Finding The Right Hair Cut, I Need Help!

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I recently did a guest post on finding the right vehicle and things I always consider when buying a car.  Then I realized I was starting to have that itch for a hair cut.  In all honesty, for me, I feel like finding the right hair cut is harder than finding the right vehicle.  First of all, I like my long hair but sometimes I just need a change.  Usually once a year I’ll bit the bullet and go for a big change.  I’ll love it for a couple of weeks then I want my long hair back.  Well I’m getting to the point that I’m ready for a change again.  If nothing else it needs trimmed because split ends are coming out in full force.

hair help


I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to doing anything drastic.  Though my last hair cut I did go super short which I hadn’t done in a long time.  I’ll go on a search for a picture or two to show the person doing my hair (I don’t have a regular stylist I go to a place like Mastercuts because I don’t need an appointment and I can go when I think I have time).  I find myself often taking looks similar to Jennifer Aniston or Victoria Beckham.  Both classy ladies with a classic style.  I need a low maintenance hair cut . If I have to use a curling iron or spend more than 15 minutes on it to get the style right it’s not gonna happen.

So what do you think folks?  Can you help a girl out?

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  1. I’m definitely following this post. I could have written this, word-for-word about myself. I have long, straight, fine blonde hair and I NEVER really know what to do with it or what would look okay on me. I need help, too!

  2. Great post! I want to see the outcome. I am so bored with my hair, but like you, can not spend more than 15 minutes and just a blow dryer. Right now mine is shoulder length with bangs growing out almost to the length to fit behind my ear. I pull it up in a pony or clip as soon as I get home. I wish I had the guts to go short like Faith Hill and Jennifer Lawrence did! Give us all courage!