Xpressivo X1: Top of the Line Single Serve for Everyone

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How many of you have a single serve coffee machine?  How many of you want a single serve coffee machine?  I like the option of single serve coffee machines because you have the opportunity to have a fresh brewed cup of coffee each time.  If you want to have a breakfast blend in the morning, a latte at lunch, and some hot tea before bed you can, all in one machine.  What I don’t like about the single serve coffee machines are the price tags.  Not just the machine itself but the cups too.

The creators of Xpressivo wanted to bring a state of the art coffee machine. Adam Lupa CEO and founder of Xpressivo X1 on a return trip from Italy realized he loved the way coffee brought people together.  He wanted to create a cheaper, easier, faster, and more social way to do coffee. The idea of the Xpressivo X1 was born and they chose Kickstarter as a platform to launch this awesome machine.  There is tons of info on the site about what it does, how it works, when you can get it, etc.  Rather than me just retyping info you can find on their Kickstarter campaign, I encourage you to check it out for yourself!

Check this video out on how and why for the  Xpressivo Kickstarter campaign :

You can help Adam and his team meet their Kickstarter goal to start production on this product to make single serve coffee more affordable.  There are lots of different levels of backing with rewards like getting your own Xpressivo X1 and cups to go with it. Besides getting a big discount on the machine you also get 25% off future orders for being a backer.  This is expected to start shipping in November.  So this would make an excellent Christmas gift for someone.  Back them now, get a big discount, be THE gift giver this holiday season.

Right now there are 6 coffee blends available from some of the best roasters and producers in Italy and are shipped to you in biodegradable cups.  The machine itself will start off in available white or black.  Help get the Xpressivo off the ground and get yours before anyone else for a big discount.

Xpressivo Black



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  1. Wow, this is one sleek coffee maker! I drink coffee every day and I would love to have something like this in my kitchen. What a wonderful idea!

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