Another Reason To Get Paramount+: Why Women Kill Series

I haven’t watched this yet but I’m intrigued. This time it’s a new cast, new story, new season.

Head to 1940s Los Angeles and explore what it means to be ignored and overlooked by society and driven to deadly lengths. Allison Tolman and Nick Frost star in the new season of the hit anthology series from Marc Cherry, the creator of Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids.

What secrets get buried behind the gorgeous facades we present to the world? And what will one woman do to finally belong? Why Women Kill returns June 3, with new episodes every Thursday, exclusively on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

The new season of Why Women Kill returns June 3 exclusively on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

When you sign up for Paramount+ you get a 30 day free trial. That’s how I ended up getting hooked. But if murder shows and dramas aren’t your think, there’s plenty of other options such as the Smithsonian Channel (one of my personal favs), my kids love Nickelodeon so they can watch all their favorite cartoons like Spongebob and the Loud House. There’s cooking shows, movies, series like Ink Masters, sports, and more.

It’s totally worth check it out for the free trial. It’s easy to cancel if you decide that’s what you want to do. Paramount+ has affordable options starting at just $5.99/mo.

Have you seen Why Women Kill? What are your thoughts? I’m gonna have to check it out.

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Sweepstakes I’ve Entered This Week

If you follow me on any social media then you’ll know I LOVE to enter sweepstakes. It’s a hobby for me. It doesn’t cost anything and once in a while, I win something.

I’ve never really counted but I’d have to say I enter/re-enter (when allowed) at least 50 sweeps a week. When I say sweeps I’m talking about national sweepstakes, social media sweeps/giveaways, newsletter sweeps, blog giveaways, etc.

I’m not going to list every single one here, these are some of my favorites I’ve entered this week so far. Please note that some of these you have to be 21+ yrs of age to enter due to being alcohol companies:

Want more? I have a sweepstakes group on facebook I screen sweepstakes before their posted. Also it’s strictly focused on US sweeps so it’s only for US residents with and emphasis on sweepstakes open in the north east.

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Star-Studded Virtual Gala for Covenant House May 17, 8 PM EST

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We all know that homelessness is an issue in our country. A section of homeless are homeless youth. That’s where Covenant House steps in with street outreach programs, meeting immediate needs, mentorship, resources, medical care, and more.

There will be a star-studded virtual gala event May 17 at 8 pm EST featuring Ryan Reynolds, Vanessa Williams, Jon Bon Jovi, Jewel and more. This event is FREE! Celebs are hoping to raise awareness for this great cause. You can RSVP to this virtual event now

FREE Star-studded Virtual Event! Join an all-star lineup of artists and powerhouse youth advocates from Broadway, TV, film and more to support Covenant Houses mission to protect young people facing homelessness.

I think this is a great cause I’d love to support. It’s awesome seeing all these celebs come together to help homeless youth in our country.

Who are you excited about seeing. I just found this add with Morgan Freeman on it. I feel like he really can’t make any event bad lol

Will you be watching? Do you already donate to Covenant house? I want to know!

Please consider sharing this post to raise awareness for this cause. Last year over 1 million people tuned in!

I Bought it, I Tried it: Gelo Hand Soap

This year, I bought a few different products that I kept seeing ads for. I’ll be honest, most of them I was pleasantly surprised with. All of these products I bought with my own money (they are not comped products). I figured if I kept seeing the ad on Facebook and Instagram then maybe other people have been curious too.

The first product I wanted to feature, was one of the first products I bought this year via a facebook ad. I kept seeing the ad, I liked the idea, when I saw the price I thought, what the heck I’ll give it a try. It also came at a time where we had just gotten through having a hard time finding hand soap during the pandemic. Not knowing if it would happen again and always needing a supply of hand soap on hand, I thought this might be a good way to stock up.

Gelo is hand soap with a unique approach. Biodegradable pods you can use to refill your hand soap bottles (or one of theirs) using just water. The scent choices were choices I liked. I also released I was spending anywhere between $1-$3 on bottles of soap at the store and throwing them away when they were done. Yo! I keep hand soap in the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, upstairs bathroom, and the laundry room!

Gelo products reduce the amount of waste of regular disposable hand soaps. If you have a reusable soap pump at home, you can even use the one year already have.

I did an instagram reel so you can get an idea of how it works:

The Gelo refill pods are made with plant based materials: shea, oat, and essential oils. Their pods are completely made up of biodegradable materials including the pod film. There are no sulfates, parabens, or fillers. When you order the refill bag it has enough for 4 refills. So I can literally refill all the soap dispensers I used in my house with one bag. Instead of throwing out 4 soap dispensers I’m only throwing out one bag.

They offer foaming hand soap or gel hand soap options for your preference or for the type of soap dispenser you already have at home. So one of my fave parts? It’s super affordable. I ordered two starter kits for our bathrooms a couple months ago and I’m just now getting to where I needed to order refills. So I ordered a starter kit for our kitchen and 2 more refill bags. $21 shipped and I have enough to refill 12 times. Even with shipping that breaks down to only $1.75/bottle!

Now I’m not an affiliate, ambassador, or anything else with them but I do have a referral link (that anyone can get when you order). It will save you $2 off your first order and give me 10% off my next order. Just go through my Gelo referral link here.

If you like this post let me know if you’d like to see more of them in the comments.

Smithsonian Channel is Available on Paramount+

I did a post a little while back about Paramount+ offering a 30 day free trial. I’m gonna be honest, I jumped on the free trial just to see what it was like and so my kids could watch the new SpongeBob movie Sponge On The Run. I really thought I’d cancel after the 30 day free trial but, I didn’t.

My kids and I love watching nature shows and animal related shows. We discovered the Smithsonian Channel on Paramount+ and we’re hooked. Our first taste was the Strange Creatures series. I was so excited to see the Corpse flower featured. See I’ve been wanting to visit Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh just to see the Corpse flower in real life. I can’t be sure but it looks like the video footage could have been from Phipps.

Smithsonian Channel hit series are streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

As we scrolled through the shows on the Smithsonian channel we saw other animal shoes that caught our interest like Africa’s Piranhas, Baby Animals, The Living Beach, Top 10 Deadliest Beasts, and so many more. My husband saw things on there that interested him too like Drinks, Crime, and Prohibition, World of Weapons, American’s Hangar, and more.

Paramount+ is still offering the 30 day free trial if you’d like to check it out. The Smithsonian Channel isn’t the only thing though. There’s tons of kids’ shows, Comedy Central, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, movie, tons of shows, and more.

After the 30 day free trial it’s just $5.99/mo with commercials or $9.99/mo without commercials.

Have you tried Paramount+ yet? If so what are your favorite things to watch? We’re still exploring.

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