five of your favorite family time ideas

Please Share and LEGO have a great blogging opportunity going on right now.  List 5 of your favorite family time ideas.  For me we try to do it frugal but do it fun. Here are some of the things we enjoy doing.

1. We love to have a movie night.  We get a movie on Videos on Demand usually (family friendly of course). I’ll make up some microwave popcorn or some finger foods. The kids are allowed to eat in the living room (this is usually a no no so it’s fun for the kids).  They love it and we can all have a laugh together and talk about the movie.

2.  Baking—now I’m no Betty Crocker but the kids enjoy a box mix just as much as making from scratch. For a quick treat we like to get the muffin mixes. We’ll make them up together and eat them warm with butter and a glass of milk.  Even though it only take a few minutes the kids enjoy it.  I let them do most of it.  Then they like to tell dad “i made these muffins”.

3.  Family soccer games (when the weather is cooperative of course).  It’s usually my hubby and one of my sons, then me and one of my sons on teams.  We put a blanket out for the baby with some toys on it and he enjoys watching us.  We kick the ball around the yard setting certain landmarks as goals (1 is usually between the 2 rose bushes the other is usually the sand pit where the easy set pool was)

4.  Family walks.  Sometimes the kids will ride their bikes along side and sometimes they’ll walk.  The baby enjoys looking around and taking in everything. 

5.  Family game night–this could include a boys only video game session (the 2 older boys and my hubby with me and the baby watching and me getting snacks for them), card games, or whatever we feel like. 

I’d love to hear some of your frugal family time activities.  OR create your own post with for a chance at LEGO prizes!

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