Mafia Boss Book Tour & Giveaway

Mafia Boss
The Accidental Mafia Queen Book 1
by Khardine Gray
Genre: Contemporary Mafia Romance
Better to be at the right hand of the devil than in his path…
When you come from a crime family, you have a name to live up to. My enemies know I’m a bastard who shows no mercy—exactly the cold-hearted don my father would want me to be. Except we’re not the one’s in charge. Yet…
The Boss wants me to take over his billion dollar business, and the only way that’s happening is if I can win the heart of his cop daughter. I planned to treat her just like all the other women who meant nothing to me, but everything about her is tempting. Her beauty, her body, her soul. Money and Power. That’s all this was supposed to be about…
Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was finding out that her father has a hidden agenda, and I’m just a pawn in his game.
MAFIA BOSS is The Godfather and The Sopranos with the sexy edge of a drool-worthy Alpha male. Fans of R.R. Banks and Vi Keeland are gonna love this…
**Only .99 cents!!**
Khardine Gray is a contemporary romance author who lives in England with her husband, two kids, and three crazy ferrets.
She is well traveled, cultured, and a woman with a passion for dancing and ice skating.
When not writing you can catch her shopping, indulging on pizza and hot chocolate, or hanging out with her family and friends.
No need to spend money on an airline ticket. Simply pick up one of Khardine’s books to become immersed in the fascinating stories and characters she creates.
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Delusions Book Tour & Giveaway

by Amy Crandall
Genre: YA Psychological Thriller

As she waits to give her statement in one of the interrogation rooms of Arcata Police Department, Abigale recites the same line over and over inside her head.

I did not kill anyone.

I did not kill anyone.

But there’s a trail of bodies, and it leads straight to her. The events that brought her to this very moment all point to one thing…her guilt.

She must convince Detective Collins of her innocence, but how can she explain her ties to the victims, and the evidence that has her name written all over it?

Then there’s the mysterious Facebook profile. DarkHeart434.

Who is DarkHeart434? And why does it seem like this person has all the answers, including the identity of the real murderer?

As pieces of the puzzle start to come together, everything about Abigale’s life begins to unravel—her past, her present…and even her self-proclaimed innocence.

Amy Crandall is an avid reader and novelist born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. She began writing in elementary school, publishing her first story on at the age of thirteen. With the support of her loved ones and newfound friends on the site, Amy continued to share her thoughts and interests in the form of storytelling.

Before her days, she was published in A Celebration of Poets – Summer 2012 (Creative Communication, 2012) for her poem My Garden. That experience only drove her desire to further pursue writing. Her first full-length novel, “Delusions”, was a featured story on, reaching #7 in the mystery/thriller genre, and surpassing 115,000 reads, before its publishing.

When she isn’t envisioning a new story plot, Amy can be found camping with loved ones, getting lost in a great read, jamming to her favourite tunes, or giving in to her craving of Timmies’ iced lemonades.

He chuckled, leaning back in the chair. “No. I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this.” His gaze turned
serious. “I don’t think you killed her, but I do think you know more than you’re telling us, which is
unfortunate. Her killer is still out there, and you’re sitting here defending him. It appalls me that you would
defend the person who stalked, kidnapped, and attempted to murder you.”
Abigale inhaled sharply. Flashes from that night bombarded her thoughts, but she pushed them away with a
hard blink. “I’m—I’m not defending him.”
“Yes, you are. By not giving us a name, you’re withholding information—which is a criminal offense by the
way—and you’re protecting him by doing so.”
“I’m not meaning to do anything, Detective,” she muttered. “I have no desire to protect him.”
Detective Collins leaned back in his chair. “Then why aren’t you telling me what I want to know? Wouldn’t it
be so much easier for you if you just told me?”
“Yes, it would be easier,” replied Abigale. “But I’m not going to tell you. I’m done talking. I want my
Collins shook his head. “You aren’t a suspect, Ms. Fern. Therefore, you don’t require a lawyer.”
Abigale laughed coldly. “Really? That FBI agent seemed to think I was a suspect. He was about to arrest me
an hour ago. I’m not that stupid, Detective.”
He was silent for a moment. Abigale stared into his eyes, her arms crossed over her chest. “I didn’t kill Julia
Holland,” she told him firmly, her voice steely calm. “I didn’t kill anyone.”
Detective Collins said, “You seem very certain about that.”

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Sausalito Nights Book Tour & Giveaway

Sausalito Nights
Montgomery Beauty Series Book 1
by Stephanie Salvatore
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The waterfront town of Sausalito brings tourists and locals together for miles of endless views, adventures for the boaters out on the bay, and mountain hiking trails in the infamous Muir Woods for more million-dollar views with big city life just across the Golden Gate Bridge.
At seventeen, the local free-spirited, chic Lorelai Castillo loves the community she was born and raised in. With just a summer between her and senior year, she has a big decision to make about joining her father’s legacy or turning her back on the dark and risky organized crime business her parents run.
For Christopher Montgomery, Oroville, California is the hometown he was born and raised in with respect, morals, and responsibility from an early age. In his seventeenth year, on the first day of summer, he woke up feeling a change in the air. Something felt off, different, as if his life would never be the same.
When a new family arrives to the Castillo Yacht Club, Lorelai sets her eyes on the handsome new boy in town. Will Lorelai spend her summer alone? Or will she find a way to heat up the bitter cold Sausalito Nights?

Stephanie was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She lives, breathes, and drinks in fangirling over her favorite celebs, her dog, and being a self-appointed social media snob. She’s got a wild imagination by nature, which drove her to write. Steph tries to stay true to the phrase, “Love Yourself First.” LYF is what inspired her to publish her first book. When she’s not slaving over creating words to form a story, you can find her feeding her caffeine addiction, traveling or spending time with her friends and family.

“So, do you show all the boy’s next door these secret hideaways?”
A soft giggle left my lips. “Nope. You’re the first one. You should feel quite special, Montgomery.”
He chuckled. “Oh, I most definitely do.”
I rubbed my hands over his back gently. “I actually wanted to talk to you about that. As much as I don’t
want this to end, we need to talk about the near future and when we’ll see each other without being
caught by my parents or anyone that would talk and spread the word around.”
He ran his fingers and hands over my back gently, reaching around and ran his fingers through the ends
of my hair. “My schedule is pretty wide open right now. What were you thinking?”
“I have to check which of the boathouses is free, but I figured we could make them our meet up spot?
Have our own little getaway out of sight and away from everyone?”
He smiled and pecked my lips. “I love the sound of that. Being away from everyone and taking the
natural beauty of this town has been a treat, and even sweeter because it’s with you.”
A wide smile crossed my lips as I gazed up at him. “We can continue discovering the beauty together
then. I promised I would break you in easy, and one of the Castillo family values is we don’t break
promises.” – Christopher Montgomery and Lorelai Castillo

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Love Don’t Live Here Anymore Book Tour & Giveaway

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
Andrew Sisters Book 1
by Keke Renee
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Vanessa Andrew is done with love. She decided that from now on, everyone she meets is a suspect. All she wants to do is focus on building her clothing store up, but her plans take an interesting turn when a chance meeting with the handsome owner of the building leaves her confused, frustrated, and her heart pounding.
Isaiah Reed, a playboy by night and business mogul by day, acquires a nearly defunct property; he has no idea that a curvaceous designer is poised to fight him at every turn.
Will the pair on opposite sides of a fight join forces in and out of the bedroom or will their head-to-head challenge lead to disaster?
Warning: 13k Short Story, Adult language, fast paced, explicit sex scenes, with a HFN.This is not a sweet and fluffy romance.
A Tennessee native and CA dreaming Author Keke Renee is living and striving to continue her passion of writing Short Story romances from Erotic, Paranormal and Urban fiction. She also writes under the name Chiquita Dennie.

Forty-five minutes later, I was getting out of my Uber, carrying a sketchbook, coffee mug, and
listening to a classic Tamia song “Stranger in My House” as I returned a text message on my
phone. While closing the door of the Uber, engrossed in my phone, I bumped into a hard body
and fell on my ass, spilling my favorite coffee on my dress, phone, and shoes.
I blew a frustrated breath of air. “What the hell?” I yelled at the person that wasn’t paying
“Excuse me,” he replied as he gathered his things and bent down to help me, feeling annoyed
with his closeness and my vagina thumping wanting to jump his bones.
Smacked his hand away, I stood up and cursed at the coffee stain on my new dress. “Look what
you did!”
“Lady, you ran into me. If you weren’t so caught up in texting your boyfriend you’d notice
someone coming,” he informed me and started to walk around to go into the office building I
was entering.
“For your information, I wasn’t texting a boyfriend. I was replying to a client and why am I
explaining myself to a stranger,” I responded in annoyance, grabbing my purse, phone, and
sketchbook off the ground. I wiped the liquid off my hands, face, and legs. I noticed he was
holding the door and I rolled my eyes as I walked ahead of him.
“So now you decide to be a Gentleman. All men are just the-”
“Sweetie, my day was going well until you opened your mouth. If you’re done or finished, I’d like
to get on with my business. You’re not hurt so you don’t need medical assistance,” He told me
and walked off toward the elevator.
“I’m not your Sweetie, asshole!” I shouted behind his back.
The demanding tone and angered glare had me a little scared, at the same time wet. I promised
myself after dealing with Troy I’d never date again, but seeing this tall drink of water standing in
front of me up close, had me rethinking a few things. He was about 6’3 in height, with a
moustache and goatee lined up to perfection with no bumps. Whoever his barber is, they’re
doing a great job. Made me want to rub my hand up and down his cheek. He had a low-cut
wave with sharp cheekbones and broad nose. His lips were full, and his skin was a deep brown.
His eyes were deep-set, kind of bugged out with me annoying him, framed with thick, trimmed
Shaking off any impure thoughts and walking toward the elevator, I got on as the crowd piled
inside. Just my luck we ended up next to each other in the back, with my back to his chest. The
heat radiating off his breath on my neck caused butterflies in my stomach and moisture in my
panties. I closed my eyes. Stay focused.
The elevator finally stopped on my floor and lo and behold, I almost stumbled trying to get
through the crowd, he ends up getting off at the same level.
“Are you following me?” I questioned as we both turned in the same direction.
“Don’t flatter yourself,” he responded and walked off toward another glass door, and I stopped at
the receptionist desk. Her name reads Pamela.
“Welcome to Reed and Associates. How can I help you?” Pamela asked.
“Yes, I have an appointment with an Isaiah Reed about my store, “A Style’s Eye” on 2324
Benson Street in Burbank. It’s currently on the market to be sold, and I recently signed a year’s
lease. I have paperwork from the owners of the building that my lease is null and void, because
they sold the building to Reed and Associates without even giving much notice.”
“Do you have an appointment Miss?” Pamela asked rudely and typed my name into the
“Miss Andrew, and no Pamela, I don’t have an appointment, and I’m not leaving until I speak
with someone in charge!” I raised my voice.
She clenched her fists and looked around at everyone in the lobby watching us.
“I could have security escort you out,” Pamela smugly replied.
Debating if I should snap back at her or not, since I really didn’t have a scheduled appointment.
I thought if I could plead my case the owners would rethink the issue of demolishing the
property. I walked over to the lounge and flopped down on the chair in the lobby and texted my
sister Isabella. Our parents celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary. Even though Isabella’s a
tax attorney, she could still pull some strings or pretend to anyway, until I can figure out the next

Hearing a throat clear, and smelling that same cologne from my run in outside, I look up and
see the guy I bumped into.
“Follow me,” he told me and walked away from me. I could stay seated and wait for my sister to
contact me back; but seeing how far I’ve come, and not wanting to lose my store, I have to push
through and get this fixed before they start construction on tearing my building down.
I grabbed up everything and followed behind Mr. Rude ass.
He stops , and I notice the name on the door is President Isaiah Reed. My stomach started
turning knots. Entering behind him, I stood close by the door as he closed it and motioned with
his hand to take a seat in front of his desk.
As he walked toward me unbuttoning his jacket and stood in front of the desk, I could smell his
cologne lingering in the air. Must have been the Ralph Lauren collection. He leaned his head to
the left and smiled at my flustered state and heavy breathing. I stood up and closed the space
between us, remembering why I was here in the first place.
“Listen, Mr. Reed, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but your company just bought the building my
boutique is inside of, called A Style’s Eye, and I recently signed an agreement for a year’s lease
with the former landlord”.
He stood up, with a mischievous smile on his face. He walked right in front of me, forcing me to
take a step back, so we weren’t chest-to-chest. “I’m not sure why you’ve come to my office
about your store, Mrs.”
“Miss Andrew and you own the company correct?” Feeling my phone vibrate, I glanced down
and saw Isabella replying to meet at her office. Responding with an “okay,” I put my phone away
and shifted from one foot to the other. Crossing my arms over my chest waiting to hear what this
asshole had to say.
“Yes, I own the company, and unfortunately, your business will have to relocate within the
designated time of thirty days. I’m tearing the building down and opening a shopping mall. If you
are looking for a new place in two years, I’d be more than happy to give you first choice at prime
space and pricing,” he
informed me, walking closer and looking down at me with a smirk on his face.
Rolling my eyes, clenching my teeth, and blowing out a strained breath, I sat back down and
thought of another angle to the situation.
“If you need anything else Miss Andrew, I suggest you take it up with my lawyer. He’d be more
than happy to assist you with a resolution to your problem.” He flicked his business card out.
Hesitating to want to accidentally brush against him again, I finally take it out of his hand. Our
fingers grazed and the strongest spark I’ve ever felt before passed between us. “Mr. Reed, you
have no idea what this will do to my business and life. I can’t just move after finally getting

clients and building a name for myself. We can’t all be millionaires like you. Some of us mom-
an- pop owners have to work for a living!”

I stood and put the business card in my purse before storming out of his office and past Pamela
flirting with the security guard as I walked by the receptionist desk.
The wait for my Uber was about five minutes. As I got in the car, I looked back at the building
with a strange feeling that someone was watching me. When I glanced up, Mr. Reed was
standing at his window looking down at me. Not wanting to show any tears, I turned away and
got in the car heading to my sister’s office.

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For Melissa An Anthology Book Tour & Giveaway

For Melissa: An Anthology
Presented by Wild Dreams Publishing
Genre: Multi Genre
With stories by:
Bella Emy
Shaan Ranae
Jeremy Simons
Rosie Chapel
Veronique Poirier
Sarah Stein
Kristen Collins
Jenee Robinson
Melisa Lyons
Sonya Jesus
Justina Luther
Sheri Branson Chapman
Davina Purnell
K.A. Morse
Melanie Rodriguez
Aim Ruivivar

An anthology dedicated to Melissa Lee, bringing together stories of

strong independent women by some of today’s favorite authors of the
indie community.

When Melissa was diagnosed with cancer
it shook our house to the core.
Within a matter of days we started asking how can we help. The answer
create an anthology dedicated to the strong woman that is our
Melissa. Each story as a set of rules. one the main character is
named Melissa. And her character must be strong. After that each
story comes from the hearts of our authors. This book is forever
dedicated to the teacher that touches the lives of the children that
she meet. The authors who’s lives have now been touched with
her soft touch and strong will. And for the member of our family who
we wish only the very best.
*All proceeds will be benefitting Melissa Lee during this difficult time.
Our hearts & prayers are with her.
~* A special thanks to YM Zachery for her endless dedication
Melissa’s Menagerie
by Lori Hoopengardner
After the death of her
parents, Melissa was
on her own to carry on her family’s secret. She was lonely, scared
and busy. That is until she found some people she could trust.
Friendships and more just seemed to happen.
The Rainbow Truck
by Jeremy Simons
On the backroads of
Louisiana, the unthinkable
happened to Melissa. A truck tried to run her off the road. She could
have let it go, but she was too proud for that. Besides, its color
intrigued her. Oh yeah, and the blood on the tailgate.
She and Scott followed it
to a secluded camp where their fortunes were
forever sealed. She had to fight. She had to stand on her own two
feet. She had to…survive.

But could it be that easy?

Find out in The Rainbow Truck.

Unbound Wonder by Niki Livingston
Melissa’s past doesn’t
define her and she
refuses to allow her teenage trauma to hold her down. Believing in
herself when no one else did, she became an instant fame in the music
industry. And with the public eye on her, it wasn’t a surprise when
she attracted a male admirer who didn’t have her best interest at
heart. Another man who only craved to control and own her.
Now she must face her
fears, both known and unknown, in order to gain the
strength to battle the seemingly never-ending storm threatening her
very existence. Rising to face her foes is only the beginning to
taking back her power.
Lovelight by B. Tolentino
Blind but never felt
unwanted, Melissa Chaplin lives peacefully in New
Hampshire with her mother. Wanting to make progress in her life, she
decides to take a step forward by applying for a part-time job only
to be rejected as soon as she receives the phone call she was so
excited about. Suddenly, the bruising pain of frustration of being
visually impaired envelopes her, causing her to take a huge leap of
faith by agreeing to be a patient to a doctor from Germany she meets
for the first time.

Running from Ghosts by Cam Johns

Not telling the whole truth is the same as lying. It turns out,

withholding secrets is more dangerous than being honest with the one
you love. At least that’s what Melissa has come to realize. Now
being forced to face her deceptions head on as the ghosts of her past
come back to haunt her – threatening the life she has finally built –
Melissa has to find a way to confront her dishonesty without losing
the love of her life.

Onus by Sonya Jesus
Oliver: In onus memoria.
I had it engraved on his
tombstone so that when I went to visit, I could remember Ben died
because I failed to protect him. In my onus, I let guilt corrode
through any attempt at happiness. I let the blame overwhelm me
because I deserved to be punished… He died because I wasn’t watching.

Melissa by Davina Purnell

Oliver’s been coming to group sessions for a year and half now. I wish I could

say he’s slowly getting better, but he’s shown no progress and it
worries me. I don’t know how to break through to him or if he even
wants me to, but I care about him too much not to try.

Till Death by Bella Emy
Happily Ever After.
That’s what Mel thought
she had found the day she met Brad.
Now, married for years
with their two children, Austin and
Brayden, Mel fears for their life. The man she once knew who had been
so loving, supporting and caring has turned into a drunk, alcoholic,
abusive husband and father, stopping at nothing to get his point
Will Mel be able to overcome her dread of living huddled
up in a corner, fearing for her life and that of her sons, or will
Brad place his hands on her one last and final time?
Witch’s Heart by Melanie Rodriguez
Melissa is a sophomore
at the prestigious Circe
Academy, a school that grooms only the finest of witches and
warlocks. She finds herself an outcast to most of her peers and
professors due to her half-human side. Wanting nothing more than to
be a fully-fledged witch, she enlists the help of the wily and
sarcastic spirit fox, Vic, who too has his own agenda. In order to
retrieve the lost half of magic that she needs to accomplish her
goal, Melissa must locate the human the old ritual demands she needs
and must steal their “heart.” When she realizes who that human
is, Melissa finds herself in a bind: does she complete her goal and
fulfill her pact with Vic or does she let the special human go and
continue to live her outcast life without the respect she deserves?
Choices Made by Justina Luther
At the age of 26 I,
Melissa Leighton, thought I had my priorities right.
I worked hard, kept my eye on my goals, and loved my mom and twin
sister with all my heart. I broke my back to make us all proud and be
the first in my family to become a doctor. The funny thing about life
is, every choice we make changes something and the choices I made
threatened to change everything.

My Shadow by Sheri Chapman

Melissa is drawn to wrong side of the law. For now, she contents her intrigue

by pitting herself against the police. Through her own vices, she
must figure out crimes before they can. Not only does it inspire her
writing career, but it also gives her life an exciting edge. However,
Melissa is being watched. The innovative woman must determine if her
life in endanger before it’s too late…

From the Ashes by Sarah Stein
How far would you go to
Melissa was the perfect
child. She never complained,
did amazing in school
and made her parents happy.
Or so she thought. Everything changed when she was told to pack her
bags, and leave with a man she’s never met. But all is not what it
seems as she has to fight not to lose herself in his custody.

Also includes:

Bittersweet Resilience by Shaan Ranae

The Ladie’s Wager by Rosie Chapel

All For You by Veronique Poirier

The Lupie Warrior by Kristen Collins

Typical Hunter Day by Jenee Robinson

Melissa, The Queen of the Fairies by M.L. Ruscsak

Melissa and the Lost Tomb of Akila by K.A. Morse

Club Hooligans by Aim Ruivivar

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