food to keep them alive, the goddess chose
make the humans a source for us. Human blood keeps us alive. However, the
blood of a supernatural, the goddess’s creations, also makes us thrive. She
wanted us to flourish with or without the humans, simply because she had no
idea if they would survive or not.” He smiled as he looked down at his
granddaughter. “The same was true for the werewolves. Her love of nature, the
wolf, led her to combining a majestic wolf and a human. Once she saw how
strong, vibrant, loyal—perfect as she saw it—her creations were, she decided
take twelve from each race and make them her own personal protectors. They
would take from her essence, her blood, and become stronger, pure. Thus, the
guardians were born. For ages it went on, those same chosen ones protecting
from any harm as she lived her life with her love, the god, Silas.
“Silas could never understand Selena’s love of her supernatural creatures.
Often, she called them to her, wishing to hear of their days, their loves, their
dreams. As it often happens, Silas’s jealousy overtook him. He began lashing
at Selena by killing off the things she loved most. This is how the Nexxus was
created. The goddess made it, using all her powers, to be the ever after of her
beloved beings as well as the resting place of her guardians. Using her powers
left her defenseless against her lover. Heartbroken by his actions, Selena
upon the Ultimate Creator to help her. Hearing her pleas, Silas was banished to
dark void known as the Exodus, the home of darkness.”
“What happened to Selena?” Mileena asked.
By the look on her face, Arthur could see she was completely taken by thestory. “Powerless, she said good-bye to her creations and entered the Nexxus
herself. She dwells there, and the power of the races she created is the only
keeping her in existence.” He finished with a shake of his head.
“And what does this have to do with what’s happening to you?” she asked,
looking at Sebastian, who dropped his head. “I know you told me we needed a
pure-blooded guardian to ascend, but why?”
“The Ascension, the rising of the guardians, is an important event. It gives the
goddess the power she needs. Our races thrive. The goddess gains strength
each guardian who ascends, however, the Ascension of a purebred guardian is
needed to keep the balance of each race. Without it, a race starts to weaken
die. Unfortunately, it has been quite a while since such a guardian has
from the vampire race. This has weakened us. As an elder vampire, it has
weakened me quite a bit. Without a proper Ascension, I will die and enter the
Seeing the fear cross Mileena’s face, Sebastian got to his feet. “The Atherton
family is the last pure-blooded guardian family we know still survives. As
Arthur said, there could be others who have gone into hiding. They could also
dead. We have no idea. The council stopped keeping track of the guardians
ago. The Athertons have not attended an Ascension in hundreds of years. They
want nothing to do with it,” he said, looking at Arthur. The sight of the man sent

chills down his spine. A mere month earlier, the man had been as young-

as himself.


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