got2b Smooth Operator review and giveaway—CLOSED

I have Straight hair, well mostly. It has a mild wave to it.  I love the smooth sleek look that a lot of the celebrities have.  The straight hair that looks so smooth and shiny.  My hair does not cooperate.  It seems no matter what product I use it didn’t give me the look I was going for OR if it did it only lasted for about, oh, 20 minutes or so.

To be fair, I’m not what anyone would call a hairstylist.  I’m lucky if I can put my hair in a straight pony tail (seriously). When offered the got2b smooth operator hair campaign for their members I  jumped on it.  I’ll try it.  What the hay, it can’t work any worse than other product I’ve tried.  Plus, I was getting it for free.  One thing I like about they want you to pass the word about the product. Good or bad, they want to know.

With some skepticism I tried the got2b smooth operator  Smoothing Lustre Lotion product. I have to admit,  I don’t hate it.  In fact, I rather like it.  It made my hair feel smooth and silky.  In this 85% humidity and 85 degree weather we’ve been experiencing in PA recently…my hair is not frizzy. My hair is actually straight.  I love it.

The got2b smooth operator hair products are in cute girly containers. I love the little charm on the side of the Lustre Lotion.  The Smooth Operator line says it’s “infused with cashmere” and “helps to protect against damage form heat styling and contains a UV protectant”.


One winner will receive 1 bottle of got2b Smooth operator Lustre Lotion and 1 can of got2b Smooth Operator Hairspray.

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Winner will be chosen using from qualified entries on July 5th at 10pm. US/CAN only

***I received a coupon to try got2b smooth operator for free from  I used some of the great coupons that came in the bzzkit for the giveaway items.  I was under no obligation from got2b OR to give a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are my own****

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eos-evolution of smooth Review and Giveaway–CLOSED

About 2 years ago, I was fortunate enough to come across a sample of eos smooth spheres lip balm. Since then eos lip balm has been my choice when buying lip balm.  It goes on smooth, last a long time, and has been the only lip balm that actually seems to help my constantly dry lips.  The cute sphere shaped packaging is also smooth.  eos balms are 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Each  eos lip balm contains shea butter and vitamin E and smooths on clear.  eos smooth spheres lip balm comes in Sweet Mint, Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and new Lemon Drop with spf 15.

About eos lip balms and available flavors

eos is evolution of smooth.  I recently saw that eos was now offering shave creams.  I thought, “if their shaving creams work even half as well as their lip balms, I’ll be buying a new shave cream.:

eos was kind enough to send me a full size bottle of their shave cream to try and review on my blog.  It’s really neat how they keep true to the “evolution of smooth” Even their packaging is smooth.  This includes the eos shave cream bottles.  I chose to review the Lavender Jasmine scented shave cream.  After noticing the smoothness of the bottle the second thing I noticed was the pump.  It is made something like a hand soap pump.

I was also excited to see that you can use this cream wet or dry!  Ladies you now how great that can be when you need to shave in a hurry.  I pumped a little onto my leg.  The shaving cream was so smooth.  It reminded me of the consistency of a whipped body butter.  My razor slid over my legs with ease.  The light scent of the Lavender Jasmine was so relaxing and pretty.

I tried eos shaving cream both wet and dry.  It worked well both ways.  My legs felt quenched after shaving.  Almost like I had applied lotion.  That may be because it contains aloe and shea butter as well.  It also worked well for other areas like under arms, etc.

eos shave creams are available in Pomegranate Raspberry, Lavendar Jasmine, Island Blue, Cucumber Melon, Vanilla Bliss, and Sensitive (fragrance free). All contain vitamins E and C.

The shave cream bottles are recyclable.  Read more about eos shave creams here: More about eos shave cream

You can purchase eos products at many retailers or you can purchase online:

Eos Organic Lip Balm Multi-Pack - 4 Flavors


eos also sent a bottle of eos shave cream and the NEW Lemon Drop lip balm with spf 15 to giveaway to one of my reader!

One my readers will receive a 7 fl oz (full size) bottle of eos Vanilla Bliss Shave Cream and a sphere of the NEW Lemon Drop lip balm with spf 15

MANDATORY ENTRY:  Must be completed before any other entries count.
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*Please be sure I have a way to contact you.  Giveaway ends July 2 at 10pm. US/CAN only  Winner will be chosen using *

***I received eos products for free to review and some to giveaway on my blog.  I was not paid to complete this post.  I was not under any obligation to give a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.***

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5-Hour ENERGY Review

You’ve probably seen the commercials for 5-hour ENERGY. I had seen them several times. They advertise “zero sugar, only 4 calories”.

As a mom of 3 boys, who also works outside the home, takes care of the house, run kids to practices, etc Like most moms I could use a little extra energy sometimes.  I decided to give the original 5-hour ENERGY a try.  I look at this tiny 5-hour ENERGY bottle and thought, “boy I hope this works”. I was impressed with how quickly it seemed to work. I felt like I had energy within 15 minutes of drinking it. This was the regular strength. It really did seem to last for 5 hours too. I’m a 5-hour ENERGY drinker now. I try to drink one only when I need it. I started browsing 5-hour ENERGY‘s site and noticed that they make a decaf and an extra strenght variety too. I was interested to try them since the regular strength worked so well.

5-hour ENERGY was generous enough to send me a double pack of the extra strength 5-hour ENERGY and the decaf 5-hour Energy so that I could try it and complete a review. The package from 5-hour ENERGY arrived with perfect timing. After working 11 days straight, taking care of the 3 boys, and keeping the house, by that 11th day I was beat down. I had off Friday for a comp day for my weekend but it was the joint party for my son and neice for their 1st birthday then Saturday was my oldest birthday party with his friends at the house. I needed a 5-hour ENERGY bad.

The Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY still says “zero sugar, zero herbal stimulants, only 4 calories.” It also claims it has as much caffeine as 12 oz of premium coffee. I drank the whole bottle of Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY. Bad move. The bottle states “drink half the bottle for moderate energy, drink the whole 2 oz bottle for maximum energy.” Even though I knew how good the regular strength worked, I downed the whole extra strength bottle. I was so wired I didn’t know what to do with myself. And it last for actually 6 hours. I watched the clock. I got a lot done but it was way too much for me. My recommendation…only drink half if you don’t know how it will affect you.

So today, the day of my oldest sons party (after the joint party yesterday for the 1 year olds), I decided to try the decaf variety. I only drank half this time. Half worked ok, but in this case I probably should have went ahead and drank the whole bottle. The decaf was in a citrus flavor. Again the decaf 5-hour ENERGY states “zero sugar, only 4 calories and with less caffeine than a decaf cup of coffee”.

So my question was, If there there is minimal caffeine, no sugar, no herbal stimulants, what is it that makes this stuff really work? I looked over the website It the B vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients. On a side note, when I was pregnant and had no energy my dr. had recommended to me to take B6 and B12 vitamins on top of taking my prenatals. It really did seem to help me. So it makes sense to me how this would work.

While the Extra Strength certainly does work and the decaf did well also my favorite is still the original 5-hour ENERGY. It seems to be the right amount for me. It did work as they state and really does last for at least 5-hours. Also the original comes in several flavors.

I recommend start with only half the bottle of which ever variety you choose.  You can always drink the rest if you think you need it.

5-Hour Energy Pomegranate Energy Shot - 12 oz. (6-pk.)

***I was not paid to do this review. I did receive free products from 5-hour ENERGY to be able to complete my review. I was under no obligation to complete a positive review***

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A good Laugh for Friday.

While hopping around to blogs today I came across:” Anne-Marie with a dash”.  When I blog hop I do actually read over a post or two before GFCing.  The post she had made me laugh.  It called “The next Survivor Series” “This is the intro “6 married men will be dropped off on an island with 1 car and 3 kids each for six week”

Click the link to read on. It’s worth it.  A good laugh for your friday.

Anne-Marie with a Dash

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