Baby Love Book Tour & Giveaway

Latiera N. Ford
YA Coming of Age
is a little girl who faces a number of challenges between her school
and her home. We all can relate to the pressures of not being
accepted by our peers,sibling rivalry, lost relationships and the
struggle to find love through it all. While directly pin pointing
these important issues, Baby Love serves as an open call for
awareness that can hopefully bring us one step closer to making a
positive change in the lives of all children.
book is a must read for young adults ranging from age 13 years
and older. Baby Love tells a story of issues that arise for young
children that include bullying, issues with family, and it also
teaches lessons on self love, acceptance, and kindness to one others.
Ford is a career HR Professional turned Author and Entrepreneur. Born
and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, IL., she has always taken
pride in hard work and dedication.
news outlets, social media, family, and friends she noticed a lack of
sensitivity that children have today. This has led to an increase in
bullying, lack of positive self-image and acceptance, as well as
family issues. Upon discovering this powerful message that needed to
be addressed she decided to self-publish her first book entitled Baby
Love. This book provides children from ages 13 and up with a straight
forward approach to some of today’s most pressing issues. While
tackling the aforementioned issues plaguing some of our youth, it
also provides a direct approach on how they can be handled, while
also teaching lessons of love and kindness. Unlike the normal cookie
cutter children’s stories, this book is also honest to the core
with some of the real issues that exist within families across
Love has proven to be a strong book for this Chicago Native, and is
destined to continue making waves throughout the literary scene.
While promoting this project, Latiera is currently in Atlanta looking
to further expand her brand through speaking engagements, press,
school, vendor events and more!

Mrs. Trotter enters the classroom abruptly as she addresses the behavior of her students. “In my class, it is important that you not only learn the value of reading but the value of relationships. Since we are all getting acquainted with one another, I think it is fair to say we need more time to learn what great things we all have to offer. I know there is good in each one of you, but I could not tell from the terrible display of behavior I just witnessed. It deeply saddens me that you would treat one of your classmates this way. Now, we will do an activity, so we can all learn the importance of being nice to one another. First, I want everyone to start by apologizing to Love.
Love smiles shyly as she stands before the class. The group of students says in unison, “I’m sorry, Love.” “Thank you,” Love says quietly as she takes the short path that leads to her desk. She is glad to finally sit in her seat.
Mrs. Trotter continues, “Next, I want you to say one nice thing about the person sitting next to you. Tia, since you are in the front, we will start with you and go across the row to each person until we reach the back. Michael, since you are the last person in the back of the class, you will say something nice about Tia.”

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Rumored Hot Holiday Toys for 2018

This post does contain affiliate links.  I will receive a small percentage from sales made from this post at no extra cost to you. 

Last year I had friends begging to find a JoJo Sewa My Life doll, Nintendo NES Classic, Unicorn Fingerlings, and the Step2 My First Christmas Tree.  All of these kept selling out when listed. And you know what happens when that happens?  People buy them up when they get a chance and sell them for double or triple price on ebay and Amazon.  Retailers raise prices and limit the number you can get.

While there is no sure fire way for the average person to know what the “hot” toys will be there are a few indicators.  Such as:

  1.  You’re seeing a lot of press on the toy with a release date close to the holiday season.
  2.  You’re starting to see talk about it through blogs, Youtube, facebook feeds, and in-person conversations.
  3.  You’re kids or other kids are starting to talk about it.
  4.  You’re already seeing articles talking about them being a possible hot toy for the holiday season.
  5.   It’s different, it’s interactive, and appealing to kids.
  6.  New toys put out by historically popular brands at holidays

Understand the toys I’m about to post here follow that pattern BUT I’m not telling you they ARE going to be the hot holidays toys.  But they have the potential to be.  With Toys R Us not around for the holidays this year, I imagine the fight for holiday toys will be even more fierce this year.

Twisty Petz – Bubblegum Bunny is a wearable bracelet or twist into a pet

  1.  Twisty Petz – What is Twisty Petz? Ok from what I can gather they are wearable jewelry that can be twisted into different animal shapes that kids can then play with.  There are sets and there are individual ones.  They are also from the popular SpinMaster brand, you know the ones that brought us Fingerlings, Hatchimals, and few other hot toys. One more indicator, they’ve been selling out on all platforms.   I already bought a set to put away for my daughter for the holidays and bought a different set for my nieces birthday.  The good news is most set are less than $20, some less than $10.   Currently you can find them at:

Twisty Petz on Amazon                           Twisty Petz at Walmart


2.  Pomsies – Pomsies are an interactive and cuddly toy you can wrap around your arm.  50 different interactions to tell you if they’re hungry, sad, happy, etc.  There’s even a freeze dance mode.  They come in a bunch of different colors too!

Pomsies on Amazon                Pomsies at Target            Pomsies at Walmart


3. Grumblies – perhaps appealing more to the boys, Grumblies have multiple interactions. Made by the same company making the Pomsies.  These have different colors connecting to an element.  There are 40 reactions.  No nurturing these guys.  Rough them up and try to make them have a meltdown.  Each Grumblies has a different personality.   Ain’t gonna lie, I already have one of these stashed away for my youngest son.

Grumblies on Amazon               Grumblies at Target               Grumblies at Walmart


4.  LOL Surpise! Bigger Surprise – yes, last year the LOL Surprise Big Surprise kept selling out with people looking for it.  This year it’s the LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise with 60+ surprises. Guys this does not even get released until September 25. They had a Pre-order available for it on Amazon about a week ago and you can’t even pre-order it right now.  Places are already trying to sell it for $100+ or more. They will restock it’s just a matter of when.  If you want this make sure you follow my facebook page and I’ll be trying to post when hot toys are back in stock.   At the time of this post LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise is available for pre-order on Walmart.   Release date is 9/25/18 but you can pre-order at Walmart and Amazon

LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise on Amazon       LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise at Walmart

LOL Surprise! Bigger Surprise at Target (not yet available for pre-order)



5. Step2 My First Gingerbread House and Step2 My First Snowman –  Last year Step2’s My First Christmas tree was a big hit and stores had a hard time keeping it in stock.  Even now I’ve been watching the the gingerbread house and also Step2 My First Snowman and drifting in and out of availability.  Again, if these are toys you’re interested in, Follow the Luv Saving Money Facebook page for faster alerts when these toys are in stock!

Step2 My First Gingerbread House on Amazon                      Step2 My First Snowman on Amazon


6.  Poopsies – Yea I know I don’t get it either but they sure know how to market. Capitalizing on the slime making craze combined with unicorn everything craze and you have a winner!  From Surprise packs to the pre-order available Poopsie Pooey Puitton Collectable, Multicolor an $80 (only $50 at Target) set that will get your slime, unicorn poop obsessed kid a lot to do.  Hey at least it gets them away from the electronics right? 

Poopsies available on Amazon           Poopsies at Walmart           Poopsies at Target


7.  LOL Suprise! House – Well if you’re going to get 60+ LOL suprises with the Bigger Surprise you may as well get them a house to play in right?  While easily the most expensive item on the list, it hasn’t stopped this item from being in and out of stock online.  Includes working elevator, lights, sounds, and pool!


LOL Surpise! House on Amazon        LOL Surprise! House at Walmart      LOL Surprise! House at Target

8.  LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle – Ok this one is cool.  If you have a LEGO fan challenge them with the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle set. With 962 pieces of spacial relation, mechanical reasoning, and directions following heaven.  This is a really cool looking room display when they’re done too!  This one is great for the older kids and kids at heart.


LEGO Ship in a Bottle on Amazon      LEGO Ship in a Bottle at Walmart       LEGO Ship in a Bottle at Target

Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book Tour & Giveaway


Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book 1
Lilli Carlisle
Paranormal Romance
a realm of elves, ogres and white witches, where danger is
ever-present, Princess Helena Lichtenberg lost her parents at a young
age. Raised by her uncle and aunt, Helena values family above all
else. Now, as decreed by tradition, it is time to select a mate.






scarred and scary, Black Ridge Wolf Pack leader Aldric Forst has
never drawn the eye of any Omega. Why would he? But, on this, the
night of what he swears is his last selection celebration, everything
is different. One of those most beautiful, magical and powerful
women, the niece of the king and queen themselves, wants him. And
Aldric has never wanted anything more in return. No force—no matter
how dark, no matter how powerful—will take Helena from him.


Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book 2



it hadn’t been for King Leonidas, white witch Ceva would have roamed
the earth alone and ostracized. She was a biological accident, and
her heritage was a curse she’d carry around for all her days. Now she
fights for her king and kingdom, a fierce warrior on a mission to
prove she is worthy of the trust and friendship the king has
afforded. When she meets Lothar, captain of the Black Ridge Wolf Pack
guard, she glimpses a future she never thought possible. But once he
knows her truths, he will surely reject her.






had never met anyone like Ceva. Beautiful, fierce, protective and
loyal, she would make the perfect mate for any man. Lothar wants to
be that man, but Ceva remains elusive. Sure, she flirts, and they
dance around each other, but Lothar wants more. When his team joins
hers on a dangerous mission, he learns her secrets, which makes her
more extraordinary, not the pariah she believes she is. But her past
is about to catch up with her, and only his love can save them from
certain death.


Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book 3



Power of Unity



years ago Karli’s parents ripped her away from her home and the men
she loved. An omega with gifts worthy of only the most special man,
her parents refused to allow her to mate with anyone less than a
powerful, wealthy alpha. But at a young age Karli had found her
forever in Joseph and Rowl’s arms, and she knew she could never love
anyone else. After a vicious ogre attack decimated the village where
her parent’s had hidden her, warriors came to save the wounded pack
members. Warriors led by Joseph and Rowl.



she had seemed to disappear into thin air, Joseph and Rowl never
stopped searching for the woman they loved. When Karli was discovered
among the ruins of a small village, the fierce warrior captains
couldn’t believe their eyes. And once they had found her, they were
never going to let her go. But dark forces were at work to separate
the triad once again, and this time all their lives were on the line.


Black Ridge Wolf Pack Book 4



Laura was attending the annual omega celebration, a ruthless ogre
attack destroyed her village and wiped out her family. Heartbroken,
lonely, and adrift, she was forced to rely on the kindness of the
Black Ridge wolf pack alpha for a home. And so were many others,
including members of the small Newton pack, and their handsome,
strong alpha, Dedric. One brief interlude was all it took for Laura
to know she would choose him as her mate.




Dedric Newton couldn’t believe his good fortune. Beautiful and
powerful, Laura was the omega of his dreams. Worried he had so little
to offer, he insists she spend time with his small pack as they
rebuild their village and homes. Laura and Dedric’s time in Newton
strengthens their bond while evil works to undo all of Laura’s
gifts, especially her legacy. After finding the greatest love an
alpha could dream of, Dedric will do anything and everything to keep
Laura safe from harm.


Carlisle is a paralegal and author who lives in Ontario, Canada. she
is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter;
the Toronto Romance Writers. More than just an author, Lilli is a
dedicated people watcher, lover of romance novels and 80’s rock,
who grew up with a love of reading. Lilli is a firm believer in happy
endings and that love is meant to be celebrated and shared.
Theseparanormal romance novels will raise your heart rate and make you
believe in love. Enter this fantasy utopia and let yourself
experience the anticipation of new love and endless thrills. After
all, everybody needs a little romance, excitement, intrigue and
passion in their lives.

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Angela Kay’s Crime Thrillers Book Tour & Giveaway

Can Kill
Angela Kay
Crime Mystery, Thriller
Can Kill, and You Can’t Catch Me…
were the last words The Carnations Killer said to FBI Special Agent
Aidan O’Reilly ten years ago before he went into hiding. He has
tortured and murdered fifty women since then and managed to elude
capture. Now, he’s returned once again, and his new hunting ground is
Augusta, GA.
teams up with Shaun Henderson, the special agent in charge of the
Augusta Resident Agency, to bring this ruthless killer to justice
once and for all. But as each second ticks by, tensions rise and
O’Reilly finds himself in a race against time before the killer slips
away again.


Testimonial featured on
the back of the book:
gripping new thriller by Angela Kay that pits FBI Special Agent Aidan
O’Reilly against the Carnations Killer, a serial killer who enjoys
playing Cat and Mouse with this formidable agent.” — Dana
Ridenour, retired FBI Agent and award winning author of Behind The
and Beyond The Cabin



Murder of Manny Grimes
Cases of Lieutenant DeLong #1
Angela Kay
Suspense, Thriller, Mystery
three young boys stumble into Lieutenant Jim DeLong’s life one night
during a winter storm, they claim they’ve seen a dead body by the
swing sets of the Columbia County Elementary School. After he
investigates, DeLong sees no evidence, not even a body. But were the
boys telling the truth?



the help of his oldest friend and mentor, former Naval investigator
Russ Calhoun, DeLong sets out to find whether Manny Grimes is alive
or dead. The further away he gets to the bottom of the mystery, the
closer he comes to realize that his own life is falling



deeper into the murder of Manny Grimes, Lieutenant DeLong begins to
unravel, losing his sense of control, falling into old temptations he
spent years to overcome. Will he be able to move past his own demons
and untangle the web of lies before it’s too late?



Runs Cold
Cases of Lieutenant DeLong #2
young woman has been murdered at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion and
Lieutenant Jim DeLong realizes at first sight this case will be the
most difficult one of his career. DeLong is immediately swept into
the memories of his childhood and dark secrets he’s longed to



victim is his sister-in-law, and old thoughts he’s fought to delete
will be resurrected whether DeLong likes it or not. He and his
brother have been estranged by unhappy times in their youth. With no
clear motive, DeLong questions his ability to remain objective.



to Goodreads


with a professional writing degree from Augusta State University,
Angela Kay is a southern lady who spends her days and nights dreaming
up new ways to solve dark murders of normal people.



Kay was one of 23 across the United States to win a 2009 playwrightcontest for her one-act entitled “Digging Deeper.” Because of
this, she was able to spend a week in Atlanta at the Horizon Theater



lives in Augusta, Georgia with her crazy calico, Maggie.


LIEUTENANT CHRISTENSON STARED at the lifeless body of a young woman who appeared to be in her
late twenties. Her eyes were closed, and her French braided hair looked like a mass of blonde spider webs. The
bruising on her body was prominent, and he could tell she’d endured a great amount of torture. Her wrists and
ankles held deep gashes, as though she’d once been bound by a thin wire. She had two puncture wounds on
her neck indicating a taser had been used.
She appeared to have been posed: her legs straight in front of her, head facing the sky, arms positioned over
her chest. She held a bouquet of white carnations in her hands, which stood in contrast against her black dress.
Christenson noticed her fingernails were broken and rugged. She had splinters and blood underneath them. He
guessed it was possible she’d tried escaping from wherever she was originally held.
But what struck his interest the most was the envelope resting against the carnations. It read: FBI Special
Agent Aidan O’Reilly.
Christenson had one of his men contact the Resident Agency in Augusta to notify them of the note singling out
one of their agents. After hearing the details of the crime, Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge Monroe
informed him she would get in touch with Agent O’Reilly and dispense a team of agents to the location.
As he waited for the FBI to arrive, the medical examiner was finishing her first-glance examination of the
One of his men interviewed the teenage couple who called it in, while two divers searched beneath the Clarks
Hill Lake, and the rest of the men scoured the surrounding areas. So far, no other evidence had been found.
He watched as his divers pushed their heads out from underneath the water and returned to shore. They
reported to him that nothing unusual was found. He received the same from the land squad.
Christenson frowned at the body as the medical examiner rose.
“From what I can tell based on the body temp,” she began, removing her latex gloves, “she’s been dead for
about six or seven hours. I’ll know more once I perform the autopsy. I’d have to say the cause of death was
strangulation by a thin wire of some sort.”
Christenson nodded. “I’ve been instructed by the FBI to leave the body as she was found. But once she’s
released to you, she’s your first priority.”
He stepped over to where the teenage couple stood. As he neared, he heard the young man say, “Can’t believe
I actually found a dead body.”
“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight,” the girl whined. The light wind bristled through her brown hair,
sweeping a strand in her eyes. She brushed it to the side with a frown and hugged herself. “It’s so awful.”
“It’s very CSI-y, isn’t it?” The boy let out a scoff.
“This isn’t a joke,” Christenson said, frowning. “A woman’s dead.”
The boy swallowed as his gaze settled on the lieutenant. “I didn’t mean—I was just saying—”
Christenson ignored him with a wave of his hand and looked at the officer who interviewed the couple. “What
did you get?”
“Wrong place, wrong time,” the officer replied. “They planned on spending the day here but found her
“Are you going to arrest us?” the boy asked.
“No,” Christenson assured him. “Thank you for calling it in. You’re free to go home, but the feds may need to
speak with you later.”
“Thanks,” the girl muttered. She tugged her boyfriend’s hand and pulled him from the scene. He followed
with reluctance, his eyes glued to the body by the water.
“All right, men, listen up,” Christenson called out. His officers looked his way, giving him their attention.
“When the FBI arrives, I want us to be as cooperative as possible. Understood?”
His men muttered their agreements.
Christenson returned to where the body rested. He wondered what her name was, who her family was. She had
a wedding band, and he wondered if she and her husband had any children.
“It’s tragic,” Sergeant Taylor stated, standing next to him.
Christenson didn’t respond. He didn’t need to. During the thirty years he spent as a police officer, he’d seen
unimaginable things.
And he knew it wouldn’t be his last.
All he knew to do to compensate for the evil deeds of the world was his job.

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Free Credit Tool to Help with Your Finances: Credit Sesame

This post does contain affiliate links.  I will receive a small compensation for actions completed through the banner.

I’ve been using Credit Sesame for years.  To start with it’s free so there is really no loss in trying it. You can check your credit score at any time as often as you want and it won’t effect your credit score.  You can choose to get alerts either via email or app to let you know if there are changes to your credit either good or bad.

Credit Sesame has suggestions to help you try to fix your credit or maintain your good credit.

I had a divorce an bankruptcy decades ago in my history which is sort of the reason for my passion for saving money and getting my finances straight. I’ve come a long way since then.  Honestly Credit Sesame has been such an amazing tool for me in my journey to fix my credit.

There are no fees, no credit card required to join.