Super Stocking Stuffer Hop: Avoseedo 2.0

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Last year I had the opportunity to try the original Avoseedo. Avoseedo let’s you grow your own avocado tree from an avocado pit you’d normally throw away. The process is actually really easy and affordable.

This year Avoseedo has improved on their idea with Avoseedo 2.0. You can ready my Avoseedo 2.0 post here for more details.

This is a fun gift for the avocado lover or gardener. This could also be a fun learning project for the kids.

You can order your own Avoseedo 2.0 here.


1 US entrant will win an Avoseedo 2.0 kit

Super Stocking Stuffer Hop: Avoseedo 2.0

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  1. Dorothy Boucher says

    I think this is amazing, I know the grandchildren would get a fun kick out of watching something beautiful grow in front of them, I like that they give full instructions on this to.

  2. Such a fun idea. I think the whole family would enjoy watching to see it sprout and grow

  3. Pauline Milner says

    Wow, what an amazing concept. I can see them starting with avocados and adding more things for families to watch grow. There really is an excitement associated with watching anything grow. As a kid, we used to grow a bean using a glass, paper towel and water. It was fun every day to see what progress it had made. I know our grandsons would love growing their own avocado. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity! (There was no way to comment on your link to the review to I commented here.)

  4. This is such a fun idea! My grandson loves avocados and hes just starting to enjoy gardening with his mom!

  5. Jessica Staley says

    This would be fun and educational to do as a family

  6. My kids would love this! Not only are you giving the experience to plant and nurture something, but it is also something adorable that will hold their interest once it is full-grown. As a parent, I love that it is something that is science-based and keeps them away from their screen time for an actual, not virtual experience.

  7. Mary Gardner says

    This looks like so much fun and a good learning activity for kids. It seems pretty easy to do and I love that you only need the pit and water.

  8. Juanita May says

    My granddaughter has a green thumb and loves to grow things. She is almost 11, so this would be great for her to try.

  9. Jessica Staley says

    I love this. I love to garden and my kids love to help. This would be something they could grow on their own. This helps them take care of the earth and enjoy natural foods.

  10. Jennylyn Gross says

    This is something my granddaughter would enjoy watching it grow

  11. Dana Rodriguez says

    This is such a fun idea for kids. I like that they can customize it too!

  12. I think that this is a super cute and fun way to get my kids interested in gardening. I love that the kit makes it so easy to do.

  13. How fun! My granddaughter would love this and not to mention the memories to be made in the process. Thank you 🙂

  14. I have tried many times on my own using a toothpick and a cup of water with no luck. This looks like a lot more fun way to try growing one.


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