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My Teen Has a Job and a Driver’s License: Finance Tips with Roseland Associates

This is a sponsored post.

I didn’t realize when my teen turned 16 how many things would change quickly. From permit to driver’s license, getting his first job, getting on our car insurance, getting him his first bank account, prepping for SATs, planning for college…oh man. It’s been a whirlwind experience since he is my first of 4 kids to go through this. All of this means financial changes too. Here’s some tips to help both you and your child prepare for all these changes financially (I’m still working on the emotional part) with a post inspired by Roseland Associates.

Be Open With Your Teen About All The Financial Aspects of Driving

Before my teen even got his permit, we talked about the financial responsibilities of driving. It’s not just putting gas in the car or buying a car. It’s inspections, maintenance, tires, car insurance, etc. I recently needed new tires on my SUV, and an oil change. I also noticed my car was pulling to the left so I assumed it needed an alignment. What came out of it was a $2000+ bill because they discovered busted shocks and struts, a power steering leak, and the other items that need done. I was very open with my son about the work and how much each item costs.

Give Them Some Financial Responsibility When They Start Driving

I understand that my son will not be able to take care of all the expenses of driving at this point in his life but it’s a good opportunity to teach him that there are bills every month. This is a good opportunity to teach him financial responsibility. He decided to get a part-time job based off the discussions. We’ve decided since he has a job he will pay us $25 a month towards his car insurance and will be responsible for putting some gas in the car when he takes it. I’ve talked to my husband and his father about teaching him some basic vehicle maintenance like oil changes, tire changes, checking fluids, etc. Even if you aren’t interested in having your teen get a job just yet, if they get an allowance, even paying $5 a month towards insurance can help them understand that there is are monthly re-occurring bills. This can help them learn to start planning ahead financially.

Shop Around For Insurances

You may think the Insurance company you’ve been with for years will be just fine when your teen starts driving. After sourcing information from other parents that had already been through the driving phase we decided to take another look. We had been with our insurance company for years. My husband had no interest in changing. I finally talked him into getting a few quotes from an insurance broker and we found out pretty quick that our insurance was one of the most expensive companies out there. It was going to be even more expensive when we were ready to add my son. Our insurance was going to double on our already high premium. We ended up finding another company in which we would actually pay less than what we’re paying now WITH my son added for the same amount of coverage! Crazy right!? It pays to shop around.

Driving School and Good Grades Matter

We opted to put my son through driving school. While it did cost us $300 upfront, the peace of mind of having a certified instructor and the insurance discount made it all worth it. His driving instructor was also able to test him for his driver’s test. My son got to take his test with someone he was comfortable with! I wish I would have had that. The insurance discount varies with insurance companies but it can be 10-20% savings which can be a big deal when adding a new driver to your insurance. Most insurances also give a good student discount. If your teen has a “B” average or better that can lead to even more discounts.

Financially Preparing for 16+ as a Parent With Roseland Associates

A lot of things happen at 16. Driving, insurance, possibly a part-time job, college prep, etc. If you’re reading this and you’re not quite financially prepared yet, it’s a good idea to start getting your own finances in order. Credit scores can help play a part in insurance prices too. There are plenty of resources out there from financial help books to debt consolidation services like Roseland Associates. Making better financial choices now can help with all the major life events for you and your teen.

Quick Financial Overview

  • Give your teen some of the financial responsibility with driving even if its as simple as paying $10/mo towards insurance insurance but don’t overburden your teen with expenses they can’t possibly cover.
  • I know you might be loyal to your insurance company but they may not be the best fit for a new teen driver. Shop around, you might find you can save a ton of money when your teen starts driving.
  • Getting your own finances straightened out is always a good thing. But with a teenager it will help you be better prepared to tackle higher insurance rates, higher education expenses, etc. If it seems overwhelming seek help from professionals like Roseland Associates.
  • Things like good grades and driving schools can help with discounts on insurances.
  • If you want to buy your teen a car, speak with your insurance agent. Some vehicles are much more affordable to insure than others. According to, these were the most affordable cars to insure in 2018

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Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body Book Tour & Giveaway

Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body by William Quincy Belle Genre: SciFi Romantic Comedy

Alan Maitland is a successful businessman on his way up the corporate ladder. Life is good, but life is also full of the unexpected. A scientific experiment goes awry and Alan’s mind is transferred to the body of Hana Toussaint, a high-class escort. Suddenly, he must not only contend with a new identity, but with the eye-opening experience of living as a female: how to walk in high heels without falling; how to put on a bra without dislocating a shoulder; how to deal with makeup without poking out an eye; and how to get along in a society which in many ways is still male-dominated. When Alan discovers that Hana has taken over his body, the two of them must work together to find the scientist who can reverse the experiment and give them back their respective lives. Along the way, they must cope with living as each other and learn what it’s like to be a member of the opposite sex. And as their adventure goes on, Alan the woman must figure out his growing feelings for Hana the man. Alan faces the biggest challenge of his life which Hana sums up with one decisive question: “Are you man enough to be a woman?” Goodreads * Amazon

William Quincy Belle is just a guy. Nobody famous; nobody rich; just some guy who likes to periodically add his two cents worth with the hope, accounting for inflation, that $0.02 is not over evaluating his contribution. He claims that at the heart of the writing process is some sort of (psychotic) urge to put it down on paper and likes to recite the following, which so far he hasn’t been able to attribute to anyone: “A writer is an egomaniac with low self-esteem.” You will find Mr. Belle’s unbridled stream of consciousness floating around in cyberspace. Website * Twitter * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

Chapter 1
Forty-eight hours. He was close. He was so close.
Alan stood at the balcony railing sipping a Scotch. He surveyed his domain: the buildings
of New York City’s core, the lit billboards, and the non-stop bustle of the street below. He was
ready for the most critical business deal of his career. If he pulled this off, he would cement his
future as a significant player in the company. He was going places. He could taste it.
The vastness of the cityscape washed over him. Years of hard work and calculated moves
had come to fruition, and he now lived in an eighth-floor condominium in an exclusive Upper
East Side building with twenty-four-hour security, surrounded by designer furniture. He was on
top of the world.
With a final gulp, Alan finished his drink and went inside, locking the sliding door. He
sauntered across the open-plan living room to the kitchen and put his glass in the dishwasher.
After flicking off the light, he went to bed and gazed at the ceiling in the semi-darkness.
As he mulled over his schedule for the next two days, he was more convinced than ever he was
on the verge of something extraordinary. He rolled onto his side and drifted off to sleep.

Alan gagged. Something filled his mouth and throat. He couldn’t breathe and thought he might
throw up. He brought both hands to his face and fumbled around trying to free himself.
His mouth became clear. He coughed as he gasped for air, then sat on his heels and
braced his hands on his thighs. He shuddered.
“What’s the matter?” The male voice sounded concerned. “Are you all right?”
Alan focused and realized he was staring at a man’s legs with the trousers bunched below
the knees. Confused, he looked up. There was the naked groin of a man sprouting an erect penis
covered with a condom.
His eyes widened. What the hell?
He scanned his surroundings. He was in a hotel room, furnished as if it was one of the
major chains. The man grinned at him. Alan gaped at the penis. Had that been in his mouth? A
wave of nausea washed over him. This couldn’t be real.
“Take a breath and let’s try again.” The man stepped forward and placed one hand on the
back of Alan’s head as he grasped the base of his penis with the other. He aimed his shaft and
Alan pushed the man’s hips away. “Stop!” he cried out. But it wasn’t his voice; it was a
The man leaned back. “I don’t understand. You’ve always been able to take all of me
with no difficulty. Throat problem?”
Alan blinked, dazed.
“Okay,” the man said. “We can skip the deep throat. A normal blowjob will do fine.”
Confused, Alan regarded him and said, “I can’t,” again in a female voice.
“I’m not doing that.”
“Don’t get me all worked up for nothing! I’ll have blue balls for a week. I paid you the
usual four hundred. Now, how about giving me a go?”
The man shifted forward again, holding out his erection. He grasped Alan’s head and

Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body Page: 3/93

Page: 3/93 Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body
pulled it toward him.
“Jesus!” Alan muttered as he pushed against the man’s hips. The two of them were at a
stalemate. Horrified by the erection in front of his face, Alan slammed his fist into the man’s
scrotum. The man gasped and released his grip on Alan’s head.
Alan scurried back as the man fell to his knees, both hands holding his groin. He flopped
over into a fetal position, moaning. Alan staggered to his feet and stumbled as one of his ankles
buckled under him. He looked down and saw he was wearing high-heels and nylon stockings. He
gawked for a moment then wobbled over to the wall mirror. His eyes widened. The face reflected
at him was not his: It was that of a woman.
He touched his face and saw in the mirror a slender hand move to the smooth skin of the
woman’s face. Unfamiliar blue eyes stared at him. His mind reeled, unable to understand how
this was possible. He had to be dreaming, but this didn’t feel like a dream. Was he going to wake
up at any moment?
He heard a groan behind him. The man on the floor mumbled, “Oh fuck,” but didn’t
Alan again gazed into the mirror. He brushed aside shoulder-length blond hair and
studied his features, focusing on the thick eye shadow and red lips. He was wearing lipstick. Was
he in drag? That wasn’t his face, however. It wasn’t his face at all.
He pulled the blond hair. It wasn’t a wig. There was an odor. He held his hand up to his
nose then grabbed his hair and inhaled. He was wearing perfume.
As he stood staring at himself, he glanced down at his chest. What were those? He ran his
hands over the two protrusions. They were breasts. He had breasts.
An odd thought came to him. He passed a hand over the front of a short skirt. There was
no bulge. He lifted the hem and reached between his legs. No penis, no male genitalia. His face
scrunched up in horror. What the hell?
He pulled up the dress to expose a garter belt, stockings, and a pair of panties on top. He
pulled the panties down and rubbed a hand between his legs.
“What the fuck’s going on?” Alan muttered. He had a pussy. He was a woman.
Queasiness welled up in him, and he felt light-headed. His stomach heaved, and he
coughed up bile. The back of his throat burned. He had to figure out what had taken place and
how he could get out of this situation.
There was a purse on the table. He dumped out the contents and sorted through them. The
first thing he saw was a black rectangular box labeled Stun Gun. There was a wallet, so he
opened it and flipped through the cards until he found a driver’s license. He looked at the photo
and looked in the mirror. It was the same woman. The name given was Hana Toussaint with an
address of 243 Charlton Street, Apartment 23.
His mind raced as he tried to make sense of this nightmarish situation. Who was this
Hana Toussaint? What connection could there be between the two of them? How could he be in
her body? How was it possible to end up in someone else’s body?
He froze. Where was his body? If he had taken over the body of this Hana Toussaint, had
somebody taken over his? Was it Hana? Had the two of them switched bodies? He had to find
Alan Maitland and confront whoever was in that body.
Alan shook his head. This was all too bizarre, and he couldn’t make sense of anything.
He had to find the other Alan.
He examined the address on the driver’s license again. Thank goodness. It was in the
same city. But he didn’t understand where in the city this hotel was located. He found money

Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body Page: 4/93

Page: 4/93 Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body
inside the billfold and counted out four hundred and fifty-five dollars. The guy on the floor had
said he’d paid four hundred bucks for a blowjob.
The door to the room opened with an explosive crash. A slim, tall man in a suit and tie
ran in and stopped in the center of the room. “Don’t you move!”
Alan whipped around to stare at this newcomer. The first man now sat in a chair. He had
one hand on his groin, but the other rested on a small table beside a cell phone. Alan hadn’t been
paying attention, too caught up in his dilemma.
The slim man glanced at Alan. “Are you all right? What happened? What did he do?”
The seated man said, “What did I do? What did she do! Hell, Marvin, she punched me
right in the nuts!” He shifted in his seat holding his groin. “I was the one who called the
answering service.”
Marvin turned back to Alan astonished. “What’s the matter with you? Mr. Smith is one of
your regulars. Why in the hell would you do such a thing?”
Alan cowered against the wall. “Who are you?”
“Who am I? What’s going on? Is this a joke?” The newcomer nodded to the man in the
chair. “I apologize, Mr. Smith. I’m sure all of this is explainable. Let me get this straightened
out.” Then he walked up to Alan and spoke in a hushed tone. “What’s gotten into you? Did he do
something wrong? What’s the problem?”
“I’m confused. I don’t understand,” Alan said, scrutinizing the room.
“What?” Marvin squinted. “Are you okay? Are you stoned or something?”
“I don’t know.”
Marvin took hold of his arm. “May I speak with you out in the hall?”
Alan wrenched his arm away. “What are you doing?”
“We need to have a chat,” Marvin said. He retook Alan’s arm and led him toward the
Alan jerked free of Marvin’s grasp and scrambled for the black box. He pushed it against
the tall man’s midriff and pressed the switch. There was a crackle of electricity as Marvin’s body
spasmed. Alan let go of the button, and Marvin collapsed in a heap.
He stood over the man. How long would he be incapacitated? He shot Mr. Smith a
glance. Mr. Smith stared wide-eyed, his gaze shifting between Marvin and Alan.
With little thought, Alan dashed to the table and stuffed Hana’s belongings back in the
purse then rushed down the hall to the elevator. Twice he almost lost his balance. Frustrated, he
muttered, “Christ, how do women walk in these things?”

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