Lettuce Grow: When You Want a Garden But Don’t Have The Space

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It’s interesting to see the things that have become popular with the pandemic. Honestly, some of them were starting to get popular even before that pandemic. I think the pandemic just gave these things a boost.

One thing I read about was an increased number of people starting to raise chicken in their backyard. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it myself. My sister has chickens, one of my coworkers does, and a neighbor few of my neighbors have them.

Another thing that more people are getting interested in is home vegetable gardens. My husband and I have had a vegetable garden for the past 3 years. Its a ton of work to prepare the ground, weed, make animal deterrents, etc.

Some people would like to have a garden but just don’t have the space. That’s where solutions like Lettuce Grow come into place.

Lettuce Grow has The Farmstand that allows you to grow anywherere from 12 – 36 plants in a compact space. Plants can be grown outdoors or indoors by adding their “glow ring” for light. Looks great on a patio, in your kitchen, or on your porch.

The price is a bit of an investment up front but when you think about how much you spend on produce in a year, you could actually save money over time. Especially if you start plants from seeds!

Wanna check it out? Just click the Lettuce Grow banner below:

Do you have one? I’d love to know what you grow in yours!

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