Where Can I Get Coupons For That?

As a frugal lifestyle blogger and a mom of 4 I don’t like to pay full price for anything . Not only is it better for my budget but I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get my family things they need and not have to pay what’s on the price tag . I love me some coupons.  One thing my friends and coworkers have asked me more than a few times is “Where do you get coupons for that?”  So here’s some places to look to find coupons for the things you want and need.

1. Newspaper – ok this might be the obvious one but did you know that different areas might have different coupons?  For example: When I buy my coupon papers I buy a Johnstown paper and a Pittsburgh paper.  Often they have different coupons OR when it comes to Procter & Gamble inserts and things like that I get several then.

2.  Coupon websites – sites like coupons.com, savingsstar.com, and more offer coupons you can either print or load to a grocery store card.  Sites like coupons.com will usually allow you to print each coupon twice so if you see a 2 for deal or just really like a product, go ahead and print 2.

3.  Load to card –  Those rewards cards you have for Rite Aid, Giant Eagle, etc.  If you go to the website you can register your reward card and load coupons right to your card.  Then when you buy that product the coupon gets taken off automatically.  No worries about forgetting your coupon.  My only issues is, sometimes I forget what coupons I have on there and when they expires.  So it’s a good idea to print a list and keep it in your car or purse.  Cross it off when the coupon expires or you’ve used it.  It’s easy.  Often they have a load to card option on the site once you’re logged in.  Just tick off the coupons you want and they’re on your card. Here’s what Rite Aid’s load2card option looks like.  You can find the load2card option for Riteaid under the “Deals” category and select the load2card option or under the wellness+ option:

Rite Aid load2card

4.  Company websites – sometimes the coupons aren’t in the paper or on a printable site.  BUT occasionally the company websites has coupons.  I’ll give you a for instance.  Giant Eagle recently had International Delight coffee creamer on sale 2 for $4.  I love my coffee creamer but wanted to see if I could get an even better deal.  I couldn’t find a coupon anywhere else so I went to the company website.  I registered on InternationalDelight.com and there it was a printable coupon for $1 off 1 International Delight Coffee Creamer.  I was able to print it twice and got my creamers for $1 a piece!  Also it helps to sign up for your favorite brand’s emails newsletters.

5.  Write the company –  When all else fails, you can sometimes have luck with emailing or writing the company . I had a thing for those Annie Chun’s soup bowls for a while. They were a bit expensive.  I emailed the company to let them now how much I liked their soups and praised them for their eco-friendly packaging.  They wrote back, thanked me and offered to send me coupons.  I of course accepted and they sent me a small stack of coupons for their soups.

6.  Coupon kiosks – My local BILO store actually had a coupon kiosk where you could print BILO  store coupons you might need for your shopping visit.  You need to print only the ones you needed because they normally expired within a day or two but it was nice to grab an extra coupon or two when shopping.

7.  Check your receipts and register printouts – Plenty of stores will have coupons either right on your receipt or as a separate print out. Giant Eagle does a separate print out, Rite Aid will print them right on the receipt, Dollar General has them right on the receipt ($5 off $25 purchase sometimes), etc.  Check your receipts!

8.  Right on the package – Occasionally you will buy a product that has a coupon taped right to the package or sometimes a tag around the neck of a bottle like a cleaning product or soda, for instance.  Sometimes it will even say something like “save $2 now save $2 later” etc.  These you can use.  Do NOT cut coupons off of packages.

9.  Sales papers – sometimes your sales papers will have a store coupon in them.  Rite Aid usually has one or two each sales week.  CVS will do this too.

10.  Sampling kiosks – Walmart does this often.  They have someone at a sampling kiosk and you can try a little taste of whatever they’re trying to sell that day.  Often there will be a small pile of coupons meant for you to take one or two to buy the product.  I tried a sample of a Kellogg’s cereal the one time.  The lady had a huge stack of coupons.  I took  one (never be greedy) and she said “honey you can take more than one” so I took two. She said “Take more than that, I have plenty” so I did. lol

11. In the package – diapers will do this often . Pampers, Luvs, Huggies will kindly put a coupon inside the package.  You’ll sometimes find them inside the back panel of cereal boxes or frozen foods.

12.  Magazines – Magazines like all you, Parenting, Taste of Home and more will have coupons in them sometimes as small booklets or right in the ad for the product.

I wrote a guest post on how to save money on vehicle maintenance too. As soon as it’s like I’ll post the link here.


Saving For Christmas 2015 Should Start Now

Maybe you’ve just put your Christmas decorations away or maybe you still have them up.  (I do, I’m avoiding it) But to create a financially stress free Christmas you need to start saving now.  Start saving now to avoid using credit cards, start saving now to avoid overdrafting your account trying to squeeze gifts in, save now so you’re not so stressed later.

You might have seen the weekly Christmas savings plan that’s floating around on the internet:

52 week money challenge

Here’s my issue with this challenge.  Actually I have several issues.  IF you are actually on a budget or living paycheck to paycheck, in theory, this sounds like a great idea.  So you start saving $1 in saving the first week, $2 in savings the next week…hey this is easy right?  Ok well then you get to about week 30 and you’re putting $30 a week away.  If you get paid biweekly, that’s $60 per pay, $120 per month!  If you’re living paycheck to paycheck or already putting money in savings for a safety net (as you should) then this is unrealistic. Then you come down to week…i don’t know 46, 47 where you’ve probably started shopping for Christmas with black friday and cyber monday.  Who can put $50 a week away when you’re already buying Christmas gifts?  I mean if you can, good for you, but you probably have a little more free flow with your money than others.

So I’ll tell you what I do.  As a mom of 4 living the frugal lifestyle. As soon as I finish my Christmas shopping whether it be Black Friday or Christmas Eve, I start putting money back into my holiday club to start replenishing for next year. I get paid biweekly so I put anywhere from $5-$20 per paycheck away, EVERY paycheck.  Whatever I can afford to take out of that paycheck and still pay bills and have some fun and incidentals money.  If you get paid weekly try putting $5-$10 a week away.  If you get paid monthly try putting $20-$30 away per pay.  Then, Any other non-paycheck money that comes through such as tax returns, winning money on a scratch off, put a percentage of that away too.

If you put $20 a month away until November That’s $220

IF you put $30 a month away until November that’s $330

If you put $40 a month away until November that’s $440

Then if you put other money away for example you get your tax return and you put $100 of it away you can add $100 to your total.  Say you won $60 at a football game for their 50/50 you can put $20 of that away. If you get a holiday bonus you could put 20% of that away, etc.  You can see where you can build on your savings.  Depending how much you spend on Christmas the monthly amount might be enough for you.

Everyone’s financial situation is different, put what you can away.  You can actually use this idea for your safety net savings as well.

Hand Putting Deposit Into Piggy Bank


Affordable, Flavorful, Colorful Meal Idea

This is a dish my mom used to make.  It’s full of flavor, very filling and really affordable, even for a larger family.  We’ve a family of 6 so I made the recipe for the way I  make it for us.  You can always add more or less easily for your needs.

What you need:

1 package of kielbasa (or sausage if you prefer)

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

5 large potatoes



vegetable oil

Start by peeling and dicing your potatoes.  You want small edible chunks.  Put about 2 tablespoons of oil in a frying pan and add your potatoes to the pan.  Turn it on med-high heat.  While those are cooking you can chop your green and red pepper.  You can make small squares or cut strips whatever you prefer.  I like to use squares because it’s easier to eat with the dish.  Cut your kielbasa into coins.  Stir your potatoes in the pan.  Cook your potatoes until they seem like they’re starting to cook through.  Add your peppers and kielbasa coins. Stir it up.  Sprinkle some paprika and salt over the mixture to your taste.  Stir occasionally. Cook until potatoes are soft enough to eat.  Now doesn’t that look colorful?

affordable meal idea



Portion it out into bowls. All my boys love this dish from my husband to my 5 year old son.  I like it because it’s easy, tasty, affordable, and the kids will actually east some veggies this way.


Do Penny Auction Sites Actually Save You Money?

This post does contain referral and affiliate links.  Regardless I only post legitimate offers from trusted sites.

You’re watching tv and you see an ad pop up for one of those penny auctions sites.  You know the ones where people are claiming they won laptops for $53 and big screen tvs for $75 or whatever the claim is.  It might be easy to wonder if you really can win and save money on these sites. If you talk to the person that won, they’d probably tell you yes.  If you talk to the other 80 people that bid on that Xbox One they’d probably tell you no.  I get asked this question frequently.

Penny auctions sites have very similar set ups. Quibids, Orange Bidz, Deal Dash, all similar set up.  Sometimes they will offer you some free bids to sign up.  After that you start paying just to bid. You’ll buy a bid package. Looking at a site like Quibids, the cheapest package is $27 for 45 bids.  So if you think about it in that aspect it costs you 60 cents every time you place a bid whether you win or lose.  I also think the commercials only tell you part of the truth.  Yes the lady in the commercial may have won the ipad for $50 but what they don’t tell you is how many bids it took her to get there, how many bids she bought, and how many others bid and didn’t win.

Pennies wikimedia
picture credit to wikimedia.com

If you don’t win you lose whatever bids you used.  So yes, if you lose, you lost 60 cents per bid. If you look at one penny auction  site, in their terms and conditions it gives you the average number of bidders depending on the cost of the item.  Of course bigger ticket items like flat screen tv’s and ipads get more bidders.  For items that cost $500-$1000 the average number of bidders is 88.8 for items over $1000, 186.3 bidders.  Remember there’s only 1 winner for each auction.  Depending on size of the auction the price will only go up 5 cents for each bid.  So even if there price is only at $50, do that math, that’s 100 bids already.  Depending on the site, when you get down to the last 30 seconds  or so, every time someone bids the clock resets to 30 seconds again. It continues this way until there’s finally a winner.  So you can imagine how many bids actually go into the auctions.  I could only imagine that as the holidays approach the number of bidders increase.

You then pay the winning price.  Let’s stick with the $50 for a laptop but you also spent the money on whatever amount of bids you used plus shipping.  If you lost, you take a chance on another auction. Again you can only bid as many times as you bid package you purchased.  Sure they allow you to buy more but you have to do the math.  You could realistically bid on 10 different auctions not win and actually be out $100+ with nothing to show for it.

So in a nutshell, I say no, they’re not a good way to save money.

You want my opinion on how to get legitimate deals and be sure you’re going to walk away with something with your hard earned money?  These are some of my favorite deal sites for finding deals on electronics and bigger ticket items:

Also if you want to stay on top of the deals but don’t have time or resources to compare all the deals, using a site like Nifti helps.  You set up a free account, add nifti to your toolbar, and add the items you want to your nifti account.  Choose a price you’d like to pay and it will keep track of the price for you and notify you when/if it hits the the price you chose.  This site helped me save a lot of money last Christmas.  You can try it with some of these products below.

How Nifti works: search for the item you want. Use your Nifti tool bar bookmark to add it to your list, input the price you’re hoping to pay, Nifti does the rest of the work for you.  Emails you when/if the item hits the price you want.

Apple - 16GB Silver 5th Gen iPod Touch - MGG52LL/A

Apple – 16GB Silver 5th Gen iPod Touch – MGG52LL/A

This is something on my two oldest boys’ Christmas lists this year

Apple – 16GB Silver 5th Gen iPod Touch – MGG52LL/A – $199.00, Free shipping – Available at ABT


Amazon - Kindle Fire HD 7

Amazon – Kindle Fire HD 7″ 16 GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet – w/ Special Offers (Android, LCD Touchscreen, 1280×800, 11 Hours)

My youngest son wants one.  He was using mine until mine kicked the bucket.

Amazon – Kindle Fire HD 7″ 16 GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet – w/ Special Offers (Android, LCD Touchscreen, 1280×800, 11 Hours) – $149.97, See Site shipping – Available at TigerDirect


Apple - iPad Air 9.7

Apple – iPad Air 9.7″ 32 GB Wi-Fi Space Gray Tablet (iOS 7, LCD Touchscreen, 2048×1536, 10 Hours)

I know the iPad air is on a lot of lists this Christmas

Apple – iPad Air 9.7″ 32 GB Wi-Fi Space Gray Tablet (iOS 7, LCD Touchscreen, 2048×1536, 10 Hours) – $599.00, Free shipping – Available at B&H Photo-Video


Microsoft - Xbox One Black 500 GB Console (Xbox One)

Microsoft – Xbox One Black 500 GB Console (Xbox One)

Game consoles are another big ticket item at the holidays

Microsoft – Xbox One Black 500 GB Console (Xbox One) – $499.99, Free shipping – Available at Microsoft Store


Sony - Playstation 4 Black 500 GB Console (PS4)

Sony – Playstation 4 Black 500 GB Console (PS4)

another big game system for the holidays

Sony – Playstation 4 Black 500 GB Console (PS4) – $399.99, Free shipping – Available at B&H Photo-Video

(55 reviews)


Dyson - DC 65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum - 205497-01

Dyson – DC 65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum – 205497-01

One of these are on my Christmas list!

Dyson – DC 65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum – 205497-01 – $499.99, Free shipping – Available at Target.com


Canon - EOS Rebel T5i Black SLR Digital Camera Kit w/ 18-135 mm Lens (18 MP, 7.5x Opt, SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot)

Canon – EOS Rebel T5i Black SLR Digital Camera Kit w/ 18-135 mm Lens (18 MP, 7.5x Opt, SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot)

I LOVE my Canon Rebel.  Best camera I’ve ever owned.  Though since they came out with the T5i this will be a “someday” purchase.

Canon – EOS Rebel T5i Black SLR Digital Camera Kit w/ 18-135 mm Lens (18 MP, 7.5x Opt, SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot) – $899.00, Free shipping – Available at B&H Photo-Video

(7 reviews)


Electronic Arts - Madden NFL 15 : Xbox 360

Electronic Arts – Madden NFL 15 : Xbox 360

Always popular at Christmas.  Video games, particularly the Madden games.  My dad get the new one each time it comes out.  These games have some hot deals around the holidays.  Add it to Nifi and let it keep track for you!

Electronic Arts – Madden NFL 15 : Xbox 360 – $59.99, Free shipping – Available at Microsoft Store


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.


Habits (Dirty Secrets) of This Cheapskate Mom

When you have a family and a budget sometimes spending things on wrapping paper doesn’t make sense.  I mean you spend upwards of $5-$10 for a roll of wrapping paper only to have it ripped to shreds and thrown in the trash.  And napkins? You wipe your hands and faces with it and throw it away.  Still some things are necessary or convenient so we find ways to save money wherever we can.  Yes we’re the “cheapskate” moms. I started thinking about some of the things I do and just had to wonder, does anyone else do this?

Stashing fast food napkins I mean seriously taco bell will give you 12 tacos and 34 napkins (I might be exaggerating a little bit) I take all those napkins we don’t use, put them right into a freezer bag and store them away for bbq’s and lunchboxes.

Speaking of freezer bags does anyone reuse freezer bags?  My mom was also a mom of 4.  I used to wash her wash out freezer bags and dry them and reuse them. I thought she was the ultimate cheapskate until I became a mom of 4 a realized how much it cost for disposable plastic bags. I don’t reuse them if they had raw chicken or something in them but if I just used them to store extra clothes or something, yep, i sure do.

Saving tissue paper and gift bags yep, I do it.  I take the tissue paper out and fold it up, fold up the gift bag and store it in a tote.  I rarely buy wrapping paper except at Christmas time or larger gifts.

Hallmark can keep their $4 gift tags! It seemed like highway robbery for me to pay $2-4 for a 2×2″ gift tag for gifts especially for the kids when they don’t always bother to read the card anyway.  I bought myself a packet of those card stock squares (just a couple dollars) an acrylic blog and a few stamp shapes: birthday, thank you, happy anniversary, etc.  I cut out a cardstock square stamp it and attach it to the gift. Done. You pay maybe $6-8 for the initial investment (the small acrylic square and stamps are a $1 a piece at my local Michaels and I think the card stock scrap packet is about $4 and there’s probably 50 pieces of scrap cardstock in there) You’re making gift tags for pennies on the dollar.

cheapskate gift tags

Buying Holiday wrap in February yep, I told you I only buy wrapping paper at Christmas and for big gifts.  You can get Christmas wrap dirt cheap after the holiday is over in the holiday clearance section.  I bought a bunch of rolls: LEGO Christmas, Dora, etc for 70 cents a roll last year at Toys R US. PS you can also buy just plain red, green,silver, wrap too and use it any time during the year.

Stashing non-perishable snacks in your purse or diaper bag so you don’t have to pay for concessions and you’re not tempted to stop for fast food.  You know when you’re headed to the football game, the drive-in, wherever you think you can get away with it.  Fruit snacks, granola bars, dried fruit, whatever you can stash.

Buying reusable everything.  Fabric book covers for the kids for school, reusuable K-cup pod, washable nursing pads, steel or glass straws, whatever you can find.  I mean why buy book covers every year if you don’t have to? And disposable nursing pads are expensive! On a side not, you’re also living greener this way

Sticks, stick, sticks.  Seriously does anyone else do this?  I save popsicles sticks for the kids to use as crafts, to spread icing, make puppets, whatever (washed of course) I’ve received a few fruit bouquets and they had tons of those nice shish kabob and city chicken sticks in them and I saved them just for that purpose.

It was nice of country crock to give me this food storage container,  I LOVE those plastic containers with the lids that some of my grocery items come in: butter containers, cottage cheese containers, coffee containers, you get the idea.  They’re perfect for sending food to my dad’s or my father-in-laws house and not have to worry about if I get my good tupperware back.  Also good for crafts, sending to school with your kids, planting starter plants, etc.

cheapskate containers

Heading straight to the clearance section.  One of the first places I go when I’m looking for something in particular.  I need a nice picture frame for the boys’ school pictures, wonder if they have any decent ones in the clearance section.  Dang sugar bowl broke, I bet they have one in the clearance section..if not I’ll use my blue bonnet container and mark it.

Using up every last bit, It’s nut uncommon to see upside down ketchup bottles in my fridge, upside down shampoo bottles in the bathroom, a little water added to the hand soap pump, and a visibly empty (except to the cheapskate eye) eye shadow compact because, hey, there’s still 2 more application in there!

Washing plastic flatware, I’ll be honest I didn’t always do this.  I have an aunt that does this.  I thought geez a box of plastic flatware is only $2 or $3 for the generic one at Walmart but the more I thought about it.  She’s right! So I wash them and store them in a freezer bag for a few more uses.

cheapskate plastic ware

Cutting off the kids torn jeans or sweatpants and hemming them to make them shorts for the summer.  They still fit, they just have a huge whole in both knees.  Cut them off, hem them and the kids have Levi’s jean shorts to play in this summer.

Who in the world buys cleaning cloths? Old towels, t-shirts with wholes, stained sweatshirts, cut them into pieces, whatever size works for you and you got yourself some new cleaning cloths.

Looking through your coupons to go out to eat.  It’s been a while, let’s all go out to eat.  Hold on let me check my coupon binder. I know I have coupons for a few places for free kids meals or 20% off our bill on Tuesdays.

Making old crayons new crayons, nothing like a fresh box of crayons but you have a container of broken crayon tips, crayons that broke in half, and crayon nubs.  The kids don’t want to use them.  Ok so you melt them down and use a candy mold or or soap mold to make cute shapes out of the nubs.  Hey kids check out these new crayons I got you!

Why would I keep buying bubbles?  You kids probably get bubbles in party favor bags, from school events, etc.  Save the bottles and wands and make your own over and over again with a blog of dish soap or bubble bath and some water.


As I was writing I kept thinking of more and more.  I got to 17 and thought, wow how many have I written.  I went back and started reading them and wasn’t sure if I should pat myself on the back or use a pen name so as not to embarrass my kids.

Tell me one of your “cheapskate” habits