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For the Foodie or Home Chef

I’ve developed an interest in trying new recipes. Pinterest has become a daily visit for me. I love finding recipes for new desserts, appetizer, meal ideas, and sides to try for my family. There’s been a combination of things that have really sparked this interest though and they make great gift ideas.

I’m breaking the holiday guide 2019 into categories. Welcome to the chef and foodie holiday guide.

Instant Pot

For a while I felt like every time I clicked on a recipe I was interested in it was an Instant Pot recipe. I didn’t know what the big deals was with Instant Pots. Finally, after a coworker started telling me about this great recipe and why I needed an instant pot I gave in. I decided if I saw a deal on one I’d go ahead and grab it. After all it would benefit my family. Honestly, a couple days after I found a deal on a refurbished Instant Pot Lux 6 qt for $40. I used it so much. I realized with my family of 6 I’d do better with an 8 qt. I found a deal on the Instant Pot DUO 8 qt and grabbed that too. I’ve since inspired many family members and a few friends to either buy one or pull theirs out of the closet.

Instant Pot DUO is available in 3 qt, 6 qt, and 8 qt.

So why an Instant Pot? I asked myself the same question. Instant Pots are more than pressure cookers. The Instant Pot DUO in particular has the follow features: saute, slow cooker, pressure cooker, warming, steam, and yogurt. The last feature is the reason I upgraded to a DUO. Not all Instant Pots have the yogurt function. My Instant Pot saves me time and clean up. That’s because I can saute the onions or meat in the pot then add the ingredients. So many one pot recipes.

If your recipient already has an Instant Pot there are TONS of Instant Pot accessories out there. I definitely have some Instant Pot Accessories on my holiday wish list. There’s also lot of instant pot cookbooks.

Misfits Market Box

I love this box for so many reasons. I’m going to list them here for you:

  • All fruits and vegetable are certified organic and non-gmo
  • Helps eliminate food waste in the US by using less-than-perfect produce that would otherwise be looked over
  • Uses compostable packaging and boxes are made from recycled cardboard
  • Budget friendly, affordable way to have organic and non-gmo produce shipped right to your home
  • You get to choose your delivery day
  • 2 different box sizes to choose from
  • You get to try produce you may not have otherwise tried
  • they offer job opportunities to those that sometimes find it difficult to find work and pay a living wage.

The more I learn about this company the happier I am that i found this company. I chose the Madness box with biweekly deliveries for my family of 6. Misfits Market Box has helped my family try new things and helped me try new recipes to add to my families meals. We’ve tried jicama, turnips, fennel, and romanesco broccoli. We also get things like onions, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, carrots, and lots more. One of the fun things is not knowing exactly what produce you’ll receive. I did a fun Misfits Market Madness box unboxing video on the YouTube channel if you’d like to see an example.

If you’d like to try it for yourself you can get a discount off your first Misfits Market box through my referral link.

Misfits Market box also has gifting options. You can either send a box to your recipient immediately or you can get an egift card with redemption code to give to your recipient so they can redeem it on their own time.

Raw Spice Bar

This is an awesome gift idea for the person that loves their kitchen gadgets so much they already have them all. Think you’re being clever by getting the angry momma steam microwave cleaner, well think again, they already have TWO. Every chef could use more rubber spatulas right? Wrong, they have 20 and have been giving them away.

But spices, spices are the answer. Raw Spice Bar allows you to buy fresh grounds spices and have them sent to your home. Make a one time order or subscribe to get fresh spices each month. As a gift, Raw Spice Bar has the option to gift a spice set or gift a spice subscription.

This is a great way to get fresh spices and try new spices. For the true foodie or home chef this is the gift they won’t want to return.


Lovable Labels

Some people think of labels as a simple way to mark toy bins, clothing, school supplies, etc so they don’t get lost or are easy to find. Lovable Labels does have labels for all that but did you know they also make awesome kitchen labels too!

My absolute FAVE product is the Date It! labels I LOVE using these to mark left overs in the fridge. You can write whatever you want on them. The name of the food and the date. You can use them for work to put your name on your lunch. They’re washable, dishwasher and microwave safe, and can be use again and again. They are several different designs to choose from. You can use the wet erase marker available on the Lovable labels site or I like to use a china marker with mine.

Lovable Labels also has canning labels, pantry labels, spice labels, and more. Oh hey you could get the spice subscription I mentioned and the spice labels!

Avoseedo 2.0 is an easy way to grow your own avocado tree. It’s also pretty cute too. Read more about Avoseedo 2.9 on my Avoseedo 2.0 review post and be on the lookout for a giveaway!

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