COACH Deal! Grab It While You Can!! HURRY!!

I love Brad’s Deals. If you haven’t checked it out you should. I’m signed up for the emails which is how I found out about this COACH deal! I know, I’m a frugal blogger, why am I writing about COACH?  Well because this is probably some of the lowest prices if not the lowest prices I’ve ever seen on on COACH handbags and wallets through this deal!

Bon-Ton has COACH bags and wallets on sale up to 50% off.  Which is a pretty good deal already.  Then Brad’s Deals has a special coupon code for an EXTRA  25% off.  You can also stack a FREE shipping coupon too which is awesome because shipping is usually $9.95.

To save even more money go through Giving Assistant and you’ll get 3% cash back.  That’s what I did.  They have small hand bags for as low as $75 shipped with the coupons!  About half the hand bags end up being under $150 with the coupon codes.

I’ll tell you I have never owned a COACH …anything…in my life but I splurged a little on myself. This beauty is on it’s way to my house and yes it was under $150:

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You can get COACH wallets, coin purses, ID holders, and key chains for even less with this deal.  If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get a new handbag, you got it.

BottleKeeper: A Valentine Gift Guys Really Want

There’s lots of choices out there for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure my husband would be happy with some chocolate covered strawberries or a new watch but I like to think of something different. My husband enjoys his beer now and then. I just found something I know he’ll enjoy, BottleKeeper.

If you ask my  husband, warm beer is disgusting. He’ll take a beer or two out to his garage while he’s chopping wood or after he’s finished cutting the grass. Until he gets to finish though, it might be warm. That’s where BottleKeeper comes in. Think of it like a cooler for your current bottle of beer.

BottleKeeper looks something like a metal water bottle but it’s lined with neoprene to keep beer cold.  It opens from the bottle to easily get a bottle of beer in the BottleKeeper. BottleKeeper is available to fit 12 oz regular bottles, 12 oz stubby bottles, or 22 oz bomber bottles. Buying the right one ensures a perfect fit for your favorite beer. You can choose from 6 different colors too. My hubby chose the orange BottleKeeper.

Another benefit to BottleKeeper, it helps protect the bottle should you drop it.  No broken glass on the floor or in the garage.

My hubby using BottleKeeper in his garage

My hubby used it out in his garage the day I gave it to him. He said it really worked to keep his beer colder longer. I can see this really working out in the summer. This could make a big different at picnics, trips to the beach, while watching your fave teams play, etc.  I’m thinking of getting one for myself too, I like the pink one.  We can watch the Pittsburgh Penguins together while we drink cold beer from our BottleKeepers.  Talk about quality time!

I did a short video to show you how BottleKeeper works:

Get your guy a BottleKeeper and a 6 pack for Valentine’s Day to make his day.  Get your BottleKeeper Here. Use coupon code: Luvsavingmoney10 to save 10% off!


This post is sponsored by BottleKeeper. Any opinions expressed are my own. 

HOT DEAL!! 5 for $50 Select Women’s Apparel at Details Here!

Looking to add to your fitness wardrobe?  Want some comfy clothes but don’t want to spend a load of money? Want some new clothes for your upcoming marathon? Reebok has an amazing deal.  Choose from Select Women’s apparel and you can get 5 pieces for $50!!! Just use coupon code: RBK5FOR50

This deal expires 2/11/17 so grab it while you can. Tanks, shorts, Tees, and pants! Mix it up!


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Tips For Using Printable Coupons

I use printable coupons all the time.  What I’ve realized though is some people don’t really understand how to use printable coupons.

The Basics

There are many reputable sites to print coupons from.  All legitimate printable coupons should have a scan-able bar code, bar code number, expiration date, and clear description of product and valid purchase. 

Check your stores’ coupon policies. Every store is different.  That goes for different stores in the same chain. For instance, Giant Eagles have corporate run and independent stores. Independent stores will have different policies than corporate stores. My local Dollar General won’t take printed coupons for FREE coupons of any kinds but other Dollar General stores will.  If you ask at the customer service desk they should be able to give you a copy of their coupon policy.  Here’s a coupon deal at Dollar General to check out.

You just need a printer and some type of device connected to the internet such as a phone, laptop, desk top, or tablet.

Most printable coupon sites will allow you to print 2 of each coupon to use.  Sometimes printer errors will print out more than 2 copies.  Check the bar code numbers. If the numbers are exactly the same, discard one of the duplicates.  Using more than one coupon with the same bar code can make a business think you photocopied or mass printed the same coupon which is considered coupon fraud.  As long as your barcodes are different you’re fine.

Regardless of if a coupon is printed or found in your local paper you still must make sure you’re purchasing the correct product to use with the coupon. If the coupon says “Good for 23 count or larger” then you can’t buy the 15 count with it, even if it works. 

DOs and DON’Ts of using printable coupons

NEVER photocopy coupons. It’s considered coupon fraud and you can get in trouble

NEVER use more than one coupon with the same bar code

ALWAYS check with your stores coupon policy before using printable coupons

DON’T follow the “coupon glitch” groups out there. A “Coupon Glitch” is an error that allows someone to use a coupon for the wrong product or amount.  Only use the coupon for the product/size/time explained on the coupon. 


Now, there are times where you might find a good deal with a printable coupon and you might want more than two coupons.  Since printable coupons are tied to your IP address and won’t let you print more than 2 from one IP address, you can print from your laptop at home and from your phone to get you 4 coupons total.  You can ask friends to print the coupon for them if they aren’t planning on using it.

You can find a lot of helpful site and facebook groups for coupon match ups for specific stores. is one of them.  Checkout this deal I found on there that tells you how to get Suave body wash FREE with coupons!

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Don’t Miss This! 60 Servings of Protein Milkshake Bar Only $50 SHIPPED!!!

I’m a fan of Protein Milkshake Bar. I’ve been drinking it for about a year now since I found it on Amazon. They have their own, really nice, site now with recipes and of course all the yummy flavors of Protein shakes.

I ordered Rocky Road this time.  To my surprise I got another 2 lb bag FREE with the Rocky Road. Not only do I get a 2 lb bag free but I got to choose the flavor so I chose Pumpkin Pie for my free bag.   I got 2 – 2 lb bags of Protein Milkshake Bar SHIPPED for $50.  Guys these are usually $50 a bag EACH!!

I have no idea how long they are running this deal so jump on it while you can!!  They have lots of delicious flavors that include: Vanilla Caramel, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate, and more.  They even have a “naked” one if you like to concoct your own flavors.

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