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When we moved into our new home this past October I saw so much potential for the extra space we have in our home.  We went from having a few tiny closets to have walk in closets in a couple rooms including the bathroom.  Since I work first shift and my hubby works second shift I usually have to to my make up in the bathroom so I don’t wake him in the mornings. I do have a vanity in my bedroom but it’s pretty much pointless at this time. I wanted to have a space to organize my make up.

I had clear shoe box type containers that I kept my make up in. Unfortunately lids would pop open spreading mineral make up or loose powder eye shadow all over. Plus I’d have to dig through to find what I wanted. I decided to get myself a few acrylic make up organizers. I figured not only would it organize my make up but it would make the shelves in the bathroom closet look tidier.

make up organizer

I had a chance to review the one pictured above. It looked perfect for what I wanted to do.  Cubie shipped it to me. The first one I received was actually cracked. There was a piece of plastic floating around in one of the smaller drawers and I noticed both drawers were missing chunks out of the front plate of the drawer. I contacted them and they replace it immediately with an apology.  I was worried about having to go through the hassle of packing the broken one up, send it back, wait until they received it, then they’d send the other but it was quick and painless.

The replacement arrived in good shape. It’s actually much bigger than the picture looks. The bigger drawer is fairly long and pretty deep. I received a bunch of packs of collagen masks from ipsy bags and they fit in their perfectly. I played around with it and it also fit several of my smaller eye shadow palettes.

make up organizer filled

I’ll probably reorganize it a few times until I have it exactly the way I want it.  I already bought myself a lipstick organizer and started changing things there.  This organize is two pieces. The top part actually sits on top so if you’d rather take it off and put things on top of it you could do that.

All in all this organizer is great. Cubie’s customer service is on target too.  You can find the Cubie 2 piece make up organizer on Amazon:

I received the above mentioned product at a discount in order to complete an honest review. Any opinions expressed are my own. This post also contains affilliate links. 

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  1. That looks like a really nice makeup organizer. That’s good that the return and asking for a new product was easy. I always worry about that too.

  2. That is a nice organizer and holds a lot of stuff. I love organizing products. I could really use one like this because my make is always in a case and sometimes it’s hard to find certain things.