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Grand Opening of My Zindigo Fashion Shop, You Can Open One FREE

This post does contain referral links and affiliate links. Regardless I only post legitimate offers from trusted sites.

I had a representative contact me from Zindigo a number of times. Zindigo is bringing new and up and coming fashion designers to people in a new way.  You can buy fashions from the designers online.  BUT right now they are letting people like me and you open your own Zindigo shop online for FREE!!

Right now they are in their beta version. If you open your own shop now it’s free for life too.  The best part, it costs you nothing but you earn 40% of your sales. You can even earn money on things you buy for yourself! No kidding.

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They give you all the tools you need to have a professional looking facebook page for your business (if you like, you don’t have to).  You can check out my Zindigo facebook page here.  Of course I’d love some likes on my brand new business page as well :-).    Another tool us bloggers can use is to embed your personal shop on your blog, like this:

Oh, and if you see something you like, come subscribe to my Zindigo Fashion Shop first, You’ll get $70 off your purchase, you can use on your purchase AND you’ll be entered to win $2000.  It’s a win-win! With the $70 off and the discounts codes I’ll be sharing on my Zindigo facebook page, you’ll definitely be able to grab some deals on the things you like! Zindigo gives me all these tools to use.  Your shop is also mobile friendly making it easier for your customers to shop on-the-go!

If you have friends that have been looking for some extra income or wanting to become an entrepreneur, share it with them.  Not only will you earn 40% on your sales but you’ll also earn 3% of your referrals sales for 5 years!

Don’t wait to long to open your own Zindigo shop.  The free for life offer is only available to those that get in in beta.


Even if you’re not interested in opening your own shop.  I’d love for you to stop by my Zindigo Fashion with Angie facebook page. I’ll be sharing fashion tips and articles from the writers at Zindigo, sharing discounts, you’ll be the first to know about special sales, and more! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Zindigo shop for a free $70 gift card and entry to win $2000 as well!


Nighttime Is The Right Time to Downsize Your Bag

Nighttime Is the Right Time to Downsize Your Bag

Most women headed out for a night on the town wouldn’t dream of hauling around the giant hobo bag they use during the day. After all,
you don’t need a handbag that can fit an extra bottle of water when you are out for the evening.
The basic rule of thumb is that you just need a few key ingredients
when packing the perfect evening bag. Here are some tips on how to ditch your behemoth day bag.

evening bag for sponsored post

Choosing the Best Bag

The appeal of a big handbag for daily use can’t be denied. We all need a place to stow our “necessities,” plus some extras.
But lugging around a giant purse not only can be a drag on your evening, it can also totally ruin the ensemble you spent days trying to perfect.
A small, structured purse with short handles is probably the largest you’d want to go.
The smallest might be a clutch. Another popular option is a crossbody, which is a small purse with long strap that you wear across your chest.
These may be suitable for a night of clubbing, but they are too casual for an evening at the opera.


Just the Essentials, Ma’am

Now that you have your evening bag, it’s time to make some selections for what you will be bringing with you. It may be just a tiny fraction of what
you are used to carrying, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to go back to the huge bag in the morning. Of course, the essential things to pack are your
identification, a credit or debit card, and maybe some personal business cards, if you are going to an event where networking will take place.
Cash is essential, and a mini phone charger is a great addition. In order to maintain the integrity of your makeup, you might include
blotting papers and a lip color. Don’t forget a small atomizer of perfume and some breath mints.


All in the Placement

You may wonder what to do with your purse when you are out. If your evening includes dining out, you can leave your clutch in your lap under your
napkin on in your chair behind you. It shouldn’t go on the table. For petit purses with short straps,
hanging it on your chair underneath your coat is acceptable.


Swapping out your day bag for a smaller evening bag is a simple process if you keep in mind a few essential guidelines.
With a perfectly packed purse, you are free to enjoy whatever the night brings your way.