eshakti FX Custom Styling is Available on Amazon! Coupon Code Available too

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You may have seen the commercials from eshakti recently. I personally own an eshakti dress. Unfortunately I don’t fit in it anymore but I keep it in my closet with the hopes to get back into it. What I love about eshakti is it’s not just “off the rack” clothing.

Have you ever looked at a dress and said it would be nice but it’s too short! Or maybe, I think that dress would be really pretty with 3/4 sleeves. With eshakti you can actually get the dress you want the way you want it. You want a tea length skirt? BOOM you got it. Want a boat neck? You can have that too! Want your dress to be sleeveless? No problem.

You can still shop eshakti website or shop with the convenience of Amazon. You can click the link I’ve included in this post or search the term “eshakti FX” on Amazon custom.

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coupon code is only available for Amazon purchases. Cashback is only available for eshakti website purchases.

Harlem Globetrotters 25% Off Promo Code!

It’s funny, my oldest son was just asking me about wanting to see the Harlem Globetrotters a few weeks ago. Then today I found out they’re coming to our town in February. Needless to say, we’re going!


The Original Harlem Globetrotters are known for their amazing feats of basketball, humor, and acts of goodwill on and off the court. And they have always been about the fans, but this year, everything they do will bring fans closer to the action more than ever before. Join them as they celebrate fans during the all-new Fan Powered World Tour! There will be over 20 occasions before, during and after the game where you have the opportunity to directly interact with Globetrotters stars. Don’t miss out – get your tickets today and save 25% off with promo code FUNFAM

Things You Might Not Think About When Moving with #SamsClub3M

This post is sponsored by and 3M.  Any opinions expressed are my own. 

I’ve moved a few times in my life.  The biggest move was from Pennsylvania to South Carolina while the smallest was just 3 miles away.  Honestly though I think the 3 mile one was harder.  Why? Because by then we had 4 kids, my hubby had an ebay business, and I had my blog established. We had a ton of stuff to move and packing  a house with 6 people in it seems like it takes FOREVER.

Here are some of my tips that you might now think of before moving to a new home:

  • Compare and contrast the price of hiring professional movers compared to renting a moving truck and packing supplies or the number of trips you have to make back and forth with your own vehicle. Not to mention packing supplies like tape, boxes, renting a dolly, recruiting people to help, etc.  Depending on how much stuff you have and how far a mover might be close in price after all is said and done.
  • You’ll need ice. Well you’ll need to pack up your refrigerator and freezer(s) for the move.  You’ll want a couple coolers and lots of ice to make sure you don’t have to throw things out.
  • Do a walk through in the new house before moving stuff in.  You’ll want to check and replace things like air filters, water filters, etc so you’re comfortable while moving and once settled into the house.  Right now, Sam’s Club has $8 off 3M Filtrete filters until November 25, 2018
  • You’ll want to have a few things ready for the move.  Make sure you have toilet paper in the bathroom, paper towels handy for spills, a broom and dust pan, and a few drinks and some food for yourself, your movers, or anyone helping you move.
  • If you know about your move far enough ahead of time you can ask friends, family, and coworkers to save you boxes. I work in a hospital and they were kind enough to let me take what empty boxes I wanted.  I’d go check every few days and take as many as my arms could carry each time lol

Having a Sam’s Club membership is awesome for moves and settling into a new house.  Stock up on your packing supplies, get bulk snacks for everyone helping, fill your pantry once your settled in, etc.  Get your Sam’s Club membership here.

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Hen in a Hurry for the Busy Mom with Busy Kids – Coupon Too!

I received the below mentioned products at no cost in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own. 

You’ve probably seen the meme floating around social media that says something like “Everyone has practice so we can either have dinner at 4:30 or 9:00”  That is my life, especially in the fall.  My two oldest boys play high school football.  Anyone that has a kid play high school football knows that football is a year round sport.  When they’re not practicing or playing a game they’re lifting, conditioning, heat acclimatization, camp, etc etc. Then my oldest will also be starting archery team and rifle team.  He had his mandatory meetings for rifle team already. The poor kid literally went to school, went to football practice then went straight from football practice to the rifle team meetings.

My middle son plays football.  My youngest son plays soccer in the spring.  Normally he does winter soccer also but this year he decided to do something called the ninja kids program (think ninja warrior for kids) and my daughter just started gymnastics a few weeks ago.  I work mornings and blog whenever I have time. My husband works night shift.  I try to have a decent meal ready for afterschool but before practices but it doesn’t always work out.

We always seem to be busiest in the fall.  I usually have to recruit my ex or my dad to help with all the running. Seems like there’s certain days of the week where two or three kids have to be 2 or 3 different places all around the same time.  With work, school, bus schedules, practice schedules, game schedules, and other events sometime it’s hard to squeeze a good home-cooked meal in.

I had the opportunity to try Hen in a Hurry.  Made-from-scratch meals using ethically sources, organic, and locally grown ingredients.  You have plenty of choices for both meals and plan options.  Then ship the meals right to your door.

So the one night we were particularly busy and I figured it would be a good time to try out one of the Hen in a Hurry meals.  I pulled it out and thought, dang it I probably need to thaw it first.  Well I was wrong. I was able to throw it in the microwave FROZEN and still have a decent dinner on the table in 15 min.

This was the slow cooked beef burgundy with roasted asparagus.  EVERYONE said how good the beef burgundy was.  Seriously it was very tender  and flavorful.  I’m usually not a big asparagus person but my husband loves asparagus.  The kids tried it for the first time too.

That’s another nice thing about this. We get to try things I might not normally try to make like Zucchini stuffed chicken for instance.  You can choose bulk meals with Hen in a Hurry for families. You can choose 4 serving or 8 serving bulk meals. They even have a way to create your own plan.

No Waste. No Prep. No Preservatives. Just heat and enjoy!

Hen in a Hurry was hatched in the small kitchen of the popular Greensboro, North Carolina eatery, Iron Hen Cafe. Spurred by a flock of requests from loyal patrons this idea came to fruition, delivering sustainable, ethically-sourced, prepared meals to you – at work or home.

We favor organic and locally grown, but make exceptions in order to highlight other farmers and producers, who use time-honored methods and deliver very good products.

Our Mission is to connect the food we serve…to the farm it came from…to the people we love.

We pride ourselves in being responsible both, locally and globally, and proudly bring these offerings to you from our 10,000 square foot commissary kitchen located in Downtown Greensboro’s Morehead Foundry.

All subscriptions are no commitment – pause or cancel at any time.

Details, call us at (888) 963-9856 or email us at
Chef Prepared Meal Subscription up to 45% OFF – Hen in a Hurry does Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Home or Office

What You’ll Get:
Select from One of our Offers:

* (30) Individual Meals – Subscription for a month – Regular Price: $315.00 – Deal: 45% off ($141.75 off) 1st months subscription **Code: 45offFamilyGuide

* (7) Individual Meals – Subscription for a week – Regular Price: $99.00 – Deal: $40 Off 1st week’s subscription **Code: 40offFamilyGuide

* (4) 4 days a week- Family Meals – Includes a side and entree for a family of 4 (16 total meals) – Regular Price $96 – Deal: $25 Off 1st week’s subscription **Code: 25offFamilyGuide

* (6) 6 days a week – Family Meals – Includes a side and entree for a family of 4 (24 total meals) – Regular Price $132 – Deal: $35 Off 1st week’s subscription**Code: 35offFamilyGuide

How to Redeem:
Visit and pick one of the advertised subscriptions. During checkout set up your account and then enter in the promo code associated with the deal you choose.

Hen in a Hurry


So if you’re a busy momma like me I’m sure you’ll also appreciate the easy to prepare and serve, Chef prepared meal subscriptions made with clean, sustainably sourced, responsibly raised ingredients from our trusted farmers and purveyors.

With the holidays coming up you’ll need more time for wrapping, shopping, holiday events, etc.  Help yourself out and plan ahead.  You won’t have to  make that last minute fast food run!

Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program a MUST for Couponers

I’ve been a member of the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program (or KFR) for a long time.  It’s so easy to earn points. You can link up your grocery store loyalty cards or submit receipts. Every time you buy Kellogg’s products you earn points.  I have my store loyalty cards linked to it and I don’t even have to think about it.  It doesn’t take long to earn enough points for rewards.

So what kinds of rewards can you redeem?  Lots actually.  One of my fave things to use my points for as a couponer is special higher value coupons like $1 off one Pop Tart product where the newspaper or coupon printing sites might only have $1 off when you buy 4.  And yes! When you use that coupon on a Kellogg’s product you still earn your KFR reward points on the purchase.  This is just one example.

If couponing is not your thing there are plenty of other prizes like Kellogg’s swag, gift cards, toys, sweepstakes entries, digital products and more.

They also special offers at any given time.  For instance, at the time of this post, if you buy Cheez-it Grooves you get 500 bonus points, if you buy certain Kellogg’s branded products you could win college football season ticket cash, and more.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards are free to join.  You can even earn free points by signing up for KFR, reading the emails, and they sometimes release reward codes.