10 Things You Can Do to Help Prevent the Flu

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I work in a hospital and they take flu season very seriously. They’ve drilled certain things into our heads to help prevent the flu and daily to help the spread of all germs. Here are 10 things you can do to help prevent the flu.

  1. Hand Washing – This is the most important. If you don’t even read the rest of the list you can do a lot just by washing your hands. Our hospital tells us we should wash our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. That’s long enough to sing the birthday song.
  2. Cover your mouth and nose – When sneezing or coughing cover with your hand or a tissue. You can even wear a scarf or take a handkercheif with you when you have to leave the house for a doctor’s appointment or to go the pharmacy.
  3. Regularly wipe down frequently touched surfaces – Things like doorknobs, toilet flush lever, sink knobs, etc can be wiped down with an all purpose spray or wipes. Think about it, not everyone washes their hands like they should.
  4. Clean electronics – This is something not everyone thinks about. Things like keyboards, TV remotes, touch screen devices, and headsets come in contact with a lot of fingers. We actually had a rash of pink eye go around our house one year and I realized it was being spread by a touchscreen tablet that everyone was using!
  5. Eat Healthy – You body can better fight off the flu when it has the nutrients it needs.
  6. Antibacterial gels/sprays – Keeping an antibacterial gel on you when you travel or in the car can help when hand washing isn’t possible. There are plenty of antibacterial options out there from products like Purell, to alcohol-free options, and natural options like Doterra OnGuard sanitizing spray.
  7. Consider the flu vaccine – I know not everyone is interested in vaccines but for those that are there are plenty of places to get the flu vaccine even if you don’t have insurance. Rite Aid stores offer flu vaccines for $25 and if you have insurance, often it’s free. Of course your doctor’s office or your child’s pediatrician is another source to obtain flu vaccines. Some employers also off the flu vaccines to it’s employees.
  8. Drink plenty of water – this is a good idea anyway. There is some research that says drinking plenty of water can help strengthen you immune system thus helping your body fight the flu.
  9. Immune boosting supplements – there are some that swear by products like Emergen-C or Airborne. A friend recommended air born to me and I stock up during flu season.
  10. Get Plenty of Sleep – According to the Sleep Foundation, when we don’t get enough sleep our bodies can get out of wack. Lower our immune systems and more.

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Restaurants and other Businesses Offering Help and freebies for Furloughed Federal Workers

I just want to say that I’m thinking about all you federal employees that aren’t getting paid during the federal government shutdown. My husband works for the state of Pennsylvania and is our main income earner in our home. On two different occasions we’ve gone without his pay due to state government shutdown. The one time it was for nearly two months and I was on maternity leave from my job not getting paid either. So I have an idea what you’re going through. I’ve been seeing different restaurants offering help to furloughed federal employees.

  1. Paypal Credit customers are offering a 0% apr cash advance up to your available credit line up to $500 (min $250) for furlough federal employees you can read more info HERE
  2. Romano’s Macaroni Grill is offering a free mom’s ricotta meatballs & spaghetti to all furloughed federal employees just show your federal ID.
  3. SweetWater Brewery is offering free beer to federal employees just show your government ID to get 2 free beers.
  4. The Met Museum will offer free admission to furloughed federal employees and one guest for the duration of the government shut down
  5. World Central Kitchen started #ChefsforFeds and will offer free hot meals for at the 701 Pennsylvania Ave NW near the Navy Memorial win Washington DC
  6. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets is offering free tickets to select games for federal employees
  7. Fresno Bulldogs are offering free tickets to their games just show your federal ID
  8. National Civil Rights Museum is offering free admission to federal employees with ID
  9. All Farm Burger stores are offering free chicken burgers, fries, and an iced tea all day every Friday until the government shut down ends
  10. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is offering free admission to furloughed federal employees for the duration of the government shutdown.
  11. Ohio State Buckeyes is offering free tickets to athletic events for furloughed federal employee throughout the government shutdown.
  12. GoodRX is offering free membership to it’s premium savings program GoodRX Gold to save up to 90% off prescriptions
  13. Trying to find more confirmation but it looks like at least some Whole Foods stores are offering free spaghetti and meatball dinners to furloughed federal employees
  14. New England Aquarium if offering free admission to furloughed federal employees and their family during the shutdown.
  15. Capital Area Food Bank is offering free groceries at pop-up markets Saturday Jan 19. Click here for more details
  16. Many schools are now offering free and reduced priced lunches for students of furloughed federal employees talk to your school to see if they are offering this.
  17. Many aspca locations are offering free dog and cat food to furloughed federal employees. See if your location is participating.

Guys I was almost overwhelmed with places that are offering some kind of assistance on Twitter alone. If you search what your looking for specifically you can find places in your area. Just search things like “free meals for furloughed federal employees” and you can add your state or town to the ends or “free for furloughed federal employees” lots of museums, sports tickets, and more. I’ll add to this list when I find more restaurants and things that are national.

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We started buying the large bulk containers of salsa at Walmart because salsa and tortilla chips are a favorite snack around here. We buy the 24 packs of microwave popcorn but it still doesn’t last very long.

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