As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post I have a review for

I was so excited to have been offered a chance to review  I received a $40 gift certificate for whatever I wanted on the site. The choices were so overwhelming.  Needs/wants/gifts what should I choose?

There were several things I needed for the house.  I was deciding between these items.

1.  Using my gc toward this vent fan for the bathroom.  We have a tiny bathroom and only 1 full bathroom so 5 people  using that one bathroom.  Yea, we need an exhaust fan in there.

2.  A new 2 Qt saucepan.  Preferably Calphalon if it wasn’t too much. The one I did have was very old.  I used it for candle making so I can’t reuse it.  Found this 2 qt Calphalon saucepan that I liked:

3.  I also considered using it towards a toy box for the babies toys downstairs.  We wanted something contemporary and that could be used for other things once he grows out of it.  We found this one on

So what did I end up choosing?  I decided to go with the 2 Quart Calphalon pan.   Oh it’s so shiny! lol

And then the craziest thing happened. I won another $40 gc in a blog giveaway so I ended up using that one toward the toy box.   As I said, we wanted something traditional.  Also, we wanted to be able to use it for other things in the future when our baby outgrew the toy box.  We read the reviews (all positive) on this particular one.  We wanted to make sure it was going to be able to hold at least a majority of his toys. This toy box is a nice size and looks good in our dining room.  This item was also FREE SHIPPING!

We started putting some toys in.  It’s pretty deep.  It’s hard to tell in this pic but there are plenty more toys that will fit in here.

Baby went to check out this new item in our home.

I think he approves too.  had great customer service, shipping was fast on both items I ordered, and they were good quality items.  They even offer free shipping on certain items. Just look for the orange FREE SHIPPING.

Review Summary:  With the unique collection, good quality items, fast shipping, great customer service, and free shipping on some items,  I would certainly recommend

Review: Depth Body products

I came across a product called Depth . I have to admit I’m one that, the look of the container is usually what catches my eye first.  These beautifully simple, water tone containers introduced me to a product that has much more to offer than just being visually appealing on the outside.

Depth is an environmentally responsible company created by a Marine Biologist and a Business man who worked in the natural products industry.  Their story is actually very nice.  You can read it here:  About Depth.
And those eye catching bottles I was telling you about, there’s a story there too.  The bottles are made from 50% recycled materials.  The artwork on the bottle is silk screened using only what is needed to create the design.  You can read more on why the bottles are shaped the way the are and other interesting facts here:

I really wanted to try these products.   Depth was so kind as to send me a few products to review.  I received Depth Shave Cream in Sea Berry scent, Depth Body Wash in Mangrove Citrus, and Depth hand and body lotion in Bay Coconut.

Depth Body Wash in Mangrove Citrus—I just had to try them as soon as I received them. The first one I tried was the Depth Body Wash in Mangrove Citrus.  I liked that it had a pump to dispense the body wash.  The scent of the Mangrove Citrus was very natural.  It’s not as sweet smelling as many other citrus scented products I’ve tried.  It’s more like cutting into a fresh orange, that natural citrusy fragrance. The body wash lathers well with my loofah.  The body wash left me feeling clean and fresh. The bottle states that the body wash is made “with therapeutic, wild botanicals from the sea. 70% organic, 100% vegetarian, artificial color free, paraben free, SLS free, no animal testing, artificial color free, and phthalate free.”

Depth Shave Cream in Sea Berry—Next, the shave cream in Sea Berry scent.   I have to admit I was skeptical of the performance of the shave cream when I first squeezed the small quarter sized dab onto my leg.  I spread it over my skin. If felt more like lotion for the shower. A thinner consistency.   The sea berry scent is very subtle.  If you are not one for strong scents, then this may be the scent for you to choose. After drying off from the shower, my legs felt moisturized already.  No irritation from the shave. The shave cream bottle states that it is 80% organic, 100% vegetarian, just like like the body wash.

Depth Hand and Body Lotion in Bay Coconut—Lastly, the Bay Coconut scented hand and body lotion.  This may be my favorite of all the products.  Pumping the lotion into my hand it felt like it hand a very smooth, almost gel like texture.  I used it all over.  My skin felt so smooth and moisturized.  My lower legs for whatever reason get very dry. This gave my legs a touchable, supple look. The Bay Coconut scent may be my favorite scent of all three.  All the scents I tried are natural.  Not too sweet or over-bearing. The Bay Coconut is no exception. The scent is NOT Pina-Colada-ish but rather what I imagine a fresh coconut freshly cracked open would smell like.

If all this wasn’t enough to make you interested in Depth already, the also support Camp Sea Lab, a non-profit organization in Monterey Bay, CA that provides marine experiences for under privileged children.  Read more about how your purchase helps here: Depth and Camp Sea Lab

Camp Sea Lab video

Here are several places you can buy Depth products:

Depth on

Depth at Whole Food Markets

Depth Beauty Sea Berry Hand and Body Lotion 12 fl oz (354 ml)

My review summary:  At an average cost of $9.99 typically I would say it was a little pricey for me.  However, the products work well, the company is environmentally proactive and a portion of the of the sales goes to Camp Sea lab.  This is worth spending a couple extra dollars on. You can feel good knowing your helping the environment and giving back.

****I received the Depth Body Products to review on this blog.  I received no monetary compensation to complete this review.  I was under no obligation to give a positive review.  All opinions stated are my own.***

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Bacon Hot Sauce Review and Giveaway — 2 winners!—CLOSED

    Messin’ around on facebook, as I do sometimes, I came across an ad for Bacon Hot Sauce .  I’m thinking “Bacon Hotsauce my husband would be all over that”.  My husband keeps several bottles of hot sauce on hand at all times. He eats it on pizza, burgers, tacos, burritos, mix it with ranch dressing for a dip, etc. Here is Bacon Hot Sauce Facebook Page: Bacon Hot Sauce on Facebook

    I wondered what it was like.  Bacon Hot Sauce was generous enough to send my husband and I, a bottle to try.  I started thinking immediately what I wanted to try it on.

 Looking at the bottle the label has this funny pic of a pig breathing fire and sweating with steam coming out of it’s ears.

  The first thing I wanted to do was smell it.  Would it smell like bacon?  I tore the seal off the bottle and opened it up.  Sure enough,  mix of bacon and…well…hot sauce.  After that, I wanted to try it.  Immediately I put a small dap on my finger to taste.  Woooo, ok definitely hot sauce!  Tolerable for me.  I like hot but I’m the kind of girl that when we go out for wings, orders the medium not the mild or hot.  This is just right for me.  And the Bacon flavor is noticeable.  Not overwhelming, but a nice blend with the hot sauce.

  I tried it on a hamburger during a 4th of July outing.  Outstanding on a hamburger.  Do you like a bacon cheeseburger?  Then try this on your burger or cheeseburger.  Adds the bacon flavor with a little bite.

My husband loves my Buffalo Chicken Dip.  So, I made some for the the hubs.


Just so you know that’s hubby’s hand in the pic not mine.  He had trouble getting the shot I wanted when I was pouring the Bacon Hot Sauce  in, so I took over.  He did try though.  Maybe he has a hand modeling job in the future?  lol. Anywho,  the Bacon Hot Sauce Buffalo Chicken Dip turned out fantastic.  Hubby and I each had an appetizer plate full.  The Bacon flavoring really gives it an extra something that sets it apart from using a typical hot sauce.

I think most people have their own variation of the Buffalo Chicken dip but here is mine:

Buffalo Chicken Dip with Bacon Hot Sauce:

–small can of canned chunk chicken
–3/4 brick of 8 oz cream cheese (you can add the whole brick if you like it creamier)
–approx 1/2 up shredded cheese ( I used cheddar and montorrey jack blend but you can use whatever you  like)
–about 1 tsp cayenne pepper (you can omit this if you don’t like it too spicy, the Bacon Hot Sauce itself would be good)
–Bacon Hot sauce to taste ( I used about 2 tablespoons full in this recipe)

I used a small dip crock pot.  Add canned chicken and cream cheese.  Warm until cream cheese is melted then stir. Add shredded cheese and mix until melted.  Add 1 tsp cayenne pepper and mix.  Then add Bacon Hot Sauce. Serve with tortillas, corn chips, crackers, or whatever else you’d like.

Bacon Hot Sauce has great customer service as well. You can get your own bottle of Bacon Hot Sauce here:

Review Summary: Definetly worth a try.  Great for something a little different to add to your meals as an ingredient or condiment.  


Bacon Hot Sauce has been so generous as to offer 2 bottle of Bacon Hot Sauce to my readers.  2 winner will be chosen to each win a bottle for themselves.

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I was provided with a bottle of Bacon Hot Sauce for review purposes.  No monetary compensation was received for this post.  I was under no obligation to give a positive review.  All opinions stated in this post are my own.  And sorry my husband but you are not eligible to win.


Winner for the NFL Steeler Logo Bandz — Pam drew lucky number 1

Pam said…

I follow. I like the Dallas Cowboys.

Winner for the eos—evolution of smooth products giveaway—eco friendly and frugal
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Lucky number 15 on that one

Got2b Smooth Operator winnerKim lucky number 50 for this one.

The comments on this one were all kinds of crazy. I had to write them down and number because the comments were saying there were 80 but in reality there were only 74 because there were irrelevant comments posted on the giveaway that i had to delete but blogger was still counting them as a comment.  That will be my next DIY tuturial I look up…numbered comments.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Curious George Exhibit and Upcoming Review.

My family and I are not going on a “vacation” this year. We’re saving money to get a practical family car next month. I really wanted to do something fun and different as a family though. What would be exciting and not cost an arm and a leg? I started thinking of Pittsburgh, PA. So much to offer but we don’t take advantage of the opportunities as much as I’d like to. My main thought was “Well, we haven’t been to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh yet”.  Since I’ve never been there I went to the website to see what they have to offer my family.

The options and activities that the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh   offer are almost overwhelming.  I had no idea it would be so exciting.  The exhibits sound like so much fun.  I’m going to try to contain myself here and not let my inner child get out of hand…BUT…

1. They have a Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood exhibit.  You can swing on his porch swing, you can try on a sweater and sneakers when you go in just like Mr. Roger’s did, climb aboard the neighborhood trolley, visit the castle and put on a puppet show, and lots, lots more. See for yourself here: More info on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Exhibit 

2.  The Nursery—This exhibit is for the babies and toddlers in your family.  Like “baby play”  for non-mobile infants and children like tummy time activites, and creeping and crawling activities.  Then there’s the “Art bridge and Texture path” for sensory development (the Occupational Therapy Assistant in me says “yay Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh!) and more activies in The Nursery: The Nursery Exhibit

More exhibits like the Garage and Workshop, Waterplay, and more:  Even more exhibits

Then there’s the current Temporary Exhibit:  Curious George: Let’s Get Curious that includes things like:
1.  Apartment Building:  where you can use pulleys to move Curious George throughout the apartment building
2. Construction Site: where you…I mean your kids… can design a building in the construction trailer then get to work building it
3.  Sidewalk Produce Sale: where kids can be the customer or salesperson and weigh, sort and count produce.

There are even more activities including Meet Curious George LIVE every Wed. at 11:30 am and every Sat. at 2 pm until October 2, 2010.

To see more activities and for even more information on the Curious George: Let’s Get Curious exhibit visit this site: you can sign up for emails here to get special offers, tips, and discounts.

  Text “GEORGE” to 77007 to receive special offers and discounts via text message


While the exhibits sound like a full day of fun already, there’s even more at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh also offers classes for kids like: Tot Time for children ages 18 mo to 3 yrs with hands on activities, songs, and more using Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. There’s also Woodworking Classes, Prototype day and more in this category as well.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh also offers workshops and camp ins, Birthday parties, Games, and more.

I contacted the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  My family and I will be visiting Aug. 14 with a pass they are providing to see the museum for ourselves and provide a review for you…my readers!  So be on the look out for my review in August