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Find the best coupons, promo codes, and deals everyday at Dealspotr

I was contacted by Dealspotr to become a Dealspotr ambassador about 2 months ago. Before that contact I didn’t really know much about what they offered.  Having used the site  now for about 2 months fairly frequently, I feel like I just had to share this site with you.

First off, let’s say you’re about to buy something online, I dunno, from Groupon maybe.  You’re wondering “hmm are their any coupon codes I can use to save me some money?” So you go to Dealspotr and check.  You might see several listed.  There, maybe you just saved yourself 10% on that thing you were buying anyway.

Deals are posted by people like you and me. But what incentive do you have to take the time to posts deals?  How about earning karma points.  Each time you level up you earn an Amazon gift card.  Obviously the more good deals you post the quicker you earn those Amazon gift cards.

Find the best coupons, promo codes, and deals everyday at Dealspotr

So the next question, and what I had to ask, How do I know the deals are legit then? I mean people might just throw up any old thing to earn points right? WRONG, Dealspotr checks to make sure the deals work. If they don’t they take them down. Post enough inaccurate ones and you won’t be posting anymore.  Dealspotrs can also flag a deal if they don’t feel it’s legit or it’s expired.

The best thing about all this, it’s free. Free to post deals, free to get the deals.  As I’ve said, I’ve been using the site for 2 months. I’ve already earned one Amazon gift card and I’m only 330 Karma points away right now from earning my next.

You can sign up for Dealspotr here.

Recycle Bank Rewards Sweetheart Deals only 5 pts this week

Recycle bank is featuring some of their rewards this week featured at only 25 points to redeem. Still more there will be a different “Sweetheart” deal each day that you can redeem for only 5 points. Today’s feature is for $10 off a purchase at FTD.

Sweetheart Deals for Valentine's Day

Browse the rewards and see what you can get for earning easy recycling reward points:

Valentine’s Day Reward Specials

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