Affordable Rainy Day Craft Idea – Wax Paper Sun Catchers

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This is a fun craft to do over the summer especially on a rainy day when you’re stuck inside. This one required the help of an adult. This activity is inexpensive, easy to get the results, and will help get rid of all those broken crayon pieces you have.

What you’ll need:

–a roll of wax paper
–different colors of crayons I recommend at least 4
–crayon sharpener or other open sharpener to shave crayons
–shapes to trace (you can use stencils, cookie cutters, or other objects around your house)
–string to hang your sun catchers
–hold puncher
–old rag or fabric scrap you don’t mind getting melted crayon on
–paper clip
–iron (as in a clothes iron)
–piece of cardboard

First tear off a piece of wax paper and fold it in half. You can clip it together to it stays doubled over. Have your child trace a shape onto the wax paper with a pen. Cut out the shape. You will have 2 of the shape since the wax paper is folded. Place an old rag over the piece of cardboard. Then set one of the cut out wax paper shapes on top of the old rag. Have your child use the crayon sharpener to shave a few crayon shavings over the wax paper shape. Do this with several different colors. I had my 5 year old son do this with a typical hand pencil sharpener.

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It’s better to keep most shavings in the middle of the shape. When you have a small gathering of crayon shavings in the middle of the shape place the other wax paper cut out shape on top. An adult should take the clothes iron on the lowest heat setting and gently iron over the shape. You only have to do this briefly. The crayon shavings will melt pretty quickly. As you iron you’ll notice the crayons will melt and spread which is why it’s better to keep the shavings in the middle of the shape otherwise they can ooze out the sides. Allow it to cool. Once cooled, punch a hole at the top the shape and tie a piece of string through it to hang it.

2014 006

Check out my guest post  to see how to make your own homemade scratch art paper too.


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  1. How very cute. I am always looking for crafts to do. I find myself thinking of them at the very last minute so we usually don’t have the supplies. This is great because I have the supplies needed in my kitchen right now.

  2. What a great idea. I’m going to give this idea to my niece who is “bored” during the summer. It’ll give her something creative to do during the day.

  3. Very creative idea. This would be great to do on a rainy day with the kids. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are so adorable and look easy to make thanks for sharing. I cant wait to try them with the kids. I would have to get wax paper first but I cant wait to try it out.

  5. What a fun idea! My kids would love this and I would love to get rid of the bin of half-used crayons! 🙂

  6. I Used to Love Making Crafts & Anything Homemade when I was Little & I Still do till this Day! I wish My Niece & Nephews Enjoyed it as Much as I did when I was Little! I am Lucky if I can get them off of their Video Games or Computers! I Loved Crafts, Playing Outside & Going on Adventures, or Just Using My Imagination to Make Something Homemade & From the Heart! I can’t even get them to Dye Easter Eggs with me or Glitter their Stockings for Christmas! What happened to the Good Old Days? It’s Sad Really but I haven’t given up on trying to Break through to them! Great Artistic & Creative Post! Have a Blessed day! Jana

  7. We have used this as a boredom buster in the past, thanks for reminding me of it!

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