Decorating to Host Thanksgiving on a Budget with Versatile Decor from Oriental Trading

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I received the below mentioned products at no cost in order to complete this post.  Any opinions expressed are my own. 


I host Thanksgiving for a party of 20+ frequently.  I’ve gotten the food, desserts, and seating down to a science.  The one things I didn’t have down was the decor. Did I really want to spend extra time decorating for Thanksgiving when I’m making 4 pies from scratch?  Would anyone really even notice the decorations anyway?

I’ve learned that the best way to get 20+ people their food is to have a buffet line so to speak.  We finally found the best spot for it.  For this buffet line I wanted something small that wouldn’t take up too much room (there’s a LOT of food)

I thought these were simple and cute and could be placed just about anywhere.

Since we do a buffet style I wanted to do something to dress the table up a bit. I do have this big ceramic turkey that I think my mother-in-law had given us that I used but it’s not real eye catching. I got these super cute fall gourds from Oriental Trading and had a bunch of ideas to use them!  Oriental Trading has such fun Thanksgiving decor.

Which one did you like better?  I ended up going with the cornucopia look and turkey sat on the counter that wasn’t being used.

I had also received these super cute crafts.  They were pumpkins with a pocket and they each came with large paper pumpkin seeds.  I had all the kids make one and they were supposed to write down the things they were thankful for on the seeds. Unfortunately, I didn’t think too far ahead.  I was far too busy to help all the little ones that needed help to spell and write.  Being the cook and hostess I tried but it didn’t go well because I kept getting pulled for other things. I tried to get my brother to help them but without enough help the kids lost interest and moved on.  It’s a shame because they were really cute.

All in all Thanksgiving went well. Hey nothing is perfect right?  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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