The Ghost Had An Early Checkout Book Tour & Giveaway

The Ghost Had an Early Checkout
Sequel to The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks
by Josh Lanyon
Genre: LGBT Mystery
To live
and draw in L.A.
Now living in Los Angeles with former navy SEAL Nick Reno, artist
Foster comes to the rescue of elderly and eccentric Horace Daly, the
legendary film star of such horror classics as Why Won’t You Die, My
Horace owns the famous, but now run-down, Hollywood hotel Angels
rumored to be haunted. But as far as Perry can tell, the scariest
thing about Angels Rest is the cast of crazy tenants–one of whom
seems determined to bring down the final curtain on Horace–and
anyone else who gets in the way.

The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks
Josh Lanyon

His romantic weekend in ruins, shy twenty-something artist Perry Foster

learns that things can always get worse when he returns home from San
Francisco to find a dead body in his bathtub. A dead body in a very
ugly sportscoat — and matching socks. The dead man is a stranger to
Perry, but that’s not much of a comfort; how did a strange dead man
get in a locked flat at the isolated Alton Estate in the wilds of the
“Northeast Kingdom” of Vermont? Perry turns to help from
“tall, dark and hostile” former navy SEAL Nick Reno — but
is Reno all that he seems?

Josh Lanyon is the author of over sixty titles of classic Male/Male

fiction featuring twisty mystery, kickass adventure and unapologetic
man-on-man romance.

Her work has been translated into eleven languages. The FBI thriller Fair
Game was the first Male/Male title to be published by Harlequin
Mondadori, the largest romance publisher in Italy. Stranger on the
Shore (Harper Collins Italia) was the first M/M title to be published
in print. In 2016 Fatal Shadows placed #5 in Japan’s annual Boy Love
novel list (the first and only title by a foreign author to place).
The Adrien English Series was awarded All Time Favorite Male/Male
Series in the 2nd Annual contest held by the 20,000+ Goodreads M/M
Group. Josh is an Eppie Award winner, a four-time Lambda Literary
Award finalist (twice for Gay Mystery), and the first ever recipient
of the Goodreads M/M Hall of Fame award.
Josh is married and lives in Southern California.
Nick was brooding over this, staring out the window over the kitchen sink at the smog-dimmed stars,
when he heard the smothered sound of Perry’s cough outside the apartment door. He stepped out of the
kitchen as Perry’s key turned the lock.
Perry opened the door, clearly surprised to find the lights on. His thin, pointy face lit up as he spotted
Nick. “Hey, you’re home!”
Nick retorted, “One detective per family is e—” but the rest of it was cut off as Perry launched himself.
Nick’s arms automatically locked around him, and his mouth came down hard on Perry’s eager one.
What was it about Perry? He was cute enough, sure. Medium height, lanky, boyish-looking. His hair was
blond and spiky. His eyes were big and brown and as long-lashed as a cartoon character’s. In this town
where two out of every three guys looked like they were trying out for a role in a major motion picture,
Perry was almost strikingly ordinary. Maybe that was it. The fact that Perry didn’t look like everyone
else. That he didn’t act like everyone else.
It was funny, though, because Perry was almost the complete opposite of what Nick had always thought
was his type. Not that he had really thought of himself as having a type—beyond wanting someone with a
Even after nine months, that unstinting…what the hell would you call it? Sweetness sounded too sappy,
but there was something so honest, so generous in Perry’s responses. It made Nick’s heart feel too big for
his chest. Closed his throat so that he could rarely say the things he wanted to say, things that Perry
deserved to hear.
I love you. It scares me how much I love you.
Instead, he said gruffly, “Where the hell have you been at this hour?”
Perry didn’t seem to hear the gruffness. His wide brown eyes smiled guilelessly up into Nick’s. “I was
He had to stop, though, starting to wheeze. He threw an apologetic look at Nick and dug out his rescue
inhaler. He took a couple of quick puffs while Nick watched, frowning.
This was not good. He didn’t like the sudden alarming reappearance of coughing and wheezing. He put ahand on Perry’s shoulder. Under Nick’s tutelage, Perry had built up some muscle, but he had not really
put on much weight. His shoulders were still bony, his collarbones sharp.
“You okay?”
Perry put the inhaler away—he didn’t like using it in front of Nick. As if he thought Nick looked down on
him for it?
He said, “It was so dusty up there!”
“Where? Where’ve you been?” Nick hoped he didn’t sound as accusatory as he did to his own ears.
“I drove up to Angel’s Rest.”
“That old hotel in the hills. Remember at Dorian’s exhibition last Saturday? The 1920s hotel in those
“The abandoned place on Laurel Canyon?”
Jesus fucking Christ. He remembered Perry had seemed fascinated by those photos. But hiking around
those hills on his own? Anything could happen to him, from being bit by a rattlesnake to running into
some crazed homeless person.
Nick didn’t let any of that show on his face. That was one thing he had decided early on. He was not
going to undermine Perry’s confidence or self-resilience with his own fears. Perry was not his child, he
was his partner. Physically frail or not, he was a grown man.
“Right,” Perry said quickly, as though he sensed everything Nick was determined not to say. “Only it’s
not abandoned. Well, not completely.”
Now, studying him more closely in the lamplight, Nick noticed Perry’s T-shirt was smeared with dust and
torn at the collar. And—more alarming—his knuckles were scraped and cut.
Perry said, “Anyway, I’m sorry I’m late. I didn’t know you’d be home tonight. I bought pork chops for
when you got home.”
“Were you in fight?”
Perry’s eyelashes flicked up guiltily. “Kind of.”
“Kind of?”
Nick felt as winded as if Perry had punched him. Trying to picture him in a fight was… Well, yes, Nick
had been showing him some moves, tried to prepare him a little in case he ever had to defend himself, but
still, Perry in a fight?
“I’ve got a lot to tell you,” Perry said. “Should I cook the pork chops?”
“I’ll fix us something to eat. You talk.”


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Vander Villes Book Tour & Giveaway

When Beauty Met the Beast
Vandervilles #1
by Khardine Gray
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Beneath the luxurious lifestyle and the glamor of fame and fortune held by

the Vandervilles, lies a dangerous web of secrets and a twisted tale
of passion, and suspense.

With wealth, power, and beauty in abundance their dominant name
But trouble is about to come their way and throw their lives into
One man consumed with the quest for revenge seeks to ruin their lives
destroy them one by one.
Witness the brilliantly vindictive plan to bring down Benjamin
the deceitful precarious States Attorney of California and his wife
Regina, reigning queen of the fashion world.
Fall in love with the warmth of romance that blossoms between Wade
Vanderville and Chloe Matthews.
And walk the road of betrayal as Taylor Vanderville discovers where
loyalties lie.
The riveting tale of When Beauty Met the Beast will
grip you and captivate you right from the start…
**Only .99 cents!!**

Secrets and Lies


Vandervilles #2
Simmering secrets and lies burst into a tempestuous roil in Secrets and Lies.
Discover who gets burned and who, if
anyone, makes it through
Stability Rocked
As Wade’s whirlwind romance with Chloe starts to stabilize, his
ex-girlfriend turns up desperate to destroy what firm ground the two
have forged. Wade’s love for Chloe has grown so deep that he’ll
do anything to protect what he has with her – even if it means
spinning a new web of lies.
The Agony of Betrayal
Still reeling from the double betrayal of her father and lover, Taylor
barely regains her feet… only to fall in love all over again with
her cheating lover. The attraction is so strong she can’t stop
herself, even though she knows she must.
Matriarch and Mother

Seeing her daughter suffering is breaking Regina’s heart. She yearns to

give all the help she can but… Ben is scheming to use Runway to
financially back his bid for Governor. Will her struggles to keep her
family safe come at the expense of her daughter?

Wade finally gives in and goes to his ex even though he knows he
shouldn’t. But she’s dead and the cops finger him as the killer.
Only the real killer is still on the loose and hunting…

Into the Rabbit Hole


Vandervilles #3
Chaos Reigns
Wade’s been arrested, a killer is on the
loose, and Ben’s crimes are
catching up with him. Will anyone in this family emerge from the
chaos unscathed?
Murder Mystery
Chloe and Wesley dig deep to discover what is really going on and to
Wade’s innocence. The deeper they dig the more the shocking truth
becomes visible. Will they discover the man behind the drama? What
happens if they do?
No Longer Hidden

The light finally shines of the crimes that Ben has committed, but

unleashes more trouble. As always Regina is caught in the middle, but
this time it’s worse. She doesn’t know where she’ll begin to
fix things.

Forgive and Forget?
Can Taylor forgive, forget, and finally move on? Will she be able to see
the world with the fresh clear eyes that only forgiveness of a
betrayal can give? Will she be able to trust again?
Kiss and Make Up
Can Chloe accept Wade’s past and all the chaos ebb to allow the deep,
romantic love they so richly deserve?
Follow the twists and turns to the stunning conclusion of Into The

Khardine Gray is a contemporary romance author who lives in England with her

husband, two kids, and three crazy ferrets.

She is well traveled, cultured, and a woman with a passion for dancing
and ice skating.
When not writing you can catch her shopping, indulging on pizza and hot
chocolate, or hanging out with her family and friends.
No need to spend money on an airline ticket. Simply pick up one of
Khardine’s books to become immersed in the fascinating stories and
characters she creates.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Let your plans be dark
and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
Sun Tzu couldn’t have said it better in The Art of War.
What a great book, with solid words of wisdom. Wisdom that could be applied to
everyday life. Those were the best books.
Books that captured the essence of the human mind and helped you to overthrow your
Precision was the key, along with meticulous planning. That was what you needed when
you were dealing with people like the Vandervilles. You had to plan for them with accuracy.
Otherwise, there would be no effect.
To destroy people like them you had to work your way in from the inside, and by the time
they realized something was amiss, it would be too late.
Like being poisoned. And, like the insidious toxins from a potent blend of poison, that was
exactly how I planned to work.
Find their weaknesses, exploit and obliterate them, along with anyone dumb enough to
associate with them. As far as I was concerned, they were just as bad and would have no mercy
from me.
No one would.
My mother didn’t get any as she begged for her life. There was no form of mercy shown
to her, none whatsoever as she pleaded and cried from the depths of her soul. Praying and
screaming for God until her last breath departed from her body. Mercy never even entered their
My mother was a sweet woman who loved too much. Her kindness and sweet nature
were her weakness. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and evil people took advantage.
I would never forget her, and how she suffered as I watched her die. I was helpless thenbut promised I wouldn’t allow her death to be in vain. I wouldn’t allow the life she lived to signify
I wouldn’t allow the beautiful spirit she had to fade away.
Those people would not take that from her.
It had taken me a long time to get to this stage. A very long time. Years and patience.
But, now I was here, at this point, and ready with a plan so dark and impenetrable it
would strike them down with crippling effects. I’d conquer them all and make sure that they all
paid for what they did. Every last one of those self-indulgent, vile, materialistic Vandervilles.
By the time I finished with them, they’d all beg for death, which I’d gladly offer. Oh, so
gladly. I relished the thought just like I did the taste of candy. Sweet and desirable.
The stage was finally set and the actors all in position. All I had to do now was sit back
and watch the long-awaited, grand performance.
Lights, camera, action…


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Beyond Paradise Book Tour & Giveaway

Beyond Paradise
by Barbara Nolan
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Jonny Vallone, the dark, brooding owner of Manhattan nightclub, Beyond Paradise, doesn’t need any more complications in his life, or women. Then savvy con artist Cheryl Benson, barges into his office and spits out a confession that would make most men run for cover.
Cheryl’s fast-paced, out-of-control life is closing in, and her only hope against a ruthless crime boss is bad boy Jonny and his powerful connections. Her knight in black Brioni has a body made for sin with enough baggage to fill a 747, but when a near-fatal attack throws the two together, they implode in a night of steamy, sheet-gripping passion.
Jonny can’t resist the beautiful blonde with the pleading green eyes plus he has his own agenda with the underworld thug who owns a piece of his soul.
Their wild ride whisks them from the high-powered glitz of Manhattan to the sultry beaches of Miami in a desperate attempt to break free of their shady pasts while trying to tame their fiery passion and the dangerous deceptions swirling around them.
Barbara Nolan enjoyed writing most of her life and recently acquired her Certificate in Creative Writing from NYU. She also benefited from the help and influence of many talented professors and editors along the way. She is a member of RWA and the New Jersey chapter of Romance Writers. Her passion for reading and words make this a journey of love.
She writes gritty, realistic stories filled with strong men
and the women who tame them.
She considers reading a luxury and writing a necessity.
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