Walmart Black Friday Nov 4 – 8, 2020 Ad

So it appears that there are several Walmart Black Friday ads. Specifically this one is for Nov 4 – 8 2020. I will be posting a separate one that is for Nov 11 – 15, 2020

Here is the first Walmart Black Friday Ad

Since the actual Black Friday isn’t until Nov 27, 2020 I can only guess that there will be yet another Black Friday ad to come.

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Amazon Holiday Toy Catalog

We received the Amazon Holiday Toy Catalog in the mail about 2 weeks ago. I saw a few of my facebook friends saying they wanted it but never received it.

My kids went through and write down some things they wanted for on their Christmas wish list. I remember doing the same thing with the Sears catalog or the Toys R Us holiday catalog. (I know I’m old).

If you didn’t received the Amazon Holiday Toy Catalog I have a digital copy for you here:

My kids were able to find a lot of things they like. My nieces did the same thing. Do you see anything on your child/grandchild/niece/nephews wish list?

2020 Personalizable Ornament + 50% off & Free Shipping Deal

2020 has really been something hasn’t it? It kinds of makes me wonder what’s in store for the last quarter of this year. I mean, we still do have Halloween, the election, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year to get through.

We try to get a new family ornament each year. I try to pick something different each time. This 2020 ornament is going to be the one for us this year. Check out the personalized 2020 ornament.

You can personalize one of these 2020 ornaments yourself. After I ordered mine what I found is that you order the ornament with the amount of heads that you want. It gives you instructions on how to personalize it yourself once you receive it with a sharpie. So essentially your purchasing a blank ornament.

  • You get to choose the number of family members on the easily personalizable ornament. This will definitely be one that gets pointed out years from now. Maybe I’ll even get questions from future grandchildren. 2020 , masks, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, what ornament could be more 2020?
  • Ornament w/ 1 Head – $12.95
  • Ornament w/ 2 Head – $12.95
  • Ornament w/ 3 Head – $13.95
  • Ornament w/ 4 Head – $14.95
  • Ornament w/ 5 Head – $15.95
  • Ornament w/ 6 Head – $16.95
  • Ornament w/ 7 Head – $17.95

You can start creating your ornament now. Plus if you purchase 3 or more ornaments you get 50% off and FREE shipping! Would make a fun holiday gift or gift basket item! It also says “delivered within 5-7 business days” on their website.

I’m thinking about creating some for family members too. I mean at 50% off and free shipping if you buy 3 or more…why not right?


Guys I got my ornaments in already! I ordered them the day I posted this (October 10) and I go them today (October 14).

We’re a family of 6 so I ordered the one with 6 elf heads on it. They come blank. There are instructions on the website with how to personalize them. Basically it’s writing what you want with a pencil then tracing with a fine point permanent marker.

They’re actually like a silicone type material. So no worrying about breakage if you ship them to someone or having them break in storage. I was followed the directions on the site and got mine personalized pretty easily.


These came really fast and they’re super cute. I’m thinking of ordering a couple more to add to gifts for the holidays.

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Aposen Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Do a search for handheld vacuums and you’ll come up with a long list. Everything from name brand to brands you never heard of before. It’s hard to decide which ones are worth buying sometimes.

Aposen is a brand sold on Amazon. They make several different styles of vacuums including hand held vacuums. In this post I will be talking about the Aposen Hand Held Vacuum with HEPA filter wet/dry vac.

The Aposen comes shipped in a sturdy box. Upon opening the box you can see that the Aposen Handheld Vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments and accessories, as well as a short manual.

The contents include:

  • Aposen handheld vacuum
  • AC power adapter
  • crevice tool
  • soft tube and tube adapter
  • rubber nozzle
  • extra HEPA filter
  • storage bag
  • brush nozzle
  • cleaning brush
Aposen handheld vacuum cleaner with accessories

The Aposen handheld vacuum is convenient for cleaning furniture, vehicle interior, small spills, and cleaning out drawers and containers.

The soft tube attachment and adapter was helpful for cleaning out my car. The crevice tool comes in handy for the couch, dining chairs, car, and lots of other places.

using soft tube and adapter

The convenient indicator lights located just above the power button on the handheld vacuum lets you know when the vacuum is fully charged and about how much charge is left.

The dust tank and filter are easy to take apart to clean and empty the handheld vacuum. The vacuum itself has a little weight to it but not so much that it can’t be handled easily. Now if I was to have to vacuum with it for a half hour I could see it getting cumbersome.

I do have another name brand hand vac. I feel that the Aposen hand held vacuum is comparable in performance, suction, maintenance, and battery life as he name brand one that I have. In fact, the battery life might be a little better on the Aposen. The Aposen handheld vacuum actually came with a lot more attachments than the name brand one I have. The Aposen hand held vac also works wet/dry unlike the other one I have.

I’ve been using the Aposen handheld vacuum for about 2 weeks now for small areas and convenience cleaning. I’ve not had to recharge it yet. All in all I’d say I would consider Aposen again when in the market for a vacuum cleaner.

This little vac comes in handy for cleaning up broken Christmas bulbs, glitter from crafts, little spills from guests (wet or dry) and so much more during the holidays. It’s also a great gift for the newlyweds, new parents, or housewarming.

Save 15% on the Aposen Handheld Vacuum with code: QUETFYOH on Amazon: code expires 2/7/20

I did receive the Aposen handheld vacuum at no cost in order to complete this review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

Old Navy Black Friday Ad #BlackFriday

Old Navy is my go to Black Friday ad for deals on jeans, fleece, and sweaters. I honestly love Old Navy’s clothes but usually wait for a sale like this to happen. Definitely checking out the Old Navy Black Friday Ad.

Check out all the 50% off deals! $1 cozy socks and $5 deals!

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