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Crimson Melodies Book Tour & Giveaway

Crimson Melodies
Red and Black Series Book 2
by Grace Harper
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Dreamboat Carter’s ambition in life wasn’t to become

the lead singer of the
band Maverick. His plan to move to Brighton to assist his aunt run a halfway house was
to get away from his past. He’d finished his degree, had the skills
to help his aunt. Life for him would be settled.

When he saw Alex Devlin, lead singer of the
globally successful rock
band,Fragile, peelingcarrots at his aunt’s kitchen sink, he faltered on the threshold.

His knew with certainty that his life would
change forever.
Leia Bryant, the internationally famous
supermodel, has the world at her
feet. However, her agent thinks otherwise and systematically drops
her from all her campaigns, citing Leia is too old to model.

Devastated that she is now unable to walk

down the best Milan runways, Leia is
surprised when Red & Black record label want to meet her. After a
single meeting, Leia is cosseted into the family of the record label.
But, it’s her passionate encounter with Donovan Carter that changes
her life forever.

Leia resists Donovan’s crazy idea of dating,
telling him she is too old
for him. A decade younger than Leia, Donovan doesn’t see what the
problem could be.
She sets the rules and is only prepared to have
a fling, keep it quiet
from the public, just a bit of fooling around. The plan is going well
until one of them falls in love.
Then both their lives change forever.
Maverick quickly reach stardom, but at what
cost? Especially as Donovan
replaced the previous lead singer of

Casey Lowe, much to Casey’s aggravation. They knew each other a long
time ago.
Old wounds split open. There is more than one
man out for revenge.
Whose lives are about to change again?

**Only .99 cents!!**


Charcoal Notes
and Black Series Book 1

Ultimate friends to
lovers romance.

There was a time when Sebastian Wild had the
music world eating out of his
hands. Rock band, Fragile were at their height of fame when they gave
it all up.
It seemed a good idea when Sebastian started
Red & Black record
label with his best friend, Alex Devlin. Sebastian was over the moon
when Tara Adkins agreed to come on board to spearhead the marketing.
Sweet, innocent Tara. He knew her life
choices and had no problem marrying
her before he could take her to bed.
The problem? She was his best friend and only
saw him as a rock star man
Tara Adkins had been in lust with Sebastian
for too many years. Lust had
moved to love when she started working at Red & Black record
label. The handsome, sexy rock star had her heart racing every time
he walked into her office.
The problem? She wished she’d never told
him about her rules of love.
Date, marry then have sex. He was her best friend and only saw her as
an innocent woman who was too buttoned up to let her wild side show.
Sebastian and Tara embark on a passionate
journey, attempting to prove to each
other that it only matters what they think about their relationship,
not the public or his parents. Neither believes they are good enough
for marriage.
Sebastian thought he had won her heart until
Valentino, the devious, handsome
Italian tries to lure Tara away.
Will Valentino beat Sebastian to marry Tara or
will Tara listen to
Sebastian’s parents and believe she is just another groupie to fall
for the rock star?
Find out in the new series of Brighton’s latest
record label that every
musician wants to be signed to.

**Only .99 cents!!**



Grace Harper is a British author who loves to write about strong women and

handsome men. She writes steamy romance novels that will warm your heart.

Writer of the Brodie Saga and the Geary Series, Grace immerses you in
stories of love, or rather, love’s pursuit to bring together two
people who were meant for each other. It’s not always quick or easy
but it will happen eventually.
When Grace is not writing, she can be found mooching about in
stores. Grace might have a Maltesers addiction but is not ready to
stand up and own that just yet.

Margo: Are you there yet?
Me: No, I saw you ten minutes ago
The journey to Brighton took an hour by train, and then a taxi ride out to the business premises. Red &
Black based their headquarters in a mansion, in the middle of nowhere. Brighton was filled with the same
looking houses as mine. Four and five storey houses, on terraced streets. If they were anything like mine,
the homes used to have whole families living in them two hundred years ago but now were split into flats.
When I gave the address to the taxi driver, he told me it would be a half hour drive and to get
Driving along the gravel path to the mansion and across the car park, my mouth was open with awe at the
architecture of the old building. Maybe in my previous life, I lived in the 1800s and owned a house like
mine when it was brand new. They drew me in, fascinated me to the point I wanted to scour every inch
of the place. I’d hoped to find a hidden box of letters in my house and discover a mystery from years
gone by, but never did.
I paid the driver and stood looking up at the large windows, craning my neck back, scanning the rooms
and the gargoyles that protected the building. A woman waved from the window to my left, she had a
handsome man stood to her right who nodded in my direction. It was difficult to tell who they were as
the sun glinted off the leaded windows. I waved back and ducked in through the main door to reception.
“I’m here to meet with Erin Devlin, my name is Leia Bryant,” I said to the girl behind the desk.
“I know who you are, Ms Bryant, I’m a big fan. It’s great that you agreed to the meeting, I hope you say
yes to what they’re proposing,” the young girl said.
Her nose ring glinted in the overhead light, making her nose look cute. She rounded the desk where I
could see her short blue tartan over thick white tights. I was sweltering in my light jacket, I couldn’t
imagine how warm she would be in her thick roll neck white jumper. It was April but felt like summer.
“I’m Becky, if you need anything at all while you’re here, let me know,” she said over her shoulder.
Leading the way through the corridors, we passed recording studios and what sounded like a kitchen.
Turning the corner, I was met with a glass-walled meeting room. On one side of the glass table sat four
very recognisable faces. I was only expecting to meet with Erin.
Becky held the door open for me to walk through and left me standing on the other side.
“Hi,” I said.
My meek voice betraying the intimidation I felt.
I was a massive fan of Fragile and to see two of the band members on the other side of the table. Shaking
their hands felt surreal. Seb introduced me to his fiancé, Tara, who looked heavily pregnant, and I greeted
Erin last.
“I wasn’t expecting to see all four of you, I’m delighted to meet you all,” I said in a more firm tone.
“We thought we would come in numbers to persuade you to say yes,” Erin offered first.
Grateful for the glass and a pitcher of water, I poured myself a drink and listened to their idea. Erin
wasted no time telling me their plan and when she finished, there was a hushed silence for a few moments
until Tara groaned. Seb immediately checked she wasn’t going into labour and then stood behind Tara to
rub her shoulders. While I watched the love dance back and forth between them, I felt a spike of envy. I
had given up any hope of finding a decent man to marry, spending too many years on the road and never
in one city for longer than a week. Having a holiday was a luxury. There was always another sought-aftermodelling job that I knew would dry up one day. I figured I would sleep when my contracts stopped.
Now that I had the chance to take time off, the hottest record label in music was offering me a starring
role in a music video for Maverick. I was to be Donovan’s love interest, a story that spanned eighty years
in a six-minute video. My first thought was that Margo would be pissed off when she found out what they
expected me to do with Dreamboat Donovan. I hoped she forgave me because I was saying yes to this job.
Me: They want me to kiss Donovan
Margo: SAY YES
“How far along are you, Tara?” I asked to distract my attention away from my overzealous sister and her
constant stream of GIFs of pop video kisses.
“I’m due any minute, it could happen at any moment, Leia. The twins are kicking the hell out of my
bladder, and I will give them their first telling off as soon as I give birth. I swear they already know how
to bicker and fight like proper siblings.”
I laughed at her comment, nodding.
“I have six siblings, I can relate.”
“Six,” Seb said. “Don’t get any ideas,” his comment was aimed at Tara.
“You know how babies are made, right?”


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National Cheese Curd Day Fun Facts

Did you know Monday October 15 is National Cheese Curd Day?  Wisconsin cheese curd makers do.  Have you ever had the tasty, cheesy, squeaky snack before?  Yes I said squeaky.  The texture of the cheese has a signature squeak when chomping down on these tasty morsels.  Since I’m trying to do the keto diet, these are yummy snacks I can actually have! Here’s some more fun facts about Wisconsin cheese curds you  might not know:

  1. Milk it Up: Wisconsin cheese curds get their fresh flavor from top-quality Wisconsin milk. It takes 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese.

  1. Wait, So What is a Cheese Curd? A cheese curd is young cheddar. Instead of growing up into an aged block of cheese, they are separated from the whey during the cheesemaking process, leaving behind a solid curd of cheese that has a milky flavor. They give you an eye into the magic of cheesemaking, since all cheese starts by separating the curds from the whey.

  1. The Snack that Squeaks: Fresh cheese curds will make a squeaky sound as you bite into them, but why? The elastic protein strands in the curds rub against the enamel of your teeth to create that characteristic sound.

  1. Fresh is Best: The “squeak” is also a sign of curd freshness. And by fresh we mean they were made less than two days ago.

  1. No Curd Left Behind: If you don’t eat all of your curds within two days, you can restore the squeak by microwaving them for a few seconds. (You are also blessed with immaculate impulse control.)

  1. Variety is the Spice of Life: Cheese curds can be white or yellow because they are typically made from white or yellow cheddar cheese, and they come in many flavors. Aside from the traditional cheddar curds or occasional muenster curds, you can also find fresh cheese curds in flavors like garlic, spicy Cajun, taco or mild ranch.

  1. Curd Lover’s Dreams Come True: There’s an entire festival dedicated to cheese curds where you can celebrate, admire and eat Wisconsin cheese curds.

  1. Cheese Law: You must have a license to make cheese in Wisconsin and Wisconsin is the only place outside of Europe where you can pursue an elite Master Cheesemaker certification (which takes approximately 13 years). You’ll find some of the very best curds in Wisconsin.

  1. Curd Ambassador: Culver’s, the popular Wisconsin-based restaurant is the unofficial cheese curd ambassador, selling millions of their infamous fried curds a year.

  1. Taking Bets: It’s near impossible to eat less than five Wisconsin cheese curds, the cheesy goodness is addicting- you’ve been warned!

***Still hungry to learn more? For more information, check


Wondering How Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds Made?  Here’s the 9 Steps:


Step 1: Each day insulated tanker trucks pick up top quality milk from Wisconsin dairy farms which is delivered to cheese plants.

Step 2: Milk is carefully tested, weighed and heated, or pasteurized.

Step 3: Milk is pumped into a large vat. Rennet, starter cultures and enzymes are added. They thicken the milk and give it the desired cheese flavor.

Step 4: Next, the cheesemakers begin cutting the custard-like milk into tiny pieces. This separates the liquid, called whey, from milk solids, called curd.

Step 5: The curd and whey are stirred and cooked until the curd reaches just the right amount of firmness for the type of cheese to be made.

Step 6: The whey is drained and saved for other uses.

Step 7: Depending on the types of cheese to be made, the curd is cut and specially handled by the cheesemaker.

Step 8: The matted curd is milled in small bite-size pieces.

Step 9: The curd is salted, stirred and packaged.

 ***For more information and a list of 60+ of Wisconsin’s finest cheese curd retailers, check


I live in Pennsylvania so I don’t have ready access to these yummy little bites. The closest thing I have is the Wisconsin cheese bites at Sheetz lol

Cryptid Trilogy Book Tour & Giveaway

Trilogy Set 1
Douglas E. Roff and Jacob A. Roff
Horror, Thriller 
St. James, software genius and savant Chief Technologist of the
massive American DataLab Project, had just returned to his home in
Barrows Bay, British Columbia from Tucson, Arizona. He had spent the
better part of the past month working on a pro bono assignment for
his father’s friend Peter Berg, Regional Director of the FBI,
working out of the Seattle field office. His favor for the FBI was to
secure the mother lode and Holy Grail of the FBI’s Joint Organized
Crime Task Force that Berg believed he had accidentally stumbled
upon. Mere fortuity had led him to what he thought was fifty years or
more of Mafia financial books and records detailing organized
criminality from Seattle to Miami and all points in between. 


Adam found was nothing even remotely resembling what Regional
Director Berg was looking for. It had been a small clerical error
made by a temp transposing a letter or two in a last name that led
Adam St. James to his incredible discovery. But this discovery was
too incredible, too massive to even contemplate as being authentic.
Adam himself did not believe it could be true. Would he be proven
correct or was the truth too immeasurably stranger than fiction? 



Adam had accidently stumbled upon a great discovery, it would mean
that he had fortuitously confirmed the existence of the cryptid of
all cryptids. Had Adam found scientific and verifiable proof of the
existence of an unknown species of creatures capable of transforming
to human form or was this some immense practical joke designed to
annoy and embarrass him and his father, noted forensic archeologist
and author, Edward St. James?



journey will be fantastic. His discovery, if true, immense.



will Adam and his eclectic family survive discovery? Will



Discovery chronicles the discovery of the Gens Collective, ancient
and primal beings previously unknown to humanity but living among
mankind as crypto humans.



live among us.



intrigue, deception, treachery, lust and betrayal all come together
in the Cryptid Trilogy as mankind faces off against an unknown
species bent on its total destruction as the dominant species on the



continues to develop his amazing natural abilities as he seeks to
understand and control them. How will this saga end?



Trilogy Set 2
live among us. 




with his father, renowned archeologist Edward St. James, and his new
wife, Misti Alarcon, Adam St. James continues his investigation into
the Gens Collective and its rival rebel faction, the Black Shirts.
Both factions seek the demise of homo sapiens and have developed the
means to destroy humanity in what they call the Great Cull. And theyseek to destroy each other.



Adam continues his dialog with Paulo Fortizi, leader of the Gens
Collective, he is met with deceit and duplicity at every turn. The
Gens Collective desperately seeks to find Adam, who they call the
Human, and recover their lost Library.



continues to develop extraordinary new mental abilities with a close
group of colleagues and finds his new abilities are more powerful and
frightening than he could possibly imagine. Can he control his powers
or will they be his undoing?



the addition of the beautiful and mysterious Alana McCarthy, world
renowned NSA computer hacker, and the equally mysterious and lethal
Nocera “Noki” Lee, Adam confronts his adversaries uncovering the
depth and breadth of the plot against humanity. Can they succeed?
Only Adam holds the key to prevent unleashing total



mysterious Cardinal Bellinelli plots against the Black Shirts and the
Gens Collective to spark a war between the Gens and humanity he
believes will eliminate the Gens species on the planet. Does the
Vatican hold the answers Adam seeks? Which side will the Vatican
choose and why?



treachery and betrayal combine with unexpected twists and turns, as
events pit friend against friend, family against family, and species
against species. Nothing is as it appears to be, and new discoveries
shed light upon old grievances.



Black Shirts and their charismatic leader, Saldana Ri, develop the
means to destroy the rival Gens Collective and humanity, but will
they unleash the devastation? Can they? What explosive secrets does
Saldana hide that could destroy her leadership and shift the balance
of power back to her rival, Paulo Fortizi of the Gens


the means of destruction of humanity complete, it’s a race againsttime to prevent genocide on a global scale. Can Adam stop the
impending holocaust? Can anyone?



the fate of mankind and the Gens Nation hanging in the balance,
forces array against Adam and his teams trying to prevent the
conflagration that could signal the demise of intelligent life on the


tech, new weapons and new adversaries, along with new powers never
thought to exist, entertain the reader throughout the novel. New mind
journeys and psychic powers begin to reveal themselves as both the
savior and destructor of humanity.


in the United states, lived in Russia, the UK, Mexico, Costa Rica and
Canada. Citizen of the US and Canada. Worked for US and Canadian
governments as well as a long career in finance and trade finance. I
live in Latin America between countries on and off. I am retired and
now write novels full time.




am single, have one son who was active in my first three novels, the
Cryptid Trilogy. I speak Spanish fluently.


have completed three other novels that are now in edit, and have two
more novels that are in various stages of completion, will be
finished in 2018 but will not be published until 2019.



was targeted by the Russian government for arrest in retaliation for
the arrest of a Russian spy in the US.



was never a spy, but was a visible American involved in trade
promotion. The Russian spy was released and I was left alone after
that. I left Russia in 1998.



moved to Canada after that and spent over fifteen years in Vancouver,
BC. I lived in Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Mexico after leaving



have traveled extensively around the world, largely with my son, and
extensively in my home country of the US.




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Poohsticks Bridge Book Tour & Giveaway


The Birch Twins
Romantic Fiction
as a childhood game, Poohsticks Bridge tells the sweet story of a
friendship between two children that, through the years, blossoms
into adult love with an unbreakable bond and faith in one another.
John and Melissa are tested throughout their lives by hardships,
pain, and separation, yet their love and determination to live life
together to its fullest never falters. In today’s culture of having
everything, this couple shows us how a few, simple things can lead to
a satisfying and fulfilling life. 



in the extreme, you’ll want to keep the tissues nearby. These two
will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love … with life and with


write under the name “The Birch Twins.” Helen, my twin, didn’t
live to see life, and so I write for her. I’m a full time poverty
stricken doll artist who took to writing as I seemed to spend more
time writing out little back stories for the characters I created. My
first book The Life of LOL was written in five weeks, and was about
gangsters, grifters and drifters. Lots of cartoon slapstick violence
mixed with a serious message.
Poohsticks Bridge, the
new novel, shows my twin’s voice at is strongest as it tells the
story of a little boy who begins to grow up lonely and alone, until
he meets a little girl. It’s a glimpse of a life that Helen and I
could have had together. She writes through me, I can feel her
presence and hear her voice. Her tone is often wistful, low on
movement, mature and often quiet, while I am brash and loud and full
of silly car chases and boyhood dreams of rockets to the moon. We
have the perfect writing partnership.
2003, November.
“For always.”
Lola had liked it, and it hadn’t been long before things had been finalised, and Melissa and John
adopted Lola as their own little girl. It had all suddenly come back.
Lola had gotten off the bus as normal, at the bottom of the driveway on Decatur road. It was
cold, and although Momma Melissa had made Lola promise to wear her mittens and scarf, they
were stuffed in her bag. Odd though that Momma Melissa hadn’t met her on the drive like she
normally did. The car was there. As she got near the house, there was a note pinned to the
“Lola,” it read. “Come to Poohsticks. Surprise. Momma.”
Lola dropped her little schoolbag and trotted off to the bottom of the garden. She hoped
Momma was ok. The two of them had been ok without John, but it had been weird. She knew
Momma Melissa had been upset sometimes. Lola could always tell. Momma Melissa usually
gave her extra cuddles when she felt sad, or arranged lots of activities for them. Lola didn’t
mind. She was sad that daddy John was going to die. He was nice, but it was typical of her luck.
She’d finally found people who liked her, and one of them died pretty much straight away. Lola
kicked through the leaves as she made her way to Poohsticks. At first, she’d been closer to
Mommie Melissa. She smiled a beautiful smile, and hugged her tight. Daddy John hugged her
too, and smiled. But at first Lola had been a bit scared of him. Like he was fierce of something.
Which he wasn’t. And just as she got not scared of him, he did something to the car and didn’t
come home again. What was Mommie Melissa doing down here.? She only came here with
Daddy John, and they hadn’t been here in a few months. But Lola knew the way, and pretty
soon she neared the clearing. She rounded the corner, and saw Mommie Melissa sitting in one
corner…And saw something.
Saw someone.
Someone else sat beside her.
A man.

At first, she thought it was a new boyfriend. Daddy John had died. But then she saw the black
hair, and that sideways smile, and the look in his eyes as he saw the little girl. He stood shakily.
She didn’t hear his words.
“Hey Lola,” he said softly. “Haven’t you got a kiss for your daddy?”
She flung herself across the path and into his arms. He sank to his knees and embraced the girl,
tears streaming down his face.
“I remembered you,” he said, studying her face after, at long last, their embrace had ended.
“Your little face. You kept appearing to me. My little Lola. I love you so much, my little Lola.”
Then Lola was sat between them, and they both embraced her. She was crying now, but they
were tears of happiness.
The day after, they kept Lola away from school, and played with her all day. The happy day
began at seven thirty, when, deep in contented slumber, John and Melissa were awakened by a
happy little girl begging to be allowed into their bed. They relented, and she nestled down
between her adopted mummy and daddy happily. But she was too excited to sleep.
“Sing me the song, Daddy,” she said looking into John’s face.
John’s mind was a blank, and he thought hard to try to remember it.
“Lola honey,” began Melissa. “He doesn’t…”
“It’s ok,” said John touching his wife’s arm gently, “I’ll figure it out. There’s something there in
the back of my head. Let’s just see if it’s the right one.”
Lola propped herself up John’s chest and watched anxiously as John thought. There was only
one song in his head, right there at the back of his mind. He watched his daughter and began
to sing.
“Oh give me a home…” he began.
Lola closed her eyes with pleasure. He’d remembered.
“Where the buffalo roams,” he continued softly. “And the deer and the antelope play.”
“You remembered,” said Melissa, squeezing his arm.
“Can I continue the song?” he asked, a gentle smile playing across his face. They nodded.

“Where seldom is heard,” he sang watching the little girl’s eyes as they studied him. “A
discouraging word. Come on honey, join in”
“And the skies are not cloudy all day,” they all sang together.
They lay there singing Home on the Range till gone nine. At just after ten, sitting in the leaky
kitchen with the collapsed roof eating breakfast, a knock came on the door. Lola jumped down
from her stool at the breakfast bar, but John held her arm.
“No honey,” he said. “Finish up your breakfast. The man of the house is home now. Let me
answer my own front door. It’s been a while.”
Melissa watched him as he grabbed his walker and edged his way to the door. The knock came
again. Bell must be burnt out again, she thought. She added it to her mental list of jobs to do.
In the hall, her husband had reached the door, and opened it. There was a woman standing
there, slight of frame, with pulled back dark hair. She was wearing a uniform, all black with a
logo on it that John didn’t recognise

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