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Prime Day Sneak Peak: 88 Handbags

This post does contain affiliate links.  Regardless I only post legitimate offers from trusted sites. I will receive a small compensation for purchases made through these links. 

Amazon Prime Day is Tomorrow, July 11, 2017.  If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime account you might want to sign up. You can only get the deals and free shipping with a Prime account.

A company I’m familiar with, 88 Handbags, will have special Prime Day deals. Up to 70% off their handbags!

They have beautiful quality handbags.  I own several of them. I’ve actually done several reviews.  I can post one of the video reviews I’ve done so you can see the gorgeous handbags.  These handbags are normally affordable but with the 88 Handbags Prime Day Deals you’re really gonna get a bargain!

Which 88 Handbag will you grab on Prime Day?

Prime Day is Coming July 12 Get Your Free Prime Trial Now!

Prime Day 2016

Amazon’s Prime Day is coming July 12. I’ve had prime for years It’s well worth it for me.  The Free shipping, the free streaming music (I have the app on my phone then stream it using bluetooth in my car), the free prime movies for my Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote , just so many benefits. It actually saves me money.

Then of course there is Prim Day. Where if you have Amazon Prime you can get in on special deals all day long only for Prime members.

But don’t worry if you don’t have Prime. You still have time to get in on Prime day without spending any money on Prime. You can get a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime at any time. Sign up, get in on the deals. If you like it, you don’t have to do anything. If you don’t like it, just cancel after Prime day.

There is also a Countdown to Prime Day – Prime Music Giveaway so you can get in on that too.

Want to sign up for your free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime before Prime Day? Just use this link:  Happy Amazon Prime Day July 12 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Start Free 30-Day Trial

Do you already have a Prime membership? What is your favorite part of Amazon Prime?

This post does contain Amazon affiliate links. Regardless I only post legitimate offers from trusted sites.

UPDATED: $1 Clara Clark Hypoallergenic Memory Foam pillow?

This might be one of those typo things that ends up getting canceled but I put in an order.  I was able to submit it.  We’ll see if it gets canceled or not.

Amazon has a Clara Clark Hypoallergenic Memory Foam pillow listed for $1.  It says the original price is $65.95 and you save $64.95!  If you have Amazon Prime this will even get shipped for free.

So you can give it a go like I did if you want:

UPDATE:  I woke up this morning and it says my memory foam pillows shipped!  I ordered 2 of them at the $1 price.  Unfortunately when I went back to the site, they’re now increased the price to $19.99.  So must have been a typo thing that they honored and then changed it as soon as they realized.  

So the pillows are no longer $1.  That was quick.

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LEGO Video Games on Flurry Special on Amazon today

Amazon is still having their “Flurry Specials”  Today it’s  LEGO Video Games.  My kids have several LEGO titles for their Xbox 360 and their Nintendo DS.  They’re really cute and appropriate for younger game players.

They have lots of LEGO Titles on sale for lots of different game platforms:  LEGO video games Flurry Special

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The deals on the LEGO video games are only for today.  So I’d run over there and grab some if they’re on your list.

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