FREE SHIPPING DAY December 16 See Which Stores Are Participating

December 16, 2016 is the 9th annual Free Shipping day. Yes it’s a real day. You get free shipping from many participating retailers and receive your order by Christmas Eve. Perfect for all you last minutes shoppers!

More retailers are signing on this year including ones that have not participated in Free Shipping Day in the past: Lululemon, GameStop, Banana Republic, American Eagle, G.H. Bass Co., J Crew Factory, and Buffalo by David Bitton are some new ones this year. Walmart is participating for the 2nd year in a row.

Event found Luke Knowles says they always see last minutes sign ups from stores just hours before the event goes live too.  Currently, 972 merchants are signed up to participate.

Large retailers as well as independent online retailers participate. Merchants can still sign up here.

Free Shipping Day is only ONE day, this year it’s Friday December 16. Get your last minutes online shopping done and save with free shipping!

Wish You Could Replace Annoying or Inappropriate Commercials? Now You Can With Filtrie

Does anyone else get sick of seeing certain commercials? There are certain commercials that are like nails on a chalkboard to my husband and I.  Then there are the commercials, like those ED commercials they seem to play every other commercial break at night or during NFL football games. I swear I sweat it out every time those commercials are on TV wondering if my 7 yr old or 12 yr old is going to ask me  what ED is and why there are so many commercials about it.  Let’s not forget the lubricant commercials. For a long time, I really wished there was a way to eliminate commercials like that from being played on my tv screen, especially in front of my kids.


Apparently I’m not the only one that wished for that because someone created Filtrie.  Filtrie is a Utah-based company that let’s customers set limits on tv ads to reflect their own values and interests.

So what does that mean?  If you don’t want to see those ED commercials you can have them filtered and replaced with a more appropriate commercial. If you don’t want to see alcohol commercials, you don’t have to.  One of the best parts about all this…it’s FREE and it’s opt-in.


Filtrie is a new and patented technology that gives viewers unprecedented control over advertising content in protecting their preferences and values,” said Jim Birch, founder and CEO of “Our free opt-in services ties in with the viewer’s mobile phone so we know exactly when they’re watching TV and display ads appropriate for them. By connecting that information to existing and new television equipment we are able to assist both viewers and advertisers in providing meaningful content and privacy protection at a level that has not existed before, while also providing deeper and more accurate data to broadcasters and advertisers. This is a technology with the potential to move advertising (and viewer control) into a new generation.”

Filtrie works whether you’re watching  cable or satellite, real time or DVR, no matter what provider you use.  You can also have Filtrie filter certain ads no matter who is in the room OR automatically show or replace certain ads when certain people are in the room.  How smart is that?

Filtrie is currently in beta right now but first customers should have access by the end of the year.  You can find more info at

What ads do you wish you could replace? 


Earn FREE Sunglasses For Sharing SOLO Eye Wear launch

SOLO Eyewear is a new eye wear brand launching soon.  Help spread the word about SOLO eye wear and you can earn FREE SOLO eye wear products. $15 coupon, FREE bamboo sunglasses, or be one of the first to get one of the new recycled plastic sunglasses FREE!

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Balla Bracelets and Accessories Launches Soon Earn FREE jewelry, Here’s how

Balla bracelets and accessories launches soon. They want YOUR help to spread the word and they’re willing to reward you for it.  Enter your email on the Balla site and you’ll get a referral link.  Share your referral link to your friends and social media accounts.  When they sign up on the site too you’re on your way to rewards.

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Balla referral page

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HOT FREE Disney Stick Figure Decal

This post does contain an affiliate links.  Regardless I only post legitimate offers from trusted sites.

The last time this was offered this didn’t last long! A lot of people were talking about how they got their Disney stick figure family decal.  I missed out on it last time because I hesitated on the offer.  You can bet I’m not going to hesitate this time. Click the banner below and get your free Disney stick figure family decal!

Let me know when you get yours.  I just made mine and it was COMPLETELY FREE!  If you wanted expanded choices you did need to enter your email address and when you might be interested in visiting Disney. My guess is you’ll get some emails about Disney vacation.  If you don’t want the expanded choices you don’t even have to do that.  I was able to make one to include our whole family of 6 no problem.  Here’s what mine looks like:

disney decal freebie