You Can Pre-Order Glitter Fingerlings NOW!

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Fingerlings are on many list for one of the predicted hot holiday toys for 2017.  They’ve been selling out on Amazon, Toys R’ Us and other sites. Surely the really coveted ones closer to the holiday will be the glitter Fingerlings that are being released Nov 20, 2017.

You can now pre-order the pink glitter Fingerlings on Amazon. It might be a good idea too since many sites are comparing Fingerlings to the Hatchimals fiasco of the 2016 holiday season.  I’m not going to lie, I already bought one each for my two youngest children and one extra in case a friend gets in a fix. Otherwise it will be donated to a local toy drive.

Toys R’ Us are also the only ones that have unicorn Fingerlings. Unfortunately they released them on their website and sold out in 1 day! I got on the notification list but now I can’t even find them on the site at all!

Some Holiday Money (and stress) Saving Tips

I’m a big fan of starting my holiday shopping early.  I consider early like the end of September or beginning of October.  And…yes, I have already started.  What are the benefits of starting early? Money and stress savings.

1. No long lines. 

2. Most of the items are in stock

3.  You can watch through sales throughout the year.

4.  Earn rewards from your shopper cards (like the toys r us rewards r us card for example) then use your rewards to shop for those last minute items closer to the holidays when money might be a bit tighter. 

5.  I’m a fan of mypoints.  Earn  mypoints throughout the year.  I’ll be cashing in my mypoints here soon.  With the points I earned I plan on cashing them in for a $100 Gamestop gc to buy my 2 older boys the hot video games this year.  I’ll buy them now and they won’t be sold out closer to christmas.

6.  I have my kids write their christmas list the beginning of October.  I start getting in mind what they want their main gift to be.  (As well as listening to all those “mommy i want that’s” throughout the year)  Don’t go overboard though.  If you do it once or twice then can’t do it another year there’s disappointment.  Also, if you start shopping early it’s easy sometimes to say, well, i have the money so maybe I’ll go ahead and get this too.  No, stick your plan. 

7.  If at all possible, don’t use a credit card unless your planning on paying it off right away.  The big credit card bills I’ve heard people talk about that come after the holidays is a major stresser.  Budget throughout the year.  Set money aside.  Start a holiday club account.  Whatever you need to do.  Plus you end up paying interest on your purchases.  

8.  I am NOT a fan of Black Friday.  Sure there’s some good deals out there but most of the time the deals are limited to so many per store.  Items are out of stock.  People are pushy. Anxiety sets in when you realize they just sold out of juniors top item on his wishlist then you’re searching everywhere for it until 5 days before christmas.  To me, not worth it. 

I know, I know, some of you daredevils say it’s the thrill of the sales.  I’ve heard friends and coworkers say “it’s a tradition”.  Whatever your reason it’s your choice.  Me, I like to relax on Black Friday thinking only about the last few stocking stuffers I need to get and when I’m going to start wrapping. 

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