The Secrets of Hawthorne House Book Tour & Giveaway

The Secrets of Hawthorne House
by Donald Firesmith
Genre: Teen Paranormal Mystery
Matt’s life changes forever when a family of druids moves into the dilapidated Victorian mansion next door. The story of an unlikely friendship, the clash of two completely different cultures, secret magic, and a search for the lost Hawthorne treasure.
Fifteen-year-old Matt Mitchell was having the worst summer imaginable. Matt’s misery started when a drunk driver killed his mother. Then his father moved him and his twin sister to the small town of Hawthorne in rural Indiana, as far as his grieving father could take from the ocean that Matt’s mother had loved. At the new high school, three bullies are determined to make Matt miserable. And to top it off, Matt learns that the recluse who lives in the ‘haunted house” next door is none other than Old Lady Hawthorne, the town’s infamous witch and murderer. Matt’s terrible summer is turning into an awful autumn when something quite unexpected happens. Old Lady Hawthorne’s niece and her three children arrive, and Matt meets Gerallt.
A geek by day, Donald Firesmith works as a system and software engineer helping the US Government acquire large, complex software-intensive systems. In this guise, he has authored seven technical books, written numerous software- and system-related articles and papers, and spoken at more conferences than he can possibly remember. He’s also proud to have been named a Distinguished Engineer by the Association of Computing Machinery, although his pride is tempered somewhat by his fear that the term “distinguished” makes him sound like a graybeard academic rather than an active engineer whose beard is still slightly more red than gray.
By night and on weekends, his alter ego writes modern paranormal fantasy, apocalyptic science fiction, action and adventure novels and relaxes by handcrafting magic wands from various magical woods and mystical gemstones. His first foray into fiction is the book Magical Wands: A Cornucopia of Wand Lore written under the pen name Wolfrick Ignatius Feuerschmied. He lives in Crafton, Pennsylvania with his wife Becky, and his son Dane, and varying numbers of dogs, cats, and birds.

By the final week of October, the tall oaks lining Hawthorne Drive had reached the peak of their
colors, and the first yellow leaves slowly tumbled down to lie on lawns and sidewalks. All along
Hawthorne Drive, the modest one- and two-story houses had been turned into happy Halloween
haunts. Throughout the neighborhood, bright orange lights framed windows and doors, and small
fluttering ghosts hung from the branches of many of the smaller trees in peoples’ yards. Black
plastic spiders sat on the cottony cobwebs that shrouded every bush, while jolly Jack-O-Lanterns
stood silent guard at every porch. Front yards had become grave yards, and the occasional inept
witch hung where she’d crashed headlong into a tree or the side of a house.
Yet the morning of Halloween had arrived with no change to Hawthorne House, making it
appear decidedly underdressed with no sign of Halloween decorations.
“So Gerallt, doesn’t your family celebrate Halloween?” Matt asked as the Hawthorne children
joined Tina and him at the bus stop. “You haven’t put up any decorations, and I haven’t heard
you mention it all month.”
“Of course we observe Halloween, only we call it Samhain,” Gerallt said, exchanging
cautious glances with his sister. Unlike Wiccans, who pronounce the holiday as Sow-in, Gerallt
pronounced the Gaelic word meaning the end of summer as Sahm-wan. “It’s just that for us, the
holiday doesn’t start until dusk and we always wait until then tah decorate.”
“Tonight is very special tah us,” Gwyneth added solemnly.
“It’s our new year,” Gerallt continued. “We have a feast tah welcome the spirits of those who
will be born in the comin’ year and tah celebrate the lives of those who have passed in the
previous year. Tonight, we’ll celebrate the life of our fathah and welcome his spirit when he
visits us from the Spirit World…”
Before Matt could decide how to respond to Gerallt’s unexpected expectation that his father’s
ghost was going to visit him, Gareth said, “Samhain ‘s my favorite holiday. I love trick-or-
treatin’ and all the candy. Can I go with you and Gerallt tonight? Please? I promise not tah be a
bothah or anything. Please, Matt?”

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Trifles and Folly Book Tour & Giveaway

Trifles and Folly A Deadly Curiosities Collection by Gail Z. Martin Genre: Urban Fantasy

A collection of nine adventures: Buttons, The Restless Dead, Retribution, Coffin Box, Wicked Dreams, Collector, Bad Memories, Shadow Garden, and Spook House. Cassidy Kincaide runs Trifles & Folly in modern-day Charleston, an antiques and curios shop with a dangerous secret. Cassidy can read the history of objects by touching them and along with her business partners Teag, who has Weaver magic and Sorren, a 600 year-old vampire, they get rid of cursed objects and keep Charleston and the world safe from supernatural threats. An extension of the Deadly Curiosities book series. Revised Edition 2, 2018. Includes an updated cover, minor edits and the BONUS section with three stories chronicling Sorren’s early days: Vanities, The Wild Hunt, and Dark Legacy. Goodreads * Amazon

Trifles and Folly 2 A Deadly Curiosities Collection

Cassidy Kincaide runs Trifles & Folly in modern-day Charleston, an antiques and curios shop with a dangerous secret. Cassidy can read the history of objects by touching them and together with Teag (a hacker and weaver witch) and Sorren, a 600 year-old vampire, they get rid of cursed objects and keep Charleston and the world safe from supernatural threats. An extension of the Deadly Curiosities urban fantasy novel series, this collection contains three full novellas and four short stories: The Final Death, Predator, Fair Game, Fatal Invitation, Redcap, Bloodlines, plus three bonus stories: Among the Shoals Forever, The Low Road, and Steer a Pale Course. Goodreads * Amazon

Gail Z. Martin discovered her passion for science fiction, fantasy and ghost stories in elementary school. The first story she wroteat age fivewas about a vampire. Her favorite TV show as a preschooler was Dark Shadows. At age 14, she decided to become a writer. She enjoys attending science fiction/fantasy conventions, Renaissance fairs and living history sites. She is married and has three children, a Himalayan cat, a Maltese and a golden retriever. Website * Newsletter* Facebook * Pinterest * Twitter * Goodreads * Amazon

Coffin Box

“I DON’T KNOW why, but I’ve really got a bad feeling about that house.” I sat in the car parked at
the curb near the big house on the Battery.
“Bad feeling like they won’t pay their bill, or bad feeling like there’s a hungry demon
inside?” Teag Logan asked.
I shook my head. “Not sure, but if I had to put money on it, I’d go with the demon.”
Most people would be kidding. Teag knew I wasn’t. I’m Cassidy Kincaide, owner of Trifles
and Folly, an antique and curio shop in historic, haunted Charleston, SC. Neither Teag nor I are
entirely what we seem, and that holds true for the shop as well.
I’m a psychometric, which means I can often read the history of objects by touching them.
Teag has Weaver magic, an ability to weave spells into cloth and to weave data streams—like
the Internet—making him an awesome hacker. He’s my best friend, sometime bodyguard and
assistant store manager. I’m the latest in a very long line of relatives to manage Trifles and Folly
in the 350 years the store has existed, but we’ve all had the same silent partner, a nearly six-
hundred-year-old vampire named Sorren, and the same mission: to get dangerous magical items
off the market and out of the wrong hands. Most of the time, we succeed. When we fail, people
die and really bad things happen.
“How do you want to handle this?” Teag asked.
I drew a deep breath. “We go in, and see what’s what. Then we figure it out from there.” My
magic is touch-psychic, not clairvoyance, so I can’t see the future, much as I would sometimes
like to.
The house was large, old, and expensive. Most of the homes on the Battery hailed from
before the Civil War. Many of the houses are painted in the muted pastels most people associate
with places like Bermuda and Nassau. Some of the families who owned these homes had been
here since the mansions were built. The houses are beautiful, and tourists flock to see them. But
as much as I admire their beauty, I try not to spend a lot of time down at the Battery for the
simple reason that it creeps me out.

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Readeropolis BookTube Your Shelf Anniversary + Kindle Fire 7 Giveaway

The BookTube Your Shelf Daily Reader turns one year old this March.
[Cue the party music!] The time has flown by so quickly. My to-be-read list has expanded even faster. As a reader, you know that is both a good and bad thing. LOL!
YouTube for the Bookish? is the second most visited website in the world – where over 1.9 billion logged-in users visit each month. And each day, people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. While many people are aware of the music videos, make-up channels and gaming channels on the platform, far fewer know about the great bookish content available on YouTube. BookTube is a community of content creators on YouTube that film videos about books. The BookTube Your Shelf Daily Reader is a daily online newspaper featuring social shares from booktubers (including authortubers) and some bookish neighbors (like bloggers and readers). Are you familiar with BookTube?
[youtube v=9lFcDYEszvM?feature=player_embedded]
Once Upon A Time…
Between changes in YouTube’s algorithm and my book reading taste, it was a struggle for me to keep up with my favorite booktubers and keep a look-out for new booktubers. I knew many other fans of BookTube were having similar problems.
When YouTube changed it’s monetization rules in early 2018, many people, including myself, worried about it’s overall impact on small content creators. As I looked at my personal BookTube channel list, I thought, “What can I do to help support and encourage bookish content creators?” Then poof! The idea for The BookTube Your Shelf Daily Reader popped into my head. [Yes, with a poof]. What started out as an idea in March of 2018 has morphed into a passion project with an online newspaper and email newsletter.
Find Your Next Favorite…
One of the goals of The BookTube Your Shelf Daily Reader project is to help you find your next favorite booktuber. Check out the Videos section of TBYSDR for suggestions on bookish YouTube videos to watch. It features over 25 videos each day.
Another goal of the project is to help you find your next great read. In The BookTube Your Shelf web newspaper, you’ll find a variety of posts like:
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You can follow all of the anniversary celebration events by joining the Facebook anniversary event page (click “Going” to get updates):
So, let’s chat in in the comments.
Do you watch book-related videos on YouTube? What are some of your favorite BookTube Channels?
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BookTube, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re hands down amazing!
Mayor Sonni: Reader extraordinaire. Mayor of the Readeropolis book blog. Content curator. Lover of books, lists, sweet tea, and vacations. Well, not necessarily in that order.
Are you connected?
You can find her all over the Internet under the handle Readeropolis.
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The Donet Trilogy Book Tour & Giveaway

To Tame the Wind
The Donet Trilogy Book 1
by Regan Walker
Genre: Historical Romance
A sea adventure like no other, a riveting romance!”
– SHIRLEE BUSBEE, NY Times Bestselling author
All Claire Donet knew was the world inside the convent walls in Saint-Denis. She had no idea her beloved papa was a pirate. But when he seized Simon Powell’s schooner, the English privateer decided to take the thing his enemy held most dear…her.
The waters between France and England roil with the clashes of Claire’s father and her captor as the last year of the American Revolution rages on the sea, spies lurk in Paris and Claire’s passion for the English captain rises.
Echo in the Wind
The Donet Trilogy Book 2
“Regan Walker sweeps you away to a time and place you’ll NEVER want to leave!” ~ Danelle Harmon, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author
England and France 1784
Cast out by his noble father for marrying the woman he loved, Jean Donet took to the sea, becoming a smuggler, delivering French brandy and tea to the south coast of England. When his young wife died, he nearly lost his sanity. In time, he became a pirate and then a privateer, vowing to never again risk his heart.
As Donet’s wealth grew, so grew his fame as a daring ship’s captain, the terror of the English Channel in the American War. When his father and older brother die in a carriage accident in France, Jean becomes the comte de Saintonge, a title he never wanted.
Lady Joanna West cares little for London Society, which considers her its darling. Marriage in the ton is either dull or disastrous. She wants no part of it. To help the poor in Sussex, she joins in their smuggling. Now she is the master of the beach, risking her reputation and her life. One night off the coast of Bognor, Joanna encounters the menacing captain of a smuggling ship, never realizing he is the mysterious comte de Saintonge.
Can Donet resist the English vixen who entices him as no other woman? Will Lady Joanna risk all for an uncertain chance at love in the arms of the dashing Jean Donet?
A Fierce Wind
The Donet Trilogy Book 3
“Simply Magnificent!” – Stew Ross, author of Where Did They Put the Guillotine?
France 1794.
Zoé Ariane Donet was in love with love until she met the young commander of the royalist army fighting the revolutionaries tearing apart France. When the dashing young general is killed, she joins the royalist cause, rescuing émigrés fleeing Robespierre’s Reign of Terror.
One man watches over her: Frederick West, the brother of an English earl, who has known Zoé since she was a precocious ten-year-old child. At sixteen, she promised great beauty, the flower of French womanhood about to bloom. Now, four years later, as the Terror seizes France by the throat, Zoé has become a beautiful temptress Freddie vows to protect with his life.
But English spies don’t live long in Revolutionary France.
Regan Walker is an award-winning, #1 Amazon bestselling author of Regency, Georgian and Medieval romances. She writes historically authentic novels with real historical figures along with her fictional characters. Among the awards she has won are the International Book Award for Romance Fiction, the San Diego Book Award for Best Historical Romance, the RONE Award for her medievals and the Gold Medal Illumination Award.

The skiff shoved off, disappearing into the fog that had settled in wisps on the
dark waters of Granville Harbor. Zoé and her uncle began to walk down the wharf toward
the quay when a small boat carrying three men emerged out of the fog and pulled up
alongside them. She recognized the two men at the oars as crew from la Reine Noire.
Behind them in the stern knelt Freddie, beckoning to her.
“’Tis Freddie!” she said, her spirits lifting at the sight of her friend.
“Get in!” he implored.
“Be quick,” said her uncle, directing her to the wooden steps built into the side of
the wharf that ran down to the water.
She climbed down to the rowing boat and her uncle followed. He was nearly to
the end of the steps when shouts from the wharf drew their attention.
“Vous, là! Halt in the name of the Republic!” The musket-bearing soldier strode
toward them, his boots loud on the wooden planks. A short distance away, a half-dozen
soldiers hurried to join him.
Her uncle ascended the stairs, pulling a pistol from his coat, and fired. The soldier
stumbled and fell to the wharf.
Racing down the stairs, her uncle leapt into the boat. “Vite, away!”
The two crewmen pulled hard at the oars.
Freddie drew his pistol.
The cluster of republican soldiers knelt at the edge of the wharf, took aim and
commenced spewing shot toward their small boat. Zoé crouched low as the balls whizzed
over her head and the loud crack of pistols and musket fire exploded around her.
Freddie and her uncle returned fire.
The crew pressed into the oars and the boat slipped into the fog. Her uncle
subsided onto the bench in the bow, stuffing his pistols into his coat pockets.
Zoé cast a long look toward the lights on the receding quay. The sound of muskets
still firing echoed in the mist.
One of the soldiers shouted, “I told you he was the one! That was le porc who cut
Her uncle shook his head. “I should have killed him when I had the chance.”
Zoé turned her gaze away from the shore. Finally, the shots died, leaving only the
rhythmic sound of the oars pulling through the water. “Dieu merci, at least ’tis over.”
“Oui, for now,” said her uncle. “We have West to thank for our lives.”
One of the crew pulling at the oars glanced over his shoulder. “The Englishman
has been shot, I think.”
Zoé looked behind the seamen. In the darkness, it was difficult to see but she
could just make out Freddie’s form slumped in the stern. “Freddie!”
A FIERCE WIND, Copyright © 2018 Regan Walker

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